Saturday, June 10, 2017

WE REALLY NEED SOME PRAYERS, MY FRIENDS- For Kristen & her unborn baby & Mr. Sweet (bj's hubby) & Robbin's mom

This is a LONG post-
It was planned for tomorrow but I just am feeling 
the nudge to post it today.

I just got an email from my friend, 
asking for prayer for her niece, Kristen,
and Kristen's unborn baby.
I did a post for her several weeks ago
but things have moved to a critical level.
Here is Cheryl's email- 
It speaks for itself---

Dear friends,

I am sorry to bother you today.  But, I come to you with yet another earnest petition for prayer for my dear niece, Kristen and her unborn baby boy.

Most of you have been praying for them throughout, but for those who are not familiar with what is going on, Kristen developed a blood clot in her lung early in her pregnancy.  She has been at serious risk all through the pregnancy, due to the blood clot and also severe tachycardia.  She has been on a blood thinner called lovenox through almost her entire pregnancy, and the doctors have said since day one that there is no way she should go into labor on lovenox, as the risk of her bleeding to death is very high.  The plan has always been to switch her to the blood thinner, heparin, before she gives birth, because there is an antidote shot they can give to offset the heparin, should she go into labor soon after giving herself the injection.  The fear of being on heparin is that the heparin can cross over into the placenta, whereas the lovenox cannot.  So, the concern has been to wait as long as possible to make the switch, for the sake of the baby.  If the blood thinner crosses over, it would be near-sure death for the precious little one.

What complicates things even more is that the doctors cannot come to an agreement on when Kristen's exact due date is, and Kristen feels she is farther along than any of the three of them believe she is.  The baby is already 7 1/2 pounds, so it is obvious that it won't be too much longer until she gives birth.

They made the decision yesterday to make the switch from lovenox to heparin.  The baby, who has been VERY active all throughout the pregnancy, has almost completely stopped moving.  Kristen was so concerned, so called her doctor, and they had her come in for a test.  Thankfully, the little guy did respond when they did the test, but there is very little movement, and Kristen is not feeling well at all and is very tired.  

In spite of our deep faith in God, I cannot begin to tell you how scared we all are.  Kristen is exhausted from the many months of the strain, illness, fear, and daily injections.  We know that GOD is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think, and we are just pleading with Him for mercy upon Kristen and her baby's lives and health.  We would be SO grateful if you could please pray hard for them and if you would kindly pass along this prayer request to every prayer warrior and prayer list you know or are a part of.  We are looking for GOD to do a huge miracle in this situation.  I often think of Jehoshaphat's words, "Neither know we what to do, but our eyes are upon Thee."  

Also, many of us know and love
Most of you know, her Hero- Mr Sweet-aka- Bill,
Our 54th...:)
Bill has a cancerous brain tumor.
It seems he takes one step forward 
and two steps back.
He has had some seizures and is very weak.
Please pray for him and for bj, too!
He is a good man and doesn't deserve this!

And, last but not least,
asked for prayers for her mom.
Her mom also has cancer and the treatment
has been hard on her.  
She is in a very weakened condition 
and has been in the hospital
for long periods of time.
She'll be released soon but probably
have to go to a after-care facility.
It has been very hard on Robbin.
She is close to her mom and 
monitors every move
made in her healthcare.
Pray for Robbin as well as for her mom.

Thank you so much.
I am just a messenger -
somehow God has used my big mouth
to put prayers requests out there-
which just goes to prove 
God can use anyone -
no matter how "naughty" they are!

Love to all of you -
Hope  you all have wonderful weekends.

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  1. Lord hear our prayers for all so in need of them ... Lift your healing hands &bestow your grace to each.

  2. Oh, dear friend! I sit here with tears streaming! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this with your dear readers!!! It comforts us more than we know how to say...I have no words. May GOD just bless you abundantly for all you do. You are His instrument...His precious chosen one. I love and appreciate you so much.

  3. I will pray for them all.
    You know, if the baby is already that big (over 7 pounds) it won't move that much will it? What I mean is, hopefully, it is not as active since the baby is bigger and there is not as much room to move around!
    Robbin's Mom and Robbin, BJ & Bill (Mr. Sweet) and Kristen and her baby boy- I am praying for them.
    God bless you, Diana.

  4. Replies
    1. Praying for all of them, Diana. Thanks for being available to the Lord. xo

  5. Diana, sending up prayers for all! We know our loving Father can do abundantly more than we can imagine. Will also pray for all of their medical teams who are aiding in the decisions.

  6. I am keeping everyone in my prayers too. Thanks for this post sweet friend. We can make a difference praying for each other. Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. Oh Diana, praying for dear Kristen & her unborn baby & Mr. Sweet (bj's hubby) & Robbin's mom! My heart is so heavy for Kristen and her baby,
    GOD BLESS All of them.
    Hugs my friend

  8. Oh Diana, I am sending positive thoughts to all your friends in need.

    Hugs Diane

  9. You are the most precious "naughty" friend I know. I had just read Cheryl's email right before I saw your post on facebook. I will be remembering these requests. Again, thank you for being obedient and allowing God to use you in this way. HUGS!

  10. Diana, thank you for being a vessel for the Lord's work. I have been aware of and have been praying for two of your requests, but I wasn't aware of Bill's condition. I will add him to my prayers, knowing God can do above and beyond what we can ask or think. Thanks again, friend.

  11. I just finished reading Cheryl's email and then I saw your post....what a precious friend you are to share these prayer requests. I will indeed be praying for these dear people.

    Much love to you!

  12. Saying prayers for all of them, Diana. Yes, people come into our lives just when we need it. And we come into theirs just when they need it. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  13. The most precious and fierce gift one can give is PRAYER. The more prayers going up really gets our Lord's attention. HE answers them all. Thanks to you and your popular blog, we all are blessed with more and more prayers.
    I will pray for your friends and thank you so much for asking for prayers for Bill. Our thanks to your Hero for the support, love,prayers, letters and a book he has sent Bill's way. I could write a thousand more words of praise for the both of you this point, I'm just too tired.
    Thank you.

  14. I'm praying for thee dear people right now and will pass these prayer requests on to the ladies in my group. Please keep us updated.

  15. Prayers Prayers Prayers Diana. You are a true angel prayer warrior for all these beautiful peeps in need. Keeping hope and good thoughts and prayers going for all of them.

  16. Oh Diana, I'm praying for God's loving arms to surround all of these precious folks. xo ♥

  17. There are so many precious families going through really tough times. Praying for all... xoxo

  18. Such special friends. I am saying prayers for each and every one of these precious loved one's. Diana you are a great conduit!

  19. Diana, I will pray for Kristen and her baby, Mr Sweet& BJ, and Robbins mom. I have to include the families also...illnesses are hard on them too. Bless you Diana for helping so many others. xoxo,love, Susie

  20. Oh, such hart wrenching news all around. I will pray and leave God to work wonders. I know he does not always answer in the way we want, but he is there for comfort and support.

  21. Prayers for each of those that you've requested prayers for today. Hugs to the messenger who is a wonderful lady

  22. Prayers for each concern shared...

  23. Sending many can be so challenging some heart goes out to all 3 and wishing them all good health

  24. I have been praying for Mr Sweet ever since I found out about his cancer and for BJ also.

    Of course I will pray for your friends = hoping that everything comes out well for mom and baby. I am also on the blood thinners so have to be careful.


  25. I've been praying for Kristen and her baby, and for Mr. Sweet too, such tough circumstances to go through! I will certainly be in prayer for Robbin's mom too. So many hurting, difficult and sad situations, so thankful that we can go to the Lord in prayer for these needs. Another blogging friend of mine, Kelly-Anne had a terrible tragedy this week as her family's home burned to the ground in South Africa and the wildfires there are out of control, and they are living out of their car because no where is safe right now. So much to pray for! I'm thankful our Lord knows the need of each one.

    Hugs to you today Diana :)

  26. All of this breaks my heart. Kristin needs ou prayers for hr baby ansi'm sending them in abundance.

    I absolutely love BJ who has been a friends since began blogging. I pray Mr. Sweet pulls through.

    Thanks again Diana for being us up to date. Love ya.

    Jane xxx

  27. thanks for sharing this post. Will be keeping all in mind.

  28. All these things could be paralyzing but for prayer. How could I help but pray?

  29. Dear Diana, I don't know why life is so hard for some and so easy for others. Thank you for sharing these stories - the power of prayer is wonderful and they are on my list. Have a great week my friend.

  30. Diana, wouldn't it be nice if you could have a break from all this? But, life is such that won't be the case so we are all so thankful that you are the chosen one. My thoughts and prayers go out to all. It is a hard thing to go through..Judy

    1. I hardly ever reply on my blog but I want everyone to know that I don't want to take a break from this because I feel I am called to do it. If ANYONE OUT THERE needs prayers I am more than happy to put it on my blog and then do updates as needed. I feel so bad for how hard life is for so many of us. It makes my heart hurt...but I know that praying for each other helps! Love to you, Judy- xo Diana

  31. Prayers for these three difficult situations and all the people involved.

  32. There is always someone hurting and worried - every day I thank God for the day.
    I hope that the lack of movement means maybe the baby is ready to come - that is what happened to Kelly.
    I will say a prayer for all three and their families.
    You are a sweet messenger from God.
    Love, sandie

  33. Prayers paid for all of them. May God heals them thru the doctors and give the doctor's great wisdom.

  34. Prayers for all of these precious people and one for you too for being such a dear and loving soul.

  35. Praying for all, sending prayers up for so many needs. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  36. How lovely to share those that are in need of prayer....I shall remember them all.

  37. Thank you so much dear friend for bringing these prayer requests to our attention. I appreciate so much your including prayers for my mom, Donna. She is better, but barely. She desperately needs a touch from Jesus. She is physically very weak and mentally very discouraged. But we KNOW that God is greater, and that He still heals. I am praying over every need you mentioned. Asking God for healing over ALL involved. Asking for peace and comfort and JOY to flood every situation. The JOY of the LORD is our STRENGTH!!! In the name of Jesus!

  38. Thanks for the updates and prayer to all....

  39. Sending up prayers, love and hugs all around. xoxo

  40. I put them on my prayer list, dear Diana. Enjoy your week.

  41. Sending many prayers out to all these precious people. You are such an amazing lady Diana! (and a blessing)

    Enjoy your week!

  42. Prayers for them all!!!!

  43. Sending lots of prayers and good karma their way.


  44. Sending prayer and healing thoughts...

  45. Praying for all of them. May God bring healing and watch over each one.

  46. Praying for healing and for a healthy baby boy for those in need/

  47. Sending prayers of love and healing to these precious people. xx Karen

  48. Prayers and good thoughts for everyone!

  49. My silly iphone does not sync with my laptop or desktop so I read your FB post and have been praying. Can't comment from one or the other. But lots of prayers said for all. Thank you for sharing. HUGS

  50. Before the throne of God. Thank you Diana for bringing these dear ones requests to us. We feel so helpless in the face of such dark valleys they are going through. But we have a God who is able.

  51. As you say your only the messenger with the requests but the Lord is using you it sure seems for many years and still. I too have tears also for what you wrote about your friends husband he has cancer and is going to be put in a facility. Then I just read and seen your update the baby is fine and beautiful and Mother is doing well. A Praise the Lord thank you lord.


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