Friday, September 14, 2012

Alphabet Laughs-Z Is For Zip Lock Bags

MyHero loves Spaghetti
but he only likes it for
He does NOT like left over
He likes to WHINE and COMPLAIN...
just for something to do.

Well, SOMEONE doesn't mind leftovers.

One day I picked
SweetCheeks up from school
and we went to the grocery store.
There she spotted
Kid's Meals in the frozen section.
They come with an entree,
a vegetable and a dessert.
I bought 3 of them and saved
the little trays. is what I do with
the left over spaghetti.
I fill up the entree section
with spaghetti,
and the veggie section with
green beans
and the little dessert section
with two little
sugar cookie cubes.'s
one of Mom's home cooked meals..
I cover them with saran wrap
and stack all 3 of them
into a gallon sized ZIPLOCK bag.
When SweetCheeks pops over
she has a
I nuke them for 3 to 5 minutes
in the microwave.
Everything gets warm and
the cookies bake to a nice
little soft dessert.
And, SweetCheeks,
thinks she is a
very special girl.
And so she is!
Special AND Messy!

And these?
Do you think they are big
enough to hold a 
Just askin'.....

Now...what do you think about the
Alphabet posts?
Another round or give it a rest?
HONEST opinions, please!!!
your photo name


  1. What a great idea for sweet cheeks. I love spaghetti, even left over. Have a wonderful weekend Diana.

  2. I will miss the alphabet posts. What's next? Have a great weekend, Diana!

  3. When we were kids ( back in the 60's waaay before microwaves ) my favorite supper was leftover spaghetti - my Mother would fry it - it's a comfort food for me - I still do it today!
    Love the alphabet post Diana - and great idea for Sweet Cheeks!

  4. Diana, I just told my daughter yesterday..I'd be lost without my microwave.LOL SC is special and that's a cute idea to get her to eat. You did well doing the alphabet, at least you have an idea of what you will be posting about. Some times posting's been difficult for me...since I have cut way back on junking and treasure hunting. Hope your weekend is great. xoxo, Susie

  5. I loved the alphabet rounds. The TV dinners for Sweet Cheeks is such a good idea!

  6. What a great idea! You are so clever.

  7. I like the alphabet posts! The idea with the food is great, I may just have to try that.

  8. Love the little trays full of homemade food.

    Kim made 31 breakfast burritos to serve the kids before school.

  9. This is an awesome idea! Where were you when my kids were little? LOL Will miss your alphabet postings! It has been so much fun! Have a great weekend, Diana!

  10. I have a whiner regarding leftovers too. I LOVE spaghetti or even pizza leftovers for breakfast the next morning!

  11. The alphabet posts are FUN! And these dinners look very yummy! This is a great hubby doesn't care much for any kind of leftover! lol Enjoy your day!

  12. Life before ziploc...I remember my Grandma saving all her bread bags, and folding her aluminum foil.

  13. Nope. For some reason, guys don't seem to do leftovers the way we do. But, gee! I like that idea a lot and think the kids would love it too.
    Putting your Hero in one of those bags would definitely smother him with love, wouldn't it?

  14. Fun idea Diana... I LOVE leftovers, especially spaghetti!... hope you have a beautiful weekend, xoxo Julie Marie

  15. Where do you come up with these terrific ideas? You are going to take away my "Best Nana" pin if you keep this up.

  16. Hey, girl, Glad sells these little divided dishes with lids! I use them all the time for DH for lunch. When his dad was alive and we had to cook all his food, I had tons of them for him. They have 2 and 3 compartment ones.
    I like the idea of the little cookies, though. We could do that easy.
    Just look at Walmart where they sell the zip bags and Gladware.

  17. I can't say anything about the whiner and complainer because I don't like leftovers, either. Of course, we rarely have leftovers.... and if we do, we have a dog. The dog is also good for cleaning up under high chairs and licking messy little kids, clean.

  18. Is he crazy. Left over spaghetti is the best. :) I have no clue re your comments YET. I even tweeted about it.

  19. That is such a great idea! I'll have to try this with leftovers! We all love leftover spagetti, though!

  20. You, my dear, are one smart cookie!!!!

  21. The best thing about leftovers is NO COOKING the next day! That's really clever to figure out the cookie baking thing. ~ Maureen

  22. What a great idea for the little ones!! If my hubby didn't eat leftovers he would be going hungry some days! Ha

  23. I love the alphabet posts and left over spaghetti. Nothing better! And yes, I do think complainers and whiners could fit in the giant Ziploc's. Maybe even together! Your leftover meals in a pack for Sweetcheeks is brilliant. Why didn't Stoffer's think of that? hehehehehe

  24. Now you've made me hungry for spaghetti! That is a great idea... what a wonderful grandma you are!

  25. Great, time saving idea. I've seen those whopper zip lock bags! I'm afraid John might put me in one!

  26. I love your idea of refilling a snack plate. I think once through the alphabet is fine. I did that alphabet challenge but was so glad it was done last year.

  27. Great idea for pop in grandgirls.
    I liked the alphabet.
    Why not wait and do one for Novemebr about family or Christmas about the holidays.
    I want one of the bags for my hubby.

  28. that looks delicious!!! my kids are weak on left over pasta too...I put vinegar and salt on it and tell them it has a brand new taste now, so it is a new meal...they oblige and eat it.

  29. I love left over spaghetti and had it for lunch today.

  30. MyHero doesn't know what he's missing....spaghetti only gets better with age. Just like wine!
    I love these special meals you made; super duper clever!
    I think the alphabet is pretty cool. I did come to you more than halfway through though, so I've got nothing to compare it to. :) LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  31. I have to confess that I also do not like spaghetti the next day! It just doesnt taste the same :O) But what a great idea! I am going to have to remember that for future grand kids!

  32. Oh, yes, yes, yes, to the alphabet posts. I've thought of doing the same, but don't seem to be as organized as you are. ;-)

  33. What a wonderful idea! Great thinking - you are a fun grandma I can tell!

  34. I LOVE this idea. I am definitely stealing it. Hope you don't mind? Hugs and have a great weekend...

  35. Look at you making it through the alphabet ... and Z is my favorite because it's the first letter of my maiden name! Z holds a very special place in my heart. And clearly it now holds one in yours too!



  36. I have enjoyed the alphabet posts. I am going to agree with Your Hero on this one. I don't much care for left over spaghetti either. It just gets a little mushy. :o)

  37. Hey Diana, at home everybody got used to leftovers! They finally understood that is better to eat them than having nothing! :)
    I liked your alphabet posts however as someone else said why not doing them in a couple months. It was fun trying to guess what your post was about!

  38. We like anything you write about. What a great idea for kids meals.....And Oh, ya, I think the hero will fit perfect!!LOL


  39. My hubby loves spaghetti, I'm too going to steal this idea. Love it.

  40. Great idea Diana. I should make these for myself!
    Forget about the giant bags, I don't want you to be posting from a very BAD place!

  41. You clever girl! What a wonderful idea and great for us big kids, too that do not want a big meal!
    Thanks for the idea!
    ♥ Jil

  42. I don't like left over spagetti either, so I know what your husband means. For me, it's only good for one day. That's a great idea to put it in the freezer for a yummy meal for SweetCheeks. I can't believe you thought of something for Z - you came up with some good ones for the alphabet posts.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  43. what a great idea! (talking about your frozen meals...) Too funny!

  44. I totally love the homemade tv dinner idea--I pinned it! I hope you are doing well, my dear!

  45. Loving this idea and I would love anything you post. You are so clever.
    Bob loves leftovers and helps to plan what sides will go with most. You know, He is Scottish! Really he is!
    Love to you, Ginger

  46. I always leave your blog with a chuckle... only you could think of additional ways to use those over-sized ziplock bags :)

    Great idea for the leftovers in containers. Just perfect and my favorite part... no wasting food.

  47. What a good idea for Sweet Cheeks meals--even a cookie!

  48. I don't know how you did it, Diana. The alphabet posts were SO creative! It is easy to see you have quite a talent for writing.

    That's a wonderful idea for that leftover spaghetti! My husband has always been good about eating any of the leftovers around here, and would take his lunch for work in a similar manner as you created those dinners for SweetCheeks.

    xo Nellie

  49. Spaghetti is always better the next day! The flavors all meld together! Yum! Love those giant zip loc bags! Ha Ha Ha!


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