Thursday, December 11, 2014


First off- IF you see 
on blogs that has never had it before
you DO NOT NEED to type the words in.
Just hit Post Comment as always 
and it bypasses them
What a pain in the patooty though.

Well, I sure didn't have to count the votes
twice this time!

I guess you all are 
because that was the runaway winner.
I think it has Ralph Lauren overtones
and who doesn't love 
Ralph Lauren?

Coming in 2nd with half the votes is the 
Someone commented they would take the table
but DEEP SIX the parrots!  lol
Third place goes to
I do think it was the room more than the table setting
that captured our fancy.
So there you have it.
Thanks so much playing along.
I love doing this- you all are such good sports!

After Christmas cookies
I have to go get my teeth cleaned.
Last time I was there my dentist had
some words for me.

your photo name


  1. I was wondering what is going on with the word verification. I seem to find it in every other blog in the last couple of weeks. I thought something happened that I didn't know about. :) Beautiful tablescape inspiration!

  2. I didn't vote, but I would have undoubtedly went for the plaid, too. I love it!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on word verification, I wondered what was going on....hugs....

  4. Thanks for letting us know about the word verification...I had no idea. Love all of those tables...I missed the post where the voting went on but I see so many good ideas that I can "pin" for later. Another thing I am going to "pin" is the crown saying to put in my it!

  5. I'm sending this to my dentist!
    And although I didn't pick the plaid table, I'm so happy, because I just bought a long, formal plaid skirt to wear with an off-shoulder black, fur trimmed top to wear to a Christmas formal next week. I'll look just like the prize winning table!

  6. Love all three. I guess I missed this post!!!! Have a great day!

  7. I'll be over at the green table:) You knew those parrots are actually ornate individual cakes, right? lol

  8. Oh wow, more blogging snags!

    And all we have to do, is not pay attention to Word Verification? On blogs where it hasn't been being used?

    Why not tell the blogger, that this has happened to her blog? I sure would want to be told, if the ding-dang WV had been slipped onto my blog!!!!!!!!

  9. The were all so gorgeous, but I'm sticking to my green one, lol! Stunning, 'ive never one and I'm copying it for future refence. Sooo unique!
    I just made myself a tartan tablescape for the Rosary gathering last month.
    Have a lovely weekend sweet lady and take care!

  10. Too funny about the crown! My blog has been asking for word verification lately too. Good to know that it isn't required. I don't understand why it's showing up. My table didn't win. Boohoo. Guess I'll be eating alone.

  11. Perhaps the majority of us spill our food/drinks and that is why the RL design won!

    I am getting MY CROWN in one week!!!!

  12. They are all gorgeous! Love the little sign about the crown :)

    You can also use the 'Embedded" comment format and it does not ask for Word Verification. I hope Google gets everything worked out soon.

    Hugs to you!

  13. I love plaid and have it here and there in my house for winter! Enjoy your day sweet friend! I would like to say I'm busy sewing....but not yet! lol Holiday hugs, Diane

  14. I am going for a rustic, more pared down look in my home this year, when it comes to Christmas decorating, so I picked the rustic modern room. However, I agree with was more about the whole room than the table. Either way, love the crown joke...I think I am putting one on my list for Santa. Maybe if they had a visual, my family would actually treat me with the respect I deserve! Oh wait, I live with teenagers. ;)

  15. You are just way too funny, Dianna!!!
    Love to you, Debbie

  16. Oh, yeah! And do need a crown! smile...

  17. Well I am glad to see how many of us are hopelessly old-fashioned or traditionalists. I like the warmth of it all. Hey, I'm freezing my giblets off over here and do not wish to be made colder with blues and greens and silvers and whites.

    A crown? I'd crown him!

  18. Absolutely, it was the rustic modernism in the interior over the table. I love your statement quote today, too cool!

  19. Too late to vote but I would have chosen the rustic !!!
    Absolutely gorgeous !

  20. Wait I didn't get to vote!! Okay, I pick the Ralph Laren table decor... Did I win? Loved the crown quote...
    HO HO Merry Christmas Roxy

  21. Oh, the red plaid is lovely also, that one caught my eye, but I couldn't resist the red roses. The crown quote made me chuckle. Haven't heard that one before hehehe.

    It's raining like crazy here in California. I am loving it and we need the rain.


  22. ya, what's up with the word verification? Mine goes on too sometimes, very annoying. I wish they would figure it out.


  23. Thanks for letting us know about word verification. I did notice it coming up on lots of blogs lately. Love the saying about the crown!

  24. Yeah, my two were tops.....just in reverse order:)

  25. My daughter just had to have a root canal in her crowned tooth - which had already had a root canal!
    Once I had ancesses in all FOUR of my corwned teeth! It was horrible! They couldn't save one of them but I had ANOTHER root canal in the other three! Hope you only need one and I hope you have insurance!!!
    Thanks for the heads up on the word notification thing. Now I'm off to catch up on the posts I have missed of yours!

  26. Well.... it looks like a few people agree with me. Third place is better than no place at all. And good luck with that crown. I don't think your dentist will be giving you a pretty little tiara, but a gold crown always assures that you don't die with nothing to show for your life. With the price of gold - you've always got something! (at least that's what my dentist told me - I got a gold crown a couple years back - but my real thoughts were - it's something for the undertaker to steal before he plants you in the ground. LOL)

  27. It's sounds like *traditional* was the pick of the season!!! Hope you enjoyed your cleaning!! Blessings, Cindy

  28. The plaid - truly my favorite! I think you are most-deserving of a crown, Diana! Just be sure the jewels in it are ample and NOT paste! xo Nellie

  29. Not sure how I missed to vote. I did mention I loved the slip covers on the chairs. Oh well. It sounds it was a good pick.

  30. Diana, At least your dentist is very wise. LOL. I loved the plaid. Yes, the 3rd pace table really was about the rooms. Hope you had a great day. I loved the sunshine we had. xoxo,Susie

  31. Did he say you needed a crown or that he was going to crown you??? Hope you had a fun day, Diana..

  32. Thanks for the giggle :) I do love the plaid one. I hear it's very trendy, but I always think of Ralph Lauren when I see it and he's been around long enough to not be super trendy. I think.

  33. lovely. I love them all. It's fun to change looks up, especially tablescapes. Hope you are enjoying the holidays. xo

  34. Love theses! I'm mad for plaid! I hear you on the crown- I'm right there with you- I need two. Merry Christmas to us!

  35. Oh poo.... I didn't win. Those are pretty too though.... maybe I'll win next time.. wait..... win what???

  36. wait...I though you already had a crown, Queen Nana

  37. I'm looking hi and lo for a pretty plaid tablecloth for Christmas Eve dinners.....

  38. Hi Diana, I loved the plaid!! This was fun. Have a great weekend.

  39. So glad that the plaid won - I loved it. What's with that word verification - it's so dark you can't see it and small.
    Have a great weekend and stay away from the cookies.

  40. so glad we won. This is my RSVP and Ralph will be my plus one...for sure.

  41. Oh darn...I am not much into plaid so did not pick it.

  42. I missed the vote but SO would have chosen the plaid table...Ralph is my decorating hero!!

  43. I am so far behind in reading blogs that my vote won't count, but I like the rustic.

    Thanks for the info on the word verification. You are the first person who has addressed the issue. I have asked a lot of people if they know what is happening, but no one has responded.

  44. Holiday inspiration perfect.

    The word variation has popped up on mine now, I think I will delete mine as I had to the last time this happened.

    See you soon.


  45. I loved the plaid and the green, but plaid has won out again! YEA!!! I didn't even notice the parrots, I would have to toss them too.


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