Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I took these a long time ago
when SweetCheeks was little
and was in the car with me.

 I love clouds of all kinds.
I can always see 
SOMETHING in them.
I saw these on the way 
home from the grocers.
Gorgeous, huh?
It looks like a flower 
with its face 
turned to the heavens with
buds and leaves alongside it.
Do you see it?
When we saw this
SweetCheeks had the
for God Light.
She said that God Light
happens when all of 
God's people are being
and God is smiling.

Here she pointed out proof
 because God had opened
a direct hole into 
Now,  I'm not sure and I didn't
take this picture myself
but do you think that 
someone was waving to 
God Bless You-
Hope your cloudy days
are all filled with
sunshine underneath.

Sure do miss having that 
riding along in the back seat-
but-guess what---
She is a big kid now and 
but has also turned into a

your photo name


  1. I see a donut and a Cookie Monster! Not your sweet, cute granddaughters, but in the clouds.
    I enjoy the clouds also.
    Have a good day, Diana!

  2. Oh, she has grown up so fast! She's beautiful and so glad she has a sense of humor, still. Lovely clouds and thoughts of a child. xoxo

  3. It's been amazing to see the kids grow up right before our eyes...on your blog! Time flies! I love looking at clouds and took some pics of them last night when I walked. Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs!

  4. She is beautiful - and has a wonderful imagination. Have a blessed day.

  5. No one can interpret clouds like the pure heart and clear mind of a child!

  6. Oh my, I so remember the days of laying in the grass and trying to figure out what the clouds looked like. Fun times!

  7. I see things in the clouds too. Wish I was where I could lay and watch them all day long

  8. I love looking at clouds too! And you are right.....Sweet cheeks is a beautiful young lady!

  9. Hey what are you trying to do Diana....make me cry? My gosh it seems SC has grown up a bit.I miss her sweet antics and funny explunashions. I hope she always finds good things in clouds. Have you been over to Linda's Life Journal lately, Her quad grands are 5 years old already. We have all watch each other's children and grandchildren grow. Blessings to all,and hugs for SC, xoxo, Susie

  10. Ahhh... the sweetness of innocent ponderings. Obviously, I am not an innocent for I see a cranky fish. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Sweet Cheeks is growing up fast. She is beautiful! Has she graduated from college yet?

  11. She is a beautiful girl inside and out - I miss those days too Diana! The first cloud looked like a birdbath with a bird to the right - to me. Loved the last snowman? Have a great day. sandie

  12. I don't know about me. The first cloud picture looked like a golf tee to me. LOL. You know how much I love clouds. Great pictures. I hope even if she gets older that Sweet Cheeks remains the same sweet girl she is now.

  13. I kind of wish kids could stay little forever, but I guess that wouldn't really work out well, would it? Sweet Cheeks is turning into a pretty young lady.

  14. I have been watching clouds a lot lately too. I saw a dragon in the sky just yesterday.
    She is a cutie!!!

  15. Good grief how that child has grown and become a young lady!! It happens way too fast, that's for sure. I too have enjoyed all the gorgeous clouds lately, although I don't remember seeing The Abominable Snowman waving at me. LOL

  16. Cute post, Diana. Cute little sweet cheeks turned into a stunner! Have a great week.

  17. Love to look at shapes in clouds, too. And love the wisdom of Sweet Cheeks! I know the feeling. When I look up at my granddaughter who is starting college, and I remember her as a toddler dancing and saying, "Nana! Watch ME!!"

  18. Oh, the thoughts of a child. Yes, I do see the flower shape in the clouds. Sweet Cheek's description of "God's Light" is beautiful, and her thoughts about it are very special. It reminds me of something my son said about the rain and thunder at her age, and remind me to share it with you sometime. Sweet Cheeks is growing into a pretty young girl. Thanks for the post, Diana. I am a cloud lover too.


  19. Yes! Someone was definitely waving at SweetCheeks in that pic! So neat! She sure is a beauty! xoxo

  20. Clouds are always open to many, many interpretations. I love the photos!

  21. Sweet Cheeks is a doll, Diana. Your cloud photos are beautiful. Children have a way of teaching us many lessons. Love this one. Have a great day. ♥

  22. Great clouds. I have always found different pictures in them too. Sweet Cheeks certainly has grown into a very pretty young lady. Bet you miss her being with you now. You know as they grow up they want to be with there friends.

    Have a great restful evening.


  23. Sweetcheeks is smart!-- and adorable too!! How is your June going so far?

  24. Love the conversation! I bet you eat up every second with her!

  25. The cloud photos are amazing. I love God's light; it is such a true idea.

  26. Great cloud photos! That Sweet Cheeks, they grow up so quickly don't they? She is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing her on the big screen one day!

  27. The cloud photos are amazing! The photos of your grandchildren over the years are even more amazing! <3

  28. We used to do that with our kids in the car, too, trying to decide what the clouds looked like. Sweet memories of your granddaughter. She's really growing up! -Jenn

  29. Hello sweet lady!! I love clouds. I sincerely do. I drive a lot for work and I am always checking them out. I recently got a convertible, so now I can have a 360 view!

  30. What cool clouds! What a fun thing to share with a sweetie like Sweet Cheeks!

  31. I love to check out clouds too and I often see a shape in them. I like SweetCheeks explunashion of God's light! She's such a pretty little lady! Time goes by fast when it comes to watching kids grow up!

  32. Your cloud pictures are beautiful. Grandkids sure keep our lives interesting, don't you think! Nancy

  33. What beautiful cloud photos! It takes a beautiful person to see beauty in so many places. That's you, Diana! And look--it runs in the family! :)

  34. So sweet Diana. Love looking at the clouds and seeing all the fun things they could be. Your clouds are so pretty. Sweet Cheeks is turning into such a pretty young lady. Enjoy the rest of the week. Will catch up soon. Hugs my friend.

  35. Amazing cloud formations, Diana. And, yes, Sweet Cheeks is a beauty. Hugs, Nancy

  36. Aww!! They grow up way too fast, don't they? Oh, my, it just breaks my heart to think of how quickly the time flies and their childhood goes by. The clouds were just gorgeous, sweet friend. God bless you always. :)

  37. Love the #pink tights and jean skirt look - it's one I've sported myself :)

  38. Oh Sweet Cheeks ........miss her stories. So pretty now.

  39. Diana, I just love the pictures. I see things in the clouds too my friend and always have. I can remember a little girl seeing things in the clouds. Have a great day my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  40. We look to the clouds also.. recently saw a patriots logo over the house! LOL...

    Sweet Cheeks is growing into a beautiful young lady - I hope she always keeps her spunk.

  41. Love the cloud formations..The one looks like a feather duster. Sweet cheeks certainly growing in to a beautiful young lady..

  42. I wish I didn't have anything else to do all day but look up to the sky and watch the clouds. You have captured some awesome ones here...and I love what Sweet Cheeks said about what she calls God Light..."it happens when all of God's people are being GOOD at the SAME TIME and God is smiling." Oh what a wonderful world it would be if that was even half possible! Loved this post, Diana! HUGS!

  43. I take pictures of clouds and the sky. Sometimes the blue is just so pretty. I had a picture of my granddaughter from a few years ago show up in my Facebook memories today and I was thinking I miss that little girl so much who was here so often. The young lady she has become is lovely too.

  44. They grow up way too quickly, but she is still just beautiful. xo Laura

  45. Sweet cheeks is so beautiful! I love all the clouds, but would miss those fun times with her. I remember laying on the ground looking at clouds when I was little-such fun. My oldest grandson is going to be a Junior this year-where have the years gone?!
    Sending love your way.

  46. Aw! Yes, she is so lovely! I think she is right about the clouds, too. I always told my kids when we saw rays coming down that they were stairways for angels that were coming down to help someone. Love the fun cloud pics!

  47. She will always be sweet cheeks. I am visiting to reset your blog on my list. My computer was in the shop. Sigh, hate it when that happens, really missed it because I could not do my blogging among other things. Now setting it all up again. I love this post, Laura and I love the white against the blue of the sky and often take pictures of just that. Beautiful............I know its sort of sad when the little ones get bigger. we love our Tristen but he is such a boy now, has his own interests and not my baby boy any more. Will I get to see his babies I wonder..........right now my granddaughter and her 4 year old and boyfriend have moved in. Got to catch up on my blogs. Nice to be back visiting

  48. Sweet Cheeks is such a lovely young lady. Where does the time go? I always see things in the clouds. It's wonderful to see different shapes and guess what the look like. Happy Thursday. xo

  49. The insight that children have may be cute and full of fun . . . but the pure innocence of it is glorious and truly delightful :) My package arrived and was waiting at the gate when I returned from my trip visiting our daughter and granddaughters. Thank you so much, you're so sweet and thoughtful. You touch my heart with your kindness.
    Connie :)

  50. I always love cloud and sky photos and see some very interesting pictures there. Your Sweet Cheeks is still a doll. I know what you mean about missing them in the back seat. I still hear Kate's little 2 year old voice yelling "snack"!! Well, I'm ok with that being in the past. 😉

  51. Oh yes, I can see each thing! I agree, she's a beautiful young lady!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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