Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Down South Talking Turkey

It's not ME talking turkey
but we'll talk about that later.

Do you remember the 
beautiful home 
I showed you yesterday?
Well, I don't want to 
invade the privacy of
Mistah Jeff & Mizz B
too much so I will just 
give you a limited peek.
This is looking
from their kitchen into the
breakfast room and on into
their well appointed family room.
Beyond the windows to the 
back lie the hazy
Smoky Mountains.
This shows the fireplace
a bit better.
All native stone.
MizzB has done a phenomenal job
throughout the whole house.
The kitchen -which I am not showing-
is a chef's dream.
A small section of their main living room.
Whaddaya mean you can't see it?
Of course you can't...
remember I said  LIMITED peek?
Okay....quit whining-I'm going
to show you something else.

Ready for something special?
How about THIS for an office?
Looking towards the window.
Pretty sweet, huh?
There is a whole other wall of
beautiful built-ins, too.

I will have to set fire to my
hubby's office before they come
to visit. oh..wait..that's arson.
I guess I will 
nail a  bar across the door
and declare it a hazard zone.

Back to my original thought.
Talking turkey.
Before MistahJeff
even gets dressed for the day,
he yells, 
"Good morning, boys"
Curly, Moe & Larry
meet him by the edge
of the drive for their
morning treat.
And, before you ask,
I did NOT give them code names.
The boy's names 
Curly, Moe & Larry.

That being said~
I'd say 
is one stooge short!
Care to name the two that
are present here?

Look how HAPPY those two look.
You would think 
"the girls" (me & MizzB)
went off shopping for the day
and left those two to manage
lunch by themselves, or something!
your photo name


  1. It certainly beats my home tour that I'm posting today. And I agree that their home is perfectly "well appointed" and thought out. Some folks have huge homes and decorate with their old college furniture. It drives me batty!
    Gorgeous place!

  2. What a wonderful life. I love that he feeds those birds every morning. Gobble, Gobble! LoL! Your friends certainly do have a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. its so beautiful, diana! and the outside pics are so gorgeous, too! glad you had a great time...not sure the guys did, though:)

  4. what an amazing home, love the turkey shot, you sound like you are having a ball!

  5. LOL! You probably intruded on their "boy talk" to take your picture, Diana! : ) Beautiful home ~ I love that office. I could just see being in there with a fire going in the Winter months.

  6. Such a beautiful home! I would love to curl up next to that fireplace with a good book! Looks like you're having fun!

  7. What a lovely home. Laughing at your thoughts on setting fire to the office... just let the 2 stooge wannabes in there and no one will be able to see through the haze of smoke!

  8. Gorgeous home and it sounds like you are having a fabulous time. The 3 stooges are hysterical!

  9. I think that is Darrell and Darrell from Larry, Darrell and Darrel, there probably sad that Larry hasn't shown up yet.
    Beautiful home, I guess I'd have to tell them we ran off or something, as my house would never stand up to that one.

  10. What a beautiful home!... with a view of the mountains? even better...

  11. Hey Diana...since my switch to WordPress I'm not updating on blog rolls unless you delete me and add me back in. Sorry for the trouble. I wish there was a way for me to just wave a magic wand and update for everyone. Thanks very much. :o)

  12. The house is beautiful. But - feeding turkey's doesn't sound too exciting. Nor, does smoking it up in the garage. Especially not after I was all set for a murder mystery after yesterday's post! But, hey, maybe there is a mystery to solve. Maybe there were three stooges in the garage and one has gone missing. Hmmmmm...... too bad those turkeys are not vultures. If they were they could lead us right to him.

  13. What a beautiful home! Seems to me that you had a fantastic time with your friends.

  14. Well, who needs a 5 star hotel with friends like that? Cool place and it should inspired your Mr to get his office in shape. I would nail it shut, too, if they were to come visit.
    So you went shopping. Hope that's the next post you do.
    You should being Larry, Curley and Moe home with you. The kids would love them and John could feed them every morning. They will need life jackets, cause I don't think they can swim.
    When are you getting home????

  15. Diana, I love that office...woweee.
    Strange to see wild turkeys . I have seen them in Owensboro, Ky. walking down the street.:):) Enjoy your weekend . be safe Diana. Smiles, xo, Susie

  16. Gorgeous home, should be featured in a magazine. Looks like a great place to be all around.

  17. What a grand home, Diana!
    Is that Laurel and Hardy in the last picture?

  18. What a beautiful home! Feeding turkeys - is that so that come November they will be fattened up?

  19. Hi Diana, Oh girl how I love this house and why didn't you get pics of the kitchen??????????????
    I'm wanting to save these for future ideas on a family room and dining room....but I won't put them on Pinterest. Love the library too but we probably wouldn't have one in our next house. I will come "homestead", rather squat with you in this house if you want-isn't there some old time law about people that live in a dwelling becoming legal owners....just kidding.
    Thanks for sharing; love the home.

  20. Beautiful home and so organized. I love that look, now if I could only achieve it.

  21. Oh, I hope you had a wonderful time shopping. You always make me smile, Diana. Love the pics!

  22. That's a beautiful home! I like the turkeys, too.:-) There are some wild turkeys not far from where we live, but they don't get too close to people. It sounds like you are having a great time!

  23. It is a beautiful house, Diana. I like the big windows letting in all that light.
    I could think of one or two names for the smokers, but I am too polite!

  24. Amazing home. I want a rafter of turkeys too! OK, so I had to Google what the heck you call a lot of turkeys. Have fun down there.

  25. Beautiful home and in such a beautiful,secluded spot. I love those floor to ceiling windows!

  26. Diana ~
    You are always so funny!
    Love this post.
    Will visit again soon.
    Luv, Luv,

  27. I LOVE the Smokey Mountains!! What a lovely place to vacation, or to live! The house is gorgeous and I'd love to see every inch of it, but can understand your descretion. Looks like the men were enjoying what men enjoy. LOL
    Glad you're having a good time in that little corner of Heaven!!

  28. That house is gorgeous. When can we all move in?

  29. to cute! what an office that is, it looks like a Senators office


  30. WOW, WOW, WOW--the house is totally gorgeous--every room is "picture perfect!" How completely exquisite...Wishing you a fabulous weekend!!!

  31. Fabulous house and yet we haven't seen it all!! Now I'm so frustated abvout not taking a peak at the chef's kitchen!! No..thank you forsharing, totally loved the house!
    How are you lovely Diana?? Have a great weekend!

  32. Oh what a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Weell, Hello Dhalin,From the great smoky mountians, First let me say "I love you too," but I've already told you that. Pic's are great(thanks) Love the two Ameigo's.Nana, where are you?? We sooo enjoyed our time togather. Moe, Curly and Larry send their love as does Miztah Jeff. PS I want to see the kitchen !!! Mizz B

  34. So glad to get to see some pics of the inside! I love that stone fireplace. Looks like they have a very private and lovely home.

  35. Love your post and your so funny post writng . I like how the comments are coming back with humour with you as well.

    Laughing here.

    That is a nice house. What a posh room.

    Glad your having fun with your friends.

  36. I love, love, love their house. Gorgeous. You are just too funny. I love stooge short lol


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