Saturday, April 7, 2018


While my inner soul
craves the open road,
my heart keeps me tied in the spot
I call home.

If I did not have these
you might find me living the life of 

Spring always makes me long to roam.
There were nomads in our family line.
Men that traveled 
to set up new towns 
once the towns were established, 
they would move on to
build another settlement.

I think I inherited some of that trait...
that longing for the road.
While I LOVE my home, 
I sometimes long
to pack my bags and 
travel the highways and byways
of our beautiful country..
Spring and Fall both find me restless...
calling my name to  explore
the lesser known roads of life.

IF I could pack up and travel I might
choose something like this.
I could see myself parking this
in a quiet spot in the foothills,
brewing a pot of coffee,
listening to classical music and  
reading a good book.
Idyllic, yes?
This bit of retro travel heaven
would work just fine for me, too.
After a long idyllic drive 
through the countryside
I could crawl into this bed 
with a happy heart.
Couldn't you?

Maybe it's because we haven't 
been able to travel
as much since MyHero 
suffered all his health issues.

 Maybe that is what makes 
the open road
call my name.
Maybe it is because my soul is restless.
Maybe it is because I feel winter weary
and I am anxious for 
Soft Summer Winds.

How about you?
Any other souls out there
that harness your inner

I am home with a quiet house
(except for our Lulu staying here for the weekend)
for the first time in 
I may not move from 
MY NEST today...
even though I feel the road
calling my name!

Have a wonderful weekend!
your photo name


  1. I'm with you, I want to travel,c but doing chemo and radiation makes it impossible. I'll be glad when I'm through I want to go.

  2. I am such a home body but sometimes I think this would be fun! I know I would get homesick though lol.

  3. I too would love to get my own and travel the roads with you! Lovely idea!

  4. So tired of winter! Jim and I have been going for long drives. Miss camping days. Wish I could be a gypsy!

  5. Those campers are amazing. I remember the ones from the 70's, all wood paneling and sensibility. :) These look like the railcar in Water for Elephants.
    I am not a traveler these days, but I used to be. Just one bag. Return home empty handed. It was fun!

  6. Wow, those are amazing trailers! Just a break in this weather and maybe you can get out there for a few day trips. -Jenn

  7. If I had a gypsy trailer like one of those, I wouldn't even need to move it off the property!!! Just going in one of them and closing the world out would be good for me! They are all beautiful!

  8. Maybe it’s all of those things Diana. One thing I’ve learned is that while there’s is no place like home, we should never put our dreams on hold. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. I love your gypsy heart, and I love the trailers you’ve shown us too. Very tempting!

  9. Hi Diana,
    This story almost reads like a poem. It's sweet. I think Winter makes us want a fresh start. I just want to stay home but be able to go outside and work in a garden again.
    You need one of those "glampers" make your own heart happy! You only live once.

  10. I long for warmer weather which seems to parked just south of us. I'd go for a road trip (those are some fancy travel trailers!) but I'd miss my family if I stayed too long :)

  11. I always said that if I won one of those fancy RV'S. I would find me someone to drive and we would be off to see the countryside. I miss the drives where we never knew where we would end up just to see the countryside. Fall was the favorite when the trees were turning. Today is a good day to curl up with a good book and stay warm. No snow, just cold. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

  12. Enjoy that almost quiet. I could handle that first picture. ❤️

  13. Maybe that is why I am weary . . .
    I need to get roaming . . .
    This day after day of cold snowy weather is a bit much!
    Where should we roam first . . . West or South . . .
    I know what has my vote!

  14. Diana, You know Ted has his sister's camper here...LOL She thinks she will travel like that...but I see it as more of a She Camper for her quiet place. Since our bank's travel club went under, I have had no vacations that lasted more than two days. I keep telling Ted, "Let's sell everything we own and buy camper and a long extension cord...then go to all our kids' houses and plug into their power and stay each place a few weeks, then do it all over again.." Don't you think that would be a great retirement? lol. Sounds so good to me. Hahaha...Ted is not that adventurous. Gypsy don't have to do housework do they? :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. thanks, now I have that Cher tune stuck in my head, "Gypsies, tramps and thieves."

  15. Im in on the “retro travel Heaven”. I would be happy with one of those tiny campers in my back yard. I would have the girls around the neighborhood meet each week for cheese and wine or coffee and cookies and we could sit around and talk about people. Lol. Then me and the hubby can camp out some nights just for fun. Yep I have it all planned out. Now if I can just find one I can afford!

  16. I'm not much of a gypsy, I like to travel, but I like being home at night.

  17. This stage of the year, where it's supposed to be Spring but the weather is still wintery, always makes me want to get away.

  18. Homebody here, too much work to get ready to go. Maybe if my home was the "camper" I would wander the country AND if the $$$ was there too. So for now I will have to dream of far away places and save money.

  19. Aaahhh, you know how the open roads call this Gypsy girl too. I absolutely loved your post, Diana. Can you believe some of these caravan spaces? I love them all, but the first one spoke to me, as it looks Bohemian. And the last one is so romantic and sweet. I've been wanting to take a road trip lately as well. I think that's awesome that you come from a long line of travelers.

    From one Gypsy heart to another.....have a carefree time spending the day at home alone doing all the things you love to do. : )


  20. My Inner Gypsy just wants to read tarot and play the violin.

  21. All of the campers in your post are perfect in their own unique way ~ but I have always wanted a gypsy caravan!! Maybe that is why I named my studio "The Sea Gypsy's Nest"!
    Happy dreams of hitting the road!

  22. This time of year I think we all feel the road calling us....I know so many can relate to this but Mr. Sweet and I used to talk about our children being grown, retirement would be in our little camper, exploring for weeks on end....then....THEN....the grands started coming and our hometies bound us closer and closer to home. Then I thought, ok...God, grant us good health that we can STILL be ON THE ROAD AGAIN and then the GREAT grands started popping up...I am glad we at least got one more good fishing trip in before Mr. Sweet went to his Heavenly Home...very thankful. I still love taking small road trips with family's not the same........

  23. I think I just would like that first place - to be mine - alone - I don't really have to go anywhere. With all these people here and a dog - I am NEVER alone - I would just love an alone place as pretty as that.

  24. We have been itching to get our "new to us" 5th wheel on the road. It won't be long . . . we have plans for a small trip later this month. We need a short trip close to home, just to see if everything is working right or if we have a little tweaking to do. Sitting around a campfire, fishing off the dock, walking the trails and just plain relaxing from the busyness of everyday life.
    Sounds marvelous :)
    Have a lovely week, Connie :)

  25. Gazing over these photos made me smile. I agree, I could see myself next to a running creek, under a canopy of trees outside and me with a delicious book on the bed. Enjoy your time alone my friend!

  26. Sometimes I dream of living in a sweet little Vardo...

  27. Oh girl................good thing I don't live closeby ~~ I'd be packing you up and we'd be Thelma and Louise'ing it all over the country! I'm jonesing for a road trip. Just talked to my girlfriends about it yesterday. Saw yesterday that the new boarding house of Pioneer Woman fame. We're thinking of driving up to Oklahoma to stay there and roam the cowboy life!!!!

  28. This is so beautiful .it is palace on wheel..

  29. I wish for you is to have that time to travel those open roads and that your husbands health allows you to share the journey!

  30. I would be happy to choose any of those beautiful ways to travel! ♥

  31. I am definitely a kindred spirit...with wanderlust! I LONG to throw a few things together and go on an adventure! Maybe one day soon I will....YOU TOO! Hugs!

  32. Finally getting over for a visit. Life has been getting in the way of many things. My dearest has been sick, and just "things". But I must agree, I do have a gypsy spirit...but my apron strings have held it in tack for so many years....but the longing is still there. Any one of your pictures would work for me. Perhaps...some day! sigh***

  33. I guess I suffered through too many mishaps on the camping trips my parents took us on growing up...not my thing. LOL And well, the hubs and I tend to be homebodies. I'll take a great staycation any day ;-) Which is a good thing as we will have lots of doctor's visits in our near future. Sigh...

  34. Well if I could hit the road in something as sweet as those - I'd like it too. My husband and I talk endlessly sometimes about traveling but we just don't seem to do it.

  35. They are all so cozy and sweet!! I could travel for the rest of my life and be happy!!

  36. I would think you'd want to stay home for a long QUIET while after all that company! I am not a good traveler but I do long to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GO IN MY YARD WITHOUT ANY SNOW ON IT! If I could just blink and wiggle my nose to be in some warm climate, I would pack today. I do love that crazy floral bedroom. I could spend some time there reading and pretend I'm in a faraway place :-)

  37. Oh Diana, could I pretty please come with you?? We could take turns driving. Do you know how many times I have fantasized about doing that very thing? Oh girl...and that cozy bedroom! I'm afraid we might just have to fight over who gets to sleep in it first...oh yeah...that might be a problem! Now, seriously, I don't know if I have any gypsies in my ancestry but I would actually do this, at lest for a little while. Now you got me thinkin'......

  38. Great photos...I'd be happy for a nice warm day at this point lol.

  39. I'll pack up my bag and be waiting on the curb for you to come by and pick me up!

  40. When do we leave? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Linda :o)

  41. I think my inner gypsy was murdered brutally by other inner European ethnic groups. These guys never know what peace is.

  42. Spring and Fall make me restless too, although I find having the farm to go to soothes that quite a bit. But I like wandering down country roads just to see where they go.
    I love those trailers. How wonderful and cozy!

  43. I am right there with you. I feel I need to travel and get out of the house from the winter months. Love those glampers. It would be so much fun to travel to quiet and peaceful places in one of those. Happy Weekend.

  44. Such a lovely way to travel!!!

  45. Diana,
    Now that would be my She shed!! Parked in my back yard if I had one that large!!! We can not travel because of all my health issues..... But I am a home body anyway!

  46. Mostly, I'm a home body, but spring and fall seem to stir a need to roam. Now, those "glampers" are just too CUTE! Love 'em! Let's daydream of hitting the road! Ha! blessings ~ tanna

  47. I went to Florida last year, and this year, twice, without my Shug. This year was the first year I have ever taken myself to the airport, and flown, by myself. I've gone to the airport by myself to pick people up, and I've flown by myself, back in the day when someone could walk you all the way to the terminal and say buh bye! But this was a first for me and guess what...I loved it! I was meeting a friend who stays in Florida four months out of the year. So I didn't do that end by myself. But yes, I do believe I have a bit of gypsy in my soul. I always want to go in the winter though...I feel like a caged animal in the winter months in Indiana. Especially this year! I want my camper a little more pared down though! Easier to clean.


    PS. I do have a camper that doesn't travel. Coral Belle is her name. She sits inside our woods in the back yard. I'll be doing some "traveling" with her this year!

  48. About this time every April we used to open up our campers, I called it my little place in the woods. It would be my home away from home till mid October. I loved getting away and being able to enjoy the countryside. That no longer happens. Live moves on but I fondly remember those happy days.

  49. ME TOO! I will pack a bag and pick you up:) We could ride and stop, ride some more and stop:) Sounds perfect to me! I love being home but love to go on adventures too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  50. Oh yes Diana, when do we leave! I'm ready. I feel your calling, some days I just want to get away (by myself). I've never liked traveling the same road or coming home the same way I left. But duty calls also and I will spend my day at home with hubby, he needs me!

  51. If I could travel in one of the little charmers you found, I might be persuaded to leave the comfort (and security) of my home and do a little roaming. The best way to travel would be to beam up someplace else. Probably won't happen in my lifetime...ha! xoxo

  52. Those have my name written all over it. So quaint and romantic. Now that I'm getting better and stronger with my new drug we will be out a bit more. Perfect travel with our pups


  53. Hello Friend, I think Winter has over taken us!! We had a snowstorm last Monday and Tuesday. It was 0 degrees this morning. Come pick me up, lets go traveling .. some place warm.
    xx oo

  54. No wanderlust here..I'm a homebody for sure..Will Spring ever come?? I was out digging in the dirt this AM..27 degrees..MAy warm up for one day the end of the week..what a tease..

  55. That looks SO inviting...I think my inner gypsy is calling me too, but my sweet partner in life doesn't seem to hear the same message...maybe I could just park one in the yard and go out and pretend...Truly delightful fantasy! I hope you are doing well and enjoying a little peace and quiet...and just maybe some springtime is coming your way? Enjoy each day as it comes and make the most of it. Somehow I believe you already do just that! Blessings dear friend.

  56. Enjoy the quiet time and let your mind roam. :)

  57. I would love to do some traveling this year. Just not sure where to go....xo

  58. The cost of some of the RVs out there could buy you a farm! We're at our son's camper in an RV park and there are some real beauties here. Huge, all the accourtrements, pulled with a semi tractor, for Pete's sake!! I'd prefer a little shepherd's hut, like a little Gypsy caravan. Wouldn't it be fun!

  59. I have a bit of that gypsy blood in me as well. Although, after a week or two I miss my home and gardens. I love traveling back roads and a caravan would suit me just fine!

  60. I like to travel, but I love coming home afterward! This post does make me want to go glamping. Now that would be fun!

  61. All I can say is camping season is upon us!! And I am so looking forward to it. So...if you get a chance to roam. ROAM!!!
    But, I do love my home and miss it while I'm away. ;)

    Happy week, Diana!

    Hugs, Amy

  62. I like to travel, but I'm such a homebody, Diana. HOWEVER, those campers are soooooo inviting, and nothing like the pop-up camper that my late beloved and I took our four kids in....those were the days!

  63. I'm not much for traveling but the Mister loves it. So rather letting him go with Alexa, I tag along. I love that little RV so much! Have a wonderful week, dear Diana.

  64. Oh wow. They all look amazing. I hate flying so this looks like a great way to see the country. I'll take any one of them. xo

  65. I don't particularly like road trips BUT attach one of those to my car and I could learn to enjoy it!

  66. I'm a mix. I love to travel and love to be home. I love my up north house (and do more day trips from there) and my down-here house where I tend to nest. But I'm looking greatly forward to getting out a little more in 2018!

  67. Oh, I enjoy travel and love having a trip to look forward to but don't think I've got any gypsy in me. :o)) Those pics were so inviting and yes, think I could rest quite well in that gorgeous room and bed. Hoping you get to scratch that travel itch soon. Hugs!

  68. Those little campers are so cute. I love traveling and visiting different places but there is no place like home!
    Hope you have a nice week.

  69. I would love to travel with such a camper/trailer. I have never had such an opportunity nor will I. But it is something I would absolutely love to do.

  70. I love to be home, yet I love to travel....When I am away from home for more than a week, I cannot wait to get back home and nest....the campers are the cutest!!!....Have a great week Diana!!

  71. Funny that, we have been talking about getting a camper when Gerry "retires" so we can take the poodles with us when we go visiting.

  72. Hi Diana,
    Oh love the gypsy decor style,
    a cute trailer would be fun too

  73. what a beautiful post!! Sure love all the pictures! Let me know when you are ready---we can all dance around the fire in our gypsy skirts and shake our tambourines! LOL

  74. If I could just enter and inhabit those lovely gypsy mobile homes, I would gladly go with you! It seems like the wild spring thoughts that usually motivate me to at least mentally pack up and travel... they just are squelched by wintry coziness... However, we have 7 days of temperate weather coming up!!! So stand back.

  75. Oh yes, take me away. I am afraid all our dreams of travel have come to an end, so I am working on creating my get away right here at home.

  76. Two of our kids bought travel trailers and will now be cozy out in the woods on the weekends. This granny likes staying home. I have always thought a gypsy wagon would be fun, though.
    I think you need a short road trip, Diana.

  77. Hello sweet friend. Love these pictures. Just now, I posted about a rustic gypsy wagon for rent near us!!! No electricity, no water.....looking at the photos, I don't even think I could make it up the steps! lol

  78. Don't you just love those amazing homes? I do....I am not sure that I could live in a place that small though. But for traveling...oh yeah. Best trip I ever did was on the way back from opening day at Daytona in my brothers RV. Wow....stretched out on the couch and slept the whole way was nice.

  79. Loving your sweet gypsy spirit. I would need some comfort in my gypsy travels. Those old camping days were great when I was young...LOL Enjoy the quiet house, it can be a blessing. xo


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