Monday, April 6, 2015


Here is just a quick peek 
of our Easter get-together.
We met in Sheboygan, WI at the
Blue Harbor Resort.

The first thing we saw was
Baby Bright Eyes
 could not keep her hands off him.
Here he is making his get-away~
Sadly, her Mama does not like her at all
as you can plainly see!
The Blue Harbor Resort
is beautiful-inside and out.
It is the halfway mark for our families to meet.
The brunch was delicious
but the best part was watching the kids
hang out together.

The kids all looked beautiful.
What I love about this picture of Lulu
is the way her Dad is gazing at her
from the side.
I don't know that I have ever seen a 
Daddy that loves his girls more than
Allen does.

Lulu set her hair on PIN CURLS the night before.
When she woke up she said she looked like
Look at the light fixture behind her...
She DOES look like Medusa here!  
She is going to hate me for this.
I think she looks adorable.
She is only 12  and you can already see
the young woman she is going to be.
I think Daddy is going to be fighting off the boys
before too many years go by.
Ria looked so pretty, too
Sorry- the place was so bright
it was almost impossible to get pictures..
She loves her little cousin
Charles In Charge.
Big Boy E is so adorable.
There is something about him 
that reminds me of my Dad.
He just looks so Irish to me.
Our SweetCheeks was not feeling very well
but she smiled so Mom could take her picture.
Can you believe how big she is getting?

After we ate we went to another room to see
The Balloon Lady.
Big Boy E was fascinated 
watching her create 
for him.
Sweet Cheeks was still not feeling well 
but she perked up when she
The Balloon Lady
made her a penguin.
Isn't that amazing balloon art?

I tried to get all the kids together
to take a group photo.
As you can see, 
the top of Lulu's head is missing.
We'll just say she had her head in the clouds....
The one my daughter took is a bit better-
except one kid is hidden behind the red balloon
and one kid in the front has a squiggly face
and SweetCheeks is looking at the penguin,
other than that-it's a great picture.
And, on the way out,
we caught my oldest son,
Mr. Elusive
that hates the camera almost as much as I do
sitting on the bench with his three nieces.
As you can see, when we said 
"Look at your Mom,"
three girls looked at THEIR Mom
and Mr. Elusive looked at me!
Hellllllllllloooooooo?  ummm......never mind....
Anyway, it was a great day
and I will leave you with just one more bit of sweetness.
Baby Bright Eyes
loving on her Elmo balloon.
She is SO CUTE I just can't

Oh- and one more
MyHero can put his 
bunny ears away for another year.
The cotton tail can go, too!

I have some big news coming up
later this week so 

your photo name


  1. Such fun photos! Such a gorgeous place to meet up and enjoy time/memories together. My mom always did her hair in pin curls! Everyone looks great and I do love the balloon art. I imagine you need some rest today. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. The holidays are so much better when they can be celebrated with loved ones. You have an especially beautiful family.

  3. Oh my gosh from the youngest to the oldest, I can't believe how fast they are growing!! All so pretty and "handsome"...even that guy with the bunny ears! Lol So glad you had that special time with your loved ones!


  4. Adorable! And no mess in the kitchen! Your girls have such jolly smiles!

  5. A devoted Nana shares her beautiful it!

    I just finished yet another load of dishes so I am really liking your idea of going out for Easter brunch.

  6. I love LULU's hair!!!! I love pin-curled hair! Don't you dare say she looks like "you know who"!!!<---I'm not even going to say it. I love, love, love Lulu's pin-curled hair!!!!!!

    Please tell her this! Please. Pretty please.

    'Cause I do.

    Aunt Tessa

  7. And of course, they are all precious. Just precious. Grands... Mamas.... Daddies.... Uncles.....

    Oh and of course, Easter Bunny Granddad!!!! -gigggles-

    News coming!!!! Wooooow-hoooooooooo! ,-)

  8. It looks like you had a nice Easter. All those beautiful grandchildren made your day, I'm sure. And Mr. Elusive is quite handsome. I don't know why he's camera shy. And I used to tie balloons. As did two of my sons. Only they tied balloons at your table at various restaurants. It's a good way to make a lot of money quick in tips. And - blowing up the balloons strengthened their bronchial tubes and has cured their asthma. :-)

  9. what a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Such a beautiful family,

  10. Such a good looking family Diana, you must be proud!
    Lovely idea to meet halfway!
    Have a great week! Vicki

  11. she likes the easter bunny more than my niece did. She started crying

  12. Looks like a wonderful day - what could be better than being surrounded by your family? Your Hero is just adorable with those ears. lol, but the kids' pics still steal the show!

  13. Fun photos of a fun get together! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  14. Those are adorable photos! I am so glad yall were able to all get together!!and everyone looked so nice!!

  15. Diana,
    You have the most amazing and beautiful family. Looks like your Easter celebration was a day of smiles, conversation, laughter and enjoyment.
    Our Easter with Gabby was delightful all except the 4 hours round trip drive time. Thank you for sharing such precious photos.
    PS My bunny tail is dragging today - plus today is soapstone installation day!!!!

  16. What a wonderful day with all your loved ones!!! Such treasured memories and many blessings Diana! Such a good looking bunch too! They all look adorable even Your Hero!!! ;)
    Looking forward to the big news! Have a good Monday!<3

  17. Can I have one? All I have are grandkittens.

  18. Enjoy your Pictures dear friend.

    All looked pretty. Someone should of take your picture sweet gal. I bet you looked beautiful too.

    I am under the weather still but decided to comment three people's blogs and your 's of course.

    The checkered dress Sweet Cheeks wears or her dress. I had similar when I was young women. We visited and back then my dad wanted me to dress like a lady. Looks silly in a row boat. I was bored with adult talk.


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  20. What a wonderful occasion for you and family. That is one gorgeous place to stay. Nothing takes the place of your amazing family. All so cute,pretty or handsome. You are truly blessed in so many ways. That baby definitely puts a happy face on you. Your post are always such a pleasure to read.

  21. Sounds like a great EAster get away! The grandkids look so adorable, hard to get them all to look the way YOU want them too in a photo. The girls are beautiful, I love the curly hair :-)

  22. Everyone looks so cute in their Easter finest...thanks for sharing such sweet faces.

  23. Beautiful pictures of all! What - no pictures of you? lol! What a wonderful way to spend time with the whole family, so fun! Looking forward to hearing what your big news is :) Hugs to you today!

  24. These pictures are just lovely! Looks like a wonderful Easter with family :-) It's the candid shots that are awesome! Have a great day!


  25. Looks like a grand time was had by all! What a beautiful resort! Loved seeing pics of all the grands dressed up for Easter. Such a good looking bunch! :)

  26. I'm so happy to read about your perfect Easter Day celebration Diana! You are such a beautiful family and I know how much you love those little grands!!!!
    Have a wonderful week my dear!

  27. Wow, that is a beautiful resort that was visited by a beautiful family! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. The kids all look so cute and sweet in their Easter outfits. I think that bright light was coming from those smiles!

  28. Diana, Loved seeing where you had lunch-oh my the place is gorgeous!!!! Of course, it doesn't hold a candle to your grands. Love the Irish lad-he looks so Irish. So glad you had a fun time together; I'm wondering what your news is and I pray you are feeling better.
    Hugs, Noreen

  29. Ha! What a fun bunch of photos! Gorgeous resort but even more beautiful family. Love all the smiles. Good to know that your son knows who his mom is. LOL That is SO CUTE!

  30. Thank you for sharing pictures of your family. And the resort looked beautiful. Love those balloons!
    I am excited for the surprise! xo

  31. The kids look so nice in their prettiest outfits! And what a nice place to meet and spend the day. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  32. What a fun day you had! Great pictures of all your family. It's so nice that you are able to drive half way to meet them.. Now that's how it should be, that is if you can! :) Those balloons are way too cute! You have to be very talented to do that and to actually know what kind of animal it is. My balloons would all look like waded up balls... :)

    I can't wait to read what your surprise is! I hope you have a great week! Hugs, Amy

  33. oh i love big news!!!
    and i love your big family. good lord. but they're good looking people. every last one of them!
    and i agree... that picture of big boy e ... oh my. irish to the bone! he's absolutely adorable. xoxoxo♥

  34. Your family is gorgeous, Diana. Ca't believe how much they are all growing. Looks like it was a wonderful easter. xo Laura

  35. I love these pics! All of your kids are so beautiful and their faces are so sweet. How nice that you all were able to gather together in such a wonderful place. I hope SC is feeling better now. Your husband is a real sport to sport those bunny ears.
    Does somebody else blow up the balloons for the balloon lady, I hope?

    Ah yes, I remember pincurls. And your granddaughter does NOT look like Medusa! Xo Connie

  36. So glad that you had a nice Easter brunch with the family. Thanks for sharing the nice photos of the grandkids and everyone. Hope you have a nice evening.
    Julie xo

  37. Pretty cute is an understatement when describing this family! What a lovely Easter for you all!

  38. Diana, what a beautiful family and what wonderful photographs! Sweet cheeks has grown so much, I can't believe it! You have such a great looking family!

  39. aahh, look at Bright Eyes looking so curious of the Easter bunny. It sounds like you had a very nice Easter, Diana. Love SweetCheeks balloon penguin, how clever. This is a great picture of all the kids. It reminds me so much of one that we took years ago of all the cousins, and the oldest cousin was holding the baby, just like Lulu is in this photo. And Ria's smile warms my heart every time.

    I'm just cleaning up today, and was blessed to have all my family here for Easter.

    love, ~Sheri

    oh, and thanks for the card - I loved it! It was perfect with the birds and the red flowers. :~)

  40. What fun! Love the family photos! You're lucky Baby Bright Eyes loved the Easter bunny- you never know how they'll react to such things! She does look absolutely loveable! The last photo's cracked me up. Love the candid shots- it's true reality!

  41. ahhh, what fun this all is...such a beautiful spot to meet your family...and all the kids are so adorable and growing like weeds. :)
    And...I think your sweetie is adorable with his little bunny ears. :)

  42. Diana, they are all beautiful, even the boys! And wow, their fashion style is tops! It's easy to see that you all had a fabulous day. I hope SweetCheeks is feeling better now? I really like your idea of meeting halfway for a great day out--and no dishes to wash!

  43. That looks like a beautiful place to meet up with your lovely family. It looks like you had a great get together for Easter. We hosted dinner at our home for 18.

  44. You do have such a beautiful family! Love all the happy smiles!

  45. All your young-ins are so adorable, even when their head is up in the clouds. What a beautiful place to meet, and if the food was half as good as the outside you had one great brunch. The one does look irish, but is so cute. Hope Sweetchecks is feeling better soon,. and how are you feeling after your mega dose of antibiotics?

  46. You have a beautiful family. Your state is so picturesque, it must be wonderful to have such scenery.

  47. The resort is beautiful. Looks like you had a great day with your beautiful family. Hope you are feeling better.

  48. That is a beautiful place for all of you to meet. The children are growing so fast and they all look adorable. I can't get over the balloon animals!!

  49. Wonderful fun pictures!! beautiful family! I can see you had a lovely day with your family. Next year I think we might have to go out for easter brunch somewhere yummy!

  50. The resort is just awesome! I'm sure you had a wonderful time. The photos are great, as usual. You have such darling grands!

    P.S. How are you feeling?

  51. Looks like the you all had fun getting away for Easter...You have a beautiful family.

  52. Hi Diana, what a beautiful family you are and looks like a special Easter for all. The kids and little Bright Eyes are all beautiful. Great pics you share and those balloon characters are incredible. What a grand resort to enjoy as well.
    Looking forward to your big news.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM
    p.s. thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.

  53. I just love all of your family photos, Diana! I can't get over how big the kids are all getting. Bright Eyes is just darling, love her little outfit. And the boys are so cute and I do see Irish!! The girls are all so cute. Lulu is just beautiful, it's hard to believe she's only 12!

  54. What a bunch of cuties! It looks like you had great fun!

  55. What a lovely family you have! So glad you all got to enjoy Easter together! Sweet memories being made!

  56. Oh you have the cutest grandbabies...What a fun day, you can really see all of the love in your family....You are SOOOOO blessed!


  57. All of the grands are so sweet. You're right, Lulu's Daddy may need to keep a careful watch over her.
    but all the girls are lovely

  58. Your grandchildren are so precious, are truly blessed!

  59. It looks like you enjoyed a great weekend! All of your grands are just adorable!! Blessings, Cindy

  60. There are some beautiful genes in your family! Such sweet photos and that is a gorgeous place! Hope Sweet Cheeks is feeling better soon! :( xo Karen

  61. What a beautiful family you have. I used to roll my daughters hair in rags and it looked so similar to your granddaughters pin curls. Just gorgeous! I gravitated towards that man with the bunny ears but then I remembered your warning.....So I have to thank you again for saving me! hehe.

  62. Dear Diana, Just loved this post so much!! I can just hear the comment, those people are not real-I have felt that very way at times, till you get a comment that brings tears to your eyes. Seeing the photos of everyone made me feel a bit of your holiday weekend! I do see the Irish in the wee lad! You my friend are a joy to so many of us! You also get the award for being the best commenter in blog land!
    You made me smilw...
    Much love, Roxy

  63. Oh these pictures are just wonderful. I smiled all the way through. The grands just get prettier and handsomer every day!!! :) LOVE!

  64. Oh these pictures are just wonderful. I smiled all the way through. The grands just get prettier and handsomer every day!!! :) LOVE!

  65. Happy Easter! The kids look so cute! I like the Medusa hair. Natural texture is very very very popular right now; so much so that I've even had a few clients ask me about perms! God help me I may need to retire way early. The resort looks like the Coronado!

  66. They are all so beautiful, Diana! It's a pleasure to see such happy faces and they all seem to enjoy being together, too. The girls are getting so grown up!

  67. Oh Diana, the kids look so darn cute! Your Easter gathering looks like a lot of fun, and filled with love.
    You are a blessed woman.
    Love to you.

  68. such darling g-kids, diana:) the girls are getting bigger and big boy e does look irish!

  69. such darling g-kids, diana:) the girls are getting bigger and big boy e does look irish!

  70. Looks like a lot of good family memories were made. Are you feeling better? Can't wait to hear your big news.

  71. You have such good looking family, Diana! They're growing up so fast!

  72. You have a beautiful family, Diana! I might have to arm wrestle you for that greatest Dad title.....I have a son like that, too!

  73. Beautiful family! It's wonderful that everyone can be together like that. Great memories -especially for the kids. Happy Thursday friend!

  74. Diana, Having the whole family together to celebrate Easter is wonderful. How proud you must be of your beautiful family.


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