Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tomorrow The Porch- Today I Was Tagged~

It rained yesterday so I didn't 
get the porch all done but here is a
So, when I got TAGGED it was the
solution for my post today.

I don't usually do these things-
The tag things-
The linky things-
The party things-
I am just not very good at it.
When Lauren @ Simply LKJ asked me
I couldn't say No!
After all she is the one that made the
reference to Kristin's blog about Kawsaki's Disease
so I owe her BIG TIME!.
We are pretty sure that saved our little CJK's life.

So...Here are 20 questions I was asked to answer.

1.  Are you named after someone?  
Yes- But none of you KNOW my real first name.  I go by my middle name.  Always have.  My first name was a variation of my Dad's name and does not appear anywhere in any name book.  He was 53 when I was born and wanted me named after him.  His first name was French and that is the one I got, too.  Sorry-can't tell you cuz then I'd have to kill you.  lol  Yes!  I was a fat baby-thanks for asking!

2.  When was the last time you cried?  
Writing my Father's Day post-made me miss my father.

3.  Do you have kids?  
Oh- And you know it!  I have bored you to death with pictures of them!  Four kids!
Mr. T came first and then 7 years later I had 2 girls and one boy within a space of 4 years.  Can you say TRAVELING ZOO?  
4.  If you were another person would you be a friend to yourself?  
LOL- THAT is funny!  My Hero says I am my own best audience so I guess that would be a YES!

5.  Do you have a guilty pleasure?  
I do!  It's called Starbucks at the Drive-thru.  Whoever said coffee to go should cost that much...and taste so good....and make you want more?  I think they are on to something there!

6.  Do you like hand-writing?  
I love to write lists and notes.  I always have a TO DO LIST going that I cross things off of when they are done.... AND if I do something that is NOT on the list I add it to the list and then cross it off.  I might be a little OCD-just sayin'.....

7.  What is your favorite cereal?  
Hmmm...NOT a big cereal fan.  One time when I was a kid I ate just about a whole box of Lucky Charms and got so sick I thought I was going to die....that kind of ended my "love of cereal".  lol  I guess they were NOT SO LUCKY for me!

8.  What is the first thing you notice about people?  The "set" of their face/eyes.  Do they look happy, sad, worn down by life, energetic, engaged, etc?  I think eyes are the windows to the soul and you can read a lot of who a person is in their eyes.  

9.  What color are your eyes?  
GREEN-  People always ask me if I am wearing green contacts.  Nope!  I was hoping to get one green-eyed grandchild but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.   
I can keep a good eye on MyHero with these bears watching~

10.  Scary movie or happy endings?  
I like a scary movie as long as it is NOT bloody- I like thrillers but not slasher movies.  I loved the old Alfred Hitchcock movies.

11.  Favorite TV shows?  
The OLD HGTV and I do like Dr. Phil.  I know...I know...I just like his good ole' boy approach to life and that he doesn't feel a person has to relive a torturous past in order to move forward from the moment they are in. 48 Hours and 60 Minutes-I know-B-O-R-I-N-G.  Also loved the old Cold Case series.

12.  Summer or Winter?  
FALL!!!!  followed by SUMMER!

13.  Hugs or kisses?  
Depends on who is that's all I'm gonna say about that!

14.  Do you have a special talent?  
I think my "talent" is the ability to make people feel at ease because I truly care about them.  I am interested in people for who they are and I think that comes through.  

15.  Where were you born?  
The mountains of PA.  We could see 7 counties from our house and were right next to a beautiful miniature Catholic church (that we did not attend).
This was taken many years ago.  That road was paved when I was in my 20's.  That would have been new mown hay and I can almost smell it even after all these years.  Those power poles were moved to the roadside in the 70's.

16.  What are your hobbies?  
LOL- Hobbies?  I think my hobbies always turn into "jobs".  I do love to read (and love the old classics)-usually in my car drinking a Starbucks.  I also love to sew and garden.

17.  Do you have pets?  Not anymore.  We had dogs and cats when the kids were growing up.  I lost my little Mistycat 4 years ago and have not had the heart to get another.  Plus, we have kids/MyHero with allergies so it was a nightmare to try to keep the allergies at bay.

18.  Favorite movie?  
Oh- I am NOT a big movie person..but I loved Out of Africa and The Way We Were & The Great Gatsby (the one from 20 years ago).  I do love all the old Columbo movies and have the whole collection of them-including one that never aired.    Ha!  Just realized the common denominator between the three movies is this!  Oh- Yeah--- 

19.  What color is your car?  Pearlized white

20.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  You're kidding right?  I grew up and now I am in my second childhood!  I just hope I don't regress any further...if you know what I

Well, wasn't that the most boring read ever?  If you stuck it out-thanks...and I think I am done with these for another 4 years.  lol  

IF you want to do this-please grab the questions from here and have fun.  Let me know if you decide to do it and I will put a link to your blog.

Thanks, Lauren....I think!!!  It was kind of fun~
See you tomorrow with more of this.....
Have a great day!!!!
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  1. I cried at your Father's Day post myself. Thanks for showing a little more of yourself in this post. You know we all are running French names through our minds now! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I cried at your Father's Day post myself. Thanks for showing a little more of yourself in this post. You know we all are running French names through our minds now! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Diana, I loved reading about you. I know you are a people person. Blessings for a great day. xoxo,Susie

  4. Did you have dark hair as a baby? You mean that's not your natural hair color?

  5. I always say I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up! That was interesting to read. You were a busy young mom having three kids so quickly! I love coffee too but anymore I can only handle caffeine in the mornings- after that it's decaf! Have a great hump day!

  6. Diana... I got tagged too and I have been working on my post! I got chills when I read your fave movie is The Way We Were!!! ME TOO! Love my Hubbell Gardiner. Great job on this post. Now I've got to get busy and finish mine!

  7. I loved reading your questions and answers! I have been tagged so many times. It is kind of fun in a way but the answers stay the same.

  8. Learned something new about you, that you have green eyes, now I need to see a photo of those eyes.
    I'm passing on this, as I am too boring to right about.

  9. This was so fun to read. Check out my post today, Diana!

  10. Dianna,
    I stopped by to say thanks for your visits and was so pleasantly surprised to read this wonderful post!! Loved reading about you and it was NOT boring at all!!

    Porch looks great!!


  11. Fun to learn more about you, but I think I instructed you to go to sleep, young lady. ;)

  12. So fun to read all your answers! I loved getting to know a little more about you. :)

  13. Good morning,
    This was a lot of fun to read. Loved all the pictures of the kids and also the dapper pic of your dad and you. So sweet Diana.

  14. well that was enlightening!

  15. I learned something new about you, Diana! I had no idea that's not your real first name! Now I am beyond curious:) And you know that we both have lots in common, from our green eyes, to growing up on a farm, to our heart throb Mr. Robert Redford!

  16. I loved reading this, Diana...always fun to learn more about a person! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lots of fun to read! Great collage of kids you have, too! Beautiful eyes. My eyes look broody and dark...yup, just like me. = D

  18. I LOVED todays post!!!! Such fun reading all about you Diana....hugs, Penny

  19. Enjoyed reading your answers, but I never want to do this. My blog followers already know more about me than I ever dreamed I would reveal! Speaking of porches, I need to sweep mine. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  20. Thanks for playing along Diana!! I just get chills every time you mention precious CJK!! I thank God every day for that nudge. Loved learning more about you. Hubby's father was 50 when he had him, and he has his first name as his middle...and no one would ever guess it either!! LOL Can't wait to see the porch. I know it is gonna be beautiful.

  21. Your middle name is Diana?? The eyes are the first thing I notice too. I once got a fortune cookie that read "your eyes are the windows to your soul." I still have it to this day. And who doesn't love Robert Redford. I dated a guy in high school that looked just like him, I kid you not.

    Fun post today, Diana, and I did something like this awhile back. Can't say no to our favorite blog friends, right?


  22. To-days post was fab. Well since i have got older. My eyes are the worse appearance on me. If I could get a lift on the lids. I would be happy but. No moola.

    So thank goodness notice my smile. I hope that counts to the soul of me. I yak too much now. So to answer all those questions. I will pass.

    My kids and friends would say here she goes again. Blah,blah. Don't we know enough of Carol Ann. Besides how many tomes do I talk on others blogs. Annoying to some I bet.

    Hugs Di xxoo

    The flowers are beautiful. Some of your answers are pretty much I would say with Movies and TV programs.

  23. Well of course you could never be the least bit boring Diana! Oh wait, that's not your real name. Now I an dying of curiosity!!!

  24. Diana, No, I wouldn't like to do this. You would be a hard act to follow! But I did love hearing all about you and have to ask, is that your real eye? Not as opposed to your fake one but in the sense is that really you?. Beautiful and the mascara is just perfectly applied. Also I love your longer hair in your little picture. Sexy, I bet that is your first name!..Happy Week..Judy

  25. Thank you, but no, I wouldn't like to do this! However, it is good to read about you! xo Nellie

  26. I have green eyes, too, and brown eyed children! Oh well, guess it makes us unique, eh Diana? AND it gives us just one more thing in common! ;) Xo from your green eyed friend!

  27. great read--thanks for sharing your green eyes, something diana!:)

  28. LOL- I will have to remember all of that, even though 99% I already knew.

  29. Love glad you were tagged!

  30. Loved reading about your Diana - I knew from the moment I met you on line that you were special and I was right, dear friend. Green eyes - WOW love them. Maybe a great grandbaby will have green eyes.
    Love the porch so far - I am working on mine for the 4th - stay tune in......

  31. I LOVE these types of posts! I do the same thing with my to-do lists. If it isn't on there, I add it so I can cross it off. :0)

  32. Hi Diana, I really enjoyed learning more about you today and I too have green eyes! Take care and enjoy your evening.

  33. I always enjoy learning a little bit more about those that have been a special part of my blogging life! You always make me smile! I will be in Michigan for a good long while! Blessings, Roxy

  34. Well, I think it was very interesting to learn more about you, Diana! Or whoever you are. : ) I think it is always fun to learn a little bit more about our bloggy buddies.

  35. Since I'm new to following your blog...I loved getting to learn a little bit about you.

  36. your father was one dapper lookin' dude!!!!!!!!!!

    and you were not fat! back in the day, mother's milk was provided a wee bit longer than it is today... and it paid off in a lovely round and healthy looking baby. at least, that's what i say about my baby pics!!!!!! ,-)


  37. That was fun and interesting and I enjoyed learning some things about you - that you have green eyes, that you have 4 children (me too, and yes, it was a zoo), that you like Dr. Phil and 48 hrs and 60 min (all my faves) and that you don't watch too many movies, but love Out of Africa, too. I love the photo of you and your Dad and the little church near where you grew up. I love that you make lists and add the things not on it and then cross them out. That is too funny! Enjoyed this. Now get back to cleaning that porch so you can cross it off the list! Lol! xo Karen

  38. Very interesting! Learned a few new things about you - green eyes!! If we could just figure out your first name......


  39. You learn new things about people everyday.

  40. That was great fun! And guess what....I go by my middle name, too! But I won't tell if you won't tell! hahaha! Sweet hugs, ....Diane

  41. I never do these things but it was fun reading about you. If you put my baby picture next to yours you would like a string bean :)


  42. I would have to put a lot more thought if I was asked as many are hard for me. You are so clever with your answers! Glad to get to know ya!

  43. That was fun we both have pearlized white cars ... We both have green eyes and I hope you're having a great evening Diana

  44. You did a good job with the list. Funny as usually but how I see you do the same with lists......adding ones not on there. I spilled the beans on my blog. I will be okay, promise.

  45. Diana,

    I am really looking forward to seeing your porch and it rained like the dickens here today!
    Hugs, Lynnie

  46. Diana this was great...loved learning even more about you!!

  47. I would definitely want you as a friend!...nice learning more about you and I have Hazel eyes...some brown but mostly green...that is what happens when your mom has dark brown eyes and your dad's were a very striking blue...I can relate to the nondisclosure of the name as I will not disclose my middle name!....

  48. Diana, I love reading the answers to these posts!!! When I saw that you write down things just so you can cross them off I knew I had found a kindred spirit, and any movie with R. R. in it is good enough for me!!! All the men -- and I do mean ALL -- in my hubby's family have the green eyes, including our son! None of the women! I enjoyed your post so much! Linda

  49. I do believe you have a great ability to put people at ease and you obviously care a great deal about others. It's a beautiful gift that you have, and you use it lovingly and wisely. You are a special person, Diana.

  50. Diana, nothing you write could ever be boring...especially when the subject is YOU!

  51. I finished writing for the night and for some reason decided to do a little reading too. You did very well to answer all of those questions!


  52. Enjoyed your post. Came to know more about you!

  53. Fun post. It's always fun to learn more about our blogging friends. Now we're all wondering about your first name! lol! My eyes are mostly green, too. The inner circle is brown and the rim is blue, the rest is green. I remember the car salesman when we last bought a car had the most gorgeous emerald green eyes. I just had to ask him if he wore colored contacts because I'd never seen such eyes before. lol!

  54. This was fun. You have such beautiful children/grandchildren.

  55. Now I know all about you! lOL! Not boring at all.

  56. This was awesome! You know what?!?! You should add comedy to your list friend! So wonderful to learn more about you and that shot of your father is beautiful!

  57. Loved reading every thought your wrote ~ a delightful lady!

    Hope you enjoy your blogging break and get caught up on all of the things important to you! My, doesn't life get busier and busier the older we get! I can barley catch my breath :) Today was a rare relax and enjoy day. A granddaughter stayed overnight, went with me to pt this morning then picked up John from work and had lunch at a nearby restaurant. Came home and baked cookies then a movie tonight! It was a great day! Hope you have lots of great days too with those sweeties so close to your heart.

  58. I enjoyed learning more about you so I'm glad you answered the questions. Hope you are enjoying your blog break. But do please return to us!


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