Friday, May 30, 2014

Finish It Up Friday: Randomness #2

This is SUCH a great way to get rid of  all those
of pictures and thoughts and ideas.
If I knew how to start a linky party 
I just might do it!
Or-maybe not-there are so many linky parties
we might not need one more about 

Here we go!

You know how yesterday I posted about the
Wedding Tables?

Well, I saved this from my friend. Michelle's blog,
It was for a small, informal wedding.
Isn't that the cutest idea ever?
Yes! Those ARE cupcakes!

Need a Bike Rack for all your kids' bikes?
How's this?
A bike for your bike!
I "think" I took this in Marquette, Michigan.
as we were driving past-thus the blur....
As if I don't blur them even when I am standing dead still.

Did you know that I know how to do 
I do!  I do!
See-Watch me make this ugly cord mess disappear.
You don't even have to buy a ticket for the magic show.
Thank you!  You're welcome!

Let's see-
What else do we have up the old sleeve?
Besides my wiggly upper arm..

Are you a COKE ADDICT?
Me, too!
However, MY Coke of choice is Diet Coke.
Did you know that if you cut the tops off
Coke 12 packs they make 
perfect little storage units for the PANTRY?
If I weren't  SO LAZY I would cover them with some pretty paper---
or spray paint them. 
Ahem! Just keeping it real, folks!
They sure don't look like THESE!

Speaking of the PANTRY?
Remember yesterday I told you there MIGHT be a 
You didn't believe me. did you?
Here- Check it out for yourself!
That ghost might (or might not) be named Charlie.

Yes- that glass WAS clean before he got in there.
Thanks for asking.

So-there you have it.
Another  Finish It Up Friday Randomness.

Another peek at the inside of
Chateau de Ledgeview!
Have a great Saturday!
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  1. Loving the random Friday post, you creative genius! Happy soon-to-be weekend!

  2. now I want a cupcake..... but Im counting ww points again. no cupcake for me!
    oh my... that ghost is pretty scarey! lol.. I would lock that door and never let it out! lol!!
    have a great weekend my friend!

  3. Haha ~ I always stop myself when I am going to clean glass on a day my granddaughter is due over, Diana. I figure I might as well wait. : ) Your using the boxes for the coke is a good idea for the pantry. I always wind up losing those little things, like the dressing or mix packets, and then I forget I have them.

  4. That's the cutest ghost I've ever seen (not that I've seen a lot of ghosts, but I'm sure it would be if I had) ! : ) I like how you made the cords disappear but I especially like the cover of the Heidi book ~ so sweet!

  5. Your randomness actually makes sense to me. Now I'm concerned.
    Thanks for the laughs, and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Diana, I like the hide the wires trick:):) The boxes in the pantry are perfect, it works. I re-use big plastic things pretzels come in. Ted re-uses his big peanut jars. If you saw them, you would think , no one could ever eat that many peanuts. Thank fully, it's over a period of years. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  7. your tips are great!! The Coke case one is super!!We actually made that cup cake dress for a shower last Fall, that ghost is pretty spooky, what did Charlie say when you showed him the photo? lol

  8. Love Heidi ! That is some clever DIY if I ever saw it! :)

  9. Lol... I love randomness! You need a ghostbusters!

  10. Charlie is a mess, that is all I have to say about that.

    The bike rack is a cute idea, someone should put a basket on it.

  11. The cake is gorgeuos!!!! Too bad I don't make stuff like that.....I think I'll pin it....maybe some one else can make one.

  12. I love this post! You have me cracking up. =) Love your little ghost and I am a fellow Diet Coke lover!


  13. actually, since you kind of brought the subject up, no...... pretty blog land does not need another linky party.

    some people love them, i guess...... i don't do any of them, myself.<---just me!!!!!! just me!!!!! (but sometimes i wonder, how many people don't really keep enjoying them... but feel obligated to keep participating, so as not to hurt the feelings, of the linky party mama....?)

    -sigh- well, i guess any ghost is better, than no ghost at all. ,-)

  14. Random posts are always my fave. Love your little ghost. It's amazing how fast little fingers find their way to my French doors after they are cleaned. (Which happens about once a year but still...)

  15. I like random stuff....this is a cute post! The Charlie picture is just too darn cute!

  16. Having been accused rightly of being random and wacky this week, I rather enjoy this post. You have an awfully cute ghost in your pantry!

  17. I love your pantry storage idea...genius! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  18. I love this odds and ends of photos post. I have lots of photos that I don't know where to use and now I do. Thanks.

  19. I love these posts! Always fun. Ha, Charlie is cracking me up (as per usual).

  20. LOVE the photo of Charlie Diana LOL - too funny....................
    And that wedding cupcake is just fabulous !!!
    I always have a random post on the go too - or a couple of them - sitting in drafts - waiting to finish up.
    Have a wonderful weekend ( are you taking it easy for a change? ) nah ..............didn't think so!

  21. Love your post as usual. Too funny is Charlie and oh yummy a cupcake gown.

    Have a great weekend Di.

    Carol Ann

  22. That photo scared me. Seriously. Reminds me of that kid who can see dead people! Does she really have things in Tupperware and labeled in her pantry. That's unnatural (coming from the girl who has six month old boxes of opened cereal taking up sitting on the shelf).

  23. I am so cutting my next case of coke...

  24. I really like that cupcake arrangement! Very clever! Now you have all of us running to organize our pantries!:-) xo Nellie

  25. Cute cake but not as cute as the pantry ghost!

  26. Oh My Goodness .. you gave me a good giggle this morning with your randomness .. I love your little Ghost I think you ought to keep little Charlie around... and great Idea for the coke boxes .. I do the same thing I have boxes organizing all sorts of stuff .. I'll admit I'm cheap and hate the thought of spending 6 or 7 dollars on 1 little organizer .. LOL !

    Have a Beautiful Weekend ,

  27. I demand to know why you locked Charlie in the pantry. Perhaps a shamelessly adorable cousin did it???
    xo, T.

  28. The never ending struggle with cords! That poor child. Wink.

  29. Good morning my friend. Ohhhh that Charlie too cute. Love the cupcake wedding dress. Too adorable. If I can ever get my younger daughter to settle down with someone remind me of this cupcake idea. You know I will forget LOL! I love it. Have a great day my friend.

  30. There used to be a meme called Random 5 Friday, but the blogger left blogland. You may have known her, but I can't recall the name at the moment!
    I love the cupcake idea! If my daughter ever gets married again, I'll show her this photo. And if my son ever settles down with one woman, I'm sure she'll have her own ideas for a cake! LOL! I like your little!

  31. Okay.... I really didn't believe in ghosts, but that little guy has me convinced that they really do exist. He's super cute! Gotta love him! And thank you for showing us that not every pantry can be perfect. My pantry is my clutter spot. I clean it, and it magically gets mess again. How, I am not sure. And those wedding cupcakes are ADORABLE!

  32. Darling ghost you have there, Diana. I've seen those wedding dress cupcake creations. Too cute.

  33. Well, aren't you a smartie, Diana.
    thanks for the practical tips!
    I see the ghost. He;s far cuter than scary.
    But don't tell him I said that. I would act frightened if I were there.

  34. Love the ghost pic!! I've been watching lots of scary shows on tv lately and that pic actually made me jump! Ha! That cupcake wedding dress is darling! I love that idea! I bet those coke boxes do make a great storage box for the pantry. They're pretty strong and would actually hold a lot of stuff. Great tip!

  35. I love your Friday randomness!

  36. Oh Diana, I have missed you...yeah, I too love your Frid. randomness, specially the Coke containers...which you cracked me up, and maybe it'll be great to paint them, lol!
    Tks for popping by to visit while I was away!!! Have a super weekend.


  37. I don't have any words, just this lolololololololololololololol

  38. I think I like this. Especially the ghost story.

  39. LOVE the messy cords disappearing! I'll try that one for sure. Have a great weekend.

  40. great tips, and very cute ghosts:) happy weekend, diana!

  41. What a cute post your little ghost...just adorable! Thanks for so really great tips too. I am in the process of redoing my cabinets, love the soda box idea.
    Have a great weekend!!
    XO Barbara

  42. very smart way to use up bits and pieces. I gave up Diet Coke in January (so far so good) so I don't have any of those stylish packages handy, but I appreciate the total time involved to produce those masterpieces. Very unique. And that little ghost was the best of all. so cute.

  43. Well that was different, a ghost in the pantry does the food disappear too mine does it's not really me eating it.

  44. I liked this post, and all the fun ideas, but that ghost is scary! LOL- hope you have window cleaner in the gallon jug...looks like you might need it. He is such a cutie. Craig was my window slimer- still is. Have a good weekend.

  45. I don't think I would ever want to step foot in your pantry, Diana! Looks too spooky to me! Love that cute cupcake idea. I'm surprised that you haven't spray painted those Diet Coke cartons:) That is my beverage of choice, too!

  46. That is so funny about Charlie the ghost! Nice memories they will have when they grow up and look at all of Nana's pics. I look forward to seeing the chateau!

  47. Diana, sorry, I forgot to mention how beautiful that cake is in the form of a wedding dress made with cupcakes! I have never seen anything like it!

  48. your randomness is always so much funnier than anyone else's :)

    xo Laura

  49. That's actually a great idea to use coke boxes to organize things in your pantry! I have never seen that done before. I love that wedding dress cake made out of cupcakes. So cute and very creative!

  50. Oh Diana, great ideas. I love the wedding cake dress made out of cupcakes. I could sure eat a couple of them right now.
    Thanks so much for sharing


  51. UM!!! Why haven't I thought of that for the cord! That is just plain brilliant! It is the little things that make me sing and your post did just that...I love that ghost by the way...HA! What a HAM!!!! Happy weekend pal! Nicole xoxo

  52. Great post Diana..Love the "Random" idea..I've seen the wedding cake somewhere..Love it..Looks like your ghost was a friendly ghost..Cute pic..Have a great weekend...

  53. The photo of Charlie is so sweet. I enjoyed the tips very much. Hope you have a great day.

  54. I'm a fan of random bits and pieces! And that is one darn cute cake!

  55. Oh, I love your Friday random posts, Diana. There is always something interesting to see. That cake is amazing! Maybe I'll try that for Jess when she gets married. I love coke and really miss it. I can't have too much sugar, so I don't drink it ever. And look at that sweet Charlie. This is such a cool picture.

    Have a happy weekend, Diana.


  56. I loved that cupcake dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't drink much coke - but if I am going to have a coke - I want a coke!

  57. I am SO disappointed in the cupcake dress. I thought they were meringues and could have eaten the whole lot!

    Loving your magic trick; have you got any more of those up your sleeve?

  58. Hi Di,
    Oh my gosh that perfect pantry is amazing! I love random ideas. I just saw a great one where you put a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick for drips, how come I never knew that !!! haha

  59. The cupcake dress is gorgeous! I think you've got a good thing going with your pantry organization, however, are you aware of the damages of Aspartame that's in your coke? Don't mean to be ugly my friend, just looking out for your health!



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