Thursday, March 24, 2016

Update on MyHero and Dr. Bob Wagner & A Prayer Request for Ron Tomes

First of all-
thanks to all of you for all your prayers
and comments about the loss of our friend, Jeff.
John was very comforted by the response.

While there was some sadness this week,
there is also some very good news.
Our friend, Dr. Bob Wagner,
came through his surgery with flying colors.
He went home last weekend and is recovering.
I know Bob's recovery is not an easy one
but I also know that Bob 
will tough his way through it
and be completely healed.

For those of you that aren't able to access
here is the update on there about MyHero.
For those that have inquired what his treatments
were like--
this is what a session in the 
radiation room looked like.
(faint of heart need not look at this)
Cancer, at the end of the day,
 is a cold, lonely business.
For head/neck cancer there is 
a mask across your face and chest
that holds you in place for 'zapping'.
Below is my post to 

What a week!  As you can see by the picture this is what March 24th looks like at the playhouse and, at 7pm,  it is still snowing.  It appears we have about 15" of snow out here by the bay.  This is NOT what Spring is supposed to look like-that is what Christmas is supposed to look like.
This has been another hard week for John.  We got the very sad news that one of his best friends had passed away unexpectedly.  He found out on the 8th that he had cancer and, without a whisper of pain, he passed away on the 18th.  While we are grateful he passed peacefully, without pain or complications, we are sad to think that he is gone from this Earth.  His death leaves a hole in John's life that will never be filled.
John continues to not feel well.  He is still fighting nausea and not sleeping well.  He is still unable to swallow so wakes up every hour or so to clear his throat.  We know this is temporary but, even so, it is uncomfortable and hard to deal with on a daily basis.
However, from the outside looking in, I can see improvement.  John's neck is healing nicely and is no longer as angry looking as it was.  It appears his weight has stabilized and his overall color is better.
Our daughter and her sweet friend gifted John with  the little Roku 'appliance' this week.  He now has access to all sorts of free movies and TV shows- old and new.  Unfortunately, thanks to one of the guys I work with, I discovered a series I like so I have been 'stealing' the ROKU remote and, as soon as John 'drops off' watching a show, I change the channel.   shhhhh....Sometimes I manage to switch it back just as he is waking up....I am SNEAKY GOOD like that.
We have HOPE!  HOPE that each day brings a little more improvement--HOPE that there is a full cure in John's future--HOPE that he will be able to return to work in May.  That is the goal he has set for himself.  I do believe that John, being the determined soul he is, will go back to work in May!  Meanwhile, we will just keep plugging along, doing what we have to do, and praying for a fast healing.
Thank you for popping in here.  No need to leave a note if you don't have the time- we understand.

I know it is the 24th of March but 
this is what we woke to this morning.
It has snowed all day and I believe we have
well over a foot of snow.
As I write this, it is still snowing.
AND, finally,
Please pray for our friend of many years,
He is having a stem cell transplant.
His son, Brian, is his donor and,
although not a PERFECT match,
he is well-matched.
It is funny (well not ha-ha funny)
to see Ron bald.  
He has always had a beautiful
head of silvery-white hair.
We are praying for the best for Ron.
This has been a very long process
for him and his family---
and he will have several months of recovery
away from home.
Pray for his wife, Sue, and their family, too please.

If you are not inclined to pray,
please send them all good wishes and 
 healing thoughts.

As for me--well, I am hanging in there.
I will be watching out the window for 
and hope that he brings John a

My friend, Margaret told me the other day 
that her mom always said,
"Miracles happen at Easter"
That's what I'm hoping for.
You can have MY share of chocolate
and jelly beans and we'll take the
miracle of  healing.

Hmmm...yes you can have my chocolate and 
my jelly beans
BUT you CAN'T have MY PEEPS!
Unless you care to join me for breakfast.

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Shelia said...

Hi Diana! I'm so happy you're seeing some improvement in John and I'm standing with you praying for his healing! Prayers for your friends too. Look at the snow you've gotten! Wow! Are you taking care of yourself? I know it's hard watching your loved one go through all of this but give yourself some time also. You have to clip that whip from time to time and you need your energy! A wish you and your family a blessed Easter.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

LV said...

Thanks for taking some of your precious time to share updates on everyone. When will it end! This kind of road is a little longer than others, but you both keep driving. There is a rainbow in sight. Things will get better. Watch as I am sending many better health and blessings to all.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Aww, such sadness. I am so sad to know that John's friend passed away. Sometimes cancer is so unexpected. No one is ready for the news and what it brings. Prayers for Bob, Ron and of course your hero, John. Glad to see you still have your sense of humor. Times like this, we have to hold onto something. Jeff will be missed by so many as well. Sending strength and prayers for all. xo

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Keeping you all in my prayers! That Roku can be a fun distraction...lots of good apps!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Will pray for your friend and of course John. We are having beautiful weather in the 80's and my flowers are stunning.
I am prying that you do have a miracle at Easter.
Take care my friend

Chatty Crone said...

Wow a lot of news. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I am glad your dentist did so great - it is a big surgery. I am very sorry that John has to go through this and not feel well - that machine is scary. I am glad you are noticing some improvements. I do hope he goes back to work in May! And I DO BELIEVE IN PRAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vee said...

Good night! What a lot of dear friends going through it. I am inclined to pray so will as these guys come to mind. It helps that John is a familiar name and Bob and Rob, well that works, too. Even if I don't remember, God does not forget.

Boo hiss on that spring snow...may it melt real soon. It doesn't take it long once it starts. that sounds like something good.

Blessings this Easter in spite of challenging times. All our answers are met in what He did for us on that cross. Sending love...

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Well you both have had a lot of challenges lately! So glad to know John is showing signs of improvement. I hope he can meet his goal if returning to work in May! It's so sad that you've lost this friend. I hope time will heal this void. Prayers for your other friend and that the stem cell transplant will do its job! Prayers for you both and all your family to have a blessed and happy Easter.

Richella said...

Oh, Diana, I am glad for some signs of improvement! I will believe with you and John that he will be back at work in May.

God bless you both with a joyous Easter. Thank God for the Resurrection; I know that John is comforted by that glorious fact as never before. But I also thank God for new life right here on the earth, which is what I am praying for John right now.

Love you, Diana!

20 North Ora said...

Sweet Diana - So glad you are seeing signs of healing. Every little sign is such a blessing. So sorry about your friends - will be praying for them and their families. Cancer is just such a horrible thing that affects so many people. Not only the one with the illness but the families and friends also.

Praying for you two every day!

Happy Easter and miracles still do happen!!


shortybear said...

praying dear.

Kim said...

I'm glad you can see some improvement. That means things are moving in the right direction for sure...and I agree with Margaret. There is something magical about Easter and springtime, a rebirth. I am hoping that you get that healing egg!! xoxox

Wanda said...

Every little bit of improvement is a blessing. Yes...Resurrection Sunday is filled with miracles and I hope one comes your way.

Launna said...

Diana, it sounds encouraging for John that soon he will be feeling better, I am sorry to hear he is still in pain with swallowing, that has to be terribly awful, of course I will pray and send out good thoughts... I am happy for your doctor friend, I hope he continues to heal... and for your friend that is going in for stem cell transplant... I wish him the best xox

As for the snow, eww... we had snow this time last year so I know how you feel... I hope it melts soon xox

living from glory to glory said...

Dearest, Thanks for the update, I pray for him often, Yes, miracles do happen on special seasons of when we turn our hearts to the Lord. Easter is a powerful one because with out the resurrection we have no life! A fried peep, good gosh no way. You are so funny!
Praying for May and his full recovery!
Hugs, Roxy

Merlesworld said...

I'm glad their is improvement, not a good year so far for you I hope there are happier times ahead in the rest of the year.


There is always HOPE and there are MIRACLES everyday! Praying that you are blessed with both! We have 6 inches of snow and should be gone within a couple of days.
I also hope that you can celebrate Easter.

Renee said...

So sorry to hear about your husband's friend. Hope your husband continues to improve. I know the nausea and not being able to swallow must be so frustrating.

The snow is pretty but must be disappointing when you are ready for spring.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hoping and praying that every day gets a little bit easier for John. Glad to hear that your friend Bob has come through his surgery well. Sending prayers for Ron to come through surgery well, too. The snow looks really pretty - I am guessing the photo is a playhouse - so darling! Fried peeps sound really good :) Blessings for Easter, my friend. xx K

Bliss said...

Good news, bad news, life is such a roller coaster. Plug away, hope you get the egg you want.

Regine Karpel said...


Susie said...

Diana, I will pray for Ron, Sue and their family. Also that's great news of Dr. Wagner. Everyone needs prayers and it even makes me feel good to pray for others. Of course I am not done praying for you and John and the family. I do hope God reaches down and touches those in need with his healing hand. Your Hero is a strong man and I admire him. Tell him he is loved by many. Diana, I pray for you to have the extra strength you need at this time. Wishing all there a Happy Easter and God's Easter blessings, xoxo, love you, Susie

Julia said...

I'm very sorry to learn of John lost his best friend on top of what he has to endure. I'm glad he's improving a little each day. It takes a while for all that poison to make it's way out of the body and health to return. I hope and pray every day that he will soon feel much better. John is a strong man to set a goal to return to work by May. I hope you get your Miracle Egg. Prayers for your friends as well.

Now your place looks like ours with all the snow but I think you got more than us. I won't be jealous.
Happy Easter.
Hugs & prayers, JB

Wild Oak Designs said...

Prayers continue for you.
Your Easter looks like it will be cold...and ours...warm....

a writing place said...

Oh wow!!!! Over a foot of snow, for Easter!!!!!!

But you weren't going too far, anyway... Were you?<----Wise-arse remark, of course.

Happy for the good news. Know it is still a journey. But so happy you can still show your sense of humor, my Dear.

Gentle Spring hugs,<---Yeah, another wise-arse saying, I guess, in light of your snow!!!

Amy said...

Good morning Diana! Gosh...what a hard week(weeks) you've had. I pray for John and you often. I'm so sorry to hear of John's friends passing. Its hard getting older. I'll definitely be praying for Ron too! I'm so glad to hear your dentist is recovering well. So much to take in.
As for the peeps...I'd rather eat chocolate eggs...those things are icky! Haha! Have a Happy Easter friend!
Hugs, Amy

Mountain Mama said...

I'm so sorry about John's friend - and you are so right, at least he didn't suffer. But how quickly he went, oh my! Hugs to you both - xoxo

Anonymous said...

so much sadness for you all to bare,, but always hope springs eternal,,

Denise said...

So sorry to hear about all the illness and losses in Your life.I will pray for all of them today.God will remain faithful through it all,He cares for all these situations.So glad for Your positive attitude. Having an Easter that's full of miracles....Oh Yes that sounds wonderful.

Denise said...

So sorry to hear about all the illness and losses in Your life.I will pray for all of them today.God will remain faithful through it all,He cares for all these situations.So glad for Your positive attitude. Having an Easter that's full of miracles....Oh Yes that sounds wonderful.


Oh my friend, so much sickness and sadness for all the families that are going thru this treacherous illness of modern times and for you too as a friend. My heart goes out to all of you.
I am happy though about your dear hero, I know he will pull thru it with flying colors too. Never stop praying and now for your friends as well. God does listen and cures and comforts.
I'm happy you have that great attitude and strong personality to give strength to your hubby to fight back his sickness for the moment, as I know he will heal with the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Have a serene God Friday and a happy Easter dearest.

Melanie said...

Prayers go out to both of you for all the illness and sadness in your lives lately...but also continued prayers for John's healing.

White Lace and Promises said...

Sweet Diana, my thoughts and prayers are constant for you and your man. I'm so glad that you are seeing signs of improvement. With hope, you wait and pray and believe. Believing with you!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Still praying! Happy Easter to you and John.

cynthia lee designs said...

Still keeping you all in my prayers.

White Lace and Promises said...

I'm keeping up with John on Caring Bridge, but I missed this update. I'm glad that you can see signs of improvement. My thoughts and prayers stay with you constantly. I do believe!

camp and cottage living said...

I'm glad to hear John is looking better, Diana. That's a good sign. We're praying for all of the blasted side effects to end and a very quick recovery soon!

Pam Kessler said...

Hope you have a lovely and peaceful Easter weekend. Hunker down with a few boxes of Peeps and a good movie and you'll be all set!

BeachGypsy said...

So happy to hear of improvement and just hoping and praying for more more more of the same!! Very good news

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Sending warm thoughts your way...both to support you & maybe melt some snow!

NanaNor's said...

Dearest Diana, I'm praying for that Easter miracle too for your man. I just watched a video on a state of the art treatment for cancer in Israel that is radio waves that they are using to kill tumors-not radiation but ultra sonic waves, no surgery required. Wouldn't it be incredible if the US had that too. Sending you love, hugs, prayers for your man and for your friends.

Missy George said...

I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of Easter Miracles so you can share them with your friends..We are at an age where health becomes an issue with us and our friends..Sometimes it is overwhelming...Have a peaceful weekend and a wonderful Easter..

Rose L said...

I do hope there is a Easter blessing for you and your friends!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Thank you for the update, Diana. John is being lifted up by our women's prayer group. We'll include Ron , too. Easter is the greatest of all miracles -- He is risen! This gives us confidence to pray in faith for John and Ron's miracles.
Hugs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Our prayers continue to be with you.

Thank you for the update.

Special Blessings to you on this Easter weekend.


Carla from The River said...

Happy Easter,
Thank you for the update.Good to hear all is going well. I do love John's attitude and goals. I know having goals does help.
He Is Risen! Amen.

Laurie said...

Isaiah 53:5

Happy Easter!

amazingsusan said...

Tossing eggs your way ;)

Gypsy Heart said...

Thanks for the update! Is it just me or does it seem like there are so many more cancer cases now? I just hate it too! I can't imagine John's discomfort...not only the fatigue, not being able to swallow and the constant sleep interruptions ~ wow! He's shown amazing strength as you have too.

Prayers continue for all ~

Jackie said...

I left a comment at Caring Bridge, but I wanted to stop by here and let you know that you and John continue to be in my prayers.
May you have a blessed Easter.
He lives! Christ Jesus lives!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thank you for the update. You and John are in my prayers. With God all things are possible. Our hope is in Him.

Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

Feral Turtle said...

Good news on your sexy dentist man!! Glad to hear he pulled through Diana. Praying for you and John everyday and hoping he reaches his goal to be back at work for May......although I would tell him to take a few extra months just to goof off! He deserves it! Prayers are with your friend and his family for a successful transplant too. God only made a few perfect heads...the rest he covered with hair! Happy Easter to you and your family Diana!

Red Rose Alley said...

Thank you for the update, Diana. It sounds like there are signs of improvement in his health, this is great news. So sorry to hear about his best friend. Sending you a big hug this Easter. Nel is going to make my mom's famous enchiladas tomorrow, along with a ham. I wish I could send you some, you'd love them. :)

Take care, my dear.

love, ~Sheri

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Praying for Ron and his family and of course you are all still in my daily prayers. So good that your're seeing some improvement. There is always, always hope and miracles DO happen all the time. Sending hugs your way!

Janet said...

Still praying here for you and John. We will add Ron and his family. I hope the transplant goes well. I pray this Easter weekend will be wonderful for you, remembering all that Jesus has done for us all and for both of you. :)
Take care, Janet W HUGS

Carol said...

I'm so glad to hear that there is a small glimmer of "feeling better" for John. I continue to pray for John and his Cheif Caretaker" for continued positive healing. Please know, Diana, that I will pray for anyone you ask prayers for. As I gain back my strength, I pray with passion for hope and healing for those who still suffer.

Easter blessings to you and John.
Warm hugs,

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

May God bless you both this Easter with better health and a good laugh. That's the most healing after all. xoxoxo sharon

Donna said...

You are an amazing woman! There is so much going on around you and I hope all the prayers and hugs we send are helping you keep it together. Sending hugs and prayers for you and John. Prayers and hugs for all who touch your lives...xoxo

Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm always glad to read your updates but saddened by the loss of such a good friend and that John is still struggling. I just want that miracle healing for him without any delay.

Bethany Carson said...

Glad to hear Dr. Bob is doing better, but sad to hear of the loss of your other friend. Prayers for you and John! May the Lord send his blessings and healing your way. Take care!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Thanks for the update. I know it's been a tough road.

Mimi said...

Easter blessings to you and your family, Diana! It truly is a time of miracles, and I will continue praying for your Hero and the others you've mentioned. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus...

Elizabeth said...

To this Florida girl that snow is lovely! Prayers for John and you as you go through this journey!

carolann said...

Every bit of results that show improvements for John are Blessings from the Lord.
Happy for the Dentist friend that Surgery went well. He is home.

Make sure your eating proper Di.Please put put your feet up and lay your head back as well. Close your eyes and be in peace and you take a snooze as well. You need to do this being his caregiver for your darling John
Loves sent to you and John.

Hugs Sid and Carol

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I so hope that Easter does bring some miracles. Not just for John but for those you hold dear. It certainly seems like you could use some good news Diana.

I've been following along on the caring bridge and commenting there, but haven't been by your blog as up until recently we've been away and my time and Internet was limited. You and family have been in my thoughts and prayers and I'm looking forward to the time when Johm comes home and is free of pain and this horrible, horrible disease.


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Thanks for the update and praying for your friend Diana....yes, the miracles of Easter and the miracles from heaven!

Debbie said...

I saw the flattened peep in the pan after reading your post and was laughing...then the tears just started. I am sorry for all of this for you, and your family, Diana. It's difficult to understand why it all seems to keep piling up for you, dear friend. Even though we don't communicate right now(like we usually do) please know you are in my heart, constantly. One way, or another, it will all work out.
I love you, cherished friend.

Katie Mansfield said...

Praying for you. What a time you have had of it. I hope you both feel the comforting arms of the Lord during this time.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Holding you in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.
I know that God is your strength along with some precious grandchildren that brighten your saddest hours.
May our sweet Lord continue to hold you close, comfort and heal.

Maria Elena said...

Stay strong dear friend. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo Maria

My Kentucky Living said...

You are an angel for your hear and family. Wives and mothers are the glue that keeps things strong. My continued prayers for you and your hero. Sheila

Down On The Farm said...

Many, many are praying . . . and God hears our prayer!!! You stay strong and keep your eyes on Jesus!!! He will send you His peace and His joy, and He will send you His strength for the days when you just don't feel you can go on. He never, ever fails, and He never makes a mistake. Blessings my sweet friend, and, uh, you can keep that snow up there!!!!

Suzanne said...

I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers, Diana. Glad to hear things have improved somewhat. I hope spring finds you soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your husband is getting better. My prayers are with you and your family.


Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

You don't actually eat Peeps, do you? My daughter loves those things - I think they're disgusting! Glad to hear that John is showing some improvement, even if he isn't feeling any yet. Hope that changes soon and that he will be feeling much better! Prayers for those in need! Glad to hear that your dentist's surgery went so well! Love ya! Hugs, Leena