Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pray For The Parents Of This Precious Soul

I was all set to do a post
about the 2nd birthday of our sweet little CJK.

Instead, It is with a heavy heart
I am doing this prayer plea.
Our family has walked this path
and it is a hard one.

is a a professional photographer.  
As a ministry to parents, when there is the loss
of a child at birth she goes and takes photos.
That way the family has 
pictures of the child that they 
thought was going to be part of their
Earthly life.

We don't know why God chooses to call those sweet souls back to Heaven and we mourn that loss.

Dear little baby,
Serenity Candace Jade White,
was here for a few brief moments before
she took her place among 
Heaven's Sweet Souls.

Her parents need lots of prayers and help.
If you go to Patty's blog here
you can see a slide show of the family.....
if you can bear to watch it.
It is heartbreaking.

Please pray for the whole family...
because it is not just the parents that suffer the loss-
it is something that touches the whole family.
They desperately need ANY help
and Patty has a link on her site
if you feel inclined to help them out-
or just leave them a heartfelt message 
of love and hope.

Thank you so much...and blessings.
I will hug my little ones just a bit tighter 
the next time I see them-
I know you will, too.

A Silent Sunday here-
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