Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby Bright Eyes And A Baptism And A Bat

We had SUCH a nice day!
Our sweet little 

I am gonna apologize right up front for 
the quality of these pictures-I don't
know WHAT happened-
but, they are worse than usual...
and-yes-that IS possible!

I did NOT get very good pictures of her in the
Christening Gown
so I will post some of those when I get the ones
my daughter took.
The service started with this-
After her Godparents answered some questions
she was baptized.
Here she is on the altar at the baptismal fountain
with Mom & BigBoyE.
Yes- that is my daughter's REAL hair color and the 
curls are all natural.
Although the sun is hitting it here and making it GLOW!
People always ask. her about her hair.
.Here is a true fact~
When she was about 3 years old someone asked her
She responded:
I was running through HELL and my hair caught fire!
We have no idea, to this day, where she heard
that or why she said it....
That's our Mimi -
or Naughty Mouth as we used to call her.
After the service the pastor sat down on the altar
and told the "little people"
that were sitting on the floor
watching the whole process
all about BAPTISM.
Isn't that sweet?

Afterwards~ we went back to my daughter's house
for a seriously
There was quiche and fruit and 
strawberry spinach salad
and a waffle bar and cake.
Someone who shall remain nameless CJK
MIGHT  have stuck a finger in the frosting...
See the evidence for yourself...
The finger might be licked clean but AH-HA
The whole house was decorated beautifully
for our little girl's special day.
If you are smart you can 
Baby Bright Eye's REAL NAME is!

There were sweet little tulle bows here and there.
She was awake for the service 
and for a while afterwards.
I love the way her little tongue is always
peeking out of her mouth.

Mama put her down in her swing and
she slept the afternoon away.

Lest you think I was the OLD BAT in the heading
I want you to know that someone else was
THE BAT today.
WHO but MY SON would show up wearing

I guess he misread the invitation.
Hey, dopey- It was a BAPTISM
your photo name


  1. Such a special day. Thank you for sharing it with us. Bright Eyes is so very beautiful. May God richly bless her!

  2. Diana, Blessing to all. What a wonderful day for your family. I love that the priest told the children about baptism. I wonder who told that to your daughter, she surely could not come up with a retort such as that so young. My grandson , when asked about where he got his red curls would say, "From Jesus." LOL. I'll have to tell him what Mimi said. :):) xoxo,Susie

  3. It looks like it was a beautiful day, Diana! A beautiful name for a beautiful baby. My granddaughter is blonde with curly hair. No one knows where that came from, but probably somewhere far back in the line.

  4. What a wonderful day, even with the bat wings. lol Love all the sweet photos and that lovely banner! What a precious time, Diana.

  5. What a special day for all the family. I love your daughter's answer for her red curls. I would love to spend some time with your family. I know there would be lots of laughter. (Why did your son wear bat wings? hehehe)

  6. What a special day, Diana! The pictures weren't that bad or maybe that's the thing of having a good looking family, every one looks great!

  7. ha! what a wonderful celebration of love and commitment to god. what a pretty name.

  8. So precious! I always love seeing a baptism. Especially when it's a baby. There is something so touching about it. As for your son? There has to be one in every family, right?! ;)

  9. awww. Such sweet memories, food, decor looked wonderful too!! V

  10. What a precious child! I love the photos!

  11. such a beautiful ceremony, not sure about the bat wings, lol,

  12. Anna is just adorable....what a special day for your family! Bat wings?????...he must be as much fun to be around as his mother! Hugs, Penny

  13. A blessed time for that precious baby! Gatherings with family are always the very best! xo Nellie

  14. How absolutely adorable she is!! Love the gown and to think all of those painstaking hours you spent making this dress! It is absolutely gorgeous! Love this wonderful idea.!


  15. She is so precious and what a fun family weekend.

  16. Your family must have the best sense of humor ever!!! What a special day this was Diana. She's a real beauty and looks so darling on her special day.
    I LOVED your daughter's response when someone asked her about her hair---that is a scream!!!
    hugs from here
    ps-Landon loved his hug

  17. beautiful all!!!!

    love the "bat wings" touch. only you, could manage a photo catch like that!!! -giggggles-

    "I was running through HELL and my hair caught fire!" love it! love it! love it! love it! must pass that on to our red-headed 'grand'! she hated her gorgeoussssss red hair, when little. bet she will wish she had thought of that line, way back then.

    btw, she is now 20 and has for some time, appreciated her gorgeous red hair!!!! funny how opinions change. -gigggles-


  18. What a special day! And I could tell what was happening by the pictures, so they really are not that bad. And I love your daughter's hair. My daughter has red curly hair, also, but she straightens it. She gets a reverse perm or something to get most of the curl out and then uses a flat iron to keep it smooth. It's pretty either way, but I always loved the curls.

  19. Lovely family and lovely baptism! Cherish these special times with your special family. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  20. What a wonderful day that was! Your daughter has hair like mine (curly). Mine is brown though. I would say she got that saying from her being a natural red head. Red heads are known to be "pistols"! LOL. Everything looked so good back at the house. Loved the pretty cake!

  21. What a special and wonderful day. Little bright eyes is too cute. Glad you had a wonderful day with your family. Pretty cake and lovely and yummy food. I bet your quiches were a hit.

  22. I see your son inherited your wonderful sense of humour!
    God's Blessings to sweet Little Anna Ireland.
    I know she will be well loved and adored.
    May be she'll inherits her Mother's gorgeous hair!

  23. Hi Diana, it look like it was a beautiful day for a baptism! So glad you all had fun.

  24. Your family is so much fun! I can't imagine where they get it from. Darling Bright Eyes has some lovely names that's for sure!

  25. What a beautiful day for your sweet family. You really bring them together with your loving ways of treating each one. Enjoy your day sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

  26. Your family gatherings always look like so much fun!! My baby (my own naughty mouth) was confirmed this weekend! I feel like we were just baptizing her...and now we are here! Wow, hold on tight, I guess, this is a fast ride! ;)

  27. What a beautiful service that must have been.
    Oh by the way, when people asked where I got my red hair, I was told to tell them from the Milk Man.

  28. What a beautiful day it must have been, Diana. I've just read your post about the gown - such a work of love and art - a treasure to be taken ahead to the generations.

  29. Awww, I really enjoyed seeing these pics of your family. What a lovely and memorable day for all of you!

  30. Another Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww here for B. B. Adorable girly. Anna.Thank you for sharing . Enjoyed the pictures and Bat Man Wings , Bat Man. Dada, Dada, Dada Bat Man

    Whoosh I am out of breath
    singing that. .

  31. Beautiful baby, beautiful family.

  32. What a perfect day! Sweet Bright Eyes looked beautiful, as always. :) Love that cake and a waffle bar...genius!! I'm laughing out loud at your daughters response to where she got her red hair!! Hilarious!

  33. Oh Diana, what a special, wonderful day. Baby Bright Eyes so very peaceful and beautiful. What a nice minister to sit down with the children and explain to them about being baptized.
    All the decorations and food looked wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us - the photo's were great also.
    My grand niece asked the priest when she was being baptized "Where's God"? So he explained to her, but being 4 years old I don't know if she understood it all. But it was priceless.
    So glad that everything was perfect.
    xxoo Mary

  34. Precious memories. The baptism or dedication of babies and children are some of the special moments in our lives. Since my dearest is a retired minister, he had the privilege of dedicating all of our grandchildren. Baptizing the older ones, being the minister to marry his children, and now grandchildren. These are treasures every family has.

    BTW ~ underneath all my gray in years gone by...I was born with that beautiful dark red hair...but mine was straight!!! Wish it has been curly as it would have saved me a ton of money on perms...haha.

  35. Good Golly. A Bat-tism well at least he was dressed for the occasion! I loved it all and your daughter's hair is amazing and as a red head myself I never thought of such a response!! But she made my day, I will always think that every time I see a wild child with red hair like us.
    Lovely, so very special....
    xo Roxy

  36. What a beautiful baby and service!


  37. Congrats! Sweet, sweet baby. On a different note...the bat wings idea was just awesome!

  38. Congrats!!! What a beautiful baby.


  39. Congratulations! What a special day indeed. Looks like a fabulous celebration Diana.

  40. What a beautiful day for such a beautiful baby girl. Continued blessings. Loving the bat wings too. Awesome touch!

  41. Thank you for sharing part of your very special and memorable day! Precious little angel! Congratulations to all! Blessings, Cindy

  42. Looks like such a lovely day and the waffle bar sounds like a brilliant idea!

  43. Ah, such a sweet baby! And I'm dying over that photo of the cake. I'm dieting and have seen at least three cakes on blogs today. I'm going to be dreaming of icing!

  44. Despite all the solemn beauty of that special day you guys STILL managed to have a good laugh at "bat-tism" man! LOVE IT!
    What a beautiful family, and now little (uh, lemme see.....I didn't see anything on that banner!) Baby Bright Eyes joins the family of God where she will be protected by the heavenly father who watches over all of you - including the bat! "God created everything and said that it was good!" - I think he was referring to him too!

  45. What a lovely day..Waffle bar..sounds yummy..good idea..Only your son would come up with Bat wings...Too funny..

  46. I just love your family stories. Beautiful times and special days with a bunch of nuts! My kind of people! xoxo

  47. your family rocks...batism!

  48. Congratulations to your little sweetie. I love the hair story. LOL!!!
    xo Laura

  49. Diana, this is lovely! What a special event! You can see the love in your family through your photos! You can also see the sense of humor- I think I know where your children got their sense of humor! That apple didn't fall far from the tree!

  50. What a beautiful and blessed day Diana. Your family is as lovely and beautiful like you. Prayers for you all and your daughter must have a sense of humor like that's one funny red head story!! Roxie

  51. A beautiful day for a blessed child. She is adorable. So fun after two boys. Your daughter has beautiful hair and children. YOur son must take after you....he he. I need to send you an email tomorrow.

  52. What a beautiful baby and a beautiful name! Looks like all had a wonderful day!

  53. What a special family event...a moment in time...looks like a beautiful day! You are blessed, Diana!

  54. Hi Diana, what a beautiful day for a darling little one. Love her name and she fits it well. Love your daughter's gorgeous red hair. The house and brunch looks just perfect. Precious moments for a special day. And, those Bat wings are a hoot!!

  55. Such a lovely day for your beautiful sweet baby. The family looks so happy. Having a redhead in the family is priceless. You are so funny with the bat wings.....LOL. is not available but is. x0

  56. That hair is seriously fine! I would trade my right arm for it. Or, maybe a finger. Congratulations on the special day for the sweetheart whose name we can't know.

  57. that looked like a sweet and heartwarming service and a fun and special day!! thanks for sharing!!!

  58. I loved this. Put a sweet lump in my throat. Of course, it was all about the cake for me, too. (JK)

    I HAD hair like Naughty Mouth does, although not as gloriously textured with divine curls and Q's. The Baby in our family's hair is like hers, too. People ask all the time where she got her perm. I will say that it is an insult to us redheads to be asked, "Is that your natural color? Or where can I get it?"

    That was HILARIOUS about the bat wings. You crack me up, girl!


  59. What a precious day Diana! I love your grand daughters name too. So pretty. And of course she is gorgeous! You have a beautiful family.

  60. What a special day...Anna is precious!! Diana I just love all of your daughters decorations!!

  61. Oh yeah...that waffle bar is making me crave a waffle now...thanks a lot!!

  62. As a red haired child I always hated it when people asked me where I got the red hair from...............didn't they think I was born with it???? Baptism....what a precious day and preciuos little girl.

  63. Anna Ireland - what a gorgeous name ( for a gorgeous little girl ) Wouldn't it be something if she has her Mom's beautiful hair?

  64. Good Morning, Your Anna Ireland is growing so fast. It is wonderful to have such a treasure to be used from generation to generation. I love red hair. My sister-in-law had beautiful red hair too. Little boys are allowed to sample the cake's frosting before you eat it. He has to make sure it is good. I can't believe how fast they are growing. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  65. A lovely day and little Anna is so sweet. I thought it was so funny what your daughter said about where she got her red hair. I can only imagine where she ACTUALLY heard that ;)

    XO Danielle

  66. I would much rather be with you today then where i am going - but ...................
    I was just telling my grandson today - when i was teaching him - ahem - how we got before God and promised we would teach right from wrong.
    You have a lovely family and it looked like a great day.

    And gee that was not a small blurb about me at all - but ....................I am grateful for our friendship and i and filled with thankfulness for all the prayers. I am a BIG believer in prayer.

    Thank you, sandie

  67. What a special special day for you and your family.
    She is just precious!!!
    Love the photos....each and every one of them. No apologies necessary. They are wonderful!

  68. Sounds like your daughter is a chip off the ol block!

    Beautiful day, beautiful baby, beautiful family!

  69. love her little outfit and her name, diana! not every little girl has batman at her baptism:)

  70. Mimi's response re. her hair is sooooo funny! what an amazing little girl!

  71. She is truly a beautiful baby! I'm glad everything went well. Love Mimi's story about her hair! When my daughter was about that age, someone asked where she got such big blue eyes...she said, "Dillard's" !! No clue about how she arrived at that answer! :)


  72. Congrats to you and your family on this very special day!!


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