Saturday, June 2, 2012

Playhouse Prettified

When does cleaning
seem like playing?
Well, if YOU feel that way
then you need a
I head off to play work
with the tools of trade.
Mrs.Meyers cleaner-
AND my

I seriously LOVE that steam mop.
I mean-LOVE IT!
It does such a good job
of deep cleaning floors.

So...wondering what I got done?
I cleaned the windows.
Can you believe they have
leaded glass windows in the 
They do!
We used to own/operate a 
Window/Siding/Door company.
These were some of the
Salesmans' samples.
The perfect size for a playhouse.

I wanted to add that the playhouse
is a good size.
It is about 10' x 12' and
is about 15' at the peak.
There is an upper area inside
that holds a twin sized mattress.
We don't let the kids go up there
yet because of their ages,
but soon they will be old enough
to do that without fear
that they will take a fall.

The rugs are all washed
and the furniture is back 
in place.
Everything in here was found
at a thrift shop.
Child size wicker settee-
was brown- I spray painted it white.
A matching chair...
Brooms and dusters for 
stand beside the "hutch".
I plan to paint the bottom
to match the top soon.
Here is the sweet little top..
A small wicker table
with a tablecloth my 
Mother embroidered many years ago.
A chandelier to add a bit of bling.
And....the most important part
of it all is coming up here tomorrow.
Pack your bags cuz you
can stay here cheap!
See what I mean?
Pop by tomorrow for your
morning smile!
I'll show you the 
Princess Brigade.
They are 

your photo name


  1. I hate to clean but love my steam mop top. I love that girlie playhouse. Are the boys jealous?

  2. I'll bet they are very excited, Diana! Such a sweet little house!

  3. Oh my goodness! So glad I stopped by this morning! Love your little backyard cottage/playhouse! You and your grandkids must have a blast in there! It is one of the sweetest houses I've seen in a long......time! Love the way your furnished it and the windows are fabulous! It's a great little get away.

  4. My favorite little place!~ I need one of those steam mops, now. Have a great weekend.

  5. How very sweet - every girl's dream house!

  6. Hi Di,
    That is such a cute playhouse. The kids are so lucky to have such awesome grandparents. Have a great weekend.

  7. What lucky little grands!!! It's got to be one of their favorite places!!! And I too love Mrs Myers.

  8. How lucky are those girls! I had to wait till I was in my 40's to get my playhouse! Have fun.

  9. So who enjoys playing there the most? Do you get invited to tea? Most of all ....who is Mrs Mop for all that cleaning eqipment? Joan

  10. such adorable cuteness, diana! love that window!

  11. I would fold myself in half it I had to, in order to fit so I could stay in that lovely playhouse!

  12. Diana, The play house looks so sweet. I would have loved that myself . Smiles, xo, Susie

  13. oh that is such a lovely play house, every little and big girls dream!

  14. I L O V E the playhouse! When can I come and stay? LOL! The kids will enjoy it for a long time. Thanks for the tip on eating a banana and drinking water for leg cramps!
    I saw your little dresser with the tea cabinet on top! I have a very similar dresser and need to re finish it! It was called a bachelors chest and had a removable shelf on top. I will have to tell you that story sometime, when my oldest pulled it down on top of her!
    I appreciate our friendship here, I really do. I am always trying to catch up! :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  15. It looks great! And I have never heard of Mrs. Myers cleaner. I'll have to look into that.

  16. Perfect for your little Princesses or is it Princess's. Oh well, whatever, it's cute as a button and the girls must love it.

  17. Just so sweet, Diana! A little girl's dream come true!

  18. Oooh Diana, how precious!... I want to come play!... I am a self~appointed Princess, you know... I love each and every detail... the little hutch is adorable, and love all the wicker!... and a sweet little birdie nest outside the front door... what could be more enchanting!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Can't wait to see YOUR Princesses!

  19. O M Goodness, I am in love... I want to come & play!
    My Grands would love this sweet little house!

    PS. great job cleaning Diana, I can see the sparkle in the photo~ xox

  20. That playhouse is absolute perfection! It must have been so much fun decking it all out and who wouldn't feel like a princess living there? ~ Maureen

  21. Your playhouse is just charming. I love your lilttle hutch; did you paint the flowers on it?

  22. What a darling place to play! I would love that window in my house!!!

  23. Oh My goodness!!! I wish I could have a playhouse like that!!! Hands down, that's the fanciest playhouse I've seen!!!

  24. Are you taking reservations yet? Or would you like to "hire" a nice ol' Grandmotherly cleaning lady? I just love that playhouse. You must be a Queen in the eyes of those Princesses!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  25. Diana, that is just so adorable, sounds like a fun place for big girls too! Can't wait for pictures of the Princess Brigade!

  26. Hi Diana,
    The playhouse is sooo cute... love the little "hutch"!

  27. OH MY! Do we need reservations? Can I bring a dollie or two? This play house is amazing! Now we will ALL want one! heehee!

  28. I couldn't get enough of the play house, it is so special. A wonderful gift for you and your granchildren...memories are made of these!!! Hugs, mary

  29. I'm sneaking in some blog reading back at our bed & breakfast. Your playhouse is just darling. I love the wicker furniture. What a lovely place for your grandchildren to visit.

  30. OMG your little playhouse is so sweet!
    If I had a place like this when I was a little girl I would never leave.

    Love it.


  31. I think I could happily live in that play house!

  32. How adorable!!!... just love this little cottage.

  33. Love your sweet little house. I be right over.

  34. Diana, can I just move right into the playhouse??!! I would be the perfect tenant, I promise!! What a dream for every little girl that is. ps. I have the steam mop, too, and it is great.

  35. How sweet, Diana. I'm sure the girls love being there. We have a play house here, too. The girls LOVE it!!!
    Have fun tomorrow.

  36. SOOOO lovely! I want to sit in it myself have some "tea." I've heard a lot about those steam mops... that you never go back once you get one!

  37. It was my dream as a little girl to have a playhouse like that. I never got one but certainly didn't have anything to complain about during my childhood. Anyway, I'm so glad you have this adorable one to make the dreams of your grand-girlies come true!

  38. What a pretty little house Diana! I would love to go and play there too!

  39. Wow, what a sweet house.

    Lucky lil' gals. :)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  40. that is amazing ! Love it all
    my three yr old g- d would love it a lot. She is a pink loving princess. Right now she is suffering through hives and painful ones due to a bad reaction to antibiotic taken for an ear infection. Her poor mom is up with her all night keeping her calm. they are giving her benadryl and steroids

  41. Diana....I sent you my email so hope we connect. Wondering about the verification:(

  42. Oh that is adorable, what lucky girls, I would have died and went to heaven to have a play house like that!


  43. Diana
    It would be a treat to clean that sweet house! I bet the Princesses
    will have so much fun making memories in their little playhouse.

  44. What a dream! I would love to hang out in the playhouse. It's so pretty!

  45. what a beautiful play house!I want to live there! I was lucky to get a little 6x6 shed that I am going to transform into a play house...I don't have grandchildren yet but my oldest is getting married soon so I'm sure it's not far away! I'll bet your granddaughters have a blast in their house!!!

  46. What a cute little playhouse! Make my reservation to be your first Bed and Breakfast guest!:)

  47. How perfect! I can only imagine the joy the girls will have in this adorable little house. Would have killed for one of these when I was young...killed a fly or mosquito perhaps? :-)


  48. How perfect! I can only imagine the joy the girls will have in this adorable little house. Would have killed for one of these when I was young...killed a fly or mosquito perhaps? :-)


  49. Do you think there is room for one big (little) child at heart? I could move right in! I promise not to fall from the loft. We had a playhouse at our previous home. Was planning on building one here next year. Thinking I might make it a potting shed instead. Oh, will the grandies ever forgive me? I will have to a least put a small table and cupboard in there. Yours is just precious.

  50. The playhouse is darling. I love every little detail you have added. I can bet the grands just love playing in there. I know I would. ;) Thanks so much for the tour.


  51. When I was growing up the little neighbor girl had a little playhouse......her father was a home builder so it was very well built....but certainly didn't have the charm of yours.....I'd have adored this as a little girl....


  52. A playhouse fit for your princesses. So cute with the wicker furniture and the beautiful floral pillows. What a wonderful treasure for making childhood memories.

  53. I've never seen a playhouse as charming as this one! It's every little girls dream and I love the chandelier!

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