Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Blue Bowl

If you are NOT a lover of poetry you might
want to skip today's post and come back tomorrow.

Did you ever have something get stuck in your head
and you only know part of  it?
That happened with me yesterday.
I dropped the girls off at school and 
on the way home
I was thinking about all I needed to do and
I thought of a poem that started
All day I did the little things....

My father was a reader of poetry and I grew up 
listening to him read it aloud.
So, I KNEW I had heard it but could not,
for the life of me, remember the whole thing.
I googled that line and could not find it.
I remembered there was a blue bowl in the poem.
I googled blue bowl and found a blue bowl
and remembered the poem had marigolds in it, too.

Okay- STILL nothing!
I KNEW I had some old poetry books downstairs.
After about an hour or searching I found it.
It warmed my heart as much today 
as it did all those years ago.

The Blue Bowl

All day I did the little things,
The little things that do not show;
I brought the kindling for the fire
I set the candles in a row,
I filled a bowl with marigolds,
The shallow bowl you love the best-
And made the house a pleasant place
Where weariness might take its rest.

The hours sped on, my eager feet,
Could not keep pace with my desire.
So much to do, so little time!
Yet, when the coming of the night
Blotted the garden from my sight,
And on the narrow, graveled walks
Between the guarding flower stalks
I heard your step; I was not through
With services I meant for you.

You came into the quiet room
That glowed enchanted with the bloom
Of yellow flame, I saw your face,
Illumined by the firelit space,
Slowly grow still and comforted-
"It's good to be at home," you said.
Blanche Bane Kuder

MyHero and I took a test not too long ago
about our "love language".
The highest you can get in any category is a 12.
Most people fall somewhere in the middle of 
two or three of the categories.
I was a 12 for SERVICE!

That is HOW I show my love for someone.
I DO THINGS for them that I think will make
them happy and comforted.

MyHero on the other hand did NOT score on the 
Nosireeebob- He is a 
He likes to be TOLD that he is doing a good job.
Me?  I could care less.
If you love me-
Like- put YOUR dirty socks in the hamper
instead of leaving them on the floor with your
dirty underwear.

That was an eye opener for me after all these years.
So, now I say
when he takes the garbage out
which is HIS contribution to 
SERVICE around here-
and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Ain't life grand?
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  1. Beautiful poem. Have a wonderful weekend, Diana.

  2. Diana, I love the poem. I do for others, I want to do it willingly...but it isn';t always like that at home here. LOL. I stopped putting Ted's clothes away for him. I wash them and fold or hang them, but he has to put them in drawers or the closet. :):) He's trainable thank goodness. My advise to all young up after yourselves. I will give that same advise to young marrieds too. Those little things in the poem makes for busy mom days. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I'm glad you found the poem! I hate it when something like that gets in my head and I can't complete it. My dad used to sing a song that had to do with a train- I need to hunt it down because it's been bugging me. Happy weekend!

  4. Great post! Wait, you don't need that affirmation type of thing :)

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that the little things mentioned in the poem matter. There is also not a doubt that we each fill a void for others....the best partnerships are a ying to their yang! I am glad you found the poem....and that you also had a dad that read poetry!

  6. what a beautiful poem and the painting is lovely, you are a giver, that I am sure of,

  7. What a wonderful way to start my Saturday. Lovely, glad you found it. It is the little things.

  8. I love that poem, I may have to copy it and read it over and over. I had to smile about your husband, it took me years to get mine to put his dirty clothes in the hamper,but finally he does but then he'll "wod" up a grocery bag and stash it behind the blender... oh the little things that should not get on my you poems says "the little things" we do show our love but then we or I so often take things for granted so maybe he does to. Yes, we should show our love by our actions!

  9. What a lovely poem..glad that you found it!

  10. Aww...what a sweet lovely poem! I kinda wouldn't guessed you to be a server that of gal!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I love poetry and that was a really sweet poem. Yes, life is grand. Have a great day.

  12. Life is grand and so is the beautiful poem!

  13. You are a server / giver for sure!
    Love the blue bowl! I may just print it out for the stainless fridge!

  14. Life is grand. You are grand. Grand poem. xo

  15. That is so interesting. It would be fun to see where we all fit. Enjoy your weekend my friend! Do something nice for deserve it! Hugs!

  16. What a wonderful poem. And, I love that you two took the love language test. We should probably do that too. They can be a real eye opener.

  17. What a wonderful poem! I knew you were a giving lady the first time I visited your blog! Love your attaboys, that works with my guy too! Yes, life is grand and it's a gorgeous day too! So hope your weather is wonderful up in your part of the country! Have fun with your grands!

  18. That's a beautiful poem, Diana. I think we do a lot of little things for our families every day that no one really realizes but we do them anyway because we love them and the love we get in return is more than enough ~ although I have to say it is nice to be thanked every once in awhile, just sayin'! Hubby and I read "The Five Languages of Love" a few years ago. It's a wonderful book.

    1. PS ~ It's actually called "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman.

  19. Well I am not surprised in the least that you scored a 12 for service, Diana! You are always doing for others! What a pretty poem, now I know where you get your love of poetry from. So funny about your Hero and his ratings!!!

  20. Life is very grand and I so love poetry! Love the poem and the photo too! Happy Saturday friend!

  21. Good Morning! Your gifting is no doubt being a servant! This gifting keep the world moving in the right direction! My husband is a servant! Unusual for men but he functions in this, which helps me in running my home and know he helps others. But I think we all need an Atta-Boy!
    You always make me laugh! But the poem was sweet and really your Hero would rather be with you and at home then anywhere! Because you are his blue bowl filled with marigolds!
    Happy Mothers Day to you! Roxy

  22. We are much alike in this - and so are our husbands.
    As for the poem - it struck a chord in me. I wish I'd been familiar with it years ago, as it seems to talk about my life for the 25 years before I went to work full time. I miss being able to adequately do the little things.

  23. lovely poem...

    as to the testing, i'd be afraid to take it. -giggles- oh he would come out, with flying colors. but me.... repeat, not gonna' take one of those.

    just sayin'......


  24. that's interesting. I think John would be the hero in any test like that. I'm a complete dolt.

    I adore that poem. It's wonderful!

  25. Wow, you're a poet and you didn't know it. I can't believe you got your hero to take that quiz in the first place. Mine gave up on it 25 years ago wham I hated his answers and we'd always get in a fight. I can see how yours turns out as it did. It sounds spot on. Don't know about your hero, but mine thinks taking out the garbage is a saintly thing to do. He can be pretty handy outside too. Oh, and he's great with kids. By the way, your blue bowl with Marigoldsi beautiful too. Have a great weekend!

  26. I LOVE the poem, Diana, and as far as the love languages go, that is almost frightening. I also score almost totally in the 'acts of service' department. I couldn't understand gifters or words of affirmation, etc. etc. Learning about love languages has helped me immensely in understanding people better - and maybe doing something they like rather than just annoying them. LOL Beautiful photo. I've got a blue bowl like that around here somewhere... ... ...

  27. dirty socks and underware tell you that you are needed...otherwise the house would smell of stinky feet and butt crack.

  28. Oh, I love this post, Diana! It is the little things that make so much difference! Love the poem! It's perfect! xo Nellie

  29. I love, love, love this poem, Diana. I am saving it!
    I'm afraid my husband would probably score higher than me in the service department.
    However, I may make up for it in other areas. so we're pretty well balanced-I think!

  30. Diana, I am so glad you stuck to the hunt!!! I too get an idea of something in my head and I can't let it go! What a lovely poem and it just warms the heart and is so relatable. The painting is just as beautiful too! Ahh, how wonderful is the fact that your father read you poetry!!! What a grand memory and such a gift he gave you! I remember just one young man who read me his poetry once. Sadly, I can't say I remember what it was about but it is a treasured memory. <3

  31. The speaker in the poem sounds like a more conscientious housewife then me! I like the way little snippets of a distant memory can sometimes pop into your mind. They sometimes drive you mad though as you try to recall more.

  32. Life is grand Diana! And I'm with you, it's definitely the little things that make all the difference. I'm always making little mental notes of things that make people happy. A smile makes my day!

  33. That's so wonderful that your father read you poetry; you developed an appreciation, and now, you have those memories to cherish.
    Maybe that's why marriage works, one compliments the other :) xoxo

  34. Oh yes my friend, this poem is wonderful and it was just perfect for my very rainty and gloomy Saturday, I love it! I'm keeping it! Alejandro used to send me to NY poetry from Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet, Nobel prize winner as well... when he was young, in fact he sent me the book for my first birthday knowing him.....since we got married, no MORE POETRY, no sireeebob! Still, he's my hero, lol!
    Have with the girls and enjoy your weekend hon...

  35. Beautiful poem Diana...that photo would look beautiful framed!! Have a super weekend:-)

  36. oh lovely poems Diana.. I love poetry (:)

  37. Oh that was beautiful poem. Love the flowers and the blue as well.

    Oh my hubby he cant do enough for me. I don't think I ever have to say anything. He has done it.

    I bet you may think what do I do for services. Not much.. I am a comforter, and a happy person to others. I am a huggy person. People joke with me. Her comes that hands on lady.

    I give him a kiss and say thank you Dear. Your my everything.

    He likes that and he never even associated his gift of service . A every day thing.

    I the good lady of him. Just automatically smothers with him with kisses.

    Have a good day Di.

  38. I think if H and I took the service test....his score would be higher than mine....he's more of a giver than I am.....shame on me! Loved your poem...hugs, Penny

  39. years ago, Dr Phil said on his TV show that a man taking out the garbage is like saying "I love you" to a woman, and that NOT taking out the garbage is like saying "I don't love you" to a woman. Thank goodness my husband saw that show with me. He never forgets. Bless Dr. Phil!!!

  40. Hi Diana, You scoring a 12 for service doesn't surprise me at all. Loved the poem and the pottery photo is gorgeous. Perfect for framing.
    Life is Grand, and ain't love grand??

  41. Oh I hate when I can't find or remember something - it will drive me nuts all day until it comes to me. Glad you found your poem. And you are a 12 for service? Wow - wish you were MY wife!! haha

  42. Very nice poem...I'm sure it brought back great memories of your father. But the way you handle Hero.....well, all I can say is....Attagirl!

  43. I love this poem, had not read it before. Steve does it all. Service, know actions speak louder than words. I say it, I do it. We make sure the other one knows...its the little things. Wish your guy was a 12, too. You'd probably think he was up to something, though.

  44. The poem is beautiful...I think I read it somewhere a long, long time ago. Google can be wonderful. Over 20 years ago I tore a poem out of a magazine, by Joyce Carol Oates. It reminded me of my father. When he passed away I no longer had the poem so I searched and searched the internet with just the few words I could remember and after a few hours, found it! I didn't read it at his funeral as I intended, but I keep it in a safe spot.

    The love language thing sounds sort of neat (and of course you made me laugh!), I had to laugh the most about the clothes in the hamper thing. I read in a magazine recently that spouses will treat each other the way they want to be treated. For example, my hubby is very touch/feely and constantly heaps affection and sweet words on me. On my end, I am constantly hovering over him making sure he's not hungry, is comfortable, does he need anything...etc. I guess I am wanting him to be doing those things for me and he must want me to be more affectionate to him. Now isn't that food for thought?

    Happy Weekend!


  45. I love the poem! So happy you found it and shared it here.

    Love language... It is interesting to identify each persons preferences. For couples and with kids too :)

  46. Oh, life is grand with our guys we married almost 40 years ago. My guy is without question the cook here, so I'd say he rates pretty high in the "service" category.
    Love the poetry. I'm going to make a note of this poem. It's delightful!

  47. Oh, I like this poem, Diana. I AM A LOVER OF POETRY TOO! How nice that your father loved poetry, and that you grew up listening to him read. I have even written a couple of poems about my kids. It takes a lot of concentration, but a good poem will last forever.

    Have a blessed Sunday, and I love that picture of the blue bowl. ;~)


  48. I have taken the Love Language Test but I forget how Mister and I scored, though I do remember we were very different. I need to take it again...Beautiful poem. Glad you shared it.

  49. I loved the poem, Diana. Really thought provoking and so beautiful.

    I took a very interesting "spirituality personality" test via our church once. My gift in that department was "encourager and supporter". I think that we naturally show our love for each other in different ways. Even though my hubs isn't real vocal about giving me kudos, he shows it in other ways. Whereas I find myself telling praising and thanking him when he does little things for me. It works well for both of us! lol

    xoox laurie

  50. Love the poem, Diana, I'm a doer, too. (Not so sure I'd rate a 12, though:0) My husband is definitely a doer, I'm very lucky. Poetry is grand, I was an English major in college and wrote poetry for many years. I'm trying to get my kids to like it, but they just stick their noses up at it. Maybe someday. What a great memory to have of your dad. xoKathleen

  51. Love languages are very interesting and it amazing how a little test can tell us so much about ourselves and those we love! Love the poem as well! Blessings for a peaceful Sunday! Cindy

  52. What a lovely poem! Poetry is like a gorgeous painting! How very inspiring your father read poetry! Such a beautiful thing, indeed! xo Jen

  53. Love the poem Diana. Very nice post. So sweet that your father read you poetry. What a great memory.

  54. Diana,
    I think it is so cool that your Dad read poetry and out loud to boot!! The poem is beautiful.
    Now you have to send me a link to that test that you took. You have aroused my curiosity at what Joe and I would score......


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  56. That drives me crazy when I can't recall the name of something. Glad you finally found it. It's a beautiful poem!

  57. Beautiful poem, beautiful memory. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post!

  58. Beautiful poem! I'm glad you kept the search going...I don't remember this one at all. I think Gary Chapman did a wonderful job with that book! I think if more couples read it and applied the results, there might be some happier people! :)


  59. First of all, I love the poem. Grand!

    Next, my love language too is Acts of Service. Tell me you love me in that way.

    But my hubby? We dunno. He is sort of Gifts and Words kind of a guy. After 33 years, we both need to speak each other's love language more fluently.

    What's your Apology Language? My apologies bleed, so yours to me 'should' too. I love studying that kind of stuff!

    Finally, I've unsubscribed from all blogs via e-mail, so as you can see, I'm your newest follower via Blogger. ;-)

    Hugs and happy highways! It's been fun catching up!


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