Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I am starting a new 
for myself here.

You know 
is a pretty big party on the internet
Well, being the rebel, crazy person blogger
that I am,
 I decided to do my own 

IF you have kids, or have had kids,
or have GRANDKIDS,
or have ever been around kids,
you will most likely get a
these posts.

My kids/grandkids
have invented words.
Yes! They! Have!
Some are 
Today's NEW WORD
is brought to you by 
The word for today is
(pronounced WEEN-NUS)
It is a combination word.
It is composed of two separate,
yet very common words,

Let's use this in a sentence:
CJK:Nana, if I don't touch my
WEINESS when I go pee,
I don't have to wash my hands afterwards.

Hmmm....who told you that?
CJK:  My Daddy did, Nana!

Now I know why my bathroom towel is always dry
when his Daddy leaves.
Could this be a case of-
Like father like son?

Your challenge will be to use 
in a sentence at least once this week.
That's all.

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  1. Glad I did not have a mouth full of coffee when I read this! lol
    Have a safe trip and look forward to your project!

  2. LOL!

    Have a safe trip & enjoy! I hope this big project requires no decorating of weinesses! (Oh forgive me, that was bad. lol)

  3. Toooooooo funny, Diana. Out of the mouths of babes!!

  4. Alert, coffee in mouth when reading Diana't blog is not a good thing!
    You funny lady! Have a good trip!

  5. I'm germaphobic so I am left with no words about the dry towels!

  6. You could start a new "Kids Say The Darnedest Things" Show. Cute!

  7. Diana, didn't you teach your son to wash his hands whether he touched his wieness or not? I love that word!

  8. This made my day Diana....hilarious!

  9. He is a bundle of "weeness." Sorry, I changed the spelling and the meaning. Think I called that a homophone back when I was still teaching English. And I like your new Wednesday blogspot theme. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  10. Oh my word. I am so glad I had girls. LOL. How can you take all that cuteness? What a giggle, haha..

  11. I have to share another funny made-up little sister has 4 children, and had them after trying for 12 years so they're still young, whilst mine are adults now. So I was nearly like more of a grandma to them than an Aunt. They live 10 miles away and I spent a great deal of time with them when they were little, So - my sister invented a word FOR them to use describing "girl parts." It is schwhyna, OK? rhymes with the V counterpart..........why you ask? My sister is a goof, that's why and didn't feel comfortable using the REAL v word. OK, so they always and ONLY use that word. So my beautiful red headed middle niece gets older and goes to school - older mind you - and gets in a heated argument with some (may have even been a teacher now that I recall) about how THAT isn't the word, it is SCHWHYNA!! I have no idea how many people were privy to this embarrassment, but it just goes to show ya how funny how mis-use of words may become real words....hahaha...she laughs with red cheeks about it now and gives her mother a very strong evil eye when she's reminded about that. Poor kid/s. : - )

  12. oh my good gosh you are hysterical...I ADORE KID words....we still say kid words from my kids who are 30 "samich" which is sandwich of course...a fun new thing!!!

  13. Ha Ha Girl you crack me up. Little CJK is too adorable.
    Have a great day my friend. Thanks for the LOL today!

  14. Diana,
    OK, lol, word is very funny! Our family word is "mush" for move and push. Now I gotta say YUCKY on not washing hands.

  15. Just thinking ... Your towels are dry but your floor is wet.

  16. Oh my gosh- you are too funny and your little fella is just adorable!

  17. First, I don't care for Wordless Wednesday. Come on! We want to read some words, in blogs. Not just pictures. Come on, folks...

    Second, I love you so much! Only you, would post a new-word-of-Weiness! And, only you, would do it, this week! (Think about it, folks... It will come to you... -grin-) Yes Ma'am, you are a Gem!

    Hey, I have 3 grandsons, next door. Ranging in age from nearly 5 to 14. It will be a snap, to use Weiness in a sentence, this week.

    And! Even better! I will not get "the evil eye" from their mommy, for *that* kind of talk, this time!!! Because I will blame it on NanaDiana!!! Tee-heee-heeee...


  18. Ding-dang-it!!!

    I couldn't get that comment, to post!!!!!

    Ding-dang-it... -pout-

    Am I the only one, having trouble posting????!!!!????!!!!

  19. Too funny. Love what people are saying in the comments! Kids say the darndest things. And sometimes too many things!!!!!
    Have a great day!! xo

  20. Well, Diana, I got my dose of daily laughter from you, once again! Like I always say... girl, you are a TRIP! (And apparently so is CJK) ;)
    Oh, and Vera's 2nd comment cracked me up, too!

  21. Oh my goodness, I am still chuckling over this one! Hee Hee Hee! I am on a blog search for a good swap. I just a fin one and I LOVE tea and all tea related things! I sure Mollye, I met some of the sweetest folks when she did a Mother's day swap several years ago. Well I better get to the grocery store. Let me know if you hear of any good swaps going on! Have a beautiful day and never stop laughing and enjoying those grands!

  22. LOLOLOL!!!! oh to be a little boy and have a weiness! LOLOL.
    i have always envied them on camping trips.
    you know...
    no squatting in the poison ivy! :D

  23. Oh Diana, I know someone who is going to think twice before he tells his son something from now on--before it lands on Nana's blog!

    We still say a lightbulb has "bulbed out" at our house because our 45 year old said it when he was CJK's age!

  24. I cant stop laughing! this will be stuck in my head all day.

  25. I can always find a good laugh here with you, Nana Diana!
    You just crack me up!!!
    I will use this in a sentence with my husband.
    Oh Diana,I can't stop laughing. :-)

    I'm looking forward to my new word every week. Haha

    Have a great day!

  26. Oh my gosh Diana, that is hysterical! Am I allowed to CALL someone "weiness"????? Not that I ever would, of course...........
    What is it about men not liking to wash their hands?? And I don't have "weiness envy" either!!!

  27. I think I could say 'put trousers on when we have guests or I'll staple your weiness' given my latest blog:)

  28. Diana, That is so funny. I love that he said he did not have to wash his hands. That is worth sharing. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  29. What a hoot!!!! I used to make up words all the time too; it will be a challenge to see how I use this word in a sentence-maybe I'll ask hubby if he washes his hands if he doesn't touch "it" when he pees. I imagine there are tons of men out there that don't.

  30. Oh the things kids will say... and even more hilarious for them to parrot the things we! Love it Diana, great smile for the day!

  31. Ridiculous. I used to teach preschool, kindergarten and grade one...the little littles were always my favorite for exactly this reason. The made up words and reasoning behind them were the best.

  32. Working in a pediatric office, I wonder if ...... no better not! LOL Cindy xoxo

  33. This one wins the blue ribbon hands down. Loved it. I miss Art Linkletter's kids show. They tell it like it is.

  34. HILARIOUS!!! Love it! Little boys are so funny! I'll be sure to try and use that word sometime today... :)

  35. Yeah, I don't know about that, Diana! It's bad enough I get erectile dysfunction emails in my spam folder. Don't know about using it in a sentence! : )

    They are too funny, aren't they? It's amazing how they hear the word or is it that they can't get their mouth around certain letters. Along those same lines, my granddaughter has a "B"agina.

  36. Hahahahahahahaha,,,,,my laugh for the day :)

  37. Ha! My word is sigglepook. That's the big tangle that always happens when I stuff my earbuds in my purse.

  38. tooo cute...
    "When cooked on the grill, I like my weiness really really browned." LOL
    I thought this was going to be "do a post on some funny words your kids/g'kids have said and boy, I can almost write a book....
    My mother, bless her heart, wrote down every funny thing my kids ever said....

  39. OK!! What are you taking this week??? Thanks for the laugh...again..cute

  40. Oh my word. . . Diana, you sure know how to make me laugh. Maybe with this fellow it's a case of like NANA like grandson!

  41. Oh my gosh - I love that - the innocence of children - he did a great job with it too. Laughing my head off.

  42. Ha ha! Those grands are hilarious!!! (I'm thinking the parents probably are as well and then there's the nana...) Jane

  43. One of the many reasons I love visiting your blog is I NEVER know what shenanigans you'll be up to... once again, I'm not disappointed ... you are a NUT! Love your new word Wednesday. HILARIOUS! And what a cutie!

  44. Reminds me of the old Art Linkletter show KIDS SAY THE FUNNIEST THINGS.

  45. Haha. Don't these kids just kill you???!!! Lol. BTW, did you get the wonderful warm weather we got today? I sure hope so!

  46. LOL Oh Diana this is too funny. Kids say the funniest things as they make up new words. This one is hilarious!! Never a dull moment in your world.
    Have a Happy Easter and Blessings to you and your dear family.

  47. Oh how funny - they say the funny's things, don't they. He is such a cutie.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  48. Oh, that cracks me up, Diana. Kids are so funny with their words. Jess used to make up a few words herself, and to this day when she's giving me a hard time, I'll yell out her word haha!

    What a cute picture of your grandson.

    love, ~Sheri

  49. Having granddaughters I haven't a clue how to use that word :)

  50. My oldest called it his wein wein...but we had a friend that everyone called Weinus back in our tenties. I have no idea why...maybe tis is why! LOL Thank you, CJK! Precious two year olds make up the best words. :) xo

  51. Hmmmm, no aim, no game! IMHO, it's bad enough when they "attempt" to aim but if they don't hold it, it seems like it would be like a garden hose ~ just dancing around. LOL

    He's a cutie, that's for sure!


  52. too cute! love gypsy hearts garden hose comment:)

  53. bahahahahaha. Aren't little ones the best.... and you are too! Good one Diana!

  54. Well you're going to have some pretty interesting yellow designs on your walls LMHO !!!
    Too cute !

  55. This was so funny..... Does he have the same wonderful sense of humour that his grandma has?


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