Sunday, December 21, 2014


I know most of you probably
already know how to do this.
But...there are a few of you 
(like me) that fall far below the level of

I have  followers that I 
to be able to read my blog-
or comment on my posts.
Yeah- mean old me.
Many of them have names that I cannot read
and when translated they basically
ask me to support and/or visit their website.
Some are porn and some support 
foreign missions asking for guns and money.
They need lives but they are not
going to find a life on my blog.

You need to get to your dashboard.
I am embarrassed to tell you that it took me a while
just to figure out how to do that.

Open your blog. 
Go up to the upper right hand corner of your blog.
Click on DESIGN.
On the next screen you will see
MY BLOGS on the upper left hand side.
Click on MY BLOGS.
You will see your blog and the word followers.
Click on followers.
Start scrolling through them.
When you get to the end of the first page
click on MORE then click on NEXT.
When you see someone you want to remove
simply click on their icon.
Click on BLOCK them.
That's it.
You can UN-block them the same way
any time you choose.

To resume looking for others click the arrow in the upper left hand corner
and click on followers again.
Follow the same procedure until you have removed
everyone you want to remove.

I also blocked two bloggers
 that have been coming in
and leaving nasty comments
 about other people's comments.
I don't have time for that and I don't like controversy or drama.
So-byebye to them, too.

So, now they will have to stir it up somewhere else.

I "lost" about a dozen followers 
(make that 14 followers)
doing this.
They are still there but they are in a
and they can't get through unless I unblock them.
HA!  Ain't gonna happen, baby!

So---there you have it!
Block till your little heart's content.
But don't block ME!!!!  lol

When that person comes to visit you next time
after you have blocked them
this is basically what they will see
only it will have your blog name on it.
So---there you have it.
If this blonde can do it-
You can, too.,

Laying low and trying to dump this cough
before Christmas!
After all, I want to be able to wear my
on Christmas Day, right?
MyHero will be dressed in his regular
outfit. He is going as 
The Caped Crusader:
At least he and his buddy are dumping
their masks for the day.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
your photo name


Candy S said...

Thank you Diana! So far I don't have any nasties coming to visit me at my site but I am book marking this page and filing it under blogging info so if and when the day comes I will be ready to oust them pronto!!! Thank you so much!!! May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.... Candy

Shelia said...

Hi Diana. Nope! I didn't know to do this so I thank you for telling me how to do it. You know what? I've gone to some blogs to comment and I've seen the 'only open to certain ones'. I guess some folks have blocked me! I'm not even a nasty person! Humph!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Katie Clooney said...

Nasty comments on your blog, sweet Diana??? Thanks for the advice. I know very little about technology. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family.

Hartwood Roses said...

I have had to do this a couple of times, but it's been a while. The refresher course is very much appreciated. I'll bet the Grandkids will love your elf costume.

LostRoses said...

I didn't know how either! Thanks for this, you computer guru, you! Merry Christmas!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope you feel lots better this coming week! Thanks for the good tips. I never knew how to do this! YAY! Enjoy your Sunday my friend! Holiday hugs, Diane

Lori said...

Wow, good to know. Took me a few tries, I must be more blond than you. Thanks for the tip!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Diana. I'll bet I have some of those "followers", too, but haven't paid much attention. Maybe after the holidays I'll go through it. Sorry to hear you have actual followers though that are leaving nasty comments about other commenters. I hate hearing about things like that. There is enough drama in real life without having to deal with it in our blogging community.

On another blogging note, have you noticed all the blogs requiring the verification that "I am not a robot"? What's going on with that? I think it is something blogger did, because I can't believe so many of the blogs I follow just decided to initiate this.

Diana Wise said...

Hi Diana,
For some reason I cannot delete my unwanted followers. I tried your method but it did not work. Anyway I get really annoyed at those blogs that show up on my reading list that are advertisers and or bloggers who post ten to twenty posts at a time. Oh well, such is the life of a blogger!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any followers because I don't have a blog. If you are trying to get rid of a cough, don't use menthol cough drops. I used to use them and could never stop coughing. I finally went to an Ear, Throat and Nose doctor and he told me to use Hall's Breezers. When I did, the coughing stopped. I love your blog and I hope you get better soon. Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year!

Susie said...

Diana, Thank you for this info. I have had a few comments from people just using my site to sell I delete them. But this will be a good way to see if they are followers. Your outfit sure is cute :):) Poor Hero could use a new cape for Christmas . LOL Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

Just blocked two innocuous looking followers this morning...their links took me to a muffler shop and an electronics store. I have seen that ominous sign while visiting several long time blogging friends. Oh no! I've been blocked. Sigh.

Sylvia said...

So sorry you had problems,Diana, thanks for the info, I don't have need for it now, but I did copy it for future use!
Hope your cough goes FAR away soon!
Merry Christmas!

Patty Patterson said...

Okay..... I am going to book mark this post so when I need it - I don't have to bother you and have you tell me again. LOL

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...


So far so good here, about not needing it. But it is one of those wonderful things to know.... When/if we do!!!

Oh wow, do get all better! I want to see a pic of you, in your "Hot Elf" costume!!!! -giggggles-

Really Hon, keep up the TLC.

Lots of hugs,

Claudia said...

When I had a blogger blog, I blocked a few followers, as well! Now, I block their IP addresses, if I can.
No one's got time for shady types or mean-spirited comments! Good for you!


Anonymous said...

Good for you and thx for the helpful info. Sure hope you can get rid of the cough and feel feisty for Christmas!

Gina said...

I am so glad you shared this! I am computer clueless half the time, and there are always a few I'd like to block but never knew how to do it. Thanks!

Donna said...

From one blonde to another, thank you for this post! I don't feel so bad that I had no clue how to do this, Diana! I sure hope you are feeling better soon, sorry you have been so sick. With all of the weight you've lost, you will be fitting into that elf costume no prob! Those bloggers sound mean and scary. Maybe they could start following and commenting each other, hahha! Let them enjoy the drama for a change:) Me, I will stick to reading and blogging about fun stuff like decorating, dogs, family, thrifting, travelling and glittering (of course!!). Feel better soon, ok?

Donna said...

PS: glad to see that you haven't blocked me (yet!)!!!:)

Debbie Harris said...

HaHa!! :-)
I always know where to come for a good belly laugh! are too much!
Love the mask though. :-)
Thank you for the info, although,I will need my dear Stephanie's help in accomplishing the task. What would I do without her?! She's a Jewell when it comes to helping Mom with her computer. I have a sneaky feeling that I may be a pest at times. But she is gracious. :-)
Have a blessed day, and get well soon the days are ticking on.

Bethany Carson said...

Glad you kept me on the unblocked list! ;)

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

yes I have used this in the past plus so much spammers!

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

I'm so glad that you showed us how to block those people.....I'm going to loose a few followers

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Great how-to, Diana. I often get comments, usually on older posts that sound a little unrelated, and the link is always to someone selling something. I just delete them but your way is better. Not accepting anonymous comments has helped too

One other thing. I can't comment on your posts with my iPhone. It asks me to log in and if I can I have already lost the comment I have written. I am so stinking slow at commenting that I just give up.

I am coming back because I saw your caramel recipe yesterday and want to make it. Thanks for sharing!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay if you say so - my brain must be fried now - I am going to send this to myself and take a look tomorrow!

Your poor hubs!
Merry Christmas.

Pom Pom said...

Yay for the blockage!
I hope your cough is better!
The caped crusader is funny!

Consider It All Joy said...

I guess I haven't attracted that sort on my little blog, but if I ever do, I'll be sure to block them. Don't people have enough to do, beside write negative comments on other people's blogs? Really?!?! Sorry you miss my little 'mention' of you on my blog yesterday ~ lol ~ I do hope you begin feeling better real soon, definitely before Christmas!! Blessings, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better for Christmas. Well, thanks for the info about blocking....I wrote it down, okay my problem is "where is the dashboard?" I have hunted high and low but to no avail???? I still can't seem to comment using google so I am one of those that must be anonymous....I don't know, my blogger must be from another planet or something....oh well. And now I must prove I am not a robot....honestly the hoops one must jump through to comment.

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Thank you for the info! I am so not computer savvy. I really appreciate your help! Woot! Woot! Do take care and fell better soon! Santa is coming!

A Joyful Cottage said...

I've not really had a problem like this, Diana, but I did have a period where I was getting spammed with promo links in comments big time. Once I changed to Open ID in my comments parameters, it stopped. Once in a great while someone will get through, but once I flag them as spam Blogger identifies them as spam the next time and they get dropped in the spam pile. Your caped crusader is quite the hero. Love his sidekick. LOL Too funny! Hugs, Nancy P.S. I do appreciate the instructions on blocking, though, and I'm bookmarking it in my "blogging tips" folder in case it ever comes up. Thanks a bunch!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't know any of this, so thanks for the info. Diana. I don't get too many strange followers.....well, maybe a few. ;~)


Ramblingon said...

Oh thank you so much! I never knew how to do that. Katie Isabella the kitty doesn't either and she has a very foul nasty disgusting person supposedly from Spain who comes and leaves the most horrid comments. Both of we girls will follow your excellent advice. xox

Wild Oak Designs said...

thanks for the info. I did have some of those spammers I don't even get spam...not read worthy I guess...thanks for the info

Mindy said...

Very good to know. I didn't have a clue you could block individuals like that.
As for the cough, I'd be happy to wake up tomorrow without mine, too, thank you very much. Being sick this close to Christmas is quite rude if you ask me.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Thank you for taking your time to write this post with valuable information, all informative, I didn't know how to block anyone. I hope that cough ends, last year I had one with the flu and it seemed to take forever to disappear.

June said...

I sure want to see a picture of you in that costume sweetie, so get rid of that cough ok?
Thanks Diana for this info, I had no clue. I get a lot of spam and that's why I started moderating comments.
Wishing you the Merriest Christmas with the caped crusader!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay i went back and looked at it - and I got it! Thanks.

Lisa Mangold said...

This is something I know nothing about and will have to add it to my very long TO DO list. Sounds like something I better learn about as I make plans to blog more in 2015. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon and able to answer my "blogging questions".

Blessings ~ Lisa

Renee said...

Interesting. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Thanks, Diana! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Good information! I am goin to scroll through and check mine out ... I get some spammers on occasion. :/ thanks for sharing this !

lynn said...

thanks for sharing with us, diana! hope that cough goes away quickly!

boopnut said...

I have never had any problems with followers here, but on Face Book, many of the groups get people from Africa and who knows? I am always afraid they are trying to hack into my computer. What do I know? Somehow someone always gets into my Hotmail account. I have to keep changing my password! Wish I had help with my blog. I don't always know how to adjust the settings. Until later,...don't block ME!
Merry Christmas!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I had no idea you could block followers! Thanks for sharing this trick. :) I sure hope you'll post pics of you in your sassy elf costume! Hee hee!

Feral Turtle said...

Thanks for this tip Diana! Feel better soon!

Michelle F said...

Wow, I have been wondering how to say good-bye to those who simply aren't around anymore, or to those who are jerks.
Thank you so much for this tip. I am following you via e-mail. Merry Christmas!

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