Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crafting Valentines With SweetCheeks And Company

First you must hang a
banner INSIDE..
So that the
will know
which Holiday
they are celebrating.
Just a word of caution..
If you hang one
that looks like
the one below..
(who shall remain nameless)
will be sure to ask..
Is he
Your reply should be
That is why he is
carrying an envelope.
This is sure to produce
a giggle from at
least 2 or the 3 grandkids..
The third one doesn't giggle.
She doesn't giggle
because she doesn't "get it".
She is trying to figure out where
HE got that BHIG of an envelope.

You must lay out supplies.
These will cost somewhere
in the neighborhood
of $459.00...and..
after you buy
you will realize that you have
forgotten at least one or
two crucial supplies..
Elmer's WASHABLE glue.
Lord help you
if you buy the
because it will NOT
be pretty.
Now that you have
your supplies home
and have signed
the bank loan
to cover the expense..
you must lay out the goodies...
Lay them out nice and neatly..
Sigh over the paper-Oh So Sweet
Hang a flag outside your door..
A cute little cherub flag
to greet them with a smile.
Isn't it perfect?
Love Mary Englebriet's flags.
Then they arrive...
bringing presents.
Bringing PRESENTS?
For ME?
Yep-these are for Nana..
and they made them
all by themselves..
Inside are beautiful little
hearts made with love..
One from Ria.
Two from Lulu...
and one from SweetCheeks.
Of course I must put them all on..
I pick up SweetCheeks...
What does this say, SweetCheeks?
That's jus' sumbuddy ehlse's name
on there...Doan't pay eny
attenshun to the name...
just putt it on..
Whereupon I am informed
by Lulu that
"I told SweetCheeks
NOT to give you that one".
Whereupon SweetCheeks says
an' I dohn't care cuz I am ghiving
it to her enyway. Hmmmf.
I start the legal paperwork
to change my name to Allison.
Great.. We are off
to a nice, calm start...

Now where were we?
Let's get started...
Who wants to make a
Everyone's hand shoots into the air.

In short order everything
 looks like this.....
All three girls are
Lulu makes this-
 Ria loved the self-stick hearts...
And SweetCheeks has now changed into her third Princess Outfit...
and has busied herself
making th...........
Oh, Dear Lord In Heaven...
Pray tell WHO left HER alone
with the glitter?
There is glitter glitter everywhere..
On the floor and on the chair..
In her mouth and on her hair....
I could go on and on with the
rhyming thingy but I'm afraid
the Dr. Suess police will get me.

An especially nice touch? 

The globs of
glue that dropped here and there
and shine brightly up
from the chair...and the table...
and the floor...and the countertop...
Did I say floor? Ah..yes...
and back to the glitter...
Nothing like glitter on the floor
that can be tracked from
room to room..
Leave NO ROOM untouched
seems to have been the motto
of the day.
I decide I need a bathroom break
to dispose of the 3 gallons of coffee
that I have downed in an effort
to keep up with this
Lo and behold,
in the small reading nook
(where the old steps used to be)
I see
How did all these books get off
the shelf and on the floor?
I ask ever-so-sweetly
between slightly gritted teeth.
Uh-oh---Here it comes...
Welllll...says SweetCheeks..
Ria toohk a few books off
the shellf and then I helped her
and took the rest offf..and
we jus' put 'em there for now.
Yeah? Where do you think
you're gonna put them later?
Wellll...It was Ria's idea.
I dunno how they gonna
get bahck on the shelfs.
Hmmmm...I dunno where YOU'RE
gonna go either if you guys don't put
these books back.
All too soon
the day ends and we clean up the
mess and they get ready to go home.
As you can plainly see 
SOMEONE has been so overworked
she has collapsed in a heap
using her sisters as pillows.
The pictures above are from last year.
Guess what!
This weekend we get to do it all
over again.
If you don't see me by Monday
I will be glued to a seat somewhere
in the house.
I hope it is in a chair in front of
the computer.

Edited @ 6:55 am to add:
MyHero reads my blog and says:
(Sheeez...don't ya know a joke when you read one?;>)
your photo name


  1. I just love this post Allison!!!
    And that glitter?
    Fuggedaboudit darling - I'm still finding some here and there since Christmas lol

  2. Fun adventures always await at your house. I'm guilty of spreading glitter throughout our house on a weekly basis. Valentine hugs!

  3. What fun and memories! Our kitchen table had glitter-glue on it for years...once that stuff dried it's there forever! Precious girls!!!

  4. Hahaha...sounds like a typical crafting session to me! Too funny! Great memories!

  5. With BIG messes come BIG smiles. well, usually, especially when glitter and lots of pink is involved :)

  6. Never a dull moment at your house Diana. You are such a wonderful Grandma. Just think of the messy memories you are creating. Good thing they didn't get hold of the crazy glue or you would be stuck to your seat!


  7. Oh I love it. Wish they were sitting with me crafting too, we would have so much fun.

  8. Good Morning Diana, I chuckled as I read your post this morning. I like your new name Allison. They are so funny. I will check to see if they glue you to the chair. You know everybody had a good time. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  9. Diana, Bless your heart. You do know what it takes to craft with kids. Lots of patience and glue!! But when it's all done, there is the pay off of hugs and kisses. Too funny about the Allison necklace.xoxo,Susie
    p.s. better get that coffee pot going.

  10. Oh Nana Allison..this post cracked me up. THanks

  11. Good Afternoon Diana, How this post made me laugh, it sounded like a Lucille Ball sketch. I will be back to see if you were saved from being glued to the chair.
    Have a lovely "glitter, gluing and cutting day".
    Best Wishes

  12. Are you sure you're ready to do this again??? LOL at my hero- how long have you been married and he can't tell you're joking? Priceless...oh, and hide the glitter before they get there.

  13. Hee hee, Diana glued to a chair, that might keep her still for a little while.
    Yes, they have no sense of humor when we do crafts, do they? Mine fussed a bit over the cost of that oil I ordered yesterday, I could have waited a day, and spent $10 more on the same bottle.

  14. your posts are always my favorite way to start the day! I can just picture the glitter and craft supply mess! Your stories always make me smile :O)

  15. Absolutely darling! And I love what you told them about the cherub. Don't you just love 'shocking' the grandkids and making them laugh. :-) This was priceless.

    And I want that porch.

  16. You're Hero must not do a lot of shopping. My total is always a total surprise.
    And have fun with those girls!

  17. LOL! Thanks for my morning laugh, Diana! I know this must be great fun and I'm looking forward to doing this sort of thing with my granddaughter {once she gets a little older}. Glitter will be banned though!

  18. I love this post!!! The girls are precious!! The photos are so cute!!

  19. Another great post about your girls .. loved every word. Our world is so much better with all that glitter and glue...what would we ever do without it. Have fun this weekend!!!

  20. glued to the seat of your chair with sparkles!! You will enjoy every minute, what a good Nana you are,

  21. Sooo sweet Diana!... and such precious memories they will carry with them in their hearts forever... you are the best Nana!... have fun this weekend, doing it all again... I love Valentines!... xoxo Julie Marie

  22. Ok, you all just had way too much fun, Diana! Looks like SweetCheeks is a girl after my own heart, playing with all that glitter!! Let's just hope you don't get glued and glittered to another seat!!!!

  23. Despite all the glitter and mess I bet it was a fun time!

  24. You are the best Nana in the world. In spite of the glitter, and I know it was so worth it to enjoy your kiddos. :D

    Such a fun and adorable post, Diana!


  25. LOL!!!
    I'm coming over to make some Valentines too! Looks like way too much FUN at your house!

  26. So funny and so very cute! Don't those "Grands" just charm the socks off you?

  27. Glitter, the gift that never leaves.

    You are a wonderful grandmother; they will always have such great memories of the things you all do together.

  28. Heh there Allie girl...
    I really needed a couple of belly laughs today and just when I got myself under control I read your last line about John-Had to pause before replying to hit the loo-LOL

  29. Oh my. Dr. Glitter would not like this. I only had one little girl and it looked alot like this.
    I got a bil for $10 from Dr. Glitter. Thinking of sending the check with some glitter on it, whatcha think. Sure you are up to the glitter day, hah.

  30. They are darling girls! I wonder who has more fun, you or them? My sister Deb is just like you, the best grandmother providing so much fun at holidays.

  31. Oh...I'm still laughing! Isn't this the truth. You are better off just hosing down the house! You make a good Dr. Seuss!


  32. Cute Valentine's craft day. Maybe this year you will need a glitter monitor just in case. My husband reads my blog too just to see what I'm up to!

  33. Oh my gosh, I laughed all the way through....Sweet Cheeks is like me with the glitter! lol. My last glitter project ended up with glitter all over the dining room floor, chairs, windowsills, tracks of it into the kitchen, bathroom, through the living room....and spray adhesive dusted everything...a nice gooey coating. Looks like you girls had a wonderful day. I miss crafting with my kids. We used to craft all the time while they were growing up.
    Have fun this weekend.

  34. $458, Miss Exaggerator.
    I will think of you when you are glued to a chair with red glitter in your hair. Nana beware,SweetCheeks won't care if you're stuck in the chair and all glittery down there. ;)
    xxx, Tina

  35. Your porch is gorgeous!!!
    It looks like you guys had a fun day making lovely Valentines. Such a fun Nana you are Diana! No wonder the kids love spending time at your house.
    Have you been able to get all the glitter off from everything yet?

  36. Ha ha ha ha Diana,
    This post sure made me laugh!
    And it looks like you all had much fun.
    By the way, make sure you pick up some glue remover/eraser so when you do get stuck to the chair well... (you can un-glue yourself - lol)

    Have a lovely time with the lovely grandkids.


  37. You have no idea how relieved to find another grandma loses control of the situation with the kids! When I started reading I was sure it would be a pretty post, full of organized fun. I've just spent two days cleaning up from the last grandkid visit, including removing all the garden statuary that they used to decorate the inside of the chicken coop!

  38. you are SO FUNNY! All I have to say...welcome to my life :) And by the way...I did get the joke of the $459

  39. I can't wait until I can do creative fun things with my grandkids. They should be back in Utah in February. It looked like a wild and crazy fun day.

  40. Love it, love it, love it!:-) My biggest question is, of course, how did the books get back on the shelves?:-)

    Prepare yourself for the week-end!:-) Remember the washable glue this time!:-)
    xo Nellie

  41. What a fun day you had with the grandkids! Wish mine didn't live so far away. You got a great deal on those supplies!

  42. Glitter has a way of getting away from even us older girls! Hope you guys have fun this year.

  43. Still grinning,I'll carry this story in my heart all day. I'm sure it will pop out at the most inopportune times, and I'll giggle and grin again. Woman, you could probably make my flat tire sound funny!

    God bless,

  44. What a wonderful Nana you are to your sweeties. Such a cute story and you hubby thinking you spent that much is hilarous.

  45. You are just the most awesome Nana there ever was! I don't think I would have the patience!


  46. Reading your posts always make me laugh. Can't wait to hear about this years escape...I mean escapade.
    You really made my day, I needed this. Love to all, Ginger

  47. Awwww! Nana Allison! What fun you do have - and I have you to thank for my evening chuckle - make that a hearty belly laugh! Especially the part about your hero thinking you really did spend that much $$ I'm still laughing!!!!

  48. I laughed so hard - what fun you had with your grandchildren. Wonderful memories and they must love you so much.

    I loved the blog Diana. You always perk up my day!

  49. Oh Allison, you will be cleaning up glitter from now until forever! Oh yeah, this was last year. I'm sure there is still some glitter left somewhere. I was thinking that $459 was a good deal. lol!

  50. OK, so here is what i am thinking...Why don't you load the kids in the car and take them to buy cards!!! Oh, what would be the fun in that??


  51. No dear, it couldn't have cost any more than $458! LOL! Such cute pictures and I love the poetry! They did a really nice job with their crafts! Hope you have fun with this year's get-together and yes, if you do get glued to a chair, make sure you can reach the computer! Beware of the glitter monsters! Hugs, Leena

  52. Nana Allison ...hmmm ? Not sure about that one but I did enjoy that creative mess ...mess =memories. These little girls will look back one day and think to themselves we have the best nana ...and they'd be right ! Xo

  53. Oh he's such a

    I love this story, they are so sweet,
    and sparkly.


  54. From or for....Allison or Diana, it's all the same. It says they loves ya! What a lucky Nana you are.


  55. I am a bad grandma and pet owner today. I didn't want to take Finley to the groomers because it is almost 20 miles on ice roads. Then I didn't go to my grandsons basketball game...lazy and tired of ice...Love this post..hugs Mary

  56. Love this post! I loved Valentine crafts as a kid. Wishing you all a happy weekend. Keep a cell phone handy in case you are glued in place!

  57. Good Morning Allison!
    Everything gets more expensive as they get older doesn't it?!!
    Fun times!

  58. What a fun time! Glitter and all!!! LOL By the way, I hate that stuff! Have a great weekend with the girls!

  59. Enjoyed my visit here with all the fun!

  60. What a fun afternoon! I love that they came over in their little matching outfits. So cute! I can't wait to see how it goes this year!



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