Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Do you ever wonder what
others see when they are
standing at their kitchen window?
as I was standing at my
kitchen window I looked
over and saw this....

and this

which are both part of this.
This window faces dead West
so it is always bright here.
If you peek through the
glass you will see the
girls' playhouse
in the background.
Closed now for the winter,
it will soon be open
for Spring business...
the business of dress-up
and make-believe.

But for the moment,
I am content to look at my
because they remind me
of home and the Irish
heritage that came
from my father's side
of the family.

I am then inspired to bring
out the beautiful vase
that my daughter purchased while
she was in Ireland...
and the little
Irish music box..
Can it be a music box
if there is no box involved?
Something to ponder~
Oh and this!!!!!.She's a beauty, isn't she?
Covered with shamrocks and
kissed by gold accents...A piece that makes me
smile every time I look at her. 
Now, you tell me,
how is it that the FRENCH can 
make such a beautifully inspired
Irish piece!

I apologize for the picture quality
and size.  
I am having so much trouble
pulling pictures since I got this
new computer and I can't seem to
resize them using the normal methods
I have always used.
Sometimes it works and sometimes
it doesn't....kind of like me!
Sorry- I  know it is a tad out of focus-
Kind of like my eyes in the morning.

The bottom has an Irish greeting
for St. Patrick's Day.
Overall, it looks like this.
~Erin Go Bragh~
I am adding this after someone
commented they had to look it up 
a while back.
You know THAT means
 someone that is 
reads my blog!!
Whoo Hooo
Erin Go Bragh means
Ireland Forever
MyHero said he thinks it looks like a 

I told him THAT COULD BE arranged!

And YOU know what I mean by that!

your photo name


  1. It does look like a funeral arrangement now that you mention it!

  2. Diana, You kill me...picking on the hero this is getting back to normal. hehe..I love the Irish things you have. I got a sweet Shamrock plant a couple years didn't have much of a chance here, but I truly did enjoy it. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Everything looks wonderful, Diana. It's always a delight to visit you. Hugs!

  4. I like what you have to look at through your kitchen window....makes doing dishes a pleasure. You should see what I have to look at. The neighbors are hoarders and have all sorts of junk in their back yard....I can't stand it and it's so, so depressing to look at, needless to say my dishes pile up!!! Can't say nothing cause they are giving me lots of Kerig coffee to keep my mouth!

  5. You have such nice Irish pieces! I LOVE that sweet vase. I can't believe my little shamrock plant is still alive. I've had it for several years and I never touch it, except to water it once in a blue moon when I remember. :) It's outside on the patio and has survived several winters and our hot summers. It's a tough old bird. :)

  6. Everything is so beautiful-remember Betty K.saying everyone is Irish in March-wonder if that's true?

  7. Lotta LOVE in your header. Beautiful.

  8. Love all of your Irish decorations and shamrocks, Diana, especially those little cuties in your header!

  9. Haha - he has a sense of humor. I think you must have some Irish blood in you with all the beautiful Irish decorations and plants. I have a teeny bit of Irish in me - funny it came out in my daughter who has red hair! Happy St. Pat's early! sandie

  10. Diana, it was nice to see all your Irish lovelies. I really like the piece with the shamrocks and the gold accents. And that sweet little baby is too cute. I always love to visit your blog around St. Patrick's Day. It's so fun sharing your heritage with you. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  11. Hahahahaha, Your Hero had a close call! I have some Irish heritage too and so enjoy anything with shamrocks on it!

  12. I may or may not have any Irish blood running through my veins...German-Irish...maybe? Regardless, I have always loved shamrocks and the one place I would love to visit over seas is Ireland. Maybe someday.... :)

  13. Isn't it funny, I am first generation American, both my parents are from Ireland, and yet the ONE plant that is struggling in my house is my shamrock plant!! It's down to about 3 straggly leaves - what's your secret? I have it in my guest bath, with a skylight, so it gets tons of light - I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, plants usually love me!

  14. Beautiful decorations for March. Love your header, too!

  15. Hi Diana,
    It is said that there is a "little" Irish in all of us. I love, love your beautiful shamrock pieces.


  16.'s DNA test showed I was 52% Irish (though the "Irish" also had parts of scotland on the map) so both my parents had it but I'm not sure which amounts.

  17. Love the shamrock plants! You have some pretty porcelain pieces. Loving green this time of year!

  18. I bet those fellows look forward to "your" day at the VA. I am sure you keep them entertained with your head so full of tricks. You represent the Irish well.

  19. I seriously need to find me a Shamrock plant...I see them popping up all over in different blogs. I think they are so pretty! I love that yours are all together in that beautiful box with "flowers" on it.

  20. Hmmmmmm. Irish-y!
    Pretty, too!

  21. Oh my gosh, he says the funniest things! I love the Irish colors and the sweet stories and of course the beautiful china pieces. I have one small little dish that was my mothers.
    I enjoyed having the shamrock plant, but it has been a few years since I have had one!
    Blessings, Roxy

  22. Your husband is right and you are bad!!! I don't have any Irish..Just happened that way, I guess..I'll have to get a Shamrock and hide it from Zoey...

  23. I am half Irish. You certainly have a lot of Irish things! I don't wonder what people see or think when they do dishes but as we drive by a home I often wonder what they are doing and about them! Nancy

  24. I love it all! You nut you always make me laugh! Good post.

  25. You're one of the funniest women I know...always good for a laugh! Lovin' all your Irish doo-dads!

  26. Your Shamrocks are so sweet. I love all your Irish "decor". Beautiful pieces. xo

  27. The Hero is right...looks like a funeral arrangement...ha! Love your pretty... It's funny how everyone and his uncle is Irish on March 17. xoxo

  28. Your shamrock pieces are so beautiful, and the French piece is gorgeous! Thank you for telling us what Erin Go Bragh means, I never knew before. I learn something new everyday.....still! Have a wonderful St. Patty's day!

  29. Loving your touches of Irish. A dear friend brought me a sugar and creamer from Ireland. Very precious with shamrocks.

  30. Sorry, but it does look a little funeral arrangement-ish. It's the candles. Pretty, though. But I do like the Irish and would not be here without my Irish 3x great-grandfather who is the only Irishman I know of in the family. Are your shamrocks growing inside or outside? Another fun post as all of yours are...

  31. Love all your Irish touches. I'm not Irish so I'm glad you translated for me. :) I am of French descent so of course that pretty dish is french made. We know beauty when we see it and do our best to capture it. ;)

  32. I don't think it looks like a funeral arrangement... lol... I do think it is pretty awesome looking. I adore plants but I can't grow them... I even killed a cactus Diana... what's up with that... haha

  33. Funeral arrangement. LOL. Men always know just the thing to say, don't they! :-) Anyway, I think it's very pretty and I love that music box and soup tureen (?) Very pretty pieces. I am afraid that I don't have a speck of Irish blood in my veins, as far as I know. It's all Danish, Swedish, English. I guess we never made it that far west. LOL Have a lovely evening, although I realize it's rapidly evaporating. I got a late start at everything today because our power was out until about 10:30 AM. I was beginning to think it was going to be the entire day, but was glad when we got it back. I'm sure that the Amish, who live with no electricity every single day, don't sit around in their bathrobes trying to figure out what to do next.

  34. All the things are so beautiful.. I love the baby in the cradle... big hug

  35. Looks like I got some catching up to do on my Irish buying. Thanks for stopping by, I so love it when you do.

  36. I'm not Irish, and I'm glad for your interpretation, lol! Your shamrocks are gorgeous! Love your darling banner too, it is so fun :) I don't think your flower arrangement looks like it is for a funeral, it looks very nice in your hallway as it is :)

  37. You have some very sweet pieces and I love that plant! We passed by a home yesterday that had huge inflatable St. Patrick's Day decor (much like Santa and Frosty!)

  38. I have been told that I have Irish relatives, but I am American. Love the vase. I think the arrangement is pretty no matter what it's used for.

  39. I have never seen a shamrock plant till now. So nice to have your pretties around to remind you of home. Your banner is sweet too!

  40. Diana girl this post put such a huge smile on my face, THANK YOU !
    Could it be because my last name is O'Connor ? haha ... I love your shamrocks and gorgeous dishes .. funny enough while we lived in the Netherlands I bought a large dinner service that was made in Limoges in a beautiful pale yellow and blue to remind me of Holland funny enough ? .. I love your pieces that look so Irish.
    I think my DIL likes being an O'Connor too .. no question where that surname comes from eh ? LOL
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comments .. you are a sweetie !
    Take care
    Joy : )
    PS .. the little ones in the banner are too cute ! .. I am also having issues with pictures on my new computer too .. I know how frustrating it is !

  41. Love the shamrocks!! And that limoges....beautiful! (Hope you take that with you).....
    I am not Irish...more Scottish actually....but still enjoy St. Paddy's day!

  42. Delightful accessories Diana. Loving the pretty shamrocks. I grew up thinking I was Irish, but I think I am more Sottish. I did send away for my DNA with Ancestry, so we shall see....maybe a mutt like most people...LOL The funeral home arrangement remark is quite funny. Leave it to our husbands to come up with wacky remarks. Have a lovely day. xo

  43. I love the shamrocks everywhere. Such beautiful things. Yes funeral arrangement (sorry).
    Next week I will do some St. Pattys things. I have no decor but I have some recipes in mind. I will be at the beach on St. Patricks Day. Im so excited.

  44. Hi Diana, Lovely Irish accents at your home. Your shamrock plant is so pretty. Mine is up in the garden and comes back every year. What a treasure your limoges is and the gorgeous design of glover and flowers. Love the Belleek vase from your girls. Such a sweet music box too.
    Even the funeral arrangement is gorgeous. haha Being Irish myself from my dad, I love a post like this.
    Enjoy the weekend ahead. Blessings and Erin Go Bragh!

  45. I love your Irish lovelies! I really need to find some shamrocks for our home. Sometimes they have them at our local grocery store.

    Erin Go Braless!


  46. Wait, someone who is not Irish reads your blog. It is not me!! Have a great weekend.

  47. LOL! Funeral arrangement!!! You crack me up. Thank God you crack me up. Love your fun posts. Love that Irish dish from France. So pretty. Who knew France could make beautiful Irish pieces!!! Love the St. Pat's pics of the grands. So cute every one of them.
    Have a great evening my friend.

  48. You have some beautiful Irish china. sounds like you are up to no good LOL. I know you wil be glad when Spring arrives in your area. We are having 80+ weather and I am loving it.

    Have a terrific weekend. my friend


  49. You never fail to make me laugh, Diana! I have the tiniest bit of Irish in me, but I claim it nonetheless ;)

    I'm glad your hubby is still cancer free. Great news!


  50. Don't you just love it when you get a new computer and have to get used to new settings or figure out how to reinstall your old ones. Yeh, me neither

  51. I love all your Irish things!! I am having my DNA tested and am wondering what I will find out about where I 'came from!' Lots of fun!
    New computers test our patience but it won't be long before you will have it down pat! If I can do it - I KNOW you can!!

  52. I love all your Irish things!! I am having my DNA tested and am wondering what I will find out about where I 'came from!' Lots of fun!
    New computers test our patience but it won't be long before you will have it down pat! If I can do it - I KNOW you can!!

  53. My mothers side of the family is Irish. I love all your beautiful pieces!

  54. Hi Diana, This only a test:) Kathleen

  55. HI Diana..
    love the shamrock plants in the cool..


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