Friday, October 27, 2017


Whoever said 
might have been telling a lie...
and YOU know who YOU are!

It takes time to get things ready,
photograph them,
resize them for Etsy,
research pricing 
(if you can FIND pricing)
figure out shipping costs 
if you are going to include that...
and then just jump through the hoops
to get the listing up and running.

It's a lot of work
but, so far,
(ask me tomorrow- I might change my mind)

Here's what I listed in the shop today:

Pop over HERE if you have time.

And, as always, 
Thanks for taking a peek!!
your photo name


  1. Oh Diana, I feel for ya. I heard one woman say that having her etsy was not really worth it because of just what you said, taking pictures, listing, packaging, sending, etc. But you have many unique items, so hang in there. You may do better than you think. : ) I like that silver vase.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. You're doing a great job. I really like that blue pitcher and that silver piece. Since it has a lid on it, I'm curious what it is for. I'm going to look at your stuff now.

    1. And now I know it's a chalice. I thought it was a drinking cup, but wasn't sure because of the lid. It's beautiful.

  3. Well hard work never deterred you from anything. I like the purse. I hope your shop is selling well! I really do.

  4. That blue pitcher would make a great vase full of daisies!
    Your shop looks great! Your doing good! I have a few antiques in my shop but like you said, you have to price things out fairly and then figure what the shipping will cost. Fortunatly, most of my things are crochet and all under a pound and can ship first class. I also keep my shipping in the U.S.
    Its getting near Christmas. The shops start booming!

  5. My daughter has been debating on whether or not to set up an Etsy shop to try to sell some of her creations. Would you say it is worth all the time?


  6. You sure do take some nice pictures for your Etsy store.....but I don't think I was the one that said Etsy is easy....if I did....I'm SORRY for lying!!!! But you are having some good sales I think! And yes there are a lot of hoops to jump through when listing and item!!

  7. I would have no idea how to do Etsy. Good luck! Nancy

  8. I guess you’ll know in a few months whether it’s worth it or not. I guess the learning curve is the hard part.

  9. Oh boy, do I remember Etsy!! Yep, I had a shop with all sorts of things...all the photos, water-marking, and all the other things you mentioned sure took time!! I had my shop for about 6 years and quit selling about 3+ years ago.

    BTW, I am still finding friends who used to be on my Blog Roll...and came across you. [I had my blog worked on and the Blog Roll disappeared...and I couldn't remember who I was YOU???!!!] I hope you'll stop by my new blog, Living My Kaleidoscope Life.


  10. Diana, you aren't kidding about the time spent on each Etsy listing! I've had two shops for about 10 years now so I related to everything you said!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Diana, yep, it is alot of work, but cheaper than therapy, right?! I just visited your shop, and love your descriptions:) That silver piece is neat, and I had to chuckle over grandma maybe sleeping with the Pan Am pilot!! You can send all of your buyers over to my shop if you, it's been a slow week for me!!

  12. Was over there earlier this evening. Everything has a touch of vintage that charms for sure!

  13. I've heard this, lady! But I know you will persevere!

    Jane xxx

  14. I decided a long time ago that selling online was more trouble than I was willing to do. Good luck with your etsy shop. You have some nice things.

  15. I sold on Etsy for a year many years ago and loved it but YES lots of work. I'm enjoying all your fun listings! You are making my downsizng harder!!

  16. WELL it is still EASY - but it is terribly time consuming......which doesn't make it difficult, it makes it a pain in the rump.....but still EAST, technically, right?

    : - )

    Hope your sales are going well - I wish you all the best with this business. Your timing is perfect with the holidays around the corner. Hugs. ♥

  17. Prior to retirement, I planned to open an Etsy shop. But, I did a couple of giveaways on my blog and just the amount of work it took to get them ready to mail and the cost of mailing turned me off.

  18. You have lots of nice things in your shop, but I'll be honest here...I don't need a thing. :) What I need to be doing is getting rid of some of my stuff. I've thought of an Etsy shop too, then I've been thinking about a booth at a mall. Did you ever consider doing that? Anyway, best of luck with this new venture!

  19. I'll have to pop by. Kids have me on the rails lately, I am so behind in everything blogging! :) Happy Halloween!

  20. Etsy is pretty easy but takes time. I didn't like doing the packing and shipping - but my stuff was kind of big. I hope your shop does really well!

  21. Prayers for Mr. T. I hope your little family comes for cake today!

  22. I can only imagine just how much work, time and effort goes into an etsy shoppe... your items look very unique, and I am sure you will be pleased with your efforts! I love your new blog header too (I've not been a very good blogging friend lately with having two surgeries in one month), but I'm enjoying trying to catch up a bit now. Hugs to you dear friend!

  23. Diana, I know it must take an immense amount of work... I occasionally post items to give away for free or sell cheap... it takes me a long time taking photos, writing up info on it and posting it... Thankfully I don't have a lot of items I see or give away... Good luck with you Etsy shop xox


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