Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Best Part Of Gardening

What is the best part
of gardening?
Is it the beautiful plants
growing in the yard?
Or my sweet bicycle, Bardot?
Is it the fairy garden?
Or one lone beautiful rose?
The best part is having
my own personal gardener
that shows up in work clothes
to water the plants.
Whew- This is hot work...
Anything else to water?
Yep! A few more that the
hose won't reach.
What a good little helper.
MyHero attached the
street number on the post.
Notice anything wrong with it?
Anyone? anyone?
Hmmmm....I think I may
have to hire 
to help me around here.
Let's see....
I am taking applications!
Make sure you show up in
your work clothes.....
Oh- My!
Wait'll MyHero sees this!
I am preparing for the scolding!
My Hero-My Hearos-
Get it? Nevermind......
your photo name


  1. The photos of your granddaughter watering the flowers brought back memories of a summer when my son was 2 or 3. Mom had planted impatients everywhere that year and we got him a little plastic watering can...those flowers got watered all day long that year and it was the best Mom's flowers have ever looked. :)

  2. He needs to play in the bay, not water plants. You can sit in the shade and drool....

  3. Diana, The first little gardener is the best....that other gardener may be trouble...your garden will become over heated :):)
    My b-i-l was turning his hearing aid down around my sister, he won't be doing that again. Smiles,xo,Susie

  4. Hi Diana, I always can get a chuckle when I pay you a visit. You little helper looks like she is having fun. Now your other helper would definitely probably get you in trouble. You can always dream right. It has been really hot and the ac doesn't work at work at the moment. Have a great day. I am off to breakfast with my hubby and then to the doctors. We will see how good he listens to me when we have our chat. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

  5. Hi Di,
    Hear-o's. too funny!
    Stop by and read my post today, you will soooo understand what I'm saying!

  6. Your garden is inspiring. Your granddaughter is cute (as always!)

  7. Even in work/gardening clothes, Sweetcheeks sports a fancy bow :-)

  8. you are so bad, but we love you!!!

  9. Diana, when ur gardener is finished, I might have some weeding that needs doing?!!! Just send him right over!!! And no, six months till xmas it was, ur right!!! how scary is that!!!!!! Love the Wheres wally pic in ur last post! do u get Wheres Wally in the states?! gorgeous!!!!
    lots of love! xxxx laura xxx

  10. Hi Diana
    Beautiful gardens so lovely and your sweet grand daughter what a little beauty. Wishing you a terrific week!


  11. I always wear a twirly bow in my hair when I garden. It entrances the nearly naked, handsome, young fellow hired! ;.) ~ Maureen

  12. Looks like your hero & my husband both suffer from "crooked eyes" as I like to call it. lol

    Whether you go with gardener #1 or gardener #2, something tells me you will enjoy yourself either way!

  13. Hahahahahahahaha. Your gardener is cute. Not sure which one I am talking about. Both of course.

  14. I like that first little gardener the best. The second one looks like he's got something other than work on his mind. You can't trust those types. That little one - you can trust her!

  15. LOL- I keep telling the guys I want a pool boy, and we don't have a pool. LOL- that looks like a good one there.
    Looks like we will have to keeeeeeep watering a bit longer. Up to 100 here on Thursday- today's our last good day for quite some time, so I'm out of here to have some deck time while I can!

  16. What a naughty girl you are, Diana! But, you always make me laugh and that's a good thing! You have such a way with words. Little SweetCheeks looks adorable. She has such a winning smile!

  17. Your helper is cute...the new one would do in a pinch.

  18. My, my your garden is certainly a hot spot (esp if your dream gardener shows up in 'uniform'!). Your grand daughter is a cute patootie just like YOU.

  19. That first helper looks pretty adorable but I'd like to borrow that second one if you don't mind. Ah it's great to be back online and reading your blog!

  20. Nana! Seriously, what kind of Grandma are you anyway?
    My Goodness!

  21. What a cutie...and your grandaughter is pretty cute too! LOL

  22. Hahaha Diana!! Your Hero needs new glasses!! and for the helpers!! well they both are great!!

  23. I'm thinkin' the new garden "boy toy" would definitely be the sweet place in your garden. Sorry Sweet Checks, but someday you'll understand.

  24. Our best gardeners are the grandchildren!:-) They are sure everything is well-watered.:-)

  25. Does your hubby have the same level my husband has????

  26. I wish I had someone to tend and water my garden. It is so very dry here.. Not sure about a hunk for the job.. are they good workers?

  27. Love all the gardens! Love your helper and let me know how you make out with the "new hire." LOL!!!

  28. I would love to have SweetCheeks around my yard to help water my roses - they are starting to droop. But if I can't have SweetCheeks, this other gardener comes in a close second. haha
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  29. just what are you teaching that sweet young gardener anyway??? hmmmmm!

  30. You make me laugh Diana, and your sweet little garden helper makes me SMILE!
    hugs from here...
    PS...when you're through with her I am in need of a little help!

  31. What a sweet garden helper! The rose is gorgeous!

  32. Send that helper over my way, will you???
    I adore your bike and your fairy garden. I am gathering some littles to do a small fairy garden of my own as I have been inspired by so many in Blog Land.
    I am also looking for a bike too....
    Thanks so much for all your visits!I really appreciate them!


  33. Whew...now that was a great way to start the day Diana! Your gardens are looking lovely too btw. I did get a little distracted though.

  34. Good morning Diana, Your little helper is lovely, your bike delightful, and your maybe should hire gardener . . . looks pretty dangerous to me. He just might me trouble, with a capital T. LOL
    Hope you're having a lovely week, Connie :)

  35. You do know how to garden:) Happy Summer, Mary

  36. I love your idea of a gardener! :-) Betsy

  37. Diana, this is too cute! I suggest you hire another gardener and borrow your grand daughter's work clothes to strut your stuff...


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