Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Princesses In The Playhouse

You know what happens
The Playhouse 
is clean?

It is time to 
for the Summer months.

That, of course, means
bringing out your 
Summer Wardrobe.
And hanging them in a row.
The hooks are just under
Rose Mirror
(another thrift shop find)
And once the work is done...
the littlest fairy is
off to play...
and joins the other fairies
Where the discussion
leads to 
sugar and spice and
cupcakes are nice...
While they are playing
Nana is sitting by
their little picket fence and 
looking out over the water...
Dreaming of the day when her
grandchildren will have
children of their own.

Can you imagine?
But...I don't want to hurry life
so I am just going to enjoy
every moment of life 
Sometimes it is hard to
isn't it?
It is too easy to get caught up
in all "What Ifs" of
or project into the
unknown of 
I am going to enjoy
Today because I 
KNOW that 
tomorrow will take care
of itself.

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  1. What special memories you are making for your sweet granddaughters.

  2. You have the cutest fairies around your house:):)Diana, what if's can make you crazy....they do me. I am with you on being happy today. Smiles, xo, Susie

  3. Delightful!! I thought the little house was special when you first shared it--it's even more special with the little fairies cavorting about. What a nice spot you have by their fence. Enjoy!


  4. What a sweet post, Diana! Enjoy watching those beautiful fairies. Could that rose mirror be any more perfect for the playhouse?

  5. I just love the little play house. And the little fairies! But, I think your Hero and Mamma's Boy are going to need to pitch in and build a tree house or a fort for the boys. It's looking like in just a few years you'll be doing boy things! Hmmmm... a pirate ship fort that overlooks the bay. That would be cool!

  6. Today sounds like a good place to be. Enjoy it.

  7. I love the image of all those little fairies dancing in the grass. Sitting, but they could be dancing with all those pretty frocks.

  8. Diana, it's so easy to get caught up in the "what if's"... we often forget to enjoy the moment right in front of us. Lovely post and darling fairies!

  9. Ohhhh, so cute!
    You are so blessed. I never realized you lived right by the water, so beautiful. Have a great day.

  10. I wanna come over and play in the little house, Diana! : ) You have such a beautiful setting for it. I can only imagine how much fun they must have.

  11. such a beautiful post, you are so lucky and so are they!You are all blessed,

  12. Such pretty little fairies. Enjoy the moment!

  13. Oh Diana, this post brought tears to my eyes... but happy ones!... your little fairy Princesses are so precious... I agree... don't hurry time... let them be little girls for a long, long while yet... your view of the water is so beautiful, and the playhouse is just enchanted!... love seeing all of their pretty little frocks hanging up... you have created a magical spot for them that they will carry with them forever in their hearts... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  14. So sweet, Diana! I often daydream about the twins growing up and having babies of their own. It's a long ways, away but it'll be here in the blink of an eye. Wishing you a beautiful day full of fairy hugs and kisses!

  15. You and hubby have created aplace these sweet girls will have such fun playing in and making memories that will last a life time. Hugs to you this nice day in MI

  16. Your princesses are so pretty! I would be sitting there too dreaming with that lovely view! The playhouse looks like a fun place for princesses, even bigger ones! What a blessing you are to your princesses!

  17. You certainly have a lovely place. The girls look so happy. Beautiful dresses they're wearing. I agree with your philosophy but sometimes it's so hard not to think of the past and wonder what the future has in store, especially when we get older! I'm just happy I have the Lord in my life. He makes living through the hard times more bearable!

  18. The princesses are going to look back with such fondness at these times; you are creating wonderfully happy memories for them.
    I just love it that you can almost feel the enthusiasm emanating from SweetCheeks' pictures.

  19. Such a sweet post Diana! I bet those little fairies have a ball in their playhouse!

  20. Gorgeous mirror. I love watching the little ones enjoying being a princess in their colorful dresses. We didn't have those in my day. I can enjoy them through my grandchildren too.

  21. That playhouse must be a very special place to have such cute little fairies! I know you will enjoy every minute with them playing there.:) xoxo

  22. What a dream.....the playhouse and the water. I am moving in for sure. Love the littles in their fluff.

  23. Those princesses are adorable..of course, with the Queen Grandma, oh well, how could they not??!! Sorry I took so long, something happened to my computed for three days and all of a sudden it started working..CRAZYYY!!! You lok like you had a very wet time with the gals. I'm playing MOTHER, so it's hard work, I was young than and I am not now, lol!! Lots of hugs,

  24. It is times like this that create memories that will last a lifetime (for you and for them). Love the cute little fairies/princesses.


  25. Nicely written.
    Tomorrow is our Settlement and I'm a nervous wreck. I'll try to take your advice.

  26. My daughter loves princess too. always pretend playing. :)

  27. Diana: What a special post. SweetCheeks looks in her element. I envy you so much your little grandaughter just for the reason of the playhouse, dressing up and being a princess..Happy Wednesday with your thoughts of here and now..Judy

  28. I agree, Diana. You should enjoy every single day you have with those lovely grands!

  29. Oh Diana,

    How special this is! I know how you feel. I'm here with mine this week and the same thoughts go through my head as some say, enjoy these moments, you only have a few years! I pray our relationship grows and while they won't come to play in the garden, or help me harvest, or play crafts. I'd love to dream of times with them joining me for tea and cookies, even if they help me by baking, mixing up the sugar and salt. I believe these memories we build today, while they will grow out of the fairy dresses, they will grow in to the antique tea cups, crystal and cooking by themselves or helping me cook. I see this for both of us! After all, these special girls we have, they do have special grandmas!

    We are so blessed, my dear friend!

  30. Such sweet memories!! I still love going to my grandma's house!! We don't play dress up or house anymore, but we did plenty when I was little!!!

  31. The memories your making brings a tear of joy to my eyes. To have a grandma as loving and fun as you are! they are so lucky.
    Have fun and enjoy today!!!

  32. All that sweetness almost makes me want to be a child again. You are wise to enjoy every moment of every day. There's no fun as rich as childhood fun!

  33. Words to live by....Darling pictures!


  34. You are not only a blessing to your sweet little fairy princess...but to us as well, Diana! You are wonderful! :)

    xoxo laurie

  35. I am here to tell you, sweet dear, that when your grands start to have your just gets sweeter and sweeter! I promise you!
    You are such a wonderful Grandmother! My daughters are wonderful grandparents also. Only four of my 14 grands have had children..and I know I won't get to see it when all of them do..but..t'is a wonderous thing that I am witnessing!
    Love and hugs..

  36. Beautiful post! You had the perfect day with your little fairies. Enjoy your days with them. They grow up too fast!

  37. Those girls are darling! And so lucky to have you! I want a Nana Diana in my life!

  38. You are too cute Diana!!! I just read your comment on Danielle's post... my guess was more romantic though... if we put our two heads together, we can really come up with some good stories!... xoxo Moi

  39. Hi Diana, I so enjoy reading about your granddaughters. Always wish for a little girl, but have to settle with the boys. They are fun and yours are adorable. Your new grandson is precious. They just grow entirely to fast or is that we don't want to admit that we are getting older. Your playhouse is adorable. The boys definitely have to have either the fort or a tree house. I think the fort that is what my boys always made out of quilts and whatever. Have a wonderful day. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

  40. You have made such a perfect fairy world that they just may decide to stay little forever! Just a touch more magic and you may freeze time. ~ Maureen

  41. This is the sweetest post, Diana...and a BIG Congratulations on your new little blessing!

  42. Oh what a precious story. It's one of those days that makes life worth living. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  43. Hi Diana,
    I love your place ... so Serene; and your fairies are adorable!

  44. So cute! You are so fortunate to still have little ones to enjoy. I miss those days so much! My grands are adorable of course but teens are in another world. :-)


  45. How wonderful to have them close to play with! I live each day to the fullest and really enjoy life! I stay young at's a Diana thing, don't you think?


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