Monday, April 1, 2019


Is This Possible?
Can I take an almost 
and bring it back into
bloom in less than an hour?
They say a picture is worth
a thousand words.
See for yourself!
Here are the step-by-step
Try this yourself and see what happens.
The plant started out like this.
As you can see there are a few
spindly, waxy looking leaves.
First you must cut them all back.
Save these-you may need them later.
 Your plant will now look like this.

Next- Take a 1875 WATT
blow dryer.
Place it 7-1/2" from plant
and turn it on 
Set your timer and 
apply blow dryer for 47 -1/2 minutes.
After time is up
Add 1/2 cup water
Once again apply blow dryer
for an additional 9-3/4 minutes.
Make sure it is 2" from the plant.
If no green has appeared add
1/2 cup of filtered Spring water.
That should do it.
Stand back and gasp in awe.
Your plant should now look like this.
Within 5 more minutes
you will find that it has bloomed
and it should look like this.
It didn't work for you?
Ummmmm.....sorry I mighta lied because
it is, after all,
Hope yours is happy and relatively

I am still 
but wanted to give you an
April Fool's Day smile~

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Lynne said...

You caught me, (as I am saying to myself, are you serious) . . .
Thank you for the smiles and my first April Fools of 2019!

Sandi said...

HAHAHAHA!! You got me!

Laurie said...

I wondered where you were going with this lol,, but I reminded myself WHO we were dealing with lol,,,very good, you had me going for sure lol,,

mxtodis123 said...

You had me going there. My granddaughter had given me a geranium a couple years back and I felt so bad when it died. Was wishing I had this knowledge back then...And then I came to the end of your post. Good one.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

If there was going to be anyone out there in blogland to pull an April Fool's joke, it was going to be you, Diana!! I can only imagine what pranks you pulled on your own children when they were young! (If only gardening took so little time!) -Jenn

Hibiscus House said...

I'm gonna put mine under a hooded dryer...Yeah my arm gets tired holding the blow nut! xoxo Dolly

WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

Actually! Joking aside this could well be possible!
Nice to see a it's proper place, in the
ground, in the the hedgerows and fields,
NOT! Cut! And put in some silly vase on a widow~sill..
Thus cutting it's half..I'll say no more! :).
Oh! HeHe! April Fool Jokes..finish at mid~day..of
course your not there yet!

Just looking through some old pranks...

In 1975 Australian television announced the country would be converting to metric time. There would now be 100 seconds to a minute, 100 minutes to an hour, and 20 days in a month.

The town Hall was shown with a 10-hour metric clock face. The deputy premiere played along with the prank and extolled the virtues of the new system....

Gay Van Beek, Canterbury Cottage Designs said...

Ok I am not going to lie you had me going for ONLY a short second. But not until after the blow dryer! BAHAHAHA! You stinker. You are so much fun gf. Love you!

Mary Clark said...

Girl, you got me!!! Always up for a good laugh, this was hilarious!

Kathy said...

I looked at this and said it was impossible. I know a lot about plants and I had never heard of this. But as you went on, I started to believe it. Figured it out before the end though. You had me for awhile there.

Ron said...

Good one!!! I thought it could be a miracle!

Vee said...

I have a couple I’d like to revive, but me am smart and would not try this! 🤓 Happy time away...

Susie said...

Diana, Please don't take this as a are good at telling lies. OMG. I thought when I read the title, you had bought a sickly plant and it perked up on the ride home. LOL That was before seeing the pics. You kill me girl. Hope you had a fun filled time with the family. Hug the other grands for me, this week. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Busy Bee Suz said...

I was shaking my head in disbelief while reading.....You're SUCH A NUT!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the April fool joke. It truly made my day! Lots of laughter here! It's also the first joke of the day so it's looking like Monday is off to a great start ! Hope your day is full of merriment and laughter !

R's Rue said...


Wild Oak Designs said...

Ha ha ha....I knew what you were up to!!
Happy April 1!! No fool here...well about other things, maybe...
Hope its a lovely day for you.

Kim said...

You had me until the 47 1/2 minutes! ;) Happy April!!

LV said...

When you fool with plants like I do, I realized real quick you had flipped your lid.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

OMG you're a riot, Diana!!! You nearly had me with this one!! Enjoy your break and thanks for the Monday morning chuckle!!

Jeanie said...

You stinker! I was hoping that was true -- till I got to the pink blooms and remembered the day! Very funny, you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You just want to make sure we are busy while you are off having fun! I ditto Jeanie...YOU STINKER! hahaha! Happy April! Don't take any wooden nickles!

Carol Henstra said...

You got me looking and thinking oh wow. Then you got me April Fools Day. You stinker Rue. Guess what. I dont have that plant.

I have artificial ones or cut flowers.

And in May. I can walk in the park behind me and enjoy the Landscapers blooms and the wild flowers.

Down On The Farm said...

I'm sure ready to see some flowers are here. It has been a LONG COLD WINTER in Missouri. We had rain and sleet and snow on Saturday. YUCK. Come on springtime!!!

bobbie said...

You had me up till the 47 minutes!

Terri D said...

Good one! I'm not a plant person so was only paying half attention. It was not something I would ever be interested in! LOL You got a chuckle from me though!

Sylvia said...

I was believing you, Diana. I have never had a geranium to come back over winter and this isn't an April Fools joke. I left mine sitting outside all winter and the leaves died, I still didn't have the heart to pull it up out of the pot and throw it away, now I am glad I didn't, the leaves are coming back on it. I have bought them every year for years and never had this to happen. This IS the TRUTH!
Hugs, Sylvia

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Oh your really had me on that one Diana. Haha My daughter also tried a April fools trick on me too! You jokers. Hope you fool your grandkids today. Have fun. Julie xo

jack69 said...

OK girl, paybacks are tough. But I did have the pleasure of getting here before Sherry and caught he with it on my computer. She sits 3 feet from me and leaned over to follow as I read it. She bit as hard as I did.


Sherry & jack

Linda said...

You devil you!
Enjoy your week....
Linda :o)

Nonnie said...

I gotta tell you, I was on to you halfway through. You bad girl! Funny. That is the first April Fool’s today!

Lisa said...

Your a stinker!
You had me but only for a minute.

Chatty Crone said...

You are something else! That was so good. I fell for it! Good one!

Ann said...

You had me questioning you when you said to hold the blow dryer on it for 47 1/2

Tom said...

...OK you got me!

Wanda said...

Oh my that is hilarious. You had me going until I had to hold a blow dryer for 47 minutes. That's the best April Fool joke ever!!! Btw, I just got back from flying a hot air balloon to Hawaii!!! I can spin a tale too!!!HaHa

happyone said...

I thought that sounded to good to be true!! :)

Cindy - ClochesandLavender said...

You're trying to keep us all on our toes. I fell for until keeping the leaves. I said to myself, self she's pulling a fast one. Think of her sense of humor. This is why I think you're awesome. NO not an April fools joke


bj said...


Junkchiccottage said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Dewena said...

I can't believe I fell for that. Actually I can. My middle name is Gullible. I was already trying to decide if I had the energy to try this.

You're good, Diana, really good!

Tonita said...

Love this post. You almost had me.. but then once i read 47 minutes I figured 'throw out that plant and buy a new one'. LOL.