Sunday, August 13, 2017


Well Then!
This was fun!

Some of you poor people
just couldn't make up your mind.
So, if you chose two or three
(or some of you picked FOUR rooms)
I made up your mind for you.
Why you ask---Well,
Just because I can!

Just like the Motel Six-
You get the room I picked for you!

So here is who you are sharing a room with..
And some of those rooms better take up
the better part of an upper story
cuz there are a lot of you in one room.

Just to refresh your memory
here were your choices:

Ready?  I didn't add any last names
so if you think you are in the wrong room,
keep looking!

#1 Bask In The Sun:
Kim, Krishna, Penny, Lisa, Jenn, Brenda,
Carla, Nonie, Judy, Betsy, Jan, Vee, Karen,
Denise, Sheila, Sugar, Kathy, Becky, Suzanne,
Donna, Deb & Eileen

#2 Blue-Graphic Art
Kathy, Sandie, Susan, Carol, Anne,

WHAT?  No one? Anyone? Someone?
Okay- Sandi-You get this room
because you didn't think you wanted
to share with a bunch of people.
Don't like pink? Put your eye mask on,

Karen Ann, Liz, Carol S., Diane,
Billie Jo, Cheryl, Chubmoma, Cindy,
Doreen, Janet, Sylvia  & last but not least,
Adam- hope his sweet Daisy doesn't
mind him sharing a room with all you gals!

Ron, Lauren, Ricki, Terri, Linda,
Missy, Bethany & Jada (a little late for check-in)
(just so you know- Ron will gladly 
provide cocktails for this room)

Dawn, Connie, DebbyRay, Linda L,
Diane and I have to take the suitcase OUT for her.
You KNOW she is gonna be one of those guests
that complains about the room service, right?
Sheri, Debby, Rose, Jettie, Cathy

Ellie, Noreen, Cheryl, Cecilia,
Jane, Bobbie

Stephanie & Louise
Ah!  Room to stretch out and enjoy yourselves!

Susie, bj, Linda, Amy, Teresa, LV,
Janice, Debbie, Dolly, Marydon, Linda P,
Tete, Cindy C., Mary, Bonnie, Nancy,
AnnMarie, Lesley, Sylvia, Nancy, 
Donna, Leena, Judy, Sissie, Teresa &

Just like Santa Claus, 
I made a list and checked it twice,
so if I left anyone out I am really sorry.

Thank ALL OF YOU for playing along!
I love doing this and think I will do it
at least once a month.

Oh---the choices I have in mind for you....
Forget Johnny Depp- 
bj (SweetNothings) has the corner on that market.

MyHero says this is not even funny!
What a spoil sport!

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Cecilia Bramhall said...

Haha, I love these. So much fun. Can't wait to see what's next! 😉

Bonnie Schulte said...

That was fun. Thank you, and I too, can't wait to see what's next..

Sandi said...


Hee hee!

My Kentucky Living said...

Fun! 😊

Nana Diana said...

Thanks, Bonnie. If you have a direct email I would love to have it so I can reply to you directly. You can send it to When you leave a comment your email address isn't attached so I can't reach you. Thanks!

amazingsusan said...

Two two two two two :P

Debby Ray said...

Fun stuff!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love these posts! Keep 'em comin'!

Susie said...

Diana, I like my roomies...especially since BJ is bringing Johnny along. LOL. This is so much fun. Blessings for a great week. oxox, Susie

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I'm with a lot of familiar faces. : )
(and I had a boyfriend in school who looked jussssst like Robert Redford). ; )


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh yes!! Spa day with Ron!!

Suzanne said...

This was fun. And, I always think I'm alone with my traditional decor choices, so glad to know I'll have some slumber party pals.

The Sketchy Reader said...

Yay, Ron! I'd like a Sazerac!

Vee said...

Wow! You'd better hire some extra help with all the guests coming to your B&B. Oh, I'll take the Farmhouse breakfast 🍳. First seating at 6 a.m. Thanks for all the fun.

Cheryl said...

This was so much fun! Thank you, sweet friend. :) God bless you!

Chatty Crone said...

That was fun and do you mean me all alone in the pink room - I will take it. Hope you had a GREAT weekend.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

That was fun- I see I was in good company!

bj said...

Oh, I love love love playing your games...and thanks for telling all these young, cute chicks to lay OFF (not ON) Mr. Depp....LOL LOL LOL

Ron said...

Martinis before bedtime!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Ron said...

Of course!!!! Cheers!!!!

Ron said...

Cocktails for all!!!! I cannot wait for the next choice.... I LOVE these! xoxo

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

That was fun!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Me COMPLAIN? Oh heaven forbid! And won't EVERYONE be thanking me that the suitcase is GONE when they get up in the middle of the night! Can we put some more beds in the room? hahaha! Thanks for the fun! Troublemaker #6 Diane

A Joyful Cottage said...

"There were 10 in the bed, and the little one said, 'roll over, roll over. So they all rolled over and one fell out. There were 9 in the bed, and the little one said, 'roll over, roll over. So they all rolled over and one fell out. There were 8. . ." Did you ever read that story to your little ones? That was my son's favorite story book and now I see why. I've got to get those other people out of my bed!! :D

Missy George said...

It will be an adventure to share with Ron...Fun Diana..Have a good week..

nonie everythingsewing said...

How fun! Thank you for picking for me, I think it is the four poster bed I love so much.


Deborah Montgomery said...

How fun! Thanks for the smiles. xo

Carla from The River said...

Have a great week my friend!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Oh yay...just have to share with one person. Looking forward to your next dream room or vacation spot.

bobbie said...

Fun!! I can't wait to see what all you come up with for these!

Simply LKJ said...

Party in Room #5! Green and cocktails whipped up by Ron, the rest of y'all are missing out. Just sayin ;-)

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Your Hero is just silly and tell him that I said so. Of course this is fun. THEN AGAIN...what does HE like...maybe next month you pick fishing boats or motorcycles or something GUY themed. YEP...I think that next month the Hero should pick and we'll all pitch in and it'll be a hoot! :)

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I have now laid down the gauntlet and challenge to the hero, lol :)

Junkchiccottage said...

Ohh I missed this vote. I have 4 choices anyway!!! How fun.

Pom Pom said...

I think everyone likes yellow! Thank you for the fun!

krishna said...

ha ha ha.. I get so many lovely friends..

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diana, I didn't get to comment on this one, but I think I would have picked #9. Love it.
Have a great week!! xo

Michele said...

Of course I missed your polls yet again - but #7 is by far my favorite. Wow, such pretty bedrooms.

And you don't have CHRIS HEMSWORTH on your hunk list? He is - by far - the most beautiful man ever born.

Hugs. ♥

Rose L said...

Sam Elliott!!! He can share my bed! wink wink!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I'll take Gerald Butler or Rob Lowe for my special bedroom. It was fun.... thanks a lot.


Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Wow! It's going to be crowded in #9! Is better bring an extra blender! Frozen drinks, anyone?

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Wow! It's going to be crowded in #9! Is better bring an extra blender! Frozen drinks, anyone?

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Tell your hero if he ever saw The Way We Were he'd want to have Robert Redford in that bedroom with him too! Oh man, Robert grinning through his hair at the bar with that big ole smile makes me love him all over again. You know the scene I mean?

Bethany Carson said...

Loved seeing the results! Now I'm so tempted to check out the blogs of those with similar tastes! Thanks for the fun choices, Diana!

BeachGypsy said...

Two words--- Patrick Swayze! I have dibs!! Lol