Friday, May 23, 2014

Rehabbing A European Colonial Revival- Part Two

When I ran my little survey
several of you said you liked the 
pictures of the rehabbing we did 
on the homes we lived in.

This is another area of the house we rehabbed
in the Hysterical Historical District.
You can see the front porch and foyer here
If you remember the front looked like this after we painted.
I am not sure what happened to two of my
photo albums so I am reduced to using the few
free-floating pictures that I did not put in an album.

So- these pictures are sketchy, at best.
After you step through the vestibule
there is a center entry hall.
As you can see it was in pretty sad shape.
You will notice if you look into the back entry
that we moved the door to the far right side.
That is because the porch was hanging away from the house
and open on both sides.
I used the radiators as opportunities to decorate
for the Season.
Formal living room is to the right.
Dining room is to the left.
Notice the GREY drop leaf desk?
Was I ahead of my time, or what?
This was 15 years ago! lol

I am not sure WHAT is in the back hall
propped up on slats.
Some project I was working on....

More pictures coming as I get them scanned in.
Happy Friday!

I am spending the day alone-Whoo Hoooo~

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