Sunday, October 15, 2017


We need some special prayers...

He doesn't want his name out there
just yet so I will just call him

A few months ago MR T started losing weight
and figured it was job related because
he has a hectic schedule.

Fast forward a few months 
and he started having a hard time breathing.

Off to the ER.

He has a mass in his chest.
He had a spiral biopsy on Thursday
and they went into his lungs.
They are waiting for the results.

Whatever the results he is going
to have to have surgery.

His mom, Sandy,
has been my best friend 
since we were young.
Our kids are all friends.
My kids call her Aunt Sandy.
She is the closest thing to a sister
that I have ever known.

She is beside herself with worry
and lives 12 hours away
from MR T.

Please pray for all of them..
for him and his family and
their peace of mind.
Pray for their ability to deal with
whatever the outcome of the biopsy.

Thank you so much --
and if you are not a pray-er--
please send them 
healing thoughts and wishes.

Love you all and
thank you!

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  1. Adding Mr. T and his sweet mama to my nightly thoughts and prayers.

  2. Absolutely. I need to send you a quick note.

  3. Actually, I was just going to remind you of Jacque will be honored to pray for him as will the rest of us. You might have a minute to stop by and leave your request. She is very loving and an excellent study guide for us.

  4. On it! Sing in church choir today - will get him on our church's prayer list.

    Also, please pray for Vicki, who has started chemo for the 3rd bout with cancer - this cancer is vicious...and for MB who has to have foot surgery and is having trouble coming to terms with it all - and for Theresa, another who has to have foot surgery at the end of the month.....and for a dear friend's brother who just had his second leg amputated due to aggressive diabetes. The power of prayer is mighty, indeed. Thank you so much for your strong faith. God bless.

    Love you. ♥

  5. I'll be praying for Mr. T and his family, Diana. What is the latest report for your SIL?

  6. Oh I hope it's all ok. Prayers!

  7. Diana, I will pray for Sandi and her son. Well for all of you. If she is as close as a sister, her child will be like your own. I only had four daughter but their friends make my family bigger. We love as our own . Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. Holding your SIL in prayer also.

  8. Diana, I remember you writing of your sweet friend, Sandy. I am praying for her son. x

  9. I'll certainly lift up in prayer your friends son, praying that the Lord intervenes in a mighty way and gives the doctors perfect wisdom on how to treat him best. So thankful that we can turn to the Lord, HE is truly the Great PHYSICIAN!

  10. Praying for him and his family. It's such a hard time when those we love are ill and far away!

  11. Praying Diana. I know you are so worried for Sandy and her son. Hoping he will do well with the surgery and be on the road to recovery. Your beautiful caring heart will see her through this.

  12. Please know my prayers are with MR T and his family, especially his Mom Sandy.

    Love and prayers,

  13. Praying for Mr T and his sweet mom Sandy. Prayers that the results will come quickly and that the surgery will go well. Prayers for his medical team as well.

  14. Praying for Sandy and her son. You are such a dear friend to help her some much. Prayers are so powerful!

  15. I'm so sorry to read this and pray for her son's healing and the biopsy and for peace of mind for all. It is always hard to wait for those reports to come back and let your mind go in all different directions. Praying the peace of God in Christ Jesus will guard their hearts and minds through this ordeal.

  16. Will be sending prayers for Mr. T and Sandy!

  17. Diana, I will be praying for this young man and his Mom. It's always so scary waiting on test results, so I pray that everything will be ok and he can move on with his life.


  18. Praying for your friend and her son.

  19. Hi Diana haven't visit in a while. So sorry praying for MrT and his Mom. Blessings your way too.

  20. Oh no, Diana. I am so sorry. I will send prayers, of course, for mom and son...

  21. Oh, my! I am SO sorry to hear this. There are so many prayer requests that are similar to this one that I am so burdened about right now. It seems the burdens are never-ending. So thankful Jesus has big shoulders. Praying for your dear friend's son right now.

  22. Lifting Mr. T up right now and your best friend Sandy. You are such an angel to post these needs-thank you dear Diana.
    Hugs and love,

  23. Sheesh - what is happening to our young children? I know he is not a child - but to me he is. I am so sorry. I will pray. How did you SIL biopsy come out? Love, sandie

  24. Lifting Mr. T up in prayer and his mom too. Believing for the best possible outcome.

  25. I'm so sorry to hear this about your friend's son, Diana. That seems like a scary thing to go through for sure. Just said a prayer for Sandy's son and Sandy as well. I hope all goes well with everything.

    love, ~Sheri

  26. Praying with you for Mr T and his mother. So thankful for the privilege to bring our prayers to a merciful Father.

  27. The waiting for results of the biopsy are the longest hours!! Will pray for Sandy and her son, that she can be by his side when needed and that there is a non-life threatening solution for his symptoms.

  28. Praying for your dear friend and her beloved son. May God be with Mr. T, his doctors, nurses and caregivers that he be healed soon.

  29. Sending up prayers for Mr. T and your dear best friend. I pray God holds their hands every step of the way.
    Much love xo

  30. Prayers for Mr T and family. I just found out my sister-in-law has breast cancer and praying for her now, too. Too much.

  31. I pray that Mr. T will get good news. I will be praying for Mr T and Sandy.

  32. Praying for your friend's son and whole family as they go through this trying time. May they feel God's love, peace and strength flowing through and surrounding them at this time.


  33. Praying now that information will come quickly and whatever the results, that they will have peace and wisdom to deal with what comes.

  34. Many prayers for Mr. T. The agony of waiting is terrible.


  35. Awe, I am so sorry to hear this sweet lady. Prayers.
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  36. Prayers today and always. Thank you for sharing Diana.

  37. I can only imagine...prayers going up. Hugs.

  38. Most certainly, I will pray!


  39. Absolutely! Praying and sending all good thoughts. Comfort and peace be theirs.

  40. Oh it. Please keep us posted.

  41. Sending prayers of support and healing. xo K

  42. How sad... I will definitely pray Diana and wait to hear any updates xox


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