Monday, June 11, 2012

Rust Be Gone

You remember I told
 you that
unless, of course, it is
connected to some absolutely 
 piece of junk
 that he wants 
to, boat, trailer..etc

Well, I can fix THAT!
I have two of these pieces.
They are old cast iron 
grates from fireplaces
in turn of the century homes.

When those fireplaces
are converted to gas,
the old grates gotta go.

No problem!
I'll take them.
Here is what it looked like
after weathering outside
for a few years.
Pretty rusty, huh?
Here the old girl is all
painted up and ready
to hold a plant.
I'm on a roll here.
Gonna be a busy week.
If you are VERY GOOD and promise
brush the dog with your husband's brush
tomorrow I will show you 
And...I'm NOT talking my face!
your photo name


  1. Good day
    I read your distinguished article and I think your blog will be one of the best if you keep up the good work!

  2. Diana,That a piece of art !! Who would ever want to throw that away ! I showed your stove post to my Ted, he thought it was beautiful:):) Smiles, xo, Susie
    p.s. I have not been able to post for a couple days. .bummer:(

  3. THAT is beautiful! I want one!!

  4. That is so pretty! There's so much detail.

  5. That is a beautiful piece, Diana! I even love it with the rust and I'm not much of a rust girl.

  6. I love the way utilitarian objects used to be made with such care and to also look beautiful. You've done a great job fixing it up.

  7. That is a beautiful piece....can't wait to see what you do with it.

    I love what you did with the old stove, it's amazing!

  8. LOL you are so cute....and here I am planning a trip to the MAC store my face! ;P

    I love your planters... they are so pretty!

  9. Wowo!... that is gorgeous Diana!... can't wait to see what kind of plant you put in it... gee, I usually brush the hubby's hair with the dog's brush... am I doing it wrong???... can I still see more painted wonders???... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Another gorgeous transformation. You certainly have been busy!!

  11. Okay how did you get rid of the rust.
    Thanks for your suggestions. I am going to try going back over with the white. The stain dried almost immediately leaving me no time to mess around. I was too cheap to buy the Annie Sloan but I have learned my lesson.
    Hope you got some rest this week-end.
    I can hardly talk. Just called the doctor and they couldn't hear me. I have scopes sceduled for Thursday....not good.

  12. Love this a lot!!! I just looked through some of your older posts..the little girls are just adorable!! Cute new addition to the family too.

  13. As always, you see the beauty in everything. Love everything you do.

  14. Beautiful container, Diana! I laughed when I read that you're on a roll. You're always on a roll. I don't think you ever stop rolling. Where do you get all your energy, lucky you?!!

  15. Very cute! And it's Gracie that uses our brushes on the dog here. I know that Abby has her own brush and I know where it is kept - but Gracie uses whatever is convenient. But - at least it's only a brush. It seems to me that she was giving the dog somebody's pacifier the other day, too. Kids share everything with dogs!

  16. What a beautiful piece. I am such a rust lover, I probably would have left it, but it is really lovely painted.

  17. You couldn't get that kind of detail on anything you bought today and I love that you are using it, rusty or not.

  18. There she goes...there she goes again! Diana! I am going to buy 2 cans of spray paint on the way home from work today! You are kicking my bum! What a beautiful piece!

  19. Wow, this is a piece of art! It's gorgeous! It's so ornate! I love it! The old girl really shined up nicely! Can't wait to see more!

  20. that is one beautiful piece....the detail on it is beautiful

  21. I love this! I remember visiting homes when I was little that had these beauties. What a creative use of such a gorgeous item!

  22. You seem to have an artistic eye for using old items. Such a great talent - not one that I have.

  23. That looks beautiful, Diana! I like it without the rust, too. Although there are plenty of rusty things that I do like. :)

  24. Awesome! I love those antique fire grates! You did a "grate" job (sorry...couldn't resist that!)
    Hugs, Cindy

  25. How pretty! I love it! You are one busy lady!

  26. Hello Diana!
    This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! I'll be spending some time catching up on your posts!!

    I have to admit that I am charmed by rusty pieces also and think the grate looks wonderful before AND after its painting :-)

    A planter is a neat idea and how about a magazine holder too!
    Thanks for the inspirations!!


  27. Wow, what a difference paint makes, Diana! I'm with your Hero, I don't like lots of rust, either! So much better "after"!

  28. My hubs is like
    yours, Diana: NOT
    a rusty fan! He
    would heartily approve
    of your transformation.
    I have a few pieces that
    need the same treatment;
    thanks for the push!

    xo Suzanne

  29. LOVE those Diana! Doesn't your hero know rust is in baby!~

  30. Wow, that is fabulous. I know what you mean about the peonies, thanks for stopping by. hugs Anu

  31. gosh thats a beautiful piece, wow, its lovely, i even liked it rusty!
    You are a hoot, so funny!!!!!

  32. That is beautiful. Do you think it was one of a kind or mass produced?

  33. Love that piece, Diana! I love rust but in little dosis! Painted it looks way better!

  34. What a great find! That is just gorgeous even rusty


  35. Love what you've done with the grate! Very cool! I'll check back and see if you got any paint on the dog!

  36. Hi Diana, I have enjoyed catching up reading your blog tonight. It has been sheer enjoyment including your how to Fillet an Octopus. That had me laughing. I can just see my boys wanting that. I like your latest adventure or am I allowed to call it that. You are amazing taking the old and turning it into something else. I will be looking forward to the flowers that you plant now. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

  37. Dang, I love the rusted look. It's so natural. It looked great painted too though. Don't you love all the detail?

  38. job well done! It looks brand new! Happy week to you.

  39. Wow that is so cool. I want one. lol

    You are so creative.

    I promise not to brush the dog with Mel's Would have to be his tooth brush since he was no hair. LOL

    I'll be back tomorrow. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  40. What a great grate! It looks 500% better with coat of paint.

  41. Diana,
    LOVE these!! How great the new Grates look!!! LOL!

    You will never guess what my hubby picked up in his travels today. An American Accents Indoor /Outdoor Rust painting kit!! You are getting rid of it and Joe is buying me a kit to create it!! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for all your visits and kind comments!!



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