Friday, November 30, 2012

A Christmas Teaser

I have had a busy week.
Getting ready for guests.
What did my son and I get done?
He toted and carried and
I decorated.
Here is just a quick
peek until I can get 
my pictures taken and
The kitchen counter
sports this....
A Pfalzgraf soup tureen
that I have had for years.
These were taken at night
so the light comes solely
from the candle lamp.
Don't ya love it?
I do! 
I do love it!
I love it so much I want to 
marry it.
But I can't....
because somebody won't let me....
Ah-yes-there he is now...
waiting for me in bed with his
Captain's hat on.
Be still my heart~

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday SweetCheeks

Warning- Picture heavy post.
Get your coffee and a donut!
You're SIX?
You were born a tad early.
You were no bigger than
a minute.
You weighed in at right
around 5 pounds and
were whisked to the
Neonatal Intensive Care.
You stayed there for 15 days.
I visited you and
put your sweet little
head right against the
bare skin below my neck.
one of the best things
for a newborn.
Then you came home.
When you were three 
you started patting just 
below my neck and saying
Thisss isss my favrut spoht, Nana.
You still do that 
from time to time 
and it always 
makes my heart smile
because I know that 
God gave you that special
spot close to my heart.

Here you are with your
wonderful Mommy.
All smiles.

Can you guess how you 
got your nickname?
Look at those 

Your Mom thought it was cute
to dress you as a chicken.
You were/are the apple
of your Daddy's Eye.
We loved you when you
were dressed as a 
and we loved you 
when you were a
When you were three you
loved going with Nana for a
STARBUCKS smoothie.
Oh! You were my kinda girl.
And still loved them at age four!
You have always been a 
You had a Barbie Doll cake
for your 4th birthday.

And were delighted with it.
We thought it was pretty funny
when you licked the icing 
off her butt.

I loved it when you went to the 
with your family.
You had a little misadventure
leaving the farm when you-
were held hostage
by a bush!
I laugh every time I see that picture.
You also saw Santa that day and told
him what you wanted.
You saw Santa AGAIN the next day
and when he asked you what you 
wanted you said.
I  jusssht telled yohu yesturrday
did yohu forgit allreaddy?
You make me smile even
when you are pouty.
And I smile when I 
watch you dance...
gotta love 
A Mouse!

Now I am smiling because
you are
"almost famous"
as the baby face
of Broadway.
And someday, Lord willing, I will see
you as a beautiful bride
with this kind of expression
on your sweet face.
You are growing up fast...
But~no matter how big 
you get you will always
be my wee slip of a girl-
My Little Princess.
Happy Birthday!
Nana loves you,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Bath Is For The Birds

Want to see a 
Sure you do!
I bought a heated
bird bath to keep 
water close by the
feeders for our
feathered friends.
It is functional but
No stand?
No problem.
I wired it to an old
milk can I have had 
for years.
Pretty tacky looking, huh?
It's okay, you can agree
with me- 
It sits on a rubbermaid
top so that it doesn't 
get rust on the patio.
because MyHero hates rust
and likes to scold me about it

With a little help from my
Partner In Crime
oldest son,
we (ahem) borrowed some
greens from an abandoned
Don't ask where because
I want to go back next year
and if I tell YOU all my 
greens will be gone.

This is at the base of my
back stoop so I can get 
to it easily to fill it with
fresh water.
We my son  wrapped this
baby with greenery,
tying it as he went.
Now it looks better AND 
I think that the birds will be
more inclined to use it.
Not bad huh? 
And the morning after
we woke up to snow.
Sweet white snow.
If I were a bird I would be
inviting all my friends over for a
if I didn't have to put on a
bathing suit, that is.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Desk

loves to play
I know this phase will
soon pass and I am already
mourning the loss.

Have you ever seen
anyone looking this
in your life?

I, of course,
immediately assume
something is REALLY wrong....
you know-like a headache,
or upset tummy.

Whatever IS the matter,

I jussht askhed the mirrohr
who's the fhairest one of all
an' now I'hm really sad.
Why?  What did the mirror say?

Nuthing, Nana.
It didn't sahy
That's the problum!

Uh-huh...never saw that coming,
did you?

You wouldn't believe
what MY MIRROR says
Does your face have wrinkles
or do those wrinkles have a face?
And don't even let me near 
one of those 
Magnifying mirrors.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Is Over-Winter Is A'Coming

How do I know when
Fall is really over?
We see the last
of the ships that
come in to port
making some of their
final runs.
I love seeing them
but know these will be some
of the last ones till Spring.
Good-bye Ship!
Another one yesterday.
Be careful on the Great Lakes.
They can be deadly.

Winter is a'coming.
The winter birds have found
the seed we supply
them with-
right next to their
heated birdbath.
I'll show you that in a day
or so-it's getting a little

How else do I know 
winter is a'coming?
MyHero starts hunkering
down for winter by making
sure we have enough to eat.
He wrestled this bad boy
to the ground
 he doesn't seem to
want to be
boiled OR mashed.
I'm not sure what
I am gonna do with him.
(The potato, that is, 
NOT MyHero)
Any suggestions?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pink Trees Are For Girls-One Month Till Christmas

Can you BELIEVE it?
Holy Cow!
(we say that a lot in 
Wisconsin being as we are
the Dairy state and all)
One month from today
is Christmas.
I am just dragging
out my Christmas stuff.
I love the sweet little
tree that I set up in
the little girls' room.
Bits and pieces from
a blogger friend...
who doesn't want
It sits in their front window
and can be seen from the street.
It makes me smile
when I pull into the drive
after dark.
Don't you just love a
with iridescent bulbs?
Only a month to go
and I have SO MUCH to do!
I desperately need 
to spur me on.
Hey!  It beats vodka!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

SweetCheeks On Broadway

Our SweetCheeks?
On  Broadway?
Well....Here's the SIGN!
Ah-Well then-
You DO KNOW that other cities
besides NYC have streets
called Broadway, right?

Most of you know our 
little SweetCheeks
was just on the cover of a 
local magazine 
(here) promoting
our old downtown area called...
Any guesses?

They had a beautiful, magical
night downtown.
Guess WHO was asked 
to be a 
Any guesses? Anyone?
There she is in
an upscale furnishings store.
Pictures are not the greatest-
they are taken through
showroom windows.

Here she is paired up with
MissN.  This is where 
she spent most of the
This was the pose she held
for most of the 3 hours.
Here they are taking a 
break and getting a snack.
After the evening was over
I asked her how she liked
being a 
Nana, she said,
All that smiling is a lotta work!
She is just like her Nana!
That's what I've been saying
for 37 years of married life.

Billboards are going up 
this week and I will get 
some pictures of them
for you.
Have a wonderful day!