Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Tale of TUXIE The Tuxedo Cat And A Prayer Update on Krista

We went away a couple of weekends ago.
Just before we left I looked out the front door
and there was a beautiful tuxedo cat
sitting on our porch.
He looks EXACTLY like the tuxedo cat
we had 15 years ago.
It is just plain EERIE!
Anyway, We can't have a cat right now
so we stopped by our shelter,
which is a no-kill shelter, 
on our way out of town.
They had a number posted for Animal Control.
"Leave the cat on your porch we will pick him up".
We are gone for 2-1/2 days.
We come home and
my heart sinks to my feet- 
is now sitting by the 
On the front door is a note from animal control
that says-

We go get cat food, litter, 
a litter box and a scooper.
We set the cat up in our heated garage.
We call the shelter again and they have a posting
that someone has lost a tuxedo cat

We make arrangements with the lady to 
pick her cat up....if it is her cat.

She arrives and she is OVERJOYED
and picks Tuxie up and
He does not look any happier to see her 
then he is to see us.
We give her the food, the litter and the scooper.

Two hours later she calls.
It is NOT her cat.
I could pick my cat out in a room full of cats.
She has decided to 

We are thrilled because she is a nice lady
and you can tell she was lonesome for her kitty.

Long story short
already too late, isn't it
TUXIE has a new home!

I swear-the strangest things happen to me.
Now-if I could only find a home for this one-

If you'd like him I will arrange 
You will have to put your own collar on him
and litter train him though.
His name is Squirrely but you can feel
free to change that if you'd like.

Update on Krista!
She is out of ICU--still not able to come home
but getting better.  Debby and her family
thank you for the prayers for all of them.

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  1. That is the cutest kitty story ever! I thought there for a second, Nana Diana was going have the sweet looking kitty forever! Oh and the squirrel, sorry, I have it's siblings. Thanks for the update, that's wonderful news. I'll continue praying.

    Have a sweet day~

  2. Prayers continue for Krista and I thank God that she has improved. Love happy ending kitty stories! Right before Christmas we had a gray cat trying desperately to get in our door....took it to our vet and it was chipped. They contacted the owner who had been desperately looking for it. Another happy ending!

  3. Wonderful ending about Tuxie there. Now let me go back and see what I have missed amongst my own drama here. xox

  4. That is ridiculous. I have had many animals over the years and I think I could pick my own goldfish, from a tank full of them, never mind my cats!! Oh well, if she's happy and that kitty has a nice home, all's well that ends well. Although I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up on your doorstep again. Who wouldn't want a lakefront residence? ;)

  5. So glad Tuxie had a happy ending.
    Don't need anymore squirrels here....we have a whole herd of them running around the place!!

  6. Thank you for the update on Krista. My goodness, life is so fragile.

    Your cat story had a happy ending. It reminds me of the times that people have dropped off animals at our place. Evidently some people think that those who live on farms certainly must be in need of more pets. So when they tire of theirs, they drop them off out in the country. Anyway, I'd love to take the squirrel, but our squirrel quota is full at the moment. I'll let you know when that changes! :-)

  7. Diana, Shh don't tell Gert and Tom I said this...but I think they would to have that squirrel...It seems they feed them everyday. LOL. Poor Gert, she says they tear up the bird feeders. That cracked me up about the cat though. I keep warning my girls they could become crazy cat ladies. Liz says you have to own 98 cats to become one. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Cute story about Tuxe! Glad that Krista is on the mend.

  9. No thanks! As a matter of fact, I have one I can send you, if your squirrel gets lonesome. Caught him red-handed, hanging on for dear life to my bird feeder that's hanging from the tree. Wish I had a taser!

  10. Your posts always make me smile. I would have kept Tuxie since I am definitely a cat person. And yes, I think I could pick my cat out of a crowd. No thanks on the squirrel though. I have plenty of those of my own.

  11. I could never resist a kitty....he is SO beautiful. I am ever so happy to hear, he has been adopted. Prayers answered. I continue to wish your dear friend a swift recovery...I think the squirrel is happy right in your own backyard....big hugs Diana!

  12. If it's all the same to you, I'll just let you keep that squirrel.:-) Tuxie? That's another matter. What a gorgeous cat! xo Nellie

  13. Happy news about Krista. Prayers she continues to improve. Wonderful that the woman decided to keep the cat. But I like everyone else would know if it is my own cat! Yo can keep the squirrel. We have 6 that eat from my feeders. Ugh
    Have a great day! xo

  14. Oh, poor kitty. It definitely sounds like he wanted to be at YOUR house! I don't blame him for running away from Animal Control. ;-) I'm glad he found a new home but it makes me wonder if he simply got out of his original owner's home and they are looking for him. I wonder if he was micro-chipped? I've had two dogs come to my house in the past few years and I took them to my vet and they scanned the dog for a microchip. Both had one and we were able to find the owners. Whew. Anyway, I agree that it was kind of strange that the lady thought it was her can't and then it turns out that it wasn't. How can you not know your own pet?! I'll pass on the squirrel. Already have plenty of my own. :-) Thank you for the update on Krista. So scary, especially for a young mom. I will pray for her healing.

  15. Awwwwwwwwww......that kitty knew he'd found a place to love him when he came to your porch!!! and YAY for you that you found him a new home. Most would not have gone out of their way for a stray....Nana love is good!!!

  16. That's a funny story about the cat. It's surprising she didn't know her own cat.

  17. oops......and meant to tell you thanks for coming by to visit yesterday!!

  18. Good news about Krista! I can't even begin to imagine the fear she is going through and her family. That's a cute story about the cat. I'm glad it found a home. How funny that she thought it was her cat but wasn't. I guess the tuxedo cat liked the view at your house and wanted to stay a while!

  19. Nothing like a cat trauma, to addddddddd to your day!!!! -sigh-

  20. That's encouraging news about Krista! Continuing to pray for all of them. What a cute kitty and interesting story! Glad he found a new home. I love cats and have had one as a pet almost my entire life.

  21. I'm glad your story had a happy ending.

    And we have too many of those squirrels running around here already :)

  22. Lots of good news here! Thanks for the update on Krista, I pray she continues to improve. And, what a beautiful kitty! I'm so glad he found a forever home. Too bad you couldn't have kept him, it sounds like he wanted to stay.

  23. Funny cat story.....sorry, I have been MIA with what the Dr said a real bad case of intestinal virus....stomach pain, throw up, nausea....even nausea thinking about going on the needless to say, I was not reading a lot of blogs.....I shall have to catch up. Today feels better...but will lay low for a few more days. Would not wish this on my worse enemy. Oh...and keep the squirrel I have plenty of my own.

  24. Awwwwww little tuxie glad he got a good home. He knew right where to go lol! He knew you would get him a good place to live.
    Happy Thursday.

  25. Thanks for the update on Krista. God is good! I would adopt the squirrel but I have hundreds already and they drive Bella crazy. She has just given up on chasing them.

    Have a great day!


  26. Phew! Thought you were going to be adopting a cat for a minute there! We "adopted" a cat that decided she was to be OUR cat and that was that. Now, the squirrel. What's the story? Is it trying to move in?

  27. We have 2 red tabby males, and from a distance of a few feet I cannot tell them apart. Bubba has a white mark on his nose,the other has a mark just a bit higher. I'm glad the lady decided to keep him.
    Good to hear that Krista is better.
    No thanks on the squirrel, we have plenty

  28. Oh how funny! I'd be beside myself if a cat showed up at my house. In fact, I tend to run cats off. Yup. Very mean I am and tired of that pungent aroma that wafts from beneath the deck.

  29. How nice you found that cat a nice home. No squirrels for me I have a TON here. Glad Krista is somewhat better. Do you remember Marie - I just wrote her - haven't heard from her in a long time - you?

  30. Cats like to choose their people ha ha!! HE sure IS GORGEOUS THAT IS FOR SURE! Sounds like the lady will love him

  31. I heard squirrels don't like red pepper. Sprinkle a litte around and see.

  32. Diana,
    Yup Cayenne pepper and vinegar squirrels hate. It is the only way I can keep them from eating my pumpkins every year. Now Diana you may not like what I'm saying but when the sweet Tux cat returns to you keep it. For some reason I think your connection is meant to be.
    Sending kisses,

  33. Diana,
    Okay, that was such a funny cat story!! At least it found a new home.......
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  34. Hi Diane. RIGHT there with you through the whole thing. Tuxie looks so comfy in your chair. Like you, I would know my cat in a barrel full of them! I would help you with Squirrely, we have one of those already. His father died and crawled into our flower bed and was discovered by me.
    He already had a wife and a pair of twins. Not seen the wife since the death of Squirrely's she has probably take up with some batchlor on the next street. The twins grew up rapidly and the little girl disappears but the son of the original Squirrely is getting braver and braver and now the birds are out of seed and we are running out of money trying to feed him AND all the birds far and wide.
    I don't know Diane. Maybe you will think this very nervey of me..but I'm wondering if YOUR Squirrely would like a friend?? Since you are into paying transportation for your Squirrely...maybe you would like to pay for his companion to know,..maybe just a vacation.
    California is a bummer now anyway, Out of water, out of money... it's sad. So...what do you think? (Be nice. Remember I love you to pieces and I'm you bloggy bud!) :)

  35. I think the next thing that Tuxie's new mama should do is make herself an appointment at the eye doctor. It had to be nerves and anxiety that made her mistake him for her missing cat ... what a great ending to have her keep him anyway.

  36. Your stories have such good endings, Diana! Love it!

  37. Diana, we are in the middle of dealing with a very beloved and very sick kitty cat. You may remember my Romeo lover-boy kitty - I have posted about him more than a few times. He is at the vet - 5th time in a week. He hasn't eaten since Monday. All I can do is cry. He looks like Tuxie only with grey not black. I love my kitty and my heart is breaking.


  38. That is good news about Krista! And what a crazy story about Tuxie. Good thing that woman didn't bring him back to you. Your Squirrely (what an original name!) looks lonely. So, I have rounded up all of his cousins in our yard and woods, and are having them shipped to you right away:)

  39. So glad to hear Krista is doing better, hopefully she will be able to go home soon! And it is wonderful that Tuxie found a forever home! It's so nice you took the time to help him...xo

  40. Well I'm glad we have a happy ending for this darling cat! I've been without a cat since September and I miss him! Although it is much nicer going on vacation as I can bring Barbie and not worry about my cat back home. I think my next pets with will be chickens...or a husband I'm not sure. Good for you helping out an animal in need! Tuxie has a guardian (albeit a little nuts) angel :)

  41. I'm glad Krista is improving! That's funny about Tuxie. I'm glad he has a new home. I hear you concerning the squirrels. They are rascals. We have an abundance of bunnies, too.

  42. Glad Krista is getting better..You, on the other hand, I just have to worry about!! Thanks for the laugh..Glad Tuxie has a new home.As for squirrly , he'd have lots of company here and there is no leash law..

  43. You do have an unusual life. If you're having trouble with squirrels, put hot pepper in the bird seed or on the wires if they're chewing them. The hot pepper won't bother the birds, but the squirrels won't come back.

  44. What a cute story! I'm with you, I hope I would be able to recognize my cat! You two sound like us- we have had more kitties because we can't turn away. I even have two feral cats that I have trapped, neutered, etc. We hire a pet sitter to care for them when we are gone. We have two inside and two outside. Love the squirrel- I'll send you a truck load to keep this little guy company! I remember that snow you were going to truck to our home and have dumped at our garage doors. LOL!
    So happy to hear better news on Krista's recovery! She and her family are in my prayers. XO, Betsy

  45. He is a beauty. You saved his life and gave joy to someone who was lonely. Good job!

  46. Great cat tale. Thank you, but I have so many squirrels it is not funny. They are destructive.

  47. my brother's wife had a tabby cat awhile ago. Never hard to find a look-alike for those kitties.

  48. So glad Tuxie found a good home. Our daughter moved back home and has 2 cats and we have our 2 little Yourkies. Sometimes it feels like a zoo, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

  49. Good thing the tuxedo cat found a loving home. You do not want your squirrely little friend? They can be so entertaining! Especially to cats!

  50. I'm not a cat person but I'm thrilled that Tuxie was ok and now has found a new home! I can't stand for animals to be lost or hungry. Squirrels? No thank you! :)


  51. P.S. So happy about Krista! There's always power in collective prayer. We just need to keep lifting her up!

  52. Glad that Tuxie has a new home. Sorry we can't take Squirrely of your hands but the squirrels around here may not like a stranger on their turf. :)

    Still praying here.

    Take care, Janet W

  53. Pretty cat. We found a cat for the woman behind us who lost hers. Much like your story. We sent her a photo. She hopped in her car and drove around to our house. It wasn't her cat, but she took her anyway.

  54. I am so glad that Krista is doing better. xx oo
    I enjoyed the happy ending to your cat story. :-))

  55. Wow, that is one WILD cat story! I wouldn't be surprised if Tuxie shows back up at your doorstep someday, lol! If only animals could talk! Enjoyed your story, and glad to hear that Krista is doing better, will keep praying that she is able to come home soon!

  56. I am so relieved to here about Krista!! Hopefully she will be home with her family soon. A great cat story but I would have to say you have your hands full with that bunny man....hehe. We don't have squirrels here cuz we have coyotes. Should I send you a few?

  57. So, what do you think the odds are that Tuxie will show back up at your house? That'd be so weird! Squirrely is so cute! I don't think I need him though. We have a lot of his relatives already here! LOL! Hugs, Leena


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