Monday, October 23, 2023


 OK!  This took me a while, I know!

I am using PicMonkey again and 

they changed things around me....had to figure 

that whole process out!


Here we go!

I did not get these numbered but #1 is on the far left,

To the right-Top row-#2, #3, #4 

Lower row- #5, #6, #7



Donna, Denise, Polly, Missy(following the rules for a change),

Linda/Life & Linda, Louise, Kay, Bless,

Pam S-said this(They are all so beautiful! I am having a difficult time deciding. But number #2 with the pears and #4 with the grapes might not make it through the meal as they are so tempting to eat! LOL. I am kind of leaning toward #1 because I love the birch bark and the roses, etc. I like the pumpkin one too, but I don't remember the number, eenie meenie miny moe...I'll take the birch bark and off we go! )

See how some minds work?lol

  Ron-wants me to send him the centerpiece...umm...this is a virtual world, Ron...uh-huh, 

Lorrie, Sheri, Amy, Ann, Diane, Julie, Carla, 

Lynne, Marilyn, Jan, Tiffany, Judy W, Sara M, & 

Lynne (voted twice to make sure she was counted)


Terri S, Lisa (here because she thinks she can EAT the centerpiece)

Linda from Keno (first time playing so I won't pick on her)

Fran, Linda/Life Journal, PomPom, 

Yvonne, Sabra & Kris


Leena (says she is trying NOT to be a troublemaker--yeah-right),

MA, Vivian, Dolly, Liz, Theresa,

Jane, Kim & Melody J.


Terri D, Michele M, Sandy Y, &

John's Island- Wants to add pumpkins to the table..OK, John-whatever you want, buddy!



Jack & Sherry the Nomads, Judy C,

Noreen, Mary Anne, Kathy S,

 BJ (wants to cut up the pumpkins for pumpkin pie),

Weston, (um...Weston-your wife chose to sit at a different table--do we need to talk?)

Michelle D, Karen M &

Gay-Please pray for her & her hubby as he is dealing with cancer.


Cheryl K, Sandi, Cecilia, Ginny, Mevely,

Happy, Cindy/ckrut, Sally C & Janie Junebug

BeachGypsy-wants a fire to dance around---um...this is NOT a coven THIS time--


bobbie, Melanie, Karen C (Here she is Weston)

Lisa K,

Ellen, Debbie D, &  Mary L.

Once again~ Thanks to all of you 

that play along

and take the teasing I dole out.

Hubby has an appointment 

with another specialist

this week and I will fill you in after that.

Thanks for all the prayers 

and good thoughts

and outreach.

I did check my list twice (like Santa) but if I missed your vote, PLEASE-let me know so I can FIX it!!!

your photo name


NanaDiana said...


Janie Junebug said...

I thought I chose the Mason jars, but who knows? Maybe the blogosphere ate my choice.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This was so much fun. I love to decorate for fall and pumpkins are often the theme. They are good for jack o lanterns and for pies and many other desserts. Thank you for taking the time to sort it all out! Hope all goes well with the new specialist. I'll be saying an extra prayer or two.

Junkchiccottage said...

Prayers for John that he gets some positive news. Loved all the centerpieces. Fall is finally here to stay.
Hugs. Kris

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Always so much fun selecting our favorites. You have the job of finding them…LOL. They are all so lovely. Sorry PicMonkey changed up things. Have a good week Diana. Xoxo

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Keeping John in thoughts and prayers!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Diana, that was fun picking out the centerpieces and seeing where everyone sits. :)

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I'm with some of my favorite blog sisters.

Have a great October week, Diana.

love you to pieces, ; )


Ginny Hartzler said...

What successful table setting post results! I am waiting to hear about your husband, don't forget to let us know!

bobbie said...

Thanks for letting me play!!
Hugs ~

BeachGypsy said...

Nope-- no coven! LOL gypsies dance around fires! Keep us posted about Hubby ok? Hugs

Melanie said...

Thanks for the virtual fall fun! As always, keeping you and John in my prayers. {{hugs}}

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Praying for your hubby John. I know this is a time of anxiety for you both. (((Hugs))) Thanks for the fun here. Love that you printed my whole everyone knows just how crazy I really am. LOL. What fun this would be if we could all be there at these tables in one big huge place. We'd have a blast!!!

Mevely317 said...

Oh, you've done such a great job. I wish this season would never end!
Still praying -- for both you and John.

Polly said...

Thank you Diana :-)

Kim said...

Always fun, Diana! Hoping John's appointment goes well. Thinking of you my friend. xo

This N That said...

I always follow the rules..I just may take the long way around..I think you expect it..wouldn't want to disappoint !! Hugs

jack69 said...

As always love ther pics and your comments. We will pray for GAY, CAncer is such an ugly word and actor.
Sherry & jack....

Carla from The River said...

Always fun my friend... praying!!!

Terri D said...

These are always so fun, Diana! I am happy with #4 and the table won't be so crowded! John can keep his pumpkin at his setting. :)

Ann said...

As always, so much fun. If you're handing out virtual centerpieces, I'll take one too :)

Tom said...

...they all are spectacular!

John's Island said...

Hi Diana, Thanks for the comprehensive results! 😊 Just a few joined me to vote for the grapes (and thanks for allowing me to suggest an addition). I liked Pam S’s (who voted for the winner) comment that “the grapes might not make it through the meal as they are so tempting to eat!” as part of her decision not to vote for the grapes. 😊 Neat to see how all voted! Prayers for your hubby for sure! Best regards to you from Seattle. John

Doris said...

Missed it again...I need to get to my computer more often! Anyway if I had picked it would have been 3. Although #1 was a close contender =)

Lowcarb team member said...

These posts are always fun :)
Hoping John's appointment goes well, keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

All the best Jan

Sandi said...

These posts are engaging, such a great idea!

Cecilia said...

Praying for the specialist visit… hope you can get some answers.

Always fun to play pick a theme. Thanks for the fun.


Donna said...

Lots of fun!
Have a sweet weekend!

Kay G. said...

I didn't vote but put me at that Grapes are Good table! (I love it and also, not too many people there so more food and drink for us! LOL!!) Love you gal, hope you know you are the bee's knees! xx

Romance Reader said...

ALl looks beautiful, I won't be able to choose one!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope your enjoy your weekend!!

roughterrain crane said...

Happy Halloween!

Jo said...

These are always fun posts. I hope John's appointment has gone well.

Debbie Nolan said...

Loved all the centerpieces but the pumpkins would get my vote. You always do such a great job getting table pieces that look so lovely. Have a great fall week. Hugs!

Latane Barton said...

Diana, I used to use Picmonkey but when they changed, I switched over to Fotor and am very pleased with it. You might like to check that one out,