Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fairies Flaunt It!

I rushed home from work
and then to my daughter's house.
There were three little fairies
waiting patiently for
their faces to be painted.

Who are they?
Well...there is a
Snow Fairy.
I am told this is the wind-
that carries the snow.
Mama has been working
very hard on these
They are beautiful.
Mama TPot is
VERY talented.
These little girls don't know
yet how lucky they are
to have a Mom that loves
them so much...
and does so much for them.

Someday they will know-
but not until they are all grown up
and look back on their childhood.

Today they are carrying costumes
to the car.
And loading them in the back..
The girls are dressed in warm layers
and now their skirts and wings
are loaded
 in the back of the car.
The colors are a bit washed out here..
you know me and pictures!
And here they are-
The Fairies
all loaded in and ready to
buckle up but first they
are making faces at Nana!
See if you can spot them..
There is the Summer Fairy,
The Angel Fairy,
and, last but certainly not least,
The Snow Fairy!

They are going off
here in Green Bay, WI.
Heritage Hill is a wonderful
village recreated at the edge
of town.
Wonderful old buildings are
preserved and restored and there
are always
special events to attend
complete with costumed
characters in period dress.
For Halloween
there are games
and contests
Trick Or Treating.
Our three little
beauties will be judged
on their costumes.

Will they get candy?
Will they win prizes?
Will they have fun?

You'll just have to come
back tomorrow to find out!

And if you don't come back
I am sending this one after you.
She can go from
Snow Fairy to
WITCH in less than
20 seconds.
You say you're not scared?
She can't hurt you?
If nothing else she will talk
you to death!
Pinky promise!
your photo name


  1. How fun Diana. They all look so adorable. I miss those fun days of the boys looking so forward to Halloween events and such. Now my older boy just declared he is going trick or treating but dumping whomevers bowl that is left on the porch into his bag. YEP, he is that kid that steals the candy. LOL...Just kidding, I hope he was.

  2. What adorable fairies and what a fun time they have to look forward too! Sounds great! Okay, you know I'll be back, that little witch, yikes!

  3. oh my gosh what beautiful costumes , very talented lady.My blog has been deleted long story but I guess it happens.

  4. What a darling share, Diana. Love the costumes. They are going to hve a ball T&T, & so will you. Lots of pics we look forward to.

    BOO-T-ful Halloween wishes ~
    TTFN ~

  5. Those are cute pictures.
    Alot of fluff in that trunk.
    Anxious to see more. I love Halloween.....not for the gorey stuff but for the little ones dressing up and pretending.
    My DIL told me the school parade started at 2:30 yeasterday but it was over at that time. She does not like me going to that for some stupiid reason. I am hoping she didn't do that on purpose. I loved the look on their faces when they saw me. I am so glad that Little China girl and I went early.

  6. I am sure she can talk you to death! I need to put her up against my sister to see who could win. What wonderful costumes and they are just having the best time together.

  7. Oh the fairies are looking beautiful!

  8. I don't want to wait until tomorrow to find out! Oh, you are such a tease!
    Looks like a fun evening for everyone! Love places that do these little events throughout the year to get kids and adults interested in coming out and supporting the history of a town.
    Can't wait to see the entire costumes on the girls.

  9. They are so blessed to have such a mama...and grandma! ;D

  10. Those costumes sure looked so angelic all lined up in the trunk. Leave it to SC to choose the witch. LOL


  11. How cute!! I love the activities that we have now for the little ones on Halloween. I would take my kids trick or treating and their little legs would get so tired! This looks like fun!

    Happy Saturday!


  12. What adorable costumes. Their Mom is very creative and has so much more energy than I have. I have never made a costume for my son - if Walmart or Target doesn't sell it, he's out of luck.

  13. Wow, I sounds like a grumpy Mom today. Maybe I need some caffeine.

  14. Your posts are always so much fun to read, Diana! Your little fairies are beautiful - like their Nana!
    many hugs to you!

  15. The snow fairy sounds like our Samantha! LOL They all look adorable and the costumes are fantastic!

  16. Those are the prettiest fairy costumes ever! They are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom to make them and a sweet Nana like you!

  17. I so miss my kids dressing up at Halloween. Thank you for sharing.

  18. What fun for them, and what memories!

    Flora Doora

  19. Oh, the Fairies are so sweet. What fun they must have had at Heritage Hill. We just had a fun get together today too, with a pumpkin carving contest. I will post the pumpkins on Monday. I'm tired now, but I wanted to make sure I stopped by to say Hello to my new friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. That's a whole lot of tulle' there! And were those fairy wings homemade too? They are very lucky girlies, indeed, to have such a creative mommy!
    Can't wait to see them in full costume tomorrow
    Hope they all have fun at their party!

  21. Beautiful girls! We don't get many trick or treaters here. It's kind of sad, really. Pedople are afraid to get out and take their kids out in the world we live in today and are going to various alternative activities. I just wish the world could be safe and simple.


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