Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

Can you believe that summer
is over?
I always think of 
Labor Day 
as being the last day of summer.

I am off to the kite festival
today with MyHero.
Enjoy your day
and do something special
just for you!

Ha!  I can't WAIT to
tell MyHero to 
and he will
gladly do it!
It's gonna be a
your photo name


  1. I know you'll return with a collection of kite photography for us to enjoy! Happy Labor Day! Today, I'm gonna grade papers and get rid of my old crusty wall paint by mixing it with cat litter (I must live under a rock, I swear, I just learned about this two days ago).

  2. Happy Labor Day Diane! Have fun!

  3. Diana, That sounds like a fun day. I'd love to see all the kites. Hope you enjoy yourselves. xoxo, Susie

  4. Have fun, and enjoy telling him to go fly a kite. Summer will end with a bang here, it is supposed to be 101 degrees today, yikes.

  5. Yes Labor Day a perfect day to go fly a kite! Love to say that :O)
    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  6. That's a good plan, Diana! Enjoy your day!

  7. Happy Labor Day, Diana! Cute story! Your hero is so good natured!

  8. A kite festival sounds so fun! ... Can't believe summer is over already!

  9. Enjoy your Labor Day & kite show! As much as I love Fall, it's always see the carefree days of Summer come to an end.

  10. Have fun flying those kites!
    We're going out on the boat for the day.

  11. Labor day must be the best time of year for a kitefest...we have one locally too. they are awesome events!!!! HAVE FUN!

  12. Happy Labor Day to you and yours . also..

    We'll have a small bonfire at my neighbors home. He saves his brush and plant clipping in a certain area for us all spring and summer , just for this occasion. 5 families each bring lawn chairs- we eat potluck, roast marshmellows and talk about how our summer went and all the blessings we received and are grateful for- including living close to each other.. While it is Labor Day , its sorta like OUR Thanksgiving get together as that time of year is usually reserved for family and other friends.. Plus, 99% of the time we have great weather:) which isnt true closer to winter. I always look forward to this celebration and cherish the memories I have of each one.


  13. I always think of labor day as the last day of summer, too, although I admit to putting out fall flowers a couple of weeks ago! We already have so many leaves seems like fall already!

  14. I hope you have a great day at the Kite Festival! We don't have much wind here today, so it might be tricky getting a kite aloft.

    We have high temperatures predicted for the low nineties this week! That tells me that summer isn't over for us!

    Sending wishes for a good Monday!

    xo Nellie

  15. Enjoy your kite day; we are heading for the Greek Festival on the docks.

  16. Yes, the official end of summer and I always think of "no more white shoes." (which doesn't really apply in the south because it's still really summer here and hot, hot, hot.
    Have a great day of fun with your Hero! :-)

  17. Happy labor Day to you my friend, now go help him fly that kite,

  18. I hope you both have fun at the kite festival. What a unique way to spend labor day!

  19. hope your day is great--looks like a lot of fun, diana! happy labor day!!

  20. What a fun way to end the summer!!!

  21. I hope it was a good day..I'm so glad that summer is least by the calendar...It's till frizzy hair muggy..The temps are OK but the humidity is awful..Hope you had a great weekend...

  22. You are always up to something fun! When I lived in Minnesota Labor day was definitely the last day of summer, here in Florida, not so much, we still have a couple months left!


  23. Hi Diana, Happy Labor Day to you as well. Sounds like you had the perfect day planned. What fun.
    Prayers for Tori too.
    XO, CM

  24. Diana, we don't celebrate Labor Day here bu I hope you have a great day flying kites!

  25. That sounds like a perfectly enjoyable thing to do! I would love it if summer was over for us, but we will continue to have the heat for another month or so -- insert sad face!

    I will continue to pray for Tori.


  26. Where I live, summer lasts until Thanksgiving.
    I love kites; I hope it was fun!

  27. It sure is hard to believe it is over. I don't know where in the world it went.It was a good one though.
    P.S. Is my blog having a hard time coming up again on rolls? I don't see it on yours, and I am wondering if I changed something when I was hacked, I had to go in and mess around:( I have had a bad few weeks of it out here.


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