Friday, June 1, 2012

What Is In The Playhouse Window Box?

Early on I stuck some
faux greenery in the
window boxes of the playhouse
to give it some Spring color.

We can't plant outside 
until around Memorial Day
here for fear of a freeze.
Not likely this year,
but we proceed with caution

We are working at planting
some flowers around the 
little white picket fence
and in the window boxes.
We stop short of removing
the fake greenery.

has made a discovery.
What IS that, 
Look at that face!
Let's get a little closer, shall we?
And, even  closer...
SweetCheeks laughed hysterically.
She thought there was something
wrong with them because they
didn't have feathers and their
mouths took up half their bodies.
She had questions-

Where isss the Mohm?
She's around here somewhere, SweetCheeks.
Well, she is probably out finding
food for her babies.
Whut do thehy eaht?
Worms and bugs.
Whereh's the Daddy birhd?
He's around somewhere.
Doesn't he help her?
Not much I guess.
Thass how you know he's
the Daddy, right?
Yep...That's right...
(I am laughing out loud by now).

She can't wait for her sisters
to get there to show them
the "baybees".
She fills them in on all the 
I think she said the 
DADDY bird was a lot
like a husband....or something
to that effect.

And, here they are a week after
the above photos-

Now, if you promise not
to hide the M&Ms on
everyone else and eat
them all yourself,
tomorrow I will show you
the INSIDE of
providing I can get
off my butt and get
Mrs.Myers to join 
the party.
You DO know who
Mrs.Myers is, don't you?;>)
Have a wonderful day!
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  1. I would have loved seeing sweetcheeks face when she spotted those birds. I was amazed how fast they get their feathers. Our cardinal babies were just little head popping up one week, they're big and feathered the next. xoxo, Susie

  2. Oh my goodness, aren't they sweet? That Sweet Cheeks is nothing if not insightful! :D

  3. Hello!!

    I am finally finding time to visit!!
    Love this playhouse! I want one for myself!!

    The birds and the girls are so cute!!

    I want to thank you for all of your visits and your kind comments!!
    They truly brighten my days!!

    I promise I will be visiting more often now that things are calming down with Joe being able to drive again!!


  4. Arent they precious, and the bird babies, too!
    The birds grow so fast, and are gone so soon, so enjoy them while they are there.

  5. Ahhh i so enjoyed seeing the baby birds and the GKids delight with them. Isn't it wonderful! Love it! Carolyn

  6. LOL! As my grandmother used to say ~ she's a pip, that Sweetcheeks! How cute are those little birds. You can see how delighted she is in that one picture to have discovered them. Looking forward to that tour, Diana.

  7. That is so cute! We had a birds nest in our wreath on our glass door a few years ago and the eggs hatched on Easter. It was so awesome and my girls were fascinated to watch everything unfold as they peeked through the glass.
    Loved seeing the pictures! :)

  8. Her comment "That's how you know he's a Daddy" is hilarious! Have fun with your bird friends. Mine are at the pooping all over their nest stage (past the cuteness).

  9. Oh how cute Diana. What great little shots you took too of all the cuties! The girls had to LOVE this. Have a great weekend.

  10. what a great find, such a great childhood experience watching birds grow and learn to fly!

  11. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow?!... great pics, especially of Sweetcheeks discovering...

  12. Don't you just love the looks kids get when they find something like that. I love the picture of them all peering into the flower box. What's that about the Daddy bird? We know all about them, don't we?

  13. That is such a precious photo of the babies with their mouths open. Your grand with her surprised look is so cute.

  14. Oh how fun and exciting for the grands. Your pics are fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  15. What sweet pics, love it and I love all her questions :)

  16. One of Spring's best blessings. Such a perfect nest crafted for a child's eye view. A sweet Friday story, Sweet D!

  17. What a great treat for the kids to see. (Me, too.) I've never been that close to baby birds.

  18. hello diana dearest! wow, what an amazing find! i cant believe how big their mouths are!!! did you know that there were some eggs there? we do live in a world where you can find little miracles and magic all around, dont we? funny that your mrs myers might be someone special!!! My workplace is called myers and some of my friends call me 'my store myers" (thats how the add on telly goes!!) kinda hoping i wont be there for too much longer actually! definently not over the christmas period and boxing day like last year! yuck!!!
    anyways, lots of love to you!!
    Laura xxx

  19. Such fun! Watching those babies grow up is an awesome science lesson. And Sweet Cheeks will probably not be getting married any time soon. She knows too much about husbands to want one for herself! *LOL* That is hysterically funny!

  20. Doesn't SweetCheeks look adorable when she is peeping at the nest. And the three of them looking is so sweet. Those birds better learn to fly fast or it is going to get very squashed in that nest!

  21. OOOOhhh!... those are such sweet little babies... I just LOVE them and Sweet Cheeks is just precious in her excitement over discovering them... I love it when children really appreciate the beauty of Nature... I am sure Mama is around close by... please tell Sweet Cheeks the daddys DO stand by and protect mama and the babies though!... what a perfect place for a nest, at a sweet little cottage playhouse!... I can't wait to see the inside!... but honestly Diana... WHY do you ask me to promise things you KNOW I can't do... I ate your M&M's for breakfast... xoxo... Julie Marie

  22. PS And yes, I know who Mrs. Myers is, but Ms. Julie Marie does all the cleaning around here!...

  23. What a special treat for Sweet Cheeks. I still get a thrill when I see a nest. You got some great shots of it...

  24. I bet that day is never forgotten by those three girls! Another great memory to store away from Nana's house! ~ Maureen

  25. What a fun thing to find. Glad you are out getting things done, but don't over do it! The weekend is coming!
    They guys just came by this morning with the roofing and lattice, unloaded it and will be back Monday. One of the guys is helping his wife today with a neighbor town's Draft Horse Festival.
    The deck is what it is for now. Heading in to take a nap. Awful dark and cloudy today and still cool- 51 this morning. Turned the dern furnace on a bit ago. Trying not to, but I like my toes warm.

  26. Oh, my! This is just too sweet! And SweetCheeks is just so adorable! Could NOT stop laughing at her comment about the Daddy! LOL So precious!

  27. I think it's hilarious that they built their nest RIGHT NEXT TO THE BIRDHOUSE! Funny..

  28. How amazing for your grandkids to watch the baby birds grow!

  29. That playhouse is the perfect place for their sweet dwelling. Adorable pics!!

    My hubby and I are sneaking away for our 20th wedding anniversary. I've promised to be technology free this weekend. I'll be anxious to see tomorrow's post when I return. Our girls love their special treehouse and I'm sure your grandchildren adore your special house too.

  30. How sweet - little baby birds and what a find for your grandkids. I bet they love coming to your house.

  31. What a precious gift to see!
    Beautiful. I hope you get to plant flowers soon too. Happy Weekend~

  32. That is just adorable, Diana. Out of the mouths of babes,! Thanks for sharing this cute happening!

  33. Hi, As much as I love the babies, they make such a mess and by the time they fly away, I am so done with them.
    Love seeing sweet cheeks and hearing her questions.
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  34. So adorable! I spent the day in my garden, so this was the perfecting ending. Thanks for sharing.

  35. oh, LOVE the birdie pics, diana! esp. the one with their mouths so wide open--how great the kids got to see those little guys:) happy weekend!

  36. That is just precious Diana!
    What a cutie she is, and that playhouse is just charming!
    I want one!
    Hugs and Happy weekend too,

  37. What a lovely surprise! LOLing on that Daddy not doing childcare duty observation. Those birdies sure got big fast... but then, so do kiddos! Feels like mine should still be looking for nests instead of leaving them.

  38. How thrilling that the girls can see the baby birds and watch as they grow.. I see many birds using the houses I have in the back yard. I noticed my cat watched them too. ..but they out of his reach.
    Happy weekend

  39. No, I will not promise to hide the M&M's. Oh wait! Yes I swear I wasn't the one who hid them!! No idea where they are!! NO, it's not candy coating dye on my fingers!
    The playhouse is coming along beautifully!! But those newborn birds are just weird. I mean, they look awful! And I'm not much of a bird lover to begin with. I'm afraid they will get stuck in my hair! But the week later picture is much cuter!!!!

  40. Awwww! I don't know which is cuter, the look on Sweetcheeks face as she sees those baby birds. Or the birds themselves! How fun for you all to share and enjoy!!

  41. Nice to hear from you! Would love to talk sometime about our common bond with our moms. I was so surprised when I read your profile and found you were in Green Bay. We are originally from there. Moved here 13 years ago! Very small world, huh? I checked and the 2 step verification is "off" on my blog. Is that what you meant? Still new at some of this. Loved catching up on your posts!

  42. These are precious! Sweet Cheeks just makes this story with her facial expressions and wanting to share them with her sisters! Mrs. Myers sounds like work to me! Yuck! Can't wait to see the inside though!

  43. They are so adorable!! I just love the expression on her face. The joys of nature. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend.


  44. How precious is that? What a great find. Can't believe you didn't hear them crying for food. And there were so many of them too.
    Won't you be sad when they leave? I'm afraid I would feel a sense of loss.

  45. I loved these photos! How fun to have them right there to view so easily. The little hummingbirds I post about last month, were up pretty high. I had to get my husband's ladder just to get a photo!
    Thank you for stopping by and checking in on me. I've been absent in blogland lately, but enjoying my busy life :)

  46. Oh my they are so cute, and so are the bird babies.

    It is cool to see how curious children are. This kind of thing is fascinates to them.

    Can't wait to see what's next.

    Have a FUNderful weekend. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  47. Out of the mouth of kids! Her comment was too funny about the daddy bird! How precious to have baby birds in the window box of the playhouse. I know you will all get attached and hate to see them go! It's wonderful when baby birds are born in our own back yard!

  48. I think baby birds are so precious! What a special surprise especially for the young ones. I love the photos you share sweet friend!

  49. Oh my, how precious is that??? Great photographs too. That sweetcheeks is one heck of a SMART girl, just too cute, all so are all of your sweet girls!

  50. How precious! A little miracle right there for you to see!

  51. I think they knew how safe their babies would be there...the girls are adorable and the babies are a sweet little treasure to find. hugs, mary

  52. Well, it is certain that Mama Bird has been very busy! The babies have surely grown.
    Yes, I "know" Mrs. Myers.:) Enjoy your time with her!:)
    I have absolutely NO IDEA what happened to those M&Ms!

  53. What a sweet find! I love those featherless birdies!

  54. Oh Diana,

    Hilarious, sweet and precious all at the same time!

    Blessings, and hope we see more of the babies before they fly away!


  55. I like the pictures you take of the girls in all their pretty pastel clothes .

    Looking at the little birds.


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