Monday, December 15, 2014

ROMANTIC HOMES- December 2014 Review

Well, you KNOW I am the 
for ROMANTIC HOMES, right?

I am thinking it should be a
However, even though it is NOT a
I am in love with this magazine
and have been for years.
That is why I like to share it with others.

I thought I better post this in case
some of you still want to purchase
the December issue.
It won't be around much longer.

You can read about 
A Nostalgic Christmas
-simple and sweet-
 set in Poland  in the home of  Ewa Szymcazk.
I could not find a link for her
but the story is by Jo-Anne Coletti
Moving from Poland we head to Finland
to the home of Tuire Petroff
There is such loveliness throughout her home.
Isn't this a serene setting?
I love the simple angel garland in the window.
We move along to this sweet corner of the 1880's farmhouse
owned by Dorine Engeden owner of
I think Dorine has it just right
when it comes to presentation, don't you?!?!?!!

These beautiful doors welcome you to the home of
Christen Bensten in Virginia.
The link will take you to her Pinterest site.
Moving to the Midwest from the East Coast-
Traci Tessone owns a blog and a shop called Whimsy in 
Morris, IL.
Look at this beautiful Christmas corner.
In the December issue you will also find
some sweet DIY projects 
photographed by Melinda Graham.
There is a whole lot more that 
I didn't feature, of course.
However, you can still find it on the newstand.
The cover looks like this.
Have a GREAT Monday.
I am trying to 
so I can take pictures of my
FINISHED bedroom and dining room.
I think I must have buried it 
carrying all the extra fabric
and "stuff" downstairs.
Today is the day I find it!
At least you know I won't be at Walmart today....
or will I?????

your photo name


  1. Hi Diana,
    Yes, you should me an Ambassador for Romantic Homes! I can just see you everyday on Fox News doing a special report!
    I loved this issue and I've looked through it several times. It's always great therapy.


  2. Everything looks beautiful! You're good at advertising!

  3. So much beautiful inspiration. Thanks for sharing it, Diana!

  4. Lost your camera?????? Oh no! Say it isn't so!!!! -sob- -moan- -whine- -pout-

    Don't rest until you find it!!!

    Oooops, that's not my usual line, is it???

    Yes! Rest!!! Lots!!!! And while you are resting, your subconscious will tell you, where your camera is.

    Hehhhhhhhh, thought I couldn't dig myself out of that hole, didn't ya'???? Hehhh, admit it. You did.

    But "The Queen Of Resting" would not be defeated that easily. By just one little slip of the tongue, errrr keyboard.


  5. thanks for posting this because I don't think I got my copy of the December issue. The dang post office often gives us the wrong mail and someone else ours. One time I got a monthly magazine a month after I should have and a page was ripped out of it like someone read it and wanted to save that page!

  6. I love RH, too! I hope you find your camera!

  7. I bought that magazine already and have really enjoyed it. It's a great issue!

  8. thanks for the update on Romantic Homes....great shots of what is in the issue....

  9. I hope I don't have to go to W until after Christmas! lol LOVE this magazine. I need a new issue for Christmas...of one of my favs! Enjoy your day! Stay away from the mad house at W!!! HUGS!!!

  10. Thanks for keeping me updated on this wonderful magazine.

  11. My Fave Magazine too. Love all the beautiful inspiration. Traci's home is so gorgeous anytime but at Christmas she really rocks it out. I have had the pleasure of seeing her home. It is simply gorgeous. Have a great start to the new week ahead.

  12. *sigh* Everything is so beautiful! I am in love with the white/cream Christmas tree and cream/blush chair - so pretty! Happy Monday!

  13. Diana, I haven't seen Romantic Homes yet in the stores. I started first with the Poland house, as I am part POLISH! These are some great ideas, that's for sure. The one from Morris, IL definitely should be in a magazine, so pretty.

    Have a great week, Diana. Washer broke down yesterday and getting a new one set up today. It's still raining pretty much here.


  14. Yes, you sure should be the paid Ambassador for Romantic Homes magazine, Diana! I love it too, and the December issue was drool worthy for sure! love all of the homes they featured, and the paper crafting was right up my alley! I just got the Jan/Feb issue the other day. So now we've skipped right over Christmas and are headed towards Valentine's Day! Hope you don't head to Walmart for a new camera...............

  15. Such a gorgeous magazine. They really should put you on staff! I adore the doors!

  16. One of my favorite magazines, altho I don't have a subscription. Have a great week, Diana!!

  17. Something about that tree in the tin bucket drew me. I don't know what - but I just loved that tree. I may have to find a bucket for my Jesse tree.

  18. GORGEOUS Diana...thanks for sharing this with us!!

  19. Just gorgeous! I love those front doors, wow!
    You must find your camera, what will we do with out a photo from Wall-Mart?
    Have a terrific day!

  20. O, I love this magazine, too. Due to "dang...I'm broke again" I had to stop taking this lovely mag. but hope to start it up again after Christmas.
    Thanks for all the sharing...I am especially loving all the ALL WHITES...

  21. I like that Angel tag...good idea for a card. Next time in a store shall have to check out Romantic Homes. Hope you find your camera...yikes a blogger cannot be without her camera!!! Hope you have a good week!!

  22. Oh, I just love all these photos - one is better than the next. I love the shot of the double doors with the wreaths. I may just have to subscribe.

  23. Oh my ... so funny ... I thought I lost my camera charger the other day! I was in a panic!!! Hope you find your camera :)

  24. I love that angel garland in the second pic! So sweet and pretty! I hope you find your camera soon. I misplaced my reading glasses the other day and you know what??? Yep, there were on my head. Lol!

  25. Hi Diana, my long time favorite too. This is a great issue for Christmas. Just beautiful.

  26. I love that - is it an apple - cover with glimmer? And the decorated doorway. The Christmas Corner! Everything is so beautiful. I hope you found your camera!

  27. Oh my..Whatever will Walmart do without you?? Thanks for sharing Diana..Love those doors from Virginia..Hope you found your camera !! I know you're trying to get Santa to bring you a new one but this is a little lame even for you !! :)

  28. Pretty Pretty! That white tree is gorgeous. We have a mini Walmart opening near our home this week. I'm sort of excited to be able to run to Walmart and get back in less than 30 minutes. I'm hoping it's less sketchy than the one I usually go to.... Love/Hate Walmart. Mostly hate lately.

  29. Pretty, pretty thanks for sharing all..

  30. Thanks so much for sharing! I think there is so much talent here and I need to find time to check them out. Right now, back to bed!


  31. Ha, you lost your camera! I lost my charger,kind of, left it at my sil's house where I did a photo shoot last Saturday. No fun :/ You should be a Romantic home's ambassador, you really should!

  32. Well it is romantic homes homes so loving it is just natural.

  33. They should pay you!!! Thank you for keeping us in the loop on the latest at RH


  34. I agree they should pay you. I love Romantic Homes and Victoria Bliss :) So many beautiful ideas in the pictures.

  35. I'm with you, Diana - I have a subscription! I keep stacks of them by my bed and look at them every night. Someday I will paint everything I own white - until then I will dream :) xo Karen

  36. Oh my oh MY oh MY! I am just falling into dreamland looking. I need to come back under my own bloggie instead of Katie's, Of course I will still say the same things. Just not kitty stuff. (heeehe)


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