Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Desk

loves to play
I know this phase will
soon pass and I am already
mourning the loss.

Have you ever seen
anyone looking this
in your life?

I, of course,
immediately assume
something is REALLY wrong....
you know-like a headache,
or upset tummy.

Whatever IS the matter,

I jussht askhed the mirrohr
who's the fhairest one of all
an' now I'hm really sad.
Why?  What did the mirror say?

Nuthing, Nana.
It didn't sahy
That's the problum!

Uh-huh...never saw that coming,
did you?

You wouldn't believe
what MY MIRROR says
to me...like...
Does your face have wrinkles
or do those wrinkles have a face?
And don't even let me near 
one of those 
Magnifying mirrors.

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  1. what a beautiful child, even when she's sad, if we could only keep them little, I know that would be selfish but oh the precious innocence of them, she's such a sweet heart!

  2. I want a mirror like SweetCheeks. One that says nuthing. A mirror that knows that saying, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." :)

  3. Oh, poor Sweet Cheeks! She looks so heartbroken. What the heck is wrong with that mirror not answering her!!

  4. Hi Diana, Such a sad expression, but yet so cute. Our grandchildren have a way of giving us a different side of them every day with growing up.They are growing up so very fast. I have enjoyed reading your blog today before I go to work. I would sooner stay home. It is 13 degrees. Have a great day Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

  5. Tell Miss Sweet cheeks the same thing happens to Debbiedoo's every.single.time!

  6. Diana, SC will be on stage one of these days. xoxo, Susie

  7. Oh no. Makes me sad. She is beautiful even sad. I had a mirror that talked. Wish I knew where it was because I would send it. It was a Disney toy. Give that girl a (((((HUG))))) from me.

  8. Tell her the mirror was so overwhelmed by her beauty it could not speak... I think she is the fairest of them all, xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Too funny. I saw some pictures of myself on Thanksgiving -- I think my mirror would ask if I was taking a trip with those bags!

  10. Sweetness... had to laugh at the wrinkles with a face, describes how I feel looking in the mirror to a T!

  11. Awwww.......she will learn one day not to trust those ol mirrors! Ha! Sometimes they're your friend and other times, not so much. LOL

  12. So cute! You better fix that mirror! :)

  13. Lol...oh man. I can't even imagine if the mirror talked to me. No thanks!! I am with you...I never look in those magnifying mirrors they have at the hotels. Scary. Sweet cheeks is adorable!

  14. It is all part about growing up.

    Her wee hormones all natural. Wait till she complains about her legs aching. Another hormone bonus.

    My doc used to say. It is her hormones all kicking in.

    She is a beautiful child Di.

    If even on sad days.

    She is a beautiful looking child.

  15. Well, it sounds like little Sweet Cheeks has a mirror with an attitude. That crazy mirror is just too jealous to speak to her. But, we know she is the fairest of them all, now, don't we. Who needs a mirror to tell her that?

  16. I have a long term relationship with the mirror that started at SW's age, but that's another story. She is such a sweetie. Keep her close.

  17. Oh, my goodness, Diana. (...do those wrinkles have a face?) You crack me up. Nice way to start the day! Thanks for the giggle! As for our SweetCheeks, she can act up a storm, can't she. I guess you're never bored when she's around. She seems to be growing up fast, though. They do!

  18. LOL! What a sweet story! I wish my mirror would keep its mouth quiet :)


  19. Sweet Cheeks is a beautiful young girl. I too wish my mirror would "shut up". It keeps saying, "ugh, go exercise!!!". xo

  20. Her beauty isn't reflected by a mirror, but by the love in your heart.

    True beauty comes from inside, and Diana, you are gorgeous.


  21. You have defective mirrors. Both the one she talked to and your own don't work properly and you need to toss them both!

  22. How dramatic Sweet Cheeks is! Maybe she needs a new mirror Nanna.
    I avoid both mirrors and cameras whenever possible!

  23. Poor sweetcheeks-I think Nana should try to find those mirrors
    that say Fairest of them All.
    I've always wanted one, too, so I
    can pretend I don't look my age-LOL

  24. Hahaha! I don't want a talking mirror either. I know what it would say. Our grand kids all love the magnifying mirror!

  25. Oh, the story of my life! LOL She just couldn't be any cuter!!!

  26. Perhaps SweetCheeks - and the rest of us - need a "Magic Mirror" on our Christmas list.:) xo Nellie

  27. That is the saddest face I ever did see! I think that the mirror was just made speechless by her beauty. I'd hate to hear what my mirror had to say. lol!

  28. She doesn't know how lucky she is...

  29. I think Sweet Cheeks could have a dual career ~ modeling and acting. What an amazing shot.
    I don't every ask the mirror questions. In fact I don't like to consult the mirror these days. Best to avoid it!

  30. I have two things to say!
    1. Sweet Cheeks doesn't PLAY princess, she IS Princess.
    2. Tell Sweet Cheeks the mirror was so awestruck by her beauty, the mirror was speechless.
    That should work!
    Love to you and Sweet Cheeks, Ginger

  31. And don't we wish that mirror could speak to her.

    And I wish mine would close it's eyes, it may not say much, but it tells me in other ways that I have
    winkles yes I know I left out an R, but I meant to leave it out.

  32. Oh my gosh, the look on SweetCheeks face is just priceless! Sure didn't see that one coming! I know what you mean about magnifying mirrors. Have you ever looked at yourself in a mirror looking downward? It's not a pretty sight! (not my reflection, anyway!!)

  33. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest, saddest little face! And you're right. I'm so glad my mirror can't talk! I can hear mine saying, 'Wow, you're really going downhill fast, huh!' LOL

  34. Wouldn't you know it - the mirror MUST be broken because she is really a beauty.


  35. So funny! I don't go anywhere near magnifying mirrors EVER! shes cute even when she's sad :)

  36. Oh, please tell SweetCheeks she is the fairest of them all. I love how girls imagine and dream and play fairy tale. She has the sweetest face ever.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  37. What a face....I think the billboard fame might turn Sweet Cheeks into an actress...

  38. Maybe the mirror was in such awe of her beauty it was speechless. She's so sweet, and hopefully she will want to play princess for a very long time.

  39. My own mirror can keep its thoughts to itself, but I suspect SweetCheeks' mirror must have been struck dumb, because how could it not say she is the fhairest of them all, especially when she is wearing a dress that pretty.

  40. the mirror is broken...she is the fairest of them all!

  41. You are so funny! I won't even tell you what mine says. Xo

  42. Oh she is going to get the leads in the school plays!

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