Sunday, April 21, 2019

That Stinking Easter Bunny!!!!!

Some of you know that I grew up
on a farm in Pennsylvania.
I grew up believing in
leprechauns and fairies...
Santa Claus
The Easter Bunny.

When I was little my Father
told me that the Easter Bunny
left my basket under a
stump-and-post fence in the
back field. 
Today I know that he was a
liar because EVERYONE
knows that the Easter bunny
sneaks into your house at night
and hides your basket.

When I was 5 my father told
me that he was going to meet the
Easter Bunny in the back field
after he spread the morning
load of manure-
YES- Manure!
Keep that in mind~

I wanted to go.
He said NO!
I was determined to see that bunny!
My dog, Lucky, wanted to
see him too.

I wanted to ride on the tractor with Dad.
He said NO!
I decided to follow along behind him
thinking he would take pity on me
and let me ride...I kept asking..
He kept saying NO!
Lucky walked doggedly
by my side.
(like how I worked in the word doggedly)?
It was about a quarter mile to the back field.
Every few feet my Father would
turn around and tell me to go home.
I would shake my head NO
and keep would Lucky.

We got to the place where he needed
to spread the manure.
GO HOME- I have to start the spreader!
I wanted to see that stinking (;>) bunny!
I kept walking.
He finally turned the spreader on.
I walked right along behind him..
Unfortunately, I do NOT have
a picture of THAT for your viewing

After he had spread the load of manure
he headed home.
I walked right along behind him,
manure covered and stinking
to high Heaven!

When we got home he told me
I was the stubbornest kid he
had ever met.
I was NOT stubborn..
I was determined.
And as for Lucky?
Well, let's just say that was NOT
his lucky day.

Next year my
Easter basket was
right at on the
breakfast table...
Imagine that!

Stubborn means one does not give up
even when presented with 
unpleasant consequences.

Happy Easter-
I will be back to blogging
very soon.
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CHERI said...

Girl, you just crack me up! I think you and my grandson may be cut from the same cloth! Your story reminded me of my sweet uncle (long gone now). Every year at Christmas or Easter he would tease all us nieces and nephews with stuff like Santa isn't coming this year...he decided he was sick of toys or the Easter Bunny ate all the eggs this year...things like that. Of course, we all took it in fun because we knew him to be a big teaser! Hope you had a nice Easter this year. I had my son, DIL and 2 grands over for dinner after church. I was convinced I had screwed up about half of the dishes but all turned out very good. Hope all is well in your world!

Tonita said...

This has to be the best Easter post ever. I hope magical days still present themselves to you. I liked this post much better than the blogs that share a ton of pictures of home decor. Blessings.

Cristina Garay said...

Love your story, Diana! Keep on posting those wonderful memories or better yet, start writing that new book! :)

Katie Isabella said...

Girl, that is the best illustration of the best thing to keep in mind I have seen.