Tuesday, April 21, 2015

IS BOSCH THE BEST? OR-Isn't it? Only The Consumer Knows For Sure!

This is NOT my usual post
but I want to put this out there.

When we redid this house a few years ago
I wanted a top-of-the-line double oven.
We researched and bought a Bosch
from a local dealer that I am NOT going to mention.
We have had Bosch dishwashers 
in our last two houses
and they are workhorses.
We thought the oven would be as 
good or better-right?

the Bosch oven was delivered, 
 unpacked in the truck,
and brought in and set into place.
I was in OVEN HEAVEN!!!!
It did everything except stir the batter for me!
A year or so  went by and the oven would shut off
while it was baking.
I would go down, flip the breaker off,
and it would reset itself.
I called the dealer-
must be a fluke-a power surge at your house.
Odd-nothing else needed resetting.

Long story short-
Within 3 years they had put in a new mother board.
Within 4 years they had put in 
a second mother board
and a new harness.
Each time meant at least 30-40 DAYS
without a working oven.
Within  6 years the thing would not work,
and the broke the door off trying to fix it.
AND-AFTER 5 YEARS they no longer
make the parts for them.
No problem- We have a 7 year warranty.
WHAT can you do to fix this thing?
HOW are you going to fix it?
Answer:Your unit is already 8 years old and
How can that be?
Hmmmm...Seems the dealer gave us the 
which was already two years old.
We are talking a $3,000+ oven here, folks!
MY SPLURGE in this house!
I was beginning to lose my sense of humor..

Guess what?
When you can't get satisfaction locally
you go to the 

Yes- Yes- it's true.
MyHero really WAS MyHero.
He went to the top of the chain
-although I did not have a working oven 
for almost a year-
we got a 
(although we had to pay to have the 
cabinet re-sized because this one is 2" taller-
but they threw in a couple of extras 
that made it worth it)
I am NOT getting paid for this 
but I do like to give credit where credit is due.
I guess, just like a car,
you can get a lemon of an oven.
It does make you wonder if it was handled roughly
in the delivery...
and why it was UNBOXED before being
brought in.
(was there really a box at all?)

Here is my old baby-sitting in the garage
waiting to be picked up
by a local church group-
one of the men there is sure he can fix it.
Hope he can!.
Live and learn...
AND a local company that I 
sent at least 15 people to 
to buy their appliances will NEVER get another 
referral from me.

So- at the end of the day-
there aren't good companies that will
honor their product out there?
With a BOSCH
you, too, can bake these-
or you can buy them from
Stauffers-like I did.
With an oven like that I should
be baking every minute....right?
MyHero thinks I am...shhhhhhh....

See you this afternoon when I am done
cooling my heels over at

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  1. What a mess and I know a major pain for you. Glad the company made it right. Maybe the dealer will lose his dealership over this...would be nice.

  2. Boy, what an ordeal. Sometimes you just have to go to the top. Glad Bosch stood behind their product. Have a great day!

  3. Wow what a nightmare. :{ very happy things worked out! Happy baking. :)

  4. What a pain, but I am so glad they came through for you in the end! We recently remodeled our kitchen and soon after found that the electrician didn't put certain appliances on their own "line" as the manufacturer recommended, thankfully they came out and fixed the electrical and all is good now!
    Happy baking!

  5. Oh I'm so glad! It looks beautiful! Does your hero speak German? I'm deep in the appliance market right now and am disappointed that Viking is no longer what it used to be. The company that services my appliances was out recently and the technician was telling me
    How there is terrible corporate customer support for Viking and most of the technical and engineering support was fired when the company was bought. He said that he recently called Viking while trying to fix a fridge and the customer support didn't even have a map of the wiring. I'm getting a KitchenAid double oven as I've been thrilled with my KitchenAid dishwashers and have had a KitchenAid second oven for 13 years that has never had an issue. I opted against Bosch dishwashers, which I know are widely regarded to be the best, because they don't have heated dry. Does that bug you? I do know that heated dry opens the door to more problems in the long run and that's why most companies are moving away from it.

  6. Oh I'm so glad this whole mess worked out for your Diana, what a story! Have a nice day.

  7. What a pain but I'm so glad the hubby was persistent and went to the "Big Kahuna" and they did the right thing...yes that would make me buy their product again too! Now show us more of your pretty kitchen :-) that's when your all done baking ;-)

  8. I had never even heard of this oven before...so interesting!

  9. Diana, Don't even get me started...I am sure many women out there are saying this. LOL... All we ladies want for all the money we spend is good quality and speedy service on repairs. Not that all stalling game , so many companies are good at playing. Oh believe me when some place, company , etc, plays this game...I never refer them to anyone. If asked about them, I tell my story and tell them to choose for themselves. That reminds me....I need to do a blog on my paper shredder. LOL. It's crazy. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. Yay for your hubby!!! I bet he's struttin' around pretty proud of himself AS HE SHOULD BE! That's one beautiful oven, woman!

    Btw, any word about Krista?

  11. Your hero is a super hero! Woot! Woot! I have a Bosch dishwasher and love it! Great news that the company came though for you! The dealer on the other hand- grrrrr! We have Dacor ovens and a cook top and love them; although, their dishwasher was really bad though! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Glad to hear it worked out for you, lots of perseverance. We went with Kitchen Aid and the oven and dishwasher were great...for a year. Then we ran into the same issues. When it came time to get new, it was an issue, because my appliances are bisque to blend with the cabinets. It is not popular, so it was hard to find in the sleek style we were looking for. We replaced the strove with a beautiful GE Profile unit and the dishwasher with a Kenmore ~ which is made by~ you guessed it, Kitchen Aid! So far, so good, but I don't have high hopes! Happy baking!

  13. I have a Bosch washer and dryer set...a time 5 years old, but in storage for 2 of those years while we were between houses. I love love love my washer and dryer. We ordered a new Bosch range, but was delivered with a broken top. A second arrived...and another problem. I had to get a stove quickly...so had to go with an a Frigidare for a quick fix. Glad to hear that Bosch stood behind your ovens!

  14. I have been thinking about putting in new double ovens....mine are realllllly old! Glad you shared the info...hugs...

  15. So glad you got this taken care of. A co-worker bought a Bosch dishwasher . . . and hated it. Said it was extremely NOISY and didn't get the dishes clean. She replaced it with a KitchenAid and LOVES IT!! Appliances are VERY EXPENSIVE and you want them to work. So glad the company stood behind their product. Blessings!

  16. Want to hear my Bosch story? When we "migrated" back to the US from The Netherlands in 2006, we brought over a Bosch Induction cooktop for our new kitchen in our new home. Our electric guy let us know that he had never installed an Induction cooktop and wasn't sure about doing it. Then he saw the name Bosch and got right to work. Even "Rednecks" down here in southwest Louisiana know quality names. We even have our home wired for 220 to accommodate some of our European appliances from Bosch, Siemens, Miele, etc. Diana, enjoy your Bosch oven. Wish I had brought over one of those, too. Instead we brought over 5 hanging toilets ( the kind set into the wall and you can mop under). Guess you can't have everything! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  17. Cool story of a go-to-the-top, that fully worked.

    Good for your Hero!

  18. Oh, that's too bad about the Bosch oven! Your Hero did the right thing and I'm so glad it ll worked out well for you. It's gorgeous! I've never had the Bosch oven but have had the Bosch dishwasher and it was amazing and wish I had one in this house. I keep praying this dishwasher will kick the bucket and then I'll get a Bosch! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. That's wonderful that they replaced it. Must have been a lemon; I had a different brand in another home and one of the pieces was a lemon; it gets expensive and the warranty didn't cover the visit, just the part.

  20. I have a bosch dishwasher and love it. I have professional stove, Viking, and it works great. Being a professional chef I'd only use professional stoves, but Bosch is highly thought of. Maybe its because your dealer sold you a floor model,,,did you know that?

  21. Oh wow, what a headache, Diana! I'm so glad this was a happy ending for you, but you and your Hero sure had to persist to get a good result. Many folks would have given up! It is a beautiful oven. Hope this one works out for you.

  22. I'm so glad you got some satisfaction finally. You deserve it after all those years with a blinky oven. Here's to hoping the new one is perfect.

  23. So glad it all worked out! We have a lemon of a double oven, too. The top does not work even after a few different repairs have been done. So, we use the top one for storage and only use the bottom one! That's our economical solution!

  24. What a frustrating experience that thankfully has a happy ending! So glad your Hero was able to work through the chains of command and get to someone who would care enough to help. Glad that you are able to enjoy baking again with an oven hopefully that will last much longer and perform better than the other one!!!! Have fun at the VA today :)

  25. That's awesome to know. My mom got the washer and dryer. I hate when things go bad fast with no way to fix them. I had a Maytag (yes...a Maytag) side by side like that ....just one thing after another....I finally gave up on it.

  26. Oh Diana, what a story and goodness, you sure did hang in there! That's the way to do it, go to the top, what a hero! The appliances we put our old home were all Bosch, love them except for one thing. The oven door glass, I could not get clean! Then we moved. Glad you are back to baking~

  27. Have fun at the VA today. I bet they love you there!

  28. Diana,
    I have a Bosch dishwasher and I absolutely love it. Don't have any experience with their ovens.

  29. Well, I just lost my first comment! Hopefully it won't show up twice! Way to go, Diana, for new ovens! We had problems with the side-by-side refrigerator when we first moved in here 11 years ago. After three calls in two years, the last repairman just replaced the entire freezer door! No more problems! I'd love a Bosch dishwasher! Maybe when this one needs replacing. xo Nellie

  30. I guess Bosch has not been in my price range, since I've never heard of their appliances! I sort of stick to Kenmore or Maytag! But, I sure am glad they made the switch for you and you are now fully bake-able again! Enjoy those cookies you (created) ! Blessings, Cindy

  31. I knew Bosch made good appliances, etc. but have never had anything made by them, simply because we can't afford it! Good to know they stood behind their product and extra kudos to your husband for actually going to the top of the chain.

  32. So happy your hero got to the right people and
    Now you have a great oven!

  33. Great story and I hope that all consumers who are taken for a ride follow your hero's good example. Take it to the top!

  34. Glad you got what you paid for, originally, in the replacement. Sounds like that place who sold it to you, tried to pull one over on you, and your Hero took care of it.

  35. Diana I had the same problem with a fridge bought from a big box store. They would not even return my calls so I called headquarters and they took it back. I went somewhere else to replace it but I told them I was retired and I was not above picketing their store telling everyone they did not stand behind their products. I decide where I spend my money and when I do spend it, I want the people to stand behind their products. Good for your Hero and good for you.

  36. I love a happy ending! I have a Bosch dishwasher and I just love it! Good advice about paying attention to what you are buying from the retailer. Sounds so underhanded! Glad your hero saved the day :) xo Karen

  37. So glad everything worked out okay.
    Have a great evening!

  38. Diana, Way to go Bosch!!! I was so shocked when I read the first part of the post-shame on the dealer that sold you an floor model oven. So glad when I read the last part of the post. I have a double oven here, but mine is GE profile and I'm very happy with it. Having said that though, the old owners somehow scraped up the interior surface so I have to keep a mat on it, cause it is really ugly.
    Hope you have a great evening!
    Hugs, Noreen

  39. Glad things worked out to our advantage. I never seem to be able to get to the top when something goes wrong. I will have my current computer a year this month, and in no way could I get Dell to correct my issues. I will never by another Dell product. My oven has been with me since 1964 and still going strong. It is a GE.

  40. Wow..Your Hero really is a Hero !!! Guess you won't be moving any time soon..Beautiful oven..

  41. That was a terrible story to start with, but it has *such* a happy ending! I'm so glad it worked out for you!

  42. I almost bought a Bosch dishwasher they don't have a dry cycle only steam..I did not like that, I am told they are workhorses indeed dishwashers never heard much by the way of ovens..If I would have paid what you did and not luck on it working like you had I would have made the person who sold it to me give me a new oven and no it would not be a Bosch, I think appliances today are made to crap out in 3/4 of the time normal appliances used to do, just to get your money again..I still have the oven that came with our home 37 years ago this September other than the broiler which I replaced myself it works and the fridge the new fridge was a gift from my hubs the old whirlpool is fine in a home where they did not have a fridge, it was 36 years old...I think Bosch was great they way they treated you and I will let everyone know of their replacement not many companies do that at all! cheers to you and your new oven(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Great ending to a potentially bad situation!

  44. I haven't read the other comments yet but will be curious to see the reaction.
    I have the exact same oven that you just got .... the new one. I HATE IT!!! the very first time I turned oven on....the glass shattered on the door. I'm talking .... to pieces. The following TWO times that it happened, I was one mad mama. Finally they had to replace the whole door but oh wait...where did that have to come from???? across the sea from Germany?? exactly how long did that take??? months.
    I finally have it working but I do not like the way it cooks or the control dials or the cleaning system.
    I wish I had just gotten a kitchenaid or whatever it is that Sears sells.............yuk yuk yuk......no more bosch for me. At all!!

  45. some people are just dishonest...but I am glad you got that replaced! Who said that we don't need another hero?? lol

  46. Good for you!! So sad that a so called reputable dealer would do things like this but...they do! I'm so glad your Hero went to the top ~ only way to get things resolved. One more time, I wish we were closer ~ we could bake up a storm! :) My brother and sister-in-law had new appliances put in when they reno'd my mother's home. The "new" oven caused a fire and ruined part of the house and the roof. So sad! They remodeled *again* and chose a different brand of appliances this go round.

    Hope your vets were happy to see your smiling face!

  47. Very good informational post Diana! My stove is as old as my house (27 years). All of the other appliances have been replaced, but not this one. There is no mother board, haha. The igniter has gone out 3 times in those 27 years, (just had it replaced for the 3rd time a few weeks ago), and I've had the knobs replaced, but it just keeps on ticking. I have always liked it, so I just didn't want to change. When our repair guy tells me to replace an appliance, I do it, but he told me that this model is a pretty good one, and the only thing that can really go out is the igniter, so we keep it. When I had it replaced recently, I told my husband that if we ever sell the house, we can say that it has an antique stove, lol. I hope your new one is wonderful, and lasts for years. Your hubby is a HERO!!

  48. Oven are problems.
    I have a Kleenmaid not to me confused with the cheaper one with almost the same name, I always wanted one but it blows out the element and thats replaced under warranty a few other bits went wrong so I extended the warranty as for another 5 years, but the company went broke and the warranty was null and void so a friend fixed it for me but now it gone again so I was thinking of getting a Bosch but now I will have rethink that

    Merle ........................

  49. I am glad you got satisfaction from the maker!

  50. Way to go!! I am so happy for you! Happy baking!!

  51. Sometimes it's worth going after the service you know you should have and not backing down. Even if it takes a year! Glad they made good on their product.

  52. My mom is a letter writer through and through. It definitely has rubbed off. When you're pissed off, get out your pen and paper, or phone, and let it all out. :)

  53. You go girl - I am so glad that they stepped up to the plate and made things right. Remember when you bought something and it lasted 20 years.
    Now your lucky if it lasts 7 years. They just want you to keep spending money for new products.

  54. What a shame you had to endure so much to get what you rightfully deserved. Glad you are enjoying this one.

  55. I'll have to learn the good places to shop or NOT to shop when I get settled in Northern WI. Glad you got this taken care of in a positive way! Blessings ~ Lisa

  56. Oh my! That doesn't seem fair that they counted the two years it was a floor model, but at least they made it right in the end. Oh how I hate dealing with warranties, appliances, etc. You sure spent a lot of time without a working oven. Glad you got a nice little gem, with some extras added in, although you definitely earned it. :)

  57. Doesn't it make you feel good when a company backs up their product? It's just a shame that the took so long. Bake, bake, bake!


  58. WOW.
    this horror story reminds me of my 'trane' air conditioner. it's WORSE when you think you're paying for quality.
    and you get shoddy.
    i'm so glad bosch at the top came through for you. and kudos to your real life hero!!! XO♥

  59. What a huge hassle! It's unclear...did you know you were getting a floor model? If you thought you were getting a new one and you got a floor model that's a MAJOR no no!

  60. Wow.Fancy Schmancy oven.. so glad you worked it all out..
    in the end
    YOU WON BIG...

  61. Wow.Fancy Schmancy oven.. so glad you worked it all out..
    in the end
    YOU WON BIG...

  62. How sweet of your Hero! I'm glad it all worked out in the end but it does sound like a nightmare.......

  63. Glad you had great outcome....and it took your hubby doing the legwork to get it done....such a shame that your local company did not do that...was it because there was an underlying situation that coiuld not be brought to the forefront....hmmmmm....interesting...She is a beauty Diana!!

  64. THAT is wonderful. And I am not surprised really that after your Hero contacted the head of the Company that said Company did honor its customer commitment...that it even HAD a customer commitment. Germany is that way. LOVE reading about this (our humor) although I hate that you had to go through all that.

  65. Good to hear that a company is standing by their product!! The oven looks fabulous, and I know you're baking all the time. I can see the smoke on the eastern horizon. (JUST KIDDING!) :-)) Anyway, glad your story ended well. I am still waiting on my Amazon Prime 2 day delivery to deliver a birthday gift to our little 5 year old grandson. Was supposed to be there on the 21. Still is not there. I went into my ORDERS on Amazon and found this message,

    "Return started
    Your refund will be processed when we receive your item." WHAT???!!! I never returned that package. In fact, it was sent to a different address, supposedly. I'm giving them until Saturday. After that I'll phone Amazon. I hope they don't have a multi-layer menu to go through. Ack!

  66. On the sopranos HBO series the lady had a Viking oven that cost over $8,000 oh, my goodness sakes alive...I thought what could possibly be worth $8,000 well I went to a high end place with a friend that touts the very best appliances, they had the Viking ovens and they started at $8,000 not including this feature and that feature we watched the chef do his thing and try to sell the ladies these ovens one woman took the plunge of course she was in a blue Mercedes with a driver, we ate the food he prepared and drank some mighty fine tea and coffee, had a smidge of the cheesecake & even took some of it home, no we did not buy a Viking, my over 36 year Hot Point works just great, I have babied her since we moved into our tiny home, it came with the house as did the dishwasher it lasted 18 years then our only broke the handle and my hubs got me a nice Kitchenaid and it still works just great..I say pricey appliances are for people who don't have to work like I did for 40 plus years and now cook for many who are hungry on two regular older ovens that work just fine thank you very much, the minister who runs the pantry got them from a donation many years ago, no one complains about the food we prepare many volunteers..Love your blog, glad you got the good new ovens and that BOSCH treated you well, I would never do service with the person who sold you your former Bosch ovens and would not help you get some help so you could replace or get it to work...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Wow, what a story. Thanks for confirming that stores will juke you on the delivery by pretending to unpack what is not packed. I swear my washer (top of the line Kenmore) was not in the box when they pretended to unpack it from the truck. Seems they could unload a "returned" appliance on an unsuspecting customer this way! Our washer is like tin and bangs the water pipes really bad when it fills up the washer. I think I got juked like you.

  68. Forgot to say that about 1988, I bought a Bosch mixer at a garage sale for $8. It was in perfect condition. I had that mixer for many years and passed it on to a daughter and it still worked perfect years later when she gave it away because she wanted a new kitchen aid. Bosch rocks-- I didn't even know they made ovens.

  69. Smart move going to the top really. And it paid off. We have a Bosch dishwasher and I love it. Only one we have had over the years that hasn't gone to heck on us.

  70. Don't you just hate the lemons. I am glad your hero...A.K.A. Bunny Man hopped to it and got you what you deserved! I hope this oven performs better for you.


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