Friday, December 14, 2012

Jesus, Mary and Jo------WHAT the?

We have a Fisher Price nativity
that we keep specifically for
the kids to play with~
They can move the figures
around and the can kiss the
baby Jesus. 
No one tells them to
"Be careful"...or..."Don't touch"
It is my  GO TO GIFT for
new babies born to
Christian families.
NO ONE else gets 
a nativity for a new baby.
Well...except me....and now maybe
a few of you.
I am walking by the manger.
I see the sweet little
Then I see sweet
So far, so good, right?
There is Jesus, Mary and......
SOMEONE who shall remain nameless
LOST Joseph.
So...what do you do when you 
Well, if you are THREE
you simply replace them.
We now have 
Jesus, Mary & Pedro.
It works for me.
And because the angel
looked a tad lonely on the
thatched roof of the stable
she is now keeping company with
her new friend.
I guess Heaven if full of wondrous
The three wise men seem okay.
They came bringing gifts.
That is not the ONLY visitor
to see the baby.
No, indeedy...
Here is another new friend.
Look at Jesus smiling.
He likes all sorts of 
creatures-big and small.
There are a few lowly animals
And One 
I think he is here to sing...


Come back tomorrow and 
I will show you 
MY Nativity!
No duck allowed!
your photo name


  1. We have that exact same fisher price nativity set and Josie's superhero figurines often come and hang out with the wisemen. Christmas hugs!

  2. Hi Diana, Isn't Fischer Price wonderful? We don't have the nativity one, but we do have several of the others. You never knew what was going to be going to school, but it keeps them involved for hours. Your little one is so cute and I enjoyed the post so much. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  3. We have that same set, the grands love it! I tell all my buddies about it when they first become Nanny's so they can get one of their own. Great idea to gift one instead!!!

  4. So cute Diana... now that's the Christmas spirit!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Pedro cracked me up! You are so funny.

  6. Sweet...
    You told me last year to get this. I looked for a almost a year to find it. SOoo.. I ordered it online, had it shipped to the store & when I walked in there was at least 100 sitting at the door : )
    But now I have mine for new grandbaby to play with... here's hoping he enjoys it as much as your kiddos do...
    Thanks for the tip ..

  7. What a great story! Thanks for sharing, Diana! Away in a Manger......xo

  8. What a lovely idea. I like the change of Joseph though....and what better than Pedro! I have all sorts of toys for my grandchildren to play with. This is a lovely idea though! Thanks. Joan

  9. Diana, I love that nativity. I used to buy all those little fisher price people for my girls. Doesn't little boy "E" look adorable nana? I would hug him to pieces. Smiles, xo,Susie

  10. I used to park Minnie and Mickey in their cars in front of the nativity so they "could see." That's what kids do! We learn as we play! Pedro works out just fine! Joseph might be under the couch?

  11. I like the duck! He makes a nice colorful image for the baby to enjoy.

  12. So cute Diana! My daughter has that same set.I bought it when she was a little one.She is now 13 and still displays in in her bedroom under her tree :-)

  13. Cutest nativity scene ever! That little boy of yours is so adorable!

  14. Jesus didn't restrict the "Come unto me". The kids have the right idea.

  15. LOL- I have not seen one of these sets ever. Love it and BBE is so cute. Hope Joseph turns up somewhere, you know it was probably one of those fairies you keep under the stairs that nabbed him.
    I hope Alvin sings the hula hoop song for baby Jesus. ;)
    Hope you are moving better today. I'm not sure yet. Did all my sleep in one hitch, and I made it to the table. So far, so good.

  16. Great idea for the kids to have their own hands-on set. I love the additions though, especially that penguin with the angel.

  17. Pedro, huh? Kids do the cutest things! I'm going to have to try to find one of those sets. Do they make them now? Hard to believe in this day of PC that they're even manufactured. But I'll find one if they exist. Thanks!

  18. Wonderful idea, a nativity set for the kids. Beautiful post!

  19. Now that made me laugh this morning, I so needed a good laugh!!
    Thank You!

  20. This is just darling! I love that Pedro is joining Mary and baby Jesus! I wanted to get this same little Nativity for my little grand daughter! I still may try to find it. You gave me a big ole smile this morning.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  21. Those little sets which kids can play with are the best. I have one and yes, I have had to substitute at least one piece.

  22. What a great idea and I love big boy E's additions, they are hysterical!

  23. I am thinking that I have you to thank for blogging about the Fisher Price nativity scene last year.

    I told Chrislyn about it, and she bought one for Holland this year!
    She LOVES it. She and Grandpa D. waltz to Away In A Manger when it plays...hmmm...I think a rubber duck showed up at Holland's scene as well! Quack!

  24. How sweet and fun. Karen has a 3 yr old granddaughter and she loves to play with her "people!!"

  25. Looks normal to me, so what is your complaint? No Batman and Robin, I suppose....

  26. LOL! Pedro is the best! And it wouldn't be Christmas without a penguin on the roof! :)

    Thanks for the sweet post and making me smile today!


  27. I forgot they even made that Nativity! I need to get one for my grandson....starting the search now...Thanks!

  28. I had to stop back in case anyone else wants a set...I found it immediately on the Fischer-Price site and it's on sale today for $20. Today is also the last day to get standard shipping. So my whole order was only $25.99 and will be here in about 5 days! Thanks to you!! great post!

  29. I'm here at work, laughing out loud! I love Pedro! Lol. We have the same nativity & my kids love it no matter how old they get.

  30. I wish I would've had a nativity set like that! My angel has been glued back together in places!

  31. These are precious!!!! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting my little set this morning!

  32. I also bought that very same one for my kids:-) They always do something "different" don't they, lol!

    I was so touched by your comment about "O Holy Night." Of course you can share, my only hope is that is blesses someone:-)

  33. Oh my goodness! This is so funny! I love the idea of a nativity baby gift. I may just copy that idea-because I am really good at that!

  34. This cracks me up!!! I don't think I will ever quit laughing about this post Diana!
    hugs from here...

  35. Hi Diane

    What a lovely lovely post
    it had me smiling from ear to ear!!

    I love all your little figures
    and I am sure all the little people who come to your house love them too!

    The nameless person who "lost" Joseph is such a handsome boy.

    Have a lovely weekend
    and I am looking forward to visiting you again.


  36. so Pedro and the duck..

  37. Such a wonderful way for children to experience the wonder of the birth of Jesus! xo Nellie

  38. Hi Diana, Oh I just love this set and of course the newest visitors too. Love this post. You are so creative. Looking forward to your nativity. I will be sharing mine just before Christmas too. It would not be Christmas without it.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  39. Oh my goodness, thanks so much for the laugh. I love Jesus, Mary, and Pedro. That is such a mind of a three year old(and some men I know)


  40. It's good to remember all the penguins and chipmunks who were present at the birth of Christ ;D

  41. I love this so much! I want to get Ella a nativity she can play with!

  42. OMG that is funny and cute! What a great idea to have a "touchable" nativity! I like your humor and willingness to make the best of it!!
    Gee I wonder if Joseph is really lost or just camping out somewhere else with someone!! :-)

  43. I love the fisher price nativity! My kids have one too - sadly they are about past the fisher price stage. They like legos now! But after my open house sale tomorrow I just might dig all thos Little People out and see if my 7 year old wouldn't have some fun with them!

  44. Too, too cute, Diana! Love the idea of having a nativity the grandies can play with! I'm going to see about getting one myself! Thanks for the great idea!
    Blessings and joy to you!

  45. That's a WONDERFUL the Fisher Price nativity. Pedro and the other extras are a hoot. :-) When my grandson was just a toddler I bought a one piece nativity that he could look at and pick up. I leave it out all year and we often discussed the characters. About 3 years ago his god mother bought him a small set and when he opened it he exclaimed "my very own activity set"! I guess I didn't enunciate very well when I spoke.

  46. I love that idea of giving a nativity set to might definitely have started a new trend.

    It's so cute that the "friends" have moved onto the scene.


  47. when you have children around...anything goes...just about

  48. Oh this is the best idea! You are truly brilliant. I think Pedro adds just the right touch to the whole story too. Never a dull moment around your house. :o)

  49. You are the MODEL GRANDMA! I will totally get those for my grandchildren when I hopefully have them someday.

  50. Hi Diana, what a lovely and beautiful post. I needed this today! Can't wait to tell my hubby about Jesus, Mary and Pedro. Too cute, I love it.

  51. This, my dear, is an adorable post. You must be the BESTEST Nana, ever. :))

  52. This just quacked me up! Sorry, had to do it! We have this same Nativity for Jamison and Abigail. I like to use it to tell them the story of Christmas and Jesus' birth, and then watch them as they play with it and repeat their version of what I've taught them. We don't have a Pedro tho' LOL! We do have some rubber duckies around, think they're in the bath tub tho', but I'm sure there's at least one penguin around! My daughter needs to do a little toy clean up before the Nativity can go up so she'd better get moving! Need to finish up the decorations this weekend, then sort through my recipes for baking! Yaaaay! Hugs, Leena

  53. Oh, I love that and have been meaning to buy one myself for the grandchildren. I love this sweet, sweet post.

  54. This is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. I love all the "EXTRAS". Are we glad our Lord accepts all of us "EXTRAS".
    Blessings, Ginger

  55. What a cute and funny post! I love that Pedro has joined the group! I'm quite certain that Joseph is hiding somewhere nearby. This is an absolutely adorable post!

  56. This is just adorable, Diana, and what a great gift!

  57. Fisher Price little people are the best!! Having a Nativity for the children to interract with, and 'customize' is a wonderful way to emphasize what Christmas is all about.


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