Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Would THIS Look Good In My Yard?

Oh- The wonders you see
when you get off the
Interstate highways.
THIS is something you 
would NEVER see
on a major highway.
We flew past this and I made a
U-Turn to go back for a picture.
Couldn't resist.
I told SweetCheeks we were going
to buy one on our way home
and carry it there on the roof of
our car.
I said I thought it would look
GREAT in my front yard.

She said that would look really 
Not nearly as stooopid as standing
by it to have your picture taken!
She told me I was NOT going to buy
one and I told her I was
NOT LION about it!
LION-Lyin'- Get it?
What's YOUR choice?
A chicken or a lion?
We can drop it off in your
front yard on the way home.  
But- just so you know-
The chicken will look STOOPID!
your photo name


  1. I am liking the lion!

    Tell SweetCheeks she is right about the chicken!

  2. I am putting my order in for one stoopid chicken to go with my stoopid phone. I will be watching for you on your way back from ??
    Disney Land?
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. I'm going with the lion cause I think the chicken would look stupid too. I agree with Sweet Cheeks.

  4. My idiot neighbors would want the chicken, absolutely, and then they could hang lights on it at Christmas and keep them there all year!

  5. I'll take a chicken, Diana! According to the covenant of our development, we are to have "no swine nor fowl," but I don't think there would be any problem with this one.:-) xo Nellie

  6. Wow, that's one huge chicken! That would look so adorable right beside the playhouse in your yard.

  7. That chicken is huge! I think I agree with sweet cheeks on this one LOL.

  8. OH most definitely the lion! It is a close resemblance to me after all! Right?!!



  9. I prefer the lion. Cute pic of the girls!

  10. I would love the lion. Let sweetcheeks have the chicken. That would be funny if you stuck it outside her bedroom window one night...I bet you would get one dandy phone call.
    I could see you with the chicken on your roof and I could see it in the yard. You ought to bring one back just to tick John off. LOL

  11. The lion for sure. More majestic.

  12. I think I will take the stoopid chicken. The lion would scare Bailey too badly.

  13. I like the chicken Nana.

    I have enough scary animals in my country.

    So I will take the chicken anytime.

    We like eggs so that will be great.

    Well your girls are cute too.

  14. OK, gonna be a long post, but worth the laugh. Sorry but I just must!

    My husband is a corporate guy by day and a medieval blacksmith by night. And he is known everywhere as the "go to guy" for any welding or anything metal to be fixed. I lost track years ago how much he's fixed - but one stays in my mind b/c of how funny it was to my husband.

    One of his exec buddies there at the bill-payin' job kinda looks around nervously and whispers "Dude, um, I was wondering if you could please fix one of my wife's favorite yard art pieces?"

    My hubs had no idea why he was acting so odd about it and said "Sure, shouldn't be a big deal, bring it tomorrow." He warned hubs it was going to be large and he would have to "meet him out back."

    In the morning the guy meets my husband in the parking lot after most have gone in the building looking around nervously, obviously not wanting to be SEEN then hubs saw why: The guy gets Mr. Rooster out and it is HUMONGOUS.

    They both laughed and the guy cried "Why, oh why don't I just throw this horrible thing out in the dumpster right now? What is WRONG with me getting his foot welded back on instead!?? My wife loves this thing, and it cost a small fortune, and OMG, all the neighbor guys won't let me live it down!"

    I would give anything to have a picture of Mr. Rooster to show you! He was as tall as our van almost, so Diana, NO huge fowl in your yard, ever! Give your husband a break! Trust me, I learned first hand how they REALLY feel about this, haha.


  15. I would like the stoopid chicken please. ;-)

  16. love that stoopid chicken! I try my best to convince Bobby G the secondary roads are so much more fun that the freeways. He doesn't get it! :) If you have half as much fun as we did at the beach, than I am positive you are having a blast! xo

  17. a Lion for least he doesn't look stoopid. lol

  18. The chicken would look great in my part of the woods!! I love that picture with them standing beside it! Too funny.

  19. You're having such fun! Are you in KY? I'm still guessing! lol I think you need BOTH! haha!

  20. Hey there is one of those on Waltons Mountain from the TV series in VA! We had to stopped there and eat and have our pic taken with the chicken!

  21. Hey! That girl just says it like it is, doesn't she? I guess you always know what she's thinking then. LOL! I sort of agree with Sweet Cheeks on this one. Go ahead and tell her. I'm sure she'll like hearing that.

  22. I don't think I would like either one in my yard. I would, however, love to have a nice walk thru trellis with flowers growing up and over it.

  23. I don't know what you would do without Sweetcheeks to keep you in line!

  24. Diana, A friend of mine kept saying she was going to buy a big chicken like that for in front of her little restaurant...she never did. She sold her place a couple years ago. SC is right who would want one of those.LOL I know you girls are having a blast.xoxo,Susie

  25. i'll take the stoopid chicken please!

  26. Too funny..Vicki at" Life in my empty nest" is looking for a white rooster for her kitchen..Do you think this would be too big??

  27. I think I'll stick with my concrete lamb that I have in front of my dining room windows! Think Sweet Cheeks thinks that looks STOOOOPID too?!

  28. Who else has a large chicken in their front yard I don't know anyone, so you would be a tourist attraction and people would drive for miles just to see it wouldn't that be fun.

  29. Lawn slob art! My favorite! Wow, hard to decide between the chicken and the lion. I think you can drop the chicken off in my front yard just to irritate the HOA! LOL Love it! Hugs, Leena

  30. I'd like 2 stoopid chickens! One for me and one for my hubby!!!~~Angela

  31. Too funny... No not the lion... we have too many of those here on top of mailboxes. Yes on top of mailboxes..(the drug dealers) shhhh I didn't say that..

  32. That is huge! I think it would add so much to your gorgeous yard! LOL! Your neighbors would love it! Love those cute girls! I hope the cookie company is going well! Have a great weekend!

  33. Stoopid is good, I'll take the chicken! lol

  34. Ok Diana I think Stooopid is good. I will take the chicken for my front yard!!!!!! Oh the decor options I could do with that guy!!!! It looks like you are going farther than I thought. I thought you would be in Michigan or Minnesota but it looks like you may be traveling farther. I bet you are having a lot of fun.

  35. Cute, cute! And leave it up to Sweet Cheeks to come up with something hysterical. Maybe you could get a U~Haul for it!


  36. Hi Diana, Secondary roads always have better scenery then the Interstate Hwys. I can see you going down the road with a open uhaul hauling Mr. Stooopid. It would really bring attention to you all. I thought maybe you went to Disney World. The beach is close to it because we went to Daytona Beach a long time ago besides Disney World. Your Depends is what they put on them in the nursing home. Funny. Have a wonderful vacation. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  37. LOL so cute! Hmmm I will take the chicken please :-)

  38. Diana
    I agree with Sweet Cheeks-Stoopid!
    No lion for me either.
    Do they have any yummy fudge where you're traveling?

  39. Oh Diana, that SC is something else.
    She must keep you in stiches all the time.
    I would take the chicken.
    How is your friend that had to go into a nursing home> Hope she was able to get out.
    Have a great week.

  40. Laughing and I'd choose the stoopid chicken so I could have more laughs. Too cute!

  41. Such cute girls! Stoopid chicken is my vote. xo

  42. I would have to go with the lion, giant poultry just freaks me out lol!

  43. Just think, a fried leg would be enouf to feed everyone for a week.


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