Thursday, February 6, 2020


Hello to all my

I think I am at a 

I have been blogging for
I can hardly believe it.
During that 10 years,
a lot has changed.
We moved three times,
(counting the upcoming move on March 1st)
John has survived 3 bouts of cancer,
I retired once and went back to work-
now 'retired' a second time. (maybe)

My local grandkids are growing up
and don't depend on Nana like 
they once did.
(Well, except for little CJK who is
always up for some homework help-lol)
and I do see him often.

My other daughter and her 3 kids
live 6+ hours away so I don't 
have the hands on with them
like I did/do with the local kids.
Other grandkids are grown and gone.

Nana Diana Takes A Break
was a good escape from all
the rigors of daily life,
life is changing.

First off-
I have no intention of 
quitting blogging.
(you can smile now)
but---here are my questions for you -
with some input 
from me.

I am thinking of taking the blog
in a new direction.
I have searched online and cannot
find a blog dedicated to 
(which is a bit different from 
living in a regular home).
I have been thinking about 
doing a blog that would show
the ins & outs of condo living,
the remodeling we are doing,
adapting to a new lifestyle,
along with all my daily stuff as well.
(you know--my usual nonsense)
(Nana Diana Conquers Condo Living)

My 2nd idea is this~
We bought a 30' Class C
Minnie Winnie Camper.
I will be driving us around
as we 
Can't wait to get my first
spray-down during
I already have her named-
(Nana Diana On The Road With Minnie Manor)
3rd Choice-
I could combine the two-
depending on what I am doing-
or where I am-
and call it something like
Nana Diana's 
Condo & Camping -
Nana Diana's 
Condo & Camping Comical Chronicles,
or something along those lines.

So-throw it at me-
what do you think?
I would leave the old blog in place,
but close the comments to it
with a link to the new blog.

I think I am ready for a change-
but don't want to lose touch
with any of you.
I have seen that happen 
too many times
in Blogland.

Would you follow along if I
take a new direction?

I will still do the 
Pick Your Favorites
(cuz I know you all love that)
and feature family moments
but will make some changes.

Now if I could only change/erase these 

Be back in a few days with the
Pick Your Favorite Results-
I like to give it a few days so 
that bloggers have a chance to weigh in.

Still on vacation.
I am not so good at 
'resting and relaxing'

Happy Thursday-
Love you guys!
(blog names I tossed out are only suggestions-
open to input)
your photo name


Debby said...

Condo living. I love living in our condo.

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

That sounds great, Diana! You are not alone! Those of us who have been blogging for sometime come to a crossroad and start questioning where to next? Since you are a bit unsure what you want to put your emphasis on in your next stage of blogging, I would name your blog, Diana's Next Chapter! And that would include just about anything you want to discuss!

Pam Kessler said...

I think you ought to pick one or the other. I think I might pick the travel one because there is so much you could write about. How to articles for "older" would-be campers who don't even know where to start (I use quotes because I would NEVER call you old), then stuff on changes you make to the camper and then talking about all the places you've visited and what to do in each town.

Pam Kessler said...

BTW, where did the ugly orange carpeted camper go to?

Janice Kay Schaub said...

As long as we don't lose touch..........I think it's a great idea to start a new blog (send us all invites) and include all of those things. Life with Nana comes to mind. Will love hearing about your redecorating and camping, especially if you are driving. I am trying to persuade my hubby to get a small one and travel a bit. Can't afford it unless we also sell the house and get a small one. So its just that time of life, things change and that's OK..........luv Janice

bobbie said...

I'm with Gail on this one ~ or even just use "Nana Diana" as a blog name... then you could write about anything your heart desires!
I believe if you narrowed it down to just one theme ~ condo/camping,, it would not attract as many new readers.
Hugs ~

Shirley said...

I should say good afternoon because it is after 12. You could call it Nana's next adventure. It could be post about anything, an adventure about travels, about grandkids, and an adventure about remodeling your condo. I enjoy reading what you have been up to even though I don't always leave a comment. Your travel's with pictures is my way of traveling and seeing places I know I wouldn't be able to visit. I know when I moved into my apartment it took adjusting to a lot smaller space then I had before. Hope all is well with you and John, Hugs and prayers from your Missouri friend Shirley

Ginny Hartzler said...

I vote for Nana Diana's condo & Camping Adventures! I'm SO glad you will still be blogging, of course I will still follow you!! What fun new adventures you have to look forward to!

Kim said...

I say combine it all and keep it in one place. People follow people, and people love YOU and come here to find out what you're up to and enjoy your unique writing style. Yes, yes, you could go all niche like others are suggesting, but I can find camping and condo tips on Google. I'm not here for the information, I'm here because I like your take on life. I would read your blog about living in a treehouse or - heaven forbid- cooking, just because I adore you. So I say go with your gut and I would venture to say your adoring readers will follow and because you are taking on new topics, you'll gain some, too. Just my two cents... xo

Patti said...

I agree with Nana Diana's Next Chapter. You could then just write about whatever is on your heart, whether that be condo or camping. No need to feel pigeon-holed.

You could even keep the same blog and just change its name. That way, all your old content is still readily available.

I have been blogging since 2006, and I have changed direction many times. As the seasons of my life changed, so, too, did my blog focus.

Unknown said...

3. combine

living from glory to glory said...

Hey Girl, I hear you!! Change is in the air as 10 years is a decade, I am right there with you! Close the comments on the old blog, and make this new blog versatile, write about all those special trips and living in a condo, as life changes! I think everyone will just follow you right into your new blog!! I think to limit your content for writing a new blog should be open and from what interest YOU...

I have been thinking along the same lines Like naming a new blog "Because I Said So" LOL love ya no matter which road you travel! Hugs, Roxy

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

I think incorporating these new aspects of your life seems only natural. Whatever you call it, I'll read it! I'm not even sure that you need to start a new blog but if you want to, go for it! It's always fun to read what you're up to!💖

Tom said...

...simply, this is your blog, do whatever make you happy.

Tete said...

Love you and would follow you anywhere. You;ll still be blogging from the nursing home, woman! So, I think you should blog it it comes. Easier to do that way. Nana Diana's Survival Guide to Condos and Camping: A True Story of an old lady's chaos and peace.

Love that you are moving along with the times, but sad the babies are growing up way to fast...

Debbie said...

It doesn't matter what you call're stuck with me.

Vee said...

You’re really asking? (Because you might not appreciate my answer.) Oh I’ll be kind. ☺️

Betty said...

I love to see both.

Sandra said...

I will follow, no problem with that. I like the combo Chronicles, and do which ever you are doing at the time, you know, just MADLY post about both subjects.
I am still thinking about the name. I like Chronicles in the title somewhere.
Nana Diana's Condo/Camping Chronicles
maybe Diana's Diary from Condo & Camper. what ever, I say go for it.

Dawn P. said...

My best girlfriend and her husband live year-round now in the RV, traveling all over the south / east coast for now, wintering in southern states, summering in more northerly states, and trying to visit every small town, off-beat museums they can find! All my family vacations growing up, and many more as an adult were spent camping! We started with a hard shell bottom with tent topper camper (an Apache) and some tent camping thrown in too, cooking on coleman stoves or fires (depending on what / where) and we traveled out west to Bad Lands, Glacier National Park, etc, the plain states, the south and all of New England and all the provenances of Canada but the best? A 9 week trip up the Alaskan Highway in 1968 !!! Yep! Went up to Quebec and then all the way across Canada and then up the Alaskan Highway and back then it was a dirt road all thru Canada!!! It was amazing.

That said, I do like the idea of 'Condo Life' as I live in a townhouse, so I think I can relate to that.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

We all come to a crossroad of sorts....nothing stays the same. I would have to go along with what Tom says, it's your blog do what makes you happy. I would follow you. I like traveling, although I do not travel...camping sounds like fun. Fixing up your condo sounds fun too, I like all the renovation shows on tv. I go where ever I desire on my blog....and take off how ever long I want....sometimes 1 or 2 posts a month. Course I don't have as many followers as you...but that is okay. I just blog when I have something to say or have some cards to show off....that's why I call my blog; "cards4ubylouise and OTHER TREASURES" What ever you do, I know will be fun to read and entertain.

Gay Van Beek, Canterbury Cottage Designs said...

Sadly I think blogs about decorating are on the downswing, but that camping thing sounds awesome! I would LOVE to do that and would be very interested in all that you learn along the way gf. Traveling is huge with our demographic. Whatever direction you go I am sure it will be awesome and entertaining gf.

Terri D said...

Whatever you decide, I will still follow you and enjoy your posts!! Just keep us posted so we don't lose you!!

Carole said...

We will support you whichever direction you take. I like having a number of different topics on Carole's Chatter but I know many successful blogs are niche. Cheers

PS Why not keep your current blog and just change the name/content so you don't accidentally lose anyone??

CHERI said...

Well, since I won't be buying a condo or a camper I probably shouldn't weigh in with my opinion....but, of course, I will:) I would say combine the two and throw in ideas, tips, suggestions, etc. for transitioning to a new stage of life. It's your blog and I think you should do what makes you happy...even if you do lose some readers. I'm sure you will gain new ones along the way. I envy you on both the condo and the camper...we will probably always stay right here in our hometown because our only son and only two grands live here. I can live vicariously through you:) I like the "chronicles" title!

Ann said...

Yep, wherever you go I will follow. As for which option to start a new blog I think only you can answer that. When it comes to blogging you have to do what makes you happy. If you try to do your blog to please other people it takes the fun out of it. At least that's how I see it. You write what you want, how you want and those who like it will follow, those who don't just don't matter. I found that it isn't necessarily the subject that a person writes about but the person themself. Even though I may not know you personally I can get a sense of what type of person you are by the way you write, if you respond to my comments, if you visit me back. That's the important part for me.

Adam said...

I'm not sure on ideas

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I don't think you really don't need to change the name of your blog. I think that just visiting you here and whatever you want to blog about is just fine. But if you really need or want to change the name I like Diana's Next Chapter like Gail suggested. Whatever you do is fine and good luck.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I love either direction you are going!

Heaven's Walk said...

Yes! What a GREAT idea, Diana! I definitely think you'd have a niche in that type of blog! I love the idea of naming it Nana Diana's Comical Chronicals! Lol! And you know that I'd be one of your faithful followers. I'd follow you anywhere! ;) Go for it!!

xoxo Laurie

wisps of words said...

Do not give a *flyin' fig* what you call it...!!!!!



Carolyn said...

Id prefer Condo living as I am adjusting to that lifestyle!

firefly819 said...

Don’t limit yourself. There are other bloggers that refer to their blogs as “the next chapter,” So don’t confuse readers. Just live, laugh, decorate and travel.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm excited for you and hope this year brings lots of good times. Condo living is a challenge and I know a lot of people would love to hear your tips and advice! I want to go! Hugs!

Sandi said...

I think you could combine these two fantastic ideas: Nana Diana's Condo that Moves. Also, throw in some spies and international intrigue just for fun. And a theme song.

Laurie said...

I’ll read anything you have to say and enjoy it,, you always keep us entertained with your honour and your kind heart,, just do what you want to do,, I think that’s always best. I’m looking forward to your adventures in condo living, it’s a big change but I think you’ll love it! Winnie is a beauty!


I love both ideas why not combine them somehow? You know we love you and would follow you no matter what direction you take! I'm so glad you will continue to blog! It would be quite boring without you sweet friend.

susan q said...

Of course, go for it! love reading about your adventures here in southcentral PA!

Susie said...

Great ideas Diana and you are braver than I would be. LOL. Oh the camper. I tried my best to talk Ted into buying a camper and a long extension we could go to all the kids and relatives homes and plug into their power, a week at a time. LOL A lifetime of vacations. :) Yes, I would follow along to your blogs and see what all you are into I mean up to. LOL I miss all our young grands...they are growing up. I have 5 great grands and they are growing faster then the grands did. Blessings to you my sweet friend, you are in my prayers. xoxo,love you, Susie

Kathy said...

I think you should do the third option. Why not blog about your whole life rather than just part of it? I am interested in both.

happyone said...

I'd just keep the blog you have and just let it continue and combine all the things you do.
Yes, I would follow you on your new blog!

Eileen in Fla. said...

10 years -- awesome! Your thoughtfulness towards your followers is so appreciated. Too many Bloggers just abruptly drop out without so much as a 'good bye.' I like the combined 2 topics, and both are very relevant to our age group. My next move will definitely be into a Condo. But I have many questions and concerns. Like who owns the land, does the yard work, writes the rules etc. HOA's can be so controlling. With your real estate background, you would be such an asset to us. And the camping, what fun!
I enjoy your compiled list of other blogs too. Please keep that feature if possible.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I would combine the two topics of condo and camping, plus your favourite other topics. I think a blog with as much variety as possible remains fresh and interesting, whereas a single topic blog can get dull over time. No one topic is THAT fascinating that it can single-handedly sustain an entire blog over the years, in my opinion.

And yes, I will follow your new blog if it's on blogger or wordpress. I do not tend to follow bloggers who switch to a social media platform I don't myself use, like twitter, facebook, podcasts, vlogs on YouTube or instagram. I have my hands full just keeping up with blogger/wordpress blogs!

Brenda said...

Don't limit your blog. Write about life...traveling, moving, recipes, books, whatever you do. Choosing one topic will limit the amount of readers perhaps. Right now, your blog is fantastic.

Brenda said...

If it is not broken...don't change drastically...Yours is definitely not broken. It is one of the better blogs.

Lorrie said...

I like the idea of Nana's Next Adventure or something similar - that way you can write whatever you like!

NanaNor's said...

Dearest blogging friend Diana, I love the new direction you will be going with your blog-condo and Camping would be wonderful. Guess what we are considering getting a class C as well, but not as long as yours. We can share our adventures and the in and outs of class C motor homes. We’ve wanted one since we moved to Colorado twelve years ago. So I’m all for what ever changes you make; my blog has slowed a lot, but you can be assured I’ll remain a faithful follower of yours.

Kathy @ Smile for no Reason said...

Oh, I like all of the ideas!! I like all that you share!

This N That said...

Condo and camping. Why limit yourself? I’ve also enjoyed keeping up with your family although they are Not in your blog as much as they used to be.Whatever you do, you will make it interesting and funny....I find mine boring at times. Not much variety but that’s kind of where I am... No fear of that with you. Whatever you write about, I will be there laughing. Well, most of the time.hugs xxoo

camp and cottage living said...

Diana, I think combining your condo living and camping adventures will be perfect. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing you will share it with the same wit and humor that I love you for! It's all so exciting!!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Just leave us roadmap to wherever you're going. We'll follow.

Lisa said...

Oh I think the camping blog would be fun! I think it would be comical for you too. But I know you will want to share so much with the condo too so I would say combine them. Maybe designate a day of the week to do a blog post about one or the other while keep the other a main course.
Ill follow you always.

jack69 said...

You my dear are an amazing person, and a great blogger. Either direction will be good. Of course I love that C class and know you guys do. The Minnie Winnie is a great coach. It should be built well, they have the most experience that is for sure. We are possibly closing our 22 yr stint full time in our coach. It is tough, but age catches up. We will still take winters and trips for a few more years.
The best to you guys.
I am feeling a little better and glad to read.
Sherry & jack

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

I would like to read about your camping adventures.😊

Rose L said...

I am glad you will not give up your blog. I would miss you! I like to hear all about your life, trials, tribulations, escapades, ideas, travels, experiences, and whatever you chose to write about! I like variety! And plenty of photos!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Whatever you do, I will be following you. I enjoy everything you post so you cant get rid of this old gal! Just keep us posted.

Mary in Idaho said...

What ever you do I will follow.

JanL said...

I agree with those who say do whatever you prefer, I think you would enjoy having options to talk about whatever you wish rather than being restricted to one or the other. I lived in a condo for several years, redecorated it, and enjoyed most of it... but there is only so much that can sustain such a lively person as you seem to be. Traveling in a camper will provide lots of opportunities for new and different adventures. You are a multi-faceted person - as your current blog has proven. I read your blog for the many different thoughts you include and would anticipate probably more of a similar nature emphasizing your new adventures. Don't be confined or restricted!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Diana,
Whatever you decide to do with the blog I will be right there by your side. Your great sense of humor and wonderful stories along with showing us the condo and camping life would all be so fun. Enjoy that warmth it is very cold and snowy here.

Rick Watson said...

I think your choice will evolve from what feels right. Blogging is not a job, it a means of sharing experiences. That’s what I love about it. I get to experience new things through the eyes of my blog-buddies.
Onward and upward.

Bless said...

Whatever direction you decide to take with your blog and whatever you decide to call it is fine with me.  :)

Saimi said...

I'll follow you anywhere, Take your adventure but take me with you!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Diana, no matter what you do with your blog, just know that I'll be with you all the way. You always have good things to say and share with us. Just post about what's going on in your life and we will love it!
hugs and xoxo, Sissie

Cecilia said...

Oh please blog about it all. I want to hear about your condo adventures, your camping adventures and everything in between. As long as I know where to find you, I don't care what you call it! I do like Chronicals or Adventures. But seriously, I want to stay connected so just point me to the new you and I'm there!
Hugs, Cece

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Why not just leave this blog in place and add your new experiences to it. There is really no need to start a new one. All your life experience recorded in one place sees a good idea to me. As a former camper I'll be looking forward to hearing about your new adventure!. It's a new year with many new apiece for you, Hope you enjoy them all !

Busy Bee Suz said...

My first choice would be for you to leave this blog as is, just change your content to your new lifestyle. But that wasn't a choice, now was it? :)
I'd do the combo of both your new lifestyles. You write from the heart and share some good stuff, so it will be interesting even if someone doesn't have an RV or a condo.
The Coach and I have talked about getting an RV for many, many years....but he scares the hell out of me with driving a regular car; not sure I'd be any fun medicated on every trip.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I would do both. I can tell you right now, there are hardly any bloggers doing small space living blogs. Believe you me I Google for them on a regular basis. I look for them on Pinterest. There just hardly aren't any. So that is a niche that really needs filling. How big is your condo? Oh, and I also wanted to say that my Vintage Trailers Pinterest board (that encompasses all manner of "home" traveling, is very popular, so lots of people are interested in it.

cloches and lavender said...

Oh Diana, exciting plans. I think do a combination. The idea of seeing and reading about your road travels would be fun.

Touching on condo life would be great. It would help those downsizing. To a condo, townhouse or smaller home.

I believe it would be great. Besides you're a great storyteller


ckrut said...

I think you could do a combination of things and we'd all follow along. You're just a lot of fun to follow! I don't have time to read through all the comments(cause I read these blogs on my lunch hour) but I think you could call it something like Nana Diana's New Adventures and that would cover everything. Just a thought and thank you for your blog!

Jan said...

I like Nana Diana's Next Chapter too!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Why not just keep the blog you have...and all of your followers...and just start writing about all your life adventures. You could share whatever you are doing, or wherever you are's up to you. I'm sure no matter what you wanted to share we'd enjoy tagging along!

Latane Barton said...

Hi, Diana.. What a great idea. Of course, we'd love to keep up with you whereever you are. I did the same thing, sort of, when I moved from Living Life on Main Street to my Accidently Aging. The move from my big house to an apartment. It's different and I love it.

Merlesworld said...

I'M no traveller but many are if thats your thing go for it.

jackie said...

I will read whatever you blog about. You have a gift for blogging.

Love the condo/camping both

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Dear Diana: I didn't read any of your other comments but, I'm pretty sure that they all said much the same as I am going to say. We don't care if you are going to live under a rock, it is just you that we want to stay in touch with. But how much fun for us (me) who are stuck at home even though we have had our own past fun times, to see what you are going to be up to. At my age you would think that I would be over working on a house, but the thought of you starting out in a new place and fixing it up, is music to my ears. I live through others very well, thank you very much! A new motorhome to spend time in will be some of the most fun that you will ever have. Enjoy it all and keep us all up to date no matter what you call it..xoxoxoJudy

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I would love to follow you on your new adventures. Heck, driving that big camper will give you so many stories to write about and so much fun for us to read. I wish you many wonderful adventures, Diana.

Diana said...

WHATEVER you decide to do, I will continue to follow you! I enjoy seeing what's going on with you guys. Jerry and I really miss being able to camp and hike and such, so I would adore if you wrote about that.... and the condo... and whatever else you do! You take it in whichever direction you please and the rest of us will ride along! ♥♥

Terri said...

I'll follow along wherever you blog and whatever you blog about.
Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Hope you combine both. Thanks for taking the time to blog!

Melanie said...

Hi Diana, I would love to see a combination of the two ideas!

Melanie said...

PS - I hit publish too soon...I also meant to say that, no matter what you decide to do, I think those who already know you and read your blog will follow you no matter what the topic. Also, you might not even need to start a new blog. Just continue on with this one but change the focus if that's what you're feeling led to do.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, you'll always be Nana Diana to me. You were one of my first blog friends, and a dear one at that. I saw a coffee cup yesterday that said Nana, and thought of you. Whatever you decide to do, I know it will be a good adventure for you, and you know that I will follow along your journey every step of the way. : )


Buttercup said...

I'm along for the ride, wherever you take us. I'm doing more of a focus on spending and I've really enjoyed it. I live in a co-op -- a rare NY breed of apartment -- so I'd enjoy the condo blog best.

Henny Penny said...

83 comments!! Good grief!! What could I possibly add. I would follow you no matter what you call your new beginning. Hey you could be Minnie from Minnie Winnie me, :) You know I'm kidding. You have so many friends who love you! and I'm one too!

Lowcarb team member said...

I'm pleased you are not giving up blogging …
This is your blog, and you should go with whatever makes you happy.
No matter what you decide, you have so many blogging friends that come to visit and will keep coming to visit.

God bless.

All the best Jan

Doris said...

Whew, at least you aren't quitting! As long as you continue to make me laugh, I care not which direction you choose to go. Carry on ☺

SImple and Serene Living said...

I'm all for combining. That will give you lots of material.Sometimes I feel like I am boring myself so much I wonder why in the world anyone is reading. Of course you could never be boring so you don't have that worry. Sorry about your wrinkles. Glad I don't have that problem. Ouch, snorting hot coffee up your nose is painful. xo Laura

Kim said...

I'm following you. Do whatever you want. Personally, I like the idea of combining things. I'm interested in your life. Whatever that entails, blog about it. I'll be there!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Stick with this one, make a new one, combine all your new adventures, doesn't matter - you're stuck with me regardless of what you do!! But yes, keep doing the "pick your favourite" as we are creatures of habit. :) -Jenn

Sue said...

I think you should do what pleases you, Diana, if you stay here I am here, if you go somewhere else I will follow, you have such a wonderful voice here in blogland and you are so loved by so many!
I have found you to be so gracious too!.
Blogging is about our lives, I do enjoy blogging so much, just don't leave, as I have seen so many of my friends do, you never know whose life you are and have touched.I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to change my blog title. ~lol

Carla from The River said...

I like the idea of doing both the condo and camping. If you are going to be camping YOU must bring Minnie this way, we have several fantastic campgrounds this way. And you can come for a garden tour and I will show you all around are little part of Wisconsin.
xx oo

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

You really don’t. We’d to change blogs. You could just change the name. I love Gail’s idea, such as Nana Diana’s Next Chapter, which you can write about your condo living and camping. Let me know if you need help. Xo

Wanda said...

I can see from all the previous comments, that no matter what you decide, or what you end up calling can run, but you can't hide...we are all right on your tail!!! I want to hear about all of your life and adventures. You are a bright spot in my life. I have been blogging since 2007. It started out with Brush Strokes from my Heart..which was my art....and then just moved in several directions. Quit for a short time...but I'm hooked!

Connie said...

Hi Diana,
I didn't have time to read the other comments, but I'm positive that most of us would agree, we follow your blog because we love you. You are an incredible human with a heart of gold.
Both of the subjects (travel and camping and condo living) are very interesting to me.
Build your new blog . . . And I will follow :)
Life is filled with change. Some we plan and some we deal with. The one think that we can always count on, is that there will be changes, that's life.
We just get up each morning and do the best we can.

Theresa said...

Condo and camping 🏕 is my choice:). I have always wanted to by a motor home to travel around the USA. Go girl, I will follow you wherever you go. Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs

Jo said...

I think you should blog about whatever you want to blog about, just so long as it makes you happy.

Katie Isabella said...

SO many of the readers have said what *I* think as well. Don't limit the blog to travel, condo living, whatever. Make it what is is already. Whatever works. Whatever interests you. Throw in whatever topics please you. (NO politics I beg you or I'm outta here).

One on a trip in on transition to a condo from the usual home. One about the kids' all's doing, you and your Hero. Some on decorating...if you have a dog, perhaps some on the dog. Some that features what inspires you. Some on your employments. One thing for sure I know I won't have to worry about.... I have had to stop going to too many blogs and Facebook pages because of horrific language and things that are flaming like gas boilers.

Whatever you write, I know I will love it. XXOO

Karen said...

I think your new direction is wonderful! BUT.. why create yet another blog? I have combined farm and seaside cottage life together on my blog that used to be just the farm - This Old House 2 is still This Old house 2 - but it's subline is "middle aged musings from farm and froth". My old posts are still there if anyone actually wanted to go back and read those posts.

So how about a new title - like TheNana Diana Chronicles Continued - Camping and Condo Life 101

jmac said...

Hey Girlfriend!!!! Been a while since I've been able to catch glad 2019 is over. It was not a kind year.
Love your ideas and cannot wait to real all about your new life!!!
Any name is good for me cuz I know I'll be smilin' and chucklin' with your every word!!!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Well, whatever you do, we will follow!! :) I think the travels sound really fun. I can not convince myself to move into a condo. Although, you might just be the one to convince me. :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Gosh, I just celebrated ten years, too! We also might get a camper and try it out! I'm like you we have no clue about camping, but will learn I guess if we decided to get one. Hubby should be retiring within a year or two so we need to do something. :)

Susan Kane said...

The photo of a mid-century house is awesome. I have always wanted a house like this!

Even so, I've always wanted to hit the open road in that vehicle. Happy Tails.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Good have already 103 comments on this you really need mine? LOL. I think you need to chronicle all of your adventures...don't limit it to just condor or just camper, etc. because that wouldn't be a true picture of your full life adventure! We want to see it ALL!! LOL. So you decide how you want to name it, but don't just focus on one or the other or you might lose some of us along the road or at the condo...I am sure you can come up with a great combo of the two things and keep us all eagerly waiting each post as before. When you find a way to remove the wrinkles (w/o a facelift), please let the rest of us "mature women" know the secret! LOL. Can't wait to go on the next adventure with you.

Anne's Phamilyblog said...

I would love to see you here and keep up with you. It is funny how we friend people here and some walk away for whatever reasons. But others touch our hearts and stay in our thoughts and most certainly, our prayers. Your camping ride is terrific. I wish I Had such a great ride. With Hannah married, and living in the Buffalo NY area I would love to be able to visit whenever the urge struck. Especially because they have a guest room now hee hee hee.
I hope to see you here no matter what you decide.
Take care

Estelle's said...

I see you have hundreds of comments on this already, and clearly we love your blog....I would love reading and seeing about both styles of living...condo living and RV TRAVELS...we may have a bit of this in our future so your experiences will be very helpful and so interesting!

Wild Oak Designs said...

You are amazing! 10 yrs?? wow.....
I lasted almost 6...then had that weird issue....
so what I what makes you're heart feel good...but I might lose you if you change the title...
but it sounds like great adventures are afoot! What fun for you and your honey!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hi sweet Diana!

Very happy for you... and of course, I'm going to follow you!

Looking forward to read your new adventures.


Pam said...

If it were me I would stop blogging....KIDDING. I would stick with doing just one blog and vamp it to whatever you are doing at the time, Condo or Camping. I sort of like the Condo & Camping Chronicles! But I totally love the campers name...cute. Sounds like to me you have things lining right up in a row which is a good thing. Best of luck on whatever you are doing.

Unknown said...

I've only just found your blog and I think that a combination would be great!

BeachGypsy said...

NO NO NO don't change anything!!--I love your blog the way it is!! Ha ha ha--just kidding, no matter what you do, I will be here. I think y'all are going to love your condo!

Ron said...

Nana Diana's Next Chapter.

Rachid Afinis said...


Diana LaMarre said...

I would love to read about condo living. I keep telling my husband that we should consider it as we won't always be able to take care of the yard, etc. Our son lives 6 hours away and we have no grands, so there won't be anyone to help us out.

I can't believe you are going to drive that big motor home! Girl, you can do anything!