Sunday, September 13, 2020



 As you know


                  ONE of the things I like doing is the

series .

We are still searching for answers

to hubby's medical issues

but this is a good distraction

for me!

My youngest daughter, Mimi, had

a beautiful Fall wedding.

It was outside by the Bay,

on a gorgeous Fall day full of 

Sun and Colored Leaves.

I thought it would be fun

to see some different 


from simple to simply extravagant.

Here's the deal.

You are invited to the wedding of your 

best friend's daughter.

You feel great.

Your hair looks good and you have the 

perfect dress and shoes
and you feel skinny!;>)

Which table do you want to sit at?
Seven choices- one for every day of the week-


Arbor Lights


Flowers Flowers Everywhere


Pillars & Pumpkins With Stars


Whoot It's Wheat


Is Brown The New Black?


Pumpkin On Plaid


Rustically Refined



and ONE MORE for fun.




So-You know the drill
that you would like to be seated at.

I'll be back after all the votes are in
to tell you who you will be sitting with.

ps-I am still hating the NEW blogger! 

your photo name


Latane Barton said...

#4, the wheat. So simple yet makes a statement. Wheat sustains life as does love. It takes both. So, I vote for wheat.

Sandra said...

whoot with wheat because it has the least junk on the table, minimalist it is and so am I, the others might smother me. that said, i have never been to a wedding that had a sit down dinner...
grew up Southern Baptist, tiny church, and weddings did not have sit down dinners. just a reception with a line and cake and nuts and a few tiny sandwiches... a few white ribbons and that was that. my whole wedding in 1963 cost under 100 dollars including the dress. the richer people had more and better sandwiches.


Totally love the rustic refined #7.
Beautiful Fall wedding table ideas. I think it might be the best time. Fall is my favorite season in the USA and here I live on a Fall/Spring weather all year round.
Congrats on the upcoming wedding of your beautiful granddaughter who looks like you dear friend. You must share that with us.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Ohhhh hard!!!! I am torn between #1 and #3. But I know the rules. (and even choose to follow them, sometimes!) >,-))))

#1 Arbor Lights


Lisa said...

I’d like to sit at table #4 please. I love the simplicity. Put me beside Sandra so we can tell those Southern Baptist jokes together.

Diana said...

Oooohhh! It HAS to be NUMBER 7!! Since I'm rustically aged (haha!) and love all those shades and hues of browns - and THAT'S what makes this table refined! And I love those chairs! (Since I don't have a best-friend in real life - well, except my hubby - I'm hoping everyone at my table will be my best-friends during the "wedding!")

Terri D said...

#4 Whoot It's Wheat for me. My emerald green dress will look nice with the wall paint in that room and the will give a pop to the wheat centerpieces!! This is always fun!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, Number one is it for me-although I'd love to have all those tables as my house, one at a time of course.

Patti said...

My daughter had a fall wedding---October 10th. She will be celebrating her 5th anniversary this year. For this wedding, I am going with the simplicity of #4, the wheat. I love the uncluttered look.

Mevely317 said...

Copper Cool, please? I was going to pick #1, but couldn't wrap my head around the (backwards) silverware placement. Is that the new thing?

Jan E said...

I want to choose #1 for its lights and colors, but have some reservations. Looking at the gaping tablecloth, that place setting looks like where two tables were pushed together thus causing the plate to wobble. Plus all the forks on the right??? Hope one is not for oysters which I don't like. And the glasses on the left. I'm not left-handed. Maybe I'll just switch it all to be more at ease.

Michele said...

Praying for your hero.

Hating new blogger too.

Great tables to choose - picking Brown in new Black b/c it looks a great deal like my youngest daughter's wedding 5 years ago. I just now realized I never blogged about it. But now I can't b/c my last computer bit the dust and I thought I was ok but all my blog pics were in "short cut" file NOT the regular blog file - so every single one of my pics I ever took and put in there are gone. I could barf even thinking about it.

A close second was the rustic one. And 3rd was Whoot Wheat. I love a neutral autumn - I am not a huge orange fan. (Typical Irish Catholic, eh?)

Thanks for the funnn! You're the best! Hugs!

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Jan said...

Table #1!

Sandi said...

Congrats! She is a beautiful bride.

I think I will be sitting at Table 8.

Sandi said...

Praying for you and your hubby to find the answers.

Susie said...

Diana, Your daughter is an Irish beauty. I sure hope she and her little family and doing well in their new location. I like number one table. All those autumn colors and twinkle lights. Praying for answers to John's health issues. Praying for a simple and quick fix. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Diana, please sit me at TABLE #1. I will feel safer sitting outside. I hope everything works out for your husbands health.

Jan said...

I think I'd like table #1...hope I have lots of lively table mates!
Missing you lots! Prayers for both of you!

mxtodis123 said...

I love table #1.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I choose #7, rustically refined. I love the colours, and there is already wine on the table! (Flowers, flowers would be my second choice is #7 is full, but I'm taking one of the wine bottles with me - it's been quite the week!) -Jenn

Doris said...

I like the bonus table the best...#8!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love #1 with all the fairy lights! I'll bring a fairy with me when I come. Hugs!

Ron said...

#2 Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!!!!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Pumpkin On Plaid for me!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

P.S. I love your header!!

Lorrie said...

I love all the lights in #1,so I'll choose that. But I might wander over to #7 just to check out all the decor details there - and the wine!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, since we are in the planning stages of a FALL (2021) wedding, I loved this. My choices were 7 or 8. I'd really take any if I could feel skinny for that day!
Sending good vibes to your hero. XO

Bonnie Schulte said...

I pick #7. Beautiful and refined.

Rose L said...

Table 8. I think it is nice.

nonie everythingsewing said...

I will be at table one. I am not super clear about their chairs but all the other tables have the most uncomfortable chairs.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Table #1 (Arbor Lights) for me please!

Nellie said...

Pumpkin on Plaid would be my choice, though I'm very tempted by Arbor Lights! Continuing to send prayers your way!

Cecilia said...

Number 3! Please! I love the pumpkins. May I bring some pumpkin beer? 😂
Hugs, Cecilia
My daughter got married in the Fall too. Hard to believe it’s been 3 years!

Ann said...

I'll be sitting at pumpkin on plaid. I may be doing a lot of mingling though especially since I'm wearing the perfect dress and feeling skinny.

Vee said...

#1 looks romantic. Thank you for making sure that I look great and that the shoes fit! ☺️

CHERI said...

You know I have to give a full critique so here goes!
#1 Maybe…definitely says FALL
#2 TOO TOO many flowers!
#3 Doesn’t shout “wedding” to me
#4 Just NO!
#5 Pretty but doesn’t say FALL (to me)
#6 A distinct possibility…I like plaid
#7 OK but table is toooo busy
#8 Not a fan of copper
My choice (drum roll)….#1…seems the most FALLish and I like the lights😊

Bless said...

Your daughter looks beautiful.

Oh, it is so hard to decide! I love table #4 with the wheat - it looks so elegant! But, table #1 is outdoors, and with all this Covid stuff going on, it is better to be seated outdoors. On the other hand, table #2 has bread already set out (and I love bread!) plus the centerpiece has apples and grapes...Can we move table #4 outside, under the arbor and can I take a plate of bread from table #2 with me, please, and maybe some grapes, too?

Billie Jo said...

#6 for me!
I like less. More room for food!

Dawn P. said...

#1 Arbor Lights - just feels like AUTUMN to me!!

Wild Oak Designs said...

Oh!! Perfect!
We are now knee deep in wedding planning...our eldest is getting married!! He finally proposed....and we are off to the races!
Ours will be a spring this is right up my alley....
I like the rustic seems to be what is being done..though, more rustic would be without
Hope all goes well with Hubby,... no fun when they aren't feeling great...

Theresa said...

I think I will choose #8! Beautiful setting. Thanks for hosting. Have a blessed day and praying for answers for your Husband! HUGS!

Kim said...

Well, think they all look just lovely, but I'm going to go with the latest trend and sit at the copper table. #8!! Love that sparkle! Hoping all is going well...and John is feeling good and getting some answers. xxoo

The Project said...

3. I love the pumpkin lanterns with stars!

The Project said...

This is Gayla... dunno why I'm commenting as the project again... sigh... Google won't let old mistakes rest, will it?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I choose #1 Arbor Lights. What fun. I was a September bride and love the idea !

Beachgram said...

Choosing number 1
Love the lighting and colors.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

First look, I thought #5 looked the best to me. Then, you showed the copper setting....that is my choice #8, yes I like the copper look!!!

Carla from The River said...

#1 for me.. I love twinkle lights.

ckrut said...

Pumpkin on Plaid for me please! Sure hope the hubby starts feeling better.

Tom said...

...haven't wedding tables been put on hold?

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Well, I looked through all the choices and I was so happy to be able to sit at table #2 all by myself, as can't you just imagine low lighting and all that beautiful rich color and the scent of all those flowers, then I saw Ron had picked it also. Oh, well, I guess I can share with another handsome man, as my hubby would be there too. We could all fight off whoever wants to steal bread from our table..Diana, you daughter made a beautiful bride..Stay well..xxoJudy

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I am sitting at table #7 please mam. Yes mam, I have my new pretty dress on with matching shoes and my hair, nails and toes are perfectly done for the occasion. Why I even bought myself some new lipstick! I am ready! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Hello, dear Diana. First of all, I wanted to tell you that I am keeping your Hero in my prayers. I hope they can figure out what is wrong and quickly remedy it. We are closing on our house a year to the day that we left for Mexico for my daughter's wedding. It's amazing how much can happen in a year. I love all the table settings but my fave is #7. Love your new camper btw! :) Have a great week.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

#1 Arbor lights...beautiful! Praying for your hubby, sweet friend! xo

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh it's #7 for me! I'll have my darling garden hat on with a dress and sandals, and look forward to the lovely evening in such a cozy rustic setting! We just need to make sure that this wedding is held outside somewhere away from the horrible fires we are experiencing here in our area, and south of us in CA, OR and WA. It would be wonderful to see the stars again at night and not have smoke in the air! Always enjoy your fun table picks Diana!

Julie H said...

Number 1 all the way. Love the candles and overhead decorations. Lovely joyful mood. By the way my daughter was married over Labor Day weekend. Reception was at a beautiful hall in Detroit. Had to be outside. Was on riverfront. Did not rain...yea! I am overjoyed!❤️

Anonymous said...

#1 Arbor Lights

Red Rose Alley said...

Number 1 is so pretty. It looks like Autumn and I love the lights!

I hope you get the answers you have been seeking about your husband, Diana.

love ya,


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

#3 for me!! I wanted to get married in October as i wanted a Fall wedding..But when i called to book halls 2 years before the wedding, all the halls were booked that i wanted and the only one who had a date open was on August 12th so i took it and it was 90 degrees the day i got married!! UGH!!
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for letting me know that you did by leaving a comment!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

Karen said...

All are beautiful, but in particular I like either NO. 1 or No. 8 - two very different looks but very appealing to me.

Wishing you and your husband peace and resolutions to his health woes - xo

Diana LaMarre said...

Brown is the New Black for me. It has just enough decor. Most of the other tables have centerpieces that are too high distracting from all the lovely conversations I am hoping to have with my tablemates.

Connie said...

Well, I fell head over heels for number 7.
Hope you are doing okay . . . I'm just taking it step at a time . . . sliding backwards one day and climbing out of it the next.

Fran said...

I'll sit at the #1 table please.