Monday, December 4, 2017


For those of you that don't know
you are missing something special.

Once you visit her blog,
you will be hooked!
Trust me!

We met through blogging a few years ago.
Last year her hubby contacted me 
to invite me to
unbeknownst to her.
He offered to pick me up at a local hotel
and told me to wear a nightgown!
Okay-he said PJ's but I wear nightgowns!

Let me tell you-
My son 
thought I was crazy
was a bit anxious that I meeting
at a motel wearing
a nightgown 
when he picked me up.
He wanted to know if I had 
ever MET HIM.
Nope-haven't even met her yet
I told him!
Well, sometimes you just gotta take a chance-
and I am so glad I did!

Anyway.  THIS YEAR she invited
me and my daughters to attend.
Only my MIMI could go this time.
We all donate to some charity 
by buying gifts to support our cause
and then exchange those.
It is a 
and Kris outdoes herself
every year.

Let me tell you,
there were some tears shed
as the causes we supported were 
talked about and the weird connections
that happened were beyond understanding.
It is too hard to even explain
but it was a touching night.

What a 
Of course there wasn't enough to eat...
I might have lied about that....
and no one laughed much---
I might have laughed about that, too....
but we had a good time anyway.

Before we left,
Kris's hubby took a picture of all of us..
I HATE having my picture taken but...
you know--
the hostess calls the shots (literally)

You can see Kris's 

Back later this week with some of my 

Have a wonderful day!
your photo name


  1. Oh how fun, Diana! I always love seeing her party! How great you and your daughter were able to attend!

  2. Double the pleasure this year with Mimi along! All the smiling faces tell the story, and I spy a cute floppy eared pup amongst you all who's probably wondering what all these women in pjs (or nightgowns lol) are doing in her house!


  3. what a wonderful idea!!! You all look so happy and Diana I don't know why you hate having your photo taken,, if I looked like you I would be taking photos all the time, you are such a beauty inside and out and that hair, you have beautiful hair,, I will visit her right now!

  4. That's a great idea, but boy are you a brave soul! Glad it turned out well.

  5. Oh Diana, what fun! And my dear friend, don't hate having your photo are beautiful INSIDE and OUT! Hugs!

  6. So FUN! Glad you had a great time; the photos say it all. :)


  7. That looks like so much fun Diana. I love Kris and her blog and it's so nice that you now go to her PJ party each year and now especially with your daughter. You are so pretty and look great in the photos!

  8. You have such FUN! I’m off to check out her blog. Thanks for linking it!

  9. Okay that looked like great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are beautiful and so is your daughter by the way. Glad you had a weekend girls trip and had some fun!

  10. Oh how fun! A great idea for a all gal party, PJ’s included. Love the idea of the gift fo charity. You look beautiful Diana, along with your daughter. Thanks for sharing such a fun idea. Xo

  11. That looks delightful! God bless you.

  12. Y'all are so much fun....What a great idea for a party!!! I just saw Kris's cottage decorated for Christmas. I love it!
    You are so cute. I'm surprised you aren't more like Sweet Cheeks hamming it up for the camera! Nice seeing the pretty photo of your Irish Rose, too!

  13. I saw the party on Kris's blog. You all look so cute in your jammies!

  14. Diana, I know you had the best time. I saw Kris' post . She sure has turned a small house into a cottage home full of fun and love. I bet you had some good laughs. So glad you and Mindy made it there and back safely. Stop fretting, you are beautiful. I think if we are smiling, how can we not be pretty. Did you and Mindy drive all the way up 65 in your night clothes. LOL. Blessings to you, love, xoxo, Susie

  15. What a lovely concept and it looks like great fun was had for a wonderful cause. Warm greetings!

  16. I just adore Kris and I loved seeing the photos on your her blog and yours. How fun that Mindy came with you, too...sounds like a tradition is brewing! xo

  17. I immediately saw you in the photo on her post. Looks like lots of fun for the girls!

  18. Love her blog and yours too. Looking forward to seeing what decorations you come up with this year!

  19. I'm so jealous that you got to go to Kris's party! It looks like so much fun every year. :)

  20. I love it! I remember when my sister met some "moms" in Indy through a website and I was pitching a fit! Well, a year later I was meeting some bloggers for lunch, that I had never met either! You can just kind of tell when there is a connection. And what fun you all had. So glad you shared this story and her blog!


  21. What fun! Why don't you like having your photo taken? And what are you pointing at in that last pic?

  22. Wow you are a risk taker! Hahaha. Glad it all worked out in fun. Looks like you made lots of new friends!
    This is sweet.

  23. wow!! what a fun time.. I wish I could meet my blogger friends..

  24. You really are a party girl, Diana. And this party looks like a lot of fun. Glad you were able to get there.

  25. Hahahaha...that is a wild story! No wonder our families don’t understand what’s going on. Can you imagine it from your son’s perspective? LOL! You ladies all look like a happy group of teenagers having a fun evening for a good cause. Merry on!

  26. What a fun party that must have been! So glad that you and Mimi could go. Love Mimi's pjs!!! I don't know why you don't like having your pic taken (I don't either!!), you are beautiful and have the prettiest smile (and teeth!!).

  27. I remember the party from last year, Diana! What fun to have your daughter there with you this year. I have to tell you that I'm a nightgown girl, too!! You and Mimi are beautiful and you should never, ever mind getting your picture taken.

  28. I would also question goign to a hotel to meet a man who told me to wear pajamas! LOL It sounds like a fun--and delicious-- time was had by all!!!

  29. Fun!! I remember the party you went to last year. How fun to go again.

  30. Hi Diana! Oh, this looks like fun and all for a great purpose too! Now honey, you're as pretty as a picture and I would like to see snaps of you more often! I am so envious of your gorgeous hair.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. That is so funny!! You really ARE a daring gal! Glad you had fun!

  32. That is so sweet of Kris and it sure looks like you all had a wonderful time! I did hop over and see her house decorated for Christmas!

  33. Hi,
    I read Kris's posts last night, I saw you and your lovely daughter. :-) I am so happy you got to attend again this year.
    I do love how you write, you make me smile.
    xx oo

  34. What fun! It's sweet of your son to be concerned...the first time I went to meet Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction, my sister had a fit. And her son also told her she shouldn't be so trusting. Sometimes we just know it's alright. Glad you and your beautiful daughter got to go. It sounds like so much fun!

  35. You had quite a group! What fun for all of you. She and her husband are amazing with all they’ve done in such a short time with their new house.

  36. eeek! glad that you were able to go again!!!! Yes, Kris is a real treasure...can't imagine the laughs and fun you all had!!!

  37. That looks like so much fun! How great that your daughter could join as well! I LOVE the dog peeking out in that last shot with everyone. -Jenn

  38. Well, how much fun that would be! I love meeting fellow bloggers and have had that privilege 3-4 times and it's always been such fun. But, I've never had the bloggers husband pick me up at a hotel in my gown. How funny is that!!!! Happy week!

  39. That night was so special Diana and you being there made it even more fun. Loved meeting Mindy and glad she could join us. I have to say I am so blessed with these women in my life including you. It is fun now that my two daughters are adults and have bff's that join in the fun too. So happy MiMi could come and maybe next year we will get your other daughter here too.
    Hugs sweet friend.

  40. Diana, I'm happy you made it again. I can imagine the fun and heartfelt discussions. How fun Mindy was able to make the trip. So great the friends you have made


  41. Fun times! This is a really good picture of you, Diana. I love Mimi's bulb necklace, so cute. A pajama party - I'm lovin' the theme. So glad you had a great time and got to see some of the blogging sisters.

    love, ~Sheri

  42. Oh how much fun is that! Her hubby is so good looking. I think I would have been embarressed in my night gown. Hee! Hee!

  43. I'm so glad you go to go!! Sure looks like SO MUCH FUN! what a great looking group of ladies! Love all the photos. How many of the ladies are bloggers?

  44. What a hoot Diana...this must have been SO fun!

  45. Hi Diana, Love your pics and it looks like such a great time once again at Kris's. She is such a doll and you and Mindy look like sisters!! Love your photo together!!
    Have a great week sweet friend, xo

  46. What a special time for an incredible group of sweet ladies!! Had to have been a blast!!!
    Love ya Diana!

  47. What fun, Diana!!! No doubt there were TONS of laughs with such a great group of ladies!!

  48. That looks like so much fun! How neat to meet like that!

  49. That looks like a lot of fun! You and your daughter are both gorgeous so no need to be afraid of the camera!

  50. That sounds like a lot of fun!

    Diana, dear, you are lovely. Your joy and your big heart shine through every photo I have seen of you.

  51. Crazy Diana, What a fun party and surprise, but I can only imagine how your son worried about you. I've met some blogging friends over the years, but never for a pj party. Of course, one of hubby's friends and his wife gave a Christmas pajama party-only I had to go buy a long Christmas shirt because I didn't have anything. I recognize some of the other gals, but can't put a name to them. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Diana, I saw you trying to hide from the camera over at Kris's. Is her new little home as pretty as it looks in the pics. Lucky you to have made friends. Well, you both are lucky to be friends with each other..Be back later to see your Christmas..xxoJudy

  53. Diana, you have more fun than anyone I know! I'm so envious that you got to see Kris's new cottage, all dressed up for the holidays. What great pictures of all you gals. xoxo

  54. Oh how much fun. Looks like you all had a really great time.

  55. Oh how fun!! Glad you and your daughter got to go! I agree on the photo taking, but sometimes its a must I suppose! ;)

    Enjoy your week,

  56. Loved the idea and the pictures. I can't think of anything more fun than a Christmas PJ party with blog friends. btw ~ I'm a gown gal.

  57. Oh my goodness! I just love this idea! How much fun! The pictures are adorable. Oh My husband and my daughters would have had a stroke thinking about me being in my pj's and letting a strange man pick me up at a hotel. LOL! But come to think of it, that sounds like it could be fun! NOT the man picking me up but stressing my family out over me! LOL!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  58. I bet that was a terrific party and it looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. I am so glad that you and Mimi got to go. Poor John, bet he was worried about you going in your nighty to met a man in a motel LOL.

    Pictures were great and I am so glad that you got to go again this year.

    Lots of hugs,

  59. What a great idea!! Love it! How fun you got to go wth your daughter too. And tell me, Why do you hate pictures look great!!! Also which one is Kris?


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