Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Plants Are SPRINGING UP on the Bay

Just when I thought Spring had bypassed us
we got some warm weather~
and some rain.

Both work wonders for plants.
And, my friends, that is what I have been doing.
And planting and planting and planting
and I am just about planted out.

Want to see?
Here is a general overall of the back yard.
Here a few little closeups.
Ring of hostas around the tree.
I planted these 2 years ago and each one just had
a couple of leaves.
This urn is heavily shaded and it is hard
to keep anything alive there.
Ya can't kill a hosta  (can you?;>)
Did you know I have an outside soaker tub?
When the kids are done playing outside
they can pop in here and take a bath.
It's plumbed with hot and cold running water.
The arch has been over it for a couple of years.
This year I added planter boxes and 
zip-tied two wire dividers together.
There is ivy planted beside the hostas that
should scramble up to give more coverage.
I will also clip a curtain to it with clothes pins
for more privacy.
No peeping Toms allowed 
This sits in an outside alcove off the master bath.
And this is "my girls" window box on the dining room deck.
See the miniature rose AND the heart shaped rock.
Gotta love those girls!
Do you think I am one of those people 
that keep their
up year round?
Do I look crazy to you?
Don't answer that question.
Nope-but now it sits all wonky!
When I went to take it down in early Spring
I startled a Mama Bird.
She is still there and I don't dare move it 
until I know the babies are gone!

Guess we MIGHT have Christmas in July this year!

So...more to show you but 
I didn't want to bore you 
too much all in one day.
Also, we worked on my daughter's 
new house all day Sunday. 
 I will be posting some pictures of that this week.

Bear with me as I try to catch up on my visiting.
It has been a CRAZY few weeks.
Seriously - crazy.

My husband says I am driving HIM crazy
cuz I just keep going.
Him?  Crazy?
Guess what?  I have something 
special ordered
just for him.
It's a custom made straight jacket.
Lucky for him.
It should be here any day now.
Bet he gets over "crazy" fast
when he sees that little number!
your photo name


  1. I was started to think we'd never get to planting after such a long winter. It's been fun and a lot of work to get the yard in order again. I always love the view of the bay at your home. Love that water!!

  2. I'd love to have your view.. The inside work would never get done during the summer.

  3. seriously have a green thumb! those hostas are gorgeous, one of my favorite plants. btw, can you order my husband one of those custom made "jackets"? he was just off for 4 days and i might need a little "southern comfort" to recover (kidding, sort of)!

    our taylor is spending the day, night and tomorrow with us....she's already instructed us where we're eating out tonight, and all other fun plans in the works. she's going with me this morning to get my hair "did" and then i imagine we'll eat lunch out and do some shopping...ain't those grands great?

    i'll be waiting for that jacket now, ya hear?

  4. Looking good there, your hostas are looking much better than mine. Pretty impressive having an outside tub!

  5. It's a good busy you've had going on, Diana! Your gardens look lovely. I love hostas. Love that bathtub idea.

  6. If feels good to get out there and plant something doesn't it! I love hostas- I have a lot because of my shade. I'm liking what I'm seeing of your back yard- more more! That's a cute "heart" shaped rock you found. Now that version of an outdoor tub of yours is a first for me- that's a neat idea!

  7. beautiful yard, lots of hard work but it is so worth it. LOVE the soaking tub!!!...

  8. So funny! I'll have to order one of those jackets for my Mister. LOVE the girls window box. So sweet. Have a wonderful, day, Diana..

  9. A visit to your blog always brings a smile! Thanks for your lighthearted ways, we all need a dose of good cheer.


  10. Diana, Your yard and the lake is breathtakingly beautiful!! But I have to say, over-the-top gorgeous on that antique claw tub! That's got me written all over it~~~LOVE it! Blessings~~Roxie

  11. Welcome to the club, I've had a Let it Snow decoration on my porch for 3 years, even in August when it is 110 degrees.

  12. Diana, When Ted says I drive him crazy....I tell him "well that was a short drive !!" I love the way your yard looks. I divided a hosta last year , I should, have made more clumps...I now have 4 big blue hostas around a tree. You must have a big supply of sore muscle cream. LOL. I actually got a headache cleaning the yard and digging around. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. I think it must be fashionable to have a bird's nest in a Christmas decoration. Don't forget to get some pics of the birds for us!

  14. What a beautiful yard, Diana. The lake is lovely and your tub is whimsy and charm at its best. That is one of those things that your grandkids will always remember!

  15. Diana! That outdoor soaker tub is totally awesome!!! I was expecting to see a hot tub or something but a real tub is a very cool idea! I want one now! Your hostas are wonderful and that little heart rock is precious. By the way I need the link to where you got that straight jacket, it might come in handy next time I drive MY husband crazy.

  16. oh what beautiful surroundings, you live in!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. An outside bathtub !!!! AWESOME....
    Love your beautiful plants.....

  18. Diana,
    The view of your backyard is gorgeous. Love the bathtub how sweet and unique is that?! Love it. I am trying to get some planting done too but we just keep having rain filled days. Hopefully towards the end of the week it will be sunny again. Your sweet garden box with the heart stone is adorable. Love that so much. Have a great day my friend.

  19. You have been busy and your yard with that water view is so nice. Yes, leave the birdies alone. They just move in and act like they own the place!

  20. Its about time us Wisconsinites have some nice weather, your yard looks lovely.

  21. What a beautiful yard! Well, you people near the Bay had warm weather, but it was cooler by the Lake! We did have a beautiful day on Sunday but that was the day we went out of town (of course that was warmer yet!) Had a cookout on Memorial Day and it was a bit chilly with the wind and clouds! Ah well, eventually the sun will come out and heat us too.

  22. We need some rain...badly! Don't you just love hosta? Plant 'em and forget 'em!

  23. You can come over and work in my yard next, Diana! Don't you just love hostas? I have a ton in our yard too. As long as I can keep the deer from eating them they do fine. I think I need to order one of those straight jackets.

  24. must be a robin in that decoration, they seem to pick the strangest places, you have been busy!!!! that jacket is scary!!!

  25. Your yard is gorgeous! I love hostas, one of the few things I don't manage to kill. Loooove the tub outside, too- that just may be added to the list for our next house. It may keep reminding me of those cialis commercials, though.... ;)

  26. Hi Diana! Oh, I love your pretty gardens and back yard. I adore hostas and yours is so pretty. And yes, you can kill hostas - I'm living proof of that! ;) Your outdoor tub is genius! What fun! Do little frogs get in there and have a ball? :) Just make sure you take a snap of your hubby when you get him in that straight jacket.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  27. Oh I love that outside bath idea! What a great idea for grands! Crazy? You might be scaring him just a titch. LOL!

  28. I love those Hostas. I didn't know you couldn't kill them, though. Do they tolerate heat? And sun? I was thinking they preferred shade and we don't have a lot of that here. It is nice to see things greening up, though, isn't it. I just love going out and seeing a new bloom or a plant sprouting up from the soil.

  29. Dear Diana! I'm sure your Hero is never bored with you around. You have such a beautiful property. I love all that you did. You sure have a lot of energy!

  30. Hi Diana, I've been doing the same thing, I've had hostas around my big tree out front for a few years, this year they finally took, the deer kept eating them! I think they look so pretty around the base of a tree! Your grandaughters made a beautiful container planter

  31. I love your outdoor tub, Diana.
    And everything you've done so far..
    Where would we be without hostas?
    They are a mainstay for any garden!

  32. You have a beautiful yard Diana! Love the idea of a backyard tub...boy could I have used that when my kids were little. We live in the country, so there were times I had them strip off on the back porch before coming in the house! By the way, can you give me the supply name...I could use a straight jacket too!


  33. Oh I just LOVE that outdoor soaker Diana - what a fabulous idea - I wanted to put an outdoor shower up which John danced all over my head over LOL - a pool would send him right over the edge I think - but I'd give anything to have that - it's gorgeous!
    Have a great week ♥

  34. Oh Diana, you really make my day. You should be writing books as you are so interesting and funny. Your home and garden are very pretty. "I am just like you, I cannot take down anything that has a bird nest in it until I know they have left the nest. I now have another family of house wrens with a red breast making a new nest. They sign to each other as they are making a home for their babies - simply beautiful to see how hard they work for their children.
    Have a great day and slow down......

  35. I love that tub!!!...How great is it that your grands can take an outdoor bath in it....your plants are beautiful....I love hostas...but have to keep them safe from the deer! do have such a gorgeous place Diana!

  36. This is hilarious! About your husband. All husbands are this way, they just don't have the same "vision" we do.
    I'm trying hostas in Houston for the 1st time as I have so much shade. Just hoping the high temps don't do them in. Love your garden, love the outside tub, you made something impossible look fabulous. xx's

  37. Pretty yard Diana...tho anyplace by water has got my attention. Hostas are great.....they add something to every garden. Love that tub. I just started my planting, 2 heirloom tomato plants and 2 cucumber plants so far. Geranium and petunias today. I am still watching my perennials grow, which has been fun. OH Plus weeds!!!

  38. Diana,
    You are always doing something with your time. Where does one get so much energy? The yard around your house looks so green and groomed, and I love that heart shaped rock. I just came across one myself. The planter with the blue ball is so pretty. Is that a porcelain ball? I'm glad you're getting warmer weather there. It's getting warmer here every day, and summer will be before we know it.


  39. Diana, I love your beautiful garden. The hostas are so pretty! What a great idea having a tub with hot and cold water for the kids, love it!

  40. I'm exhausted just reading this!!! An outside tub...Love it, I would love to take a bath in the great out doors!!


  41. I'm with you girl, I've been out in the garden planting and planting, dividing replanting like crazy. The other night I fell asleep in my clothes in bed at 7:30 pm. I was exhausted, but there's one thing about gardening it's the best kind of exhausting there is. Your heart shaped stone is ever so cute. Your gardens also look neater than mine is right now. We will benefit from our hard work all summer long.

  42. I love your tub....what a neat idea! All your hard work sure is looking pretty.

  43. Looks like you are working really hard! I wish the bunnies wouldn't eat the hostas under my deck! Enjoy all of your hard work!

  44. Wow! Your hostas are gorgeous!! so big and healthy and pretty!! also....I vote for the CITRUS THEME for the wedding. Such bright beautiful summery colors

  45. I LOVE the ring of hostas around the tree...

  46. Your greenery looks great..Glad the snow has finally gone for you..Thanks for the laugh..I can always count on you..Birds have a way of making you put things off..

  47. Thank God it's finally warm enough for greenery! That Christmas decoration of yours, what is it mounted on? My MIL gave me one of those but I have no idea what it is. How cool is it to bathe the kids off in the yard! We could use one of those for sure! I think we have the dirtiest dirt!

  48. I loved getting to see some snippets from your yard. Looks like you have a nice property! Love that outdoor tub. I bet the kids do too.

  49. Cute post! I love the backyard beautiful. The tub is great! I love your Hostas. I don't have enough shade to keep mine going so gave them away maybe in a few years I will have..Love the new straight jacket...where did you find it so that I can get one for Love your posts always!

  50. Your plants are coming out nicely. Love hostas, can't go wrong there…….and that soaker tub, what a great idea.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  51. Beautiful, Diana! You've got a green thumb...who knew? :) I'm intrigued by the soaker tub. Great idea!

  52. I LOVE your yard! Your hostas are beautiful! The one planted in the urn - does it come back to life every year just being planted in the urn? And what is your secret in keeping that gorgeous fern so healthy? I have killed many of them back in the 70's, I'm afraid, and then totally gave up on them. You clearly have a green thumb!
    Thanks so much for the kind words on Mr. J. It's so good to have him back home healthy and HUNGRY again!

  53. You must have the magic touch with hostas. Those are gorgeous!

  54. What beautiful hostas! You've really been working hard! Love that outdoor soaker tub! xo Nellie

  55. You always make me giggle! Such a sweet way to end my night :) Love you back yard, can't even imagine such a beautiful view!

  56. Your garden is GORGEOUS! My goodness do you have an amazing space!!! My goal for this year was to pot up a few hosta...just love that look! And how brilliant is that tub!!!! I need one and I need one...boy would that just come in I don't want to come in and take a let me throw you in the outside tub so you don't have to go in! They would just love it! Have a great Thursday friend! And crazy makes the world go round!!! Nicole xoxo

  57. When you said an outdoor tub I didn't know you meant an actual BATHTUB! LOL!! What fun - I LOVE it.
    Your home is beautiful, inside and OUTSIDE!!

  58. Love your "soaker tub"....that is just the best idea ever. Love your flowers too. You blog is just so much fun... I too will enjoy it and think about it when I got to bed in a few minutes.

  59. I love the soaker tub. What an awesome idea! I also love hostas. They work well in my courtyard due to so much shade. Hope to see you soon at Uptown Acorn. I miss my Diana and her daily "isms"!!!!! xo

  60. You live in such a lovely setting! I agree with you about hosta plants. Even I can grow them - AND they successfully divide - even under my clumsy hand!
    I can see your little princesses leisurely bathing in the tub amid the ivy walls and blue sky ceiling! That's heavenly!

  61. Your yard is so pretty! I know you're excited to finally get some sunshine. :) I love the idea of an outdoor tub...gosh I could have used that when my boys were little. :)

  62. I love your yard! I love that outside tub! I loved the photos of the girls in it last year. I need one of those out here. Hope that jacket arrived in time and that it came with a muzzle. LOL- poor John. But its all his fault. If he weren't such a poop head, we wouldn't have so much fun picking on him. ( Love ya, John) I am ready for the photos of the T house! Glad you finally got warm weather there and the snow is all gone. Sure was a long winter for you. Hope you gets lots of days outside.

  63. Oh, what a beautiful backyard! Yes, you do sound very busy...glad you're able to do so much. You sound like the energizer Anxious to see your new house pictures.


  64. LOVE the tub! how fun would that be! a friend tried to give me a claw tub for my garden, and i turned it down! i don't know what i was thinking.

  65. Oh my goodness, your yard is gorgeous, Diana! I always get a little jealous this time of year when most folks are really enjoying being outside doing bbqs and pretty flowers, while we are stowing away the patio furniture and watching our flowers die a horrible "heat-stroke" death. Then I just have to remind myself that we might not be celebrating the 4th of July on a blanket in the backyard, but we can cook that turkey on the bbq and eat that cornbread stuffing & cranberry sauce at the picnic table. It's definitely a trade-off! I would love to grow hostas. I think they are so beautiful!

  66. Hi Diana, wow you have a beautiful backyard and what lovely plants. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Enjoy your Friday and weekend.

  67. The backyard is beautiful, Diana! I love hostas, and want to plant a few more this year. I planted one in a big pot last year, and it didn't come back:( either the winter was to harsh, or somehow it got pulled out. LOVE that tub! Just don't put your hero in it while he's wearing his new "jacket!"

  68. Yard and plant posts are never boring for this gal. Keep 'em comin'! The bathtub is fantastic.
    The problem with the straight jacket is, they can't work on their honey-do lists. ;0)

  69. Ha ha that'll teach him!
    You've got some great ideas for your garden, and what a view you've got!

  70. I just tore myself out of the garden to play catch up with everyone. I'm sure new weeds will be springing up while I sit here. sigh Your yard is beautiful and the claw foot tub is fab!

  71. oh how I love hostas but so do my chickens. I have to keep ugly wire around mine or they eat them right down to the ground. You have also given me an idea. I have a huge old wild cherry tree with a rocked lined flower garden under it. I can get nothing to grow there but I have never tried hostas so that's what I am going to do and then put up more ugly wire fencing so the chickens don't eat them. Happy weekend Diana. xo

  72. The bunnies really like to munch on my hosta, but fortunately there are way more hosta than bunnies! And that outside tub is just so much fun!

  73. So, so pretty! I think that tub outside is a grand idea for the kids ~ and I'm sure it's a huge help to keep some of the dirt outside. :) You really have a green thumb my friend...I don't. By the time it was pleasant enough to really plant here, I sorta lost interest as my balcony gets the west sun. By the latter part of June, most everything is fried here. Can't wait to see more of the trellis!



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