Saturday, March 31, 2018


SweetCheeks was 3-1/2 years old
when she shared her beliefs
with Papa and me.
She is ELEVEN now.

We were driving her to brunch
after church and asked her
what she had learned
The Easter Story.

It was so touching to me
to see what this
little girl
about Easter.
And it almost makes
me cry listening to
her earnest explanation.

If you have a moment
it is worth the listen.
Just so you know~
I do think she
might have mixed
a little bit of
Gulliver's Travels
into the the
Jesus story!;>)

She almost started
crying when she
thought Jesus might
have felt pain.
Here it is-
Listen up and see what
YOU think!
If you click on the little square
on the bottom right hand side
it will go full screen.
(I'm sure most of you know that)

Amen, SweetCheeks, Amen!

From me to you-
A Blessed Easter
For those that don't have
time to listen....

For my wonderful, engaging blogging friends
that are not of the 
Christian faith-
I love you all just as dearly 
as I love everyone else.

and I hope you have a 
Wonderful Sunday!!!
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  1. ☺️ What leading questions you ask, Nana! LOL

    Very sweet...sort of like a fractured fairytale. I wonder how she would tell the story today.

    A blessed Easter to you all...

  2. LOL great story, love her way of explaining things. Hard to believe that she is now 11.

  3. Well, she sure was filled with passion. I enjoyed it so much!

  4. Diana, I can not believe she is so grown now and tall. Just like my Emma. She was so earnest in her story. I love the sweet voices of children. Wishing all of you a blessed Easter. xoxo,love, Susie
    p.s It is hard for me to sing The Old Rugged Cross..I usually cry.

  5. Precious and priceless. Thank you for sharing it. Happy Easter!

  6. Easter Blessings to you and your sweet family! Thanks for sharing that precious video.

  7. Oh I listened what a sweet, sweet child - I hope and pray she stays that way forever. She did NOT want Jesus hurt did she - I love that about her.
    Was that yours and your husbands voice? You sound like northerners!
    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

  8. out of the mouths of babes lol,, Happy Easter to you all!

  9. Just as sweet as can be. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Easter


  10. Oh, what a little dollbaby! Bless her little heart. May she ever love Jesus and care so deeply about Him not having pain. That was just precious. Thank you so much for sharing, and have a wonderful Resurrection Day tomorrow, sweet friend! HE IS RISEN!!! Now, we have hope.

  11. Sounds like good theology to me! Happy Easter...HE IS RISEN!

  12. Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing this. I love that she Sweet Cheeks didn't want to think of our Lord having pain. God bless her!

  13. HAPPY EASTER!!! Hoping you have an awesome day.

  14. That SC is wonderful and a very lovely child. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Wishing you and your family w Blessed Easter.


  15. Happy easter, sweet cheeks is a great story teller.

  16. Very sweet video. Out of the mouth’s of babes. Happy Easter Diana. Have a blessed day. XO

  17. Oh my this brought tears to my eyes. This is so touching and sweet. It is amazing how kids deal with the big things in this world.
    Have a wonderful Easter with your crew. Hugs. Kris

  18. This is beautiful! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  19. Happy Easter Sunday dear Diana, and thanks for sharing the lovely sweet post.

  20. He's in everybody's heart.... Amen is right. Thank you so much for sharing this glimpse into your lovely life and family. Easter blessings to you all. He is risen. Mark 16:6 xo Kathleen

  21. What a sweetie, and she certainly understood it just about as well as I did at her age! Better than millions of grown-ups, too, I fear. She has a lot of conviction, too, bless her sweet heart!
    What a great Easter video!!

  22. Stopped in to wish you a happy happy Easter my friend. Hope y'all have a very lovely day filled with love, faith, family, and hopefully some sunshine and delicious FOOD! Going to be almost 80 here, so after church we'll be enjoying the nice warm day.

  23. How sweet that she didn't want Christ to feel pain. Happy Easter.

  24. iana,
    Thanks so muchf or stopping by!! And you are right, not everyone is Christain. I have friends that are Jewish, Muslem and Jehovah witness !! Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!!

  25. What a sweet video!

    Have a lovely Easter day ~ FlowerLady

  26. Thank you for sharing this. What a sweet video. May all children love Jesus as much as Sweet Cheeks does. Happy Resurrection Day!

  27. Faith as a child! Let us all share it! Thank you, Diana. Rejoice, He is RISEN! blessings ~ tanna

  28. What a precious child. We should all be blessed with the faith of a child. I believe in the resurrection and It is the reason for the season. I was reminded of this by some of my grandchildren the other day when their daddy asked them What is the reason for the season...they all replied, Jesus !

  29. Just precious, Diana! And priceless.
    Happy Easter, my friend.

  30. So sweet! Have a blessed Easter....hugs...

  31. What a special memory. That is why I loved teaching the little ones, such an innocent faith. I love that just the mention of Jesus being in pain broke her little heart.

  32. Oh, your precious Sweet Cheeks! Happy Easter you you and your family 😘🌷

  33. That was so sweet. We had Tristen this Friday and Saturday. We watched the story of Jesus so we could get him to understand a little of what happened. It is soooooo difficult. He sort of lost interest at the end but we asked him to watch that bit (he got lost in the middle bit). Now he does not live here and does not go to church, but he surprised me knowing a lot of the verses so I know Awana helped him a lot. I have posted on my blog what I believe and I suppose its not altogether conventional in parts..........I do know for sure that He died for us all and I wish He would come back soon. Anyway, God bless sweetcheeks and your family.

  34. That was neat Diana....goes to show that even a 3 1/2 year old can understand what Jesus did for us on the cross. I am sure she can explain it a little bit better now that she is 11 years old. Funny that she mixed in Gullivers Travels.....least she knows GOD IS BIG AND STRONG!!

  35. Oh my gosh - don't ever lose that recording!! That's so precious and funny and sweet! Love the mix of the Bible and Gulliver's Travels -- hysterical!!

  36. Very sweet! She knew what she knew and she was sure of it!! I love that she said it didn't hurt Jesus because he's strong. Priceless and precious! Happy Easter!

  37. Oh Dianna, this is just precious. Hope you can always keep this recording and enjoy listening to it. They grow up so fast. She is such a sweetie.

  38. So sweet. Happy Easter, Diana!

  39. So sweet "It didn't hurt him because he is really strong"! I know you are happy that you have this video, time flies right by and someday she can show her children:) Thanks for sharing, little kids are listening! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  40. That is so cute. Happy and a blessed Easter to you, Diana.

  41. I can't hear her but her earnest effort and concern is so precious. Happy Easter, friend -

  42. This is too precious and melted my heart today. Thank you for sharing. Happy week to you dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  43. Now that is just too precious. Gave me goose bumps.
    She still had that look on her face at the end like "uh, I still dont think the got was I was saying". haha.
    So cute!!!!

  44. Up to heaven to see his dad, but he'll be back. Oh, she's way too precious! Thank you for sharing this.

  45. What a beautiful and sweet little soul. Happy belated Easter!

  46. Such a beautiful story from a tiny girl. God bless her, and I know He heard her.


  47. That was so sweet! Yes, the faith of a child:) Happy Belated Easter to you, Diana!

  48. Happy Easter a little later Diana. I found listening to your Sweet Cheeks there to be uplifting and just what I needed to start my day exactly right. XXXX

  49. That was just precious...reminds me of my own grandson when he was that age...they are so earnest about anything that really touches their hearts...and she was definitely touched in her heart...that was so sweet. Has she seen this video lately? Love it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Makes me want to just hug her.

  50. That is so priceless. I love how adamant she was that he's God and it didn't hurt him! Love it!

  51. LOh my goodness Diana, thank you for sharing out of the mouth of babes (Sweet Cheeks) version of what happened to Jesus on the cross. I'm so glad that you captured that on video for all of us to enjoy.
    p.s. I didn't know about clicking on the little square on the bottom right, so thank you!

  52. What a wonderful post, Diana!! who else better to deliver the Easter message than Sweet Cheeks!
    Love you.

  53. So much for a child to comprehend! Thanks for sharing. I love hearing the sweet kids tell the things they learn or think about God. Very sweet.

  54. What a sweet child. You could see she was very upset about the thought of Jesus being in pain when he was crucified. Hope you and your family had a happy Easter!

  55. How sweet. Thanks for sharing this story! And thanks for visiting my blog and commenting too. God bless you!


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