Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Do you love Easter as much as I do?
While I honor and celebrate the 
for Easter I also have a bit of 
FUN getting ready for the day.

Here are a few small bits and pieces 
of the MANY things I have.
Too many?
Nah!  Okay- maybe!

This little chick wagon has been mine
for about 40 years.
Isn't it dear?
It's from the 50's when I was a child.
Here you can see a bit of the 
behind it.
Cue the shamrocks!
This belonged to my mother.
She was born in 1912.
In 1924 the house they lived in 
burned to the ground 
just a few days before Easter.
One of the neighbors gave this 
to my mother for Easter.
It had a small plastic comb inside
 that I still have
and a steel "puzzle".
I don't know if there was any candy in it.
This is a "hat" that stores eggs 
from year to year.
It came with candy in it originally
and belonged to Gramma Hazel.
I have some wax egg candles from the 40's
that were also in the candy box-
along with the little "people".
And then, of course, I have the twins
and the other twins.....
I can hardly tell them apart.
Why my name is SO BIG there is a mystery to me.
Deal with it~

And- I don't want to forget
the sweet towels my daughter
gave me at Christmas time.
These are large towels
folded small so you can see the design.
They are most appropriate for Easter.
My Mindy got them from 
Tina @ What We Keep.
Tina does a marvelous job and I
have had the pleasure of getting a 
couple of things from her.

So-that's bits and pieces of Easter here.
Now all I have to do is get
My Hero to put on his
to hide EASTER EGGS.
That is one scary looking bunny if you ask me!
Looks like he is saying:
Hey little girl-want some candy?
Hey-if someone is crazy enough to
do something weird while I have a camera
out I claim the right to use the photos on my blog.

As you can see this was taken a while ago
before he was on the 
Cancer Diet.
He is now skinny---
and that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that!

Hope YOU
Have a Hippity Hoppity Day!
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  1. Diana, You have some real treasures there.Even the one with the bunny ears.:):) I love that little wagon . I think it's wonderful when people have things from their childhood, or anything that was their parents. Blessings to you,,xoxo, Susie

  2. Although I like all your Easter decorations, your hero is is best.

  3. That's quite a collection of vintage Easter memorabilia! And no, I don't mean Easter Bunny Man!

  4. Your vintage Easter decorations are just adorable! What treasures from your childhood to still have....hugs

  5. I love the vintage Easter items. How wonderful to have these and your Hero might just be the best of all! Hugs!

  6. I was just thinking about you and your hero this morning.
    Lovely old Easter treasures!

  7. What darling things you have!! Imagine having things from your childhood that cute!!
    Love the towel you received ....I might have to look into that....I wonder if my machine has such darling bunnies in it??
    Sweet indeed....

  8. So nice to have decor that have history!

  9. Oh my goodness - can you ever have too much Easter? NO And your hubs is so cute putting those ears on - mine would NEVER do that. I love everything you have. Have a blessed Easter and I am glad when we can all remember the reason for the season. Sandie

  10. Oh what precious treasures you have Diana! Love it all! How wonderful that you can enjoy these during Easter season. And...your last photo...made me laugh out loud! Precious!

  11. Things I can relate to. Love all your vintage Easter treasures. Great memory joggers.

  12. Good morning, Diana!
    I am in love with your little bunny wagon. You have some wonderful treasures. Especially that big bunny at the end. ;)
    I'm glad you are enjoying your bunny towels. I love your Mindy, such a sweet and funny lady- just like her mom.
    xoxo, T.

  13. You have been saving some very special family treasures. Your mother's gift at such a sad time was a thoughtful gesture on someone's part. I am sure that she treasured it as evidenced by its still being with you.

  14. Looks like you are all ready for Easter..So nice to have all those "momentos" from the past..lot's of memories there...Love the bunny wagon..Have a wonderful day..

  15. Everything is so pretty and Eastery. Im surprised how well the wax egg has held up.
    Some pretty stuff here.

  16. Your hubby is a real trooper to model those bunny ears :) Especially knowing you had a camera out.

  17. That chick wagon is darling!!! You sure have some special Easter pieces. I love that you've kept them through the years. It's always fun to decorate for Easter. :)

  18. I have never done much Easter decor, but your fun things make me think I need more!

  19. Diana, I loved seeing all your Easter goodies, and I love the fact that some are from many years ago. The chick wagon is cute. And I really like the tin that belonged to your mother. It's from 1924, what a treasure. That's tragic about what happened to her house. The twin bunnies were my favorite. Your bunnies on the end remind me of ones I've seen at Michaels. They look like chocolate bunnies.

    I hope you have a very nice Easter, Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  20. Oh Diana I love this post and all the Easter goodies and the stories that go with them. Such treasures to put out from year to year. My Kathleen decorated this year for me since I had the surgery and she did great. Have a wonderful week!


  21. S many cute Easter items and they have special meanings for you. That is so special Diana. Thanks for reminding me that I have Egg Easter candles that I have to hunt up LOL. To much stuff, I forget.

    Have a wonderful special Easter with your family, dear friend.


  22. Love those sweet old fashioned decorations and memories!

  23. Hmm...I just typed out a long comment and then it disappeared. How rude!
    Any who, love your decor! Love all the memories attached to it all!

    I hope you have a Blessed Easter, my friend! :)

    Hugs, Amy

  24. You have a very cool vintage collection and I love that so many items are from your own childhood or your mom's. I have a lot of good memories, but no Easter "things"... Happy Easter to you!!

  25. I hope you have a good easter on sunday

  26. I love that you have sweet mementos of your mother and things of years from years gone by. I have a paper egg from my childhood. It was full of jelly beans! Wishing you and your Hero a blessed Easter weekend.

  27. It is so amazing that you still have these childhood trinkets! May you enjoy this time and enjoy this Easter! Blessings, Roxy

  28. Love all your Easter decor from past years and the memories that go with them! Your Hero makes a fine Easter bunny. Enjoy your weekend...xoxo

  29. I love the little duck toy pulling the wagon! I am amazed you have kept the toy for so long!

  30. Hippity hoppity to that cute bunny fella of yours. I love all the old things you have saved. It's amazing to me that you have been able to hold on to all those treasures over the years. Great memories.

  31. Oh my goodness at the precious treasures of Easter you have ! Wow ! I just love it all . Your man looks adorable with the bunny ears !😂 Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  32. There is nothing like precious vintage items to decorate with for the holidays. I think holiday vintage is my favorite kind and you have some great nostalgic pieces. Happy Easter!

  33. Love your vintage Easter decorations ... special treasures with happy memories.

  34. You know, I don't decorate much for Easter since my boys have grown up but I just love these darling vintage items that carry so much family history...how fun! And well....that is ONE cute little Easter Bunny! Have a blessed Easter weekend, Diana! ♥

  35. LOVE all your VINTAGE EASTER keepsakes!
    Happy Easter Blessings to you and your family

  36. Okay, love the collectible, sentimental stuff! But those twins~ I have them,too! The ones holding each other. It's hard to tell from the picture but is there a little bowl between them? Mine has a bowl you can put eggs or candy in. Yours look a bit more friendly than mine. My family always says they look kind of creepy - ha! (I'd have to agree but don't tell them!) Got mine when we lived in Kansas City over 10 years ago. Happy Easter! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  37. Eggs-traordinary! Here is my own Easter eggs memory video with Mom and our care partner angel Caroline in which I sport similar headgear to your hero and I'm finding hard to decide which of the two of us is the cuter:


    Happy Hunting <3

  38. Cute! I love all your vintage Easter things (yikes, when did things from our childhood become vintage?). Lol. Have a great rest of the week!

  39. Such wonderful childhood memories Diana, so fun to be able to display them year after year! May you have a blessed Easter with your family :)

  40. That's so nice that you've managed to keep those treasures all these years. I do love the little chick pulling the wagon. Have a great week leading up to Easter! -Jenn

  41. You've kept so many vintage treasures - how neat.

    My fav is your hubs in the Playboy Bunny - oops I mean EASTER bunny ears. Yes, that's what I meant, truly. : - )

    Have a blessed Holy Week, sweet friend. Hugs and love. ♥

  42. Oh Diana, what a sweet post with all of your darling Easter decor Everything is oh-so-charming!

    Have a most blessed Easter. Love and hugs!

  43. I love vintage holiday decor. Yours is very charming, and so sentimental. I just pulled out my childhood Easter basket! And love your vintage Easter blog header too.
    Easter blessings to you. xo Deborah

  44. Such sweet keepsakes you have Diana. Thank you for your prayers and many blessings to you and your family this Easter.

  45. Love your charming treasures, Diana! They are so special! That last one with the bunny ears is the best treasure, though :) xx K

  46. What beautiful and special Easter treasures that you have...love them all, but that one given to your mother is priceless....and speaking of priceless...your "Easter Bunny Hunk" is the cutest! Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!


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