Monday, June 17, 2013

Make Me Smile Monday SweetCheeks- THE CRUSH

It's the last day of school.
 I go to watch all the last day festivities.
We wait in the gym until we can head
into the chapel.

SweetCheeks sits by my side.
Little Mr. CM comes and sits 
Sweet Cheeks.
Stand up and I'll take your picture with your friend,
Who's this?  I ask.
Iht's CM, Nana.
He's got a HUGE CRUSH ON ME,
Don't you.CM?

CM nods obediently.

See- I told you, Nana..
He's my LITTLE boy friend!
He's your BOYFRIEND?
I just can't help myself-I just 
love to egg her on....

NOH!  NANA!!!!
He's my BOY (pause)   FRIEND!
Yeah- That's what I said...
He's your BOYFRIEND!

SweetCheeks turns to CM and
rolls her eyes.
My Nana doesn't GET it, CM.
She thinks you're my BOYFRIEND.

CM-considers this for a minute,
then nods.
I AM...he says!
SweetCheeks giggles and rolls her eyes again.

He doesn't GET IT either, Nana!
And so it goes- 
A smitten suitor and it's only Kindergarten.
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  1. Too funny. Josie has more boyfriends than girlfriends. We struggled to get her to actually want to invite girls to her birthday party. I fear what high school will look like!


  2. I used to do that constantly to my kids lol!
    Too adorable

  3. What great photos ! Have a wonderful start to your week

  4. Yes, isn't that adorable! Too cute for words.

  5. P.S. And why is it that kids are still in school June 17th??? Isn't that just crazy.

  6. How precious.. certainly a pic you want to tuck away & bring out in a few years... Sweet!!!

  7. Now nana, you know the difference in Boyfriend and Boy Friend, leave that girl alone....

  8. Sweet innocence - too cute!

    Have a lovely day, Diana :)

  9. Absolutely adorable. Thanks for the chuckle! :)


  10. Diana, I think this is the first of many many years of boyfriends for your Sweet Cheeks. I well remember when my oldest daughter was in preschool and a mom came up to me and said her son just loved my girl. Seriously, she was four years old. We had one play afternoon and that was it.
    Thanks for making me laugh today.

  11. Too funny her explantion Sweet Cheeks.Cute pictures you have up of her BOY- friend
    not Boyfriend. He didn even get it.
    oh I got two Sweet Cheeks as neighbours. Di.

    Oh I should of taken a picture of them. Will next time.

    They are so cute and talk, non stop.

    I took them out after my oldest son came with family for Fathers day to vist and left later.

    Took out two pieces of Watermellon to the girls.

    I sat with them as they ate them. Two sisters.

    They reminded me of your Sweet cheeks and one of her sister's.

    She even handed one of her barbie dolls and asked if I wanted to play with them . Is that not a hoot.

    They come down with the daddy for Fathers day this weekend every two weeks or three his time with them . Well you know the rest.

    So I am there play mate. The wee one said to me. My Grandm is up there and she pointed to the sky. With God and she is an Angel now.
    My sister and I miss her dont we sis. She said yes but we will see her one day again.

    Bless her. She is five.

    Out of the mouth of babes.

  12. Heh heh heh - well you had me rolling with "he nodded obediently."


    All I can say is in a few years they sure are going to hate you posted this precious thing, haha. Too CUTE~

    They look like they could be related.

  13. So cute. Maybe a boy friend now, but who knows what the future holds.

    Your kids get out of school early. It goes to June 28th here.

  14. So cute. He may be a boy friend now but who knows what the future holds.

    Your kids get out of school early. Ours go till June 28th.

  15. You are having "way too much fun"!!! Can't wait for grandchildren!!!

  16. LOVE IT!!!!
    That is a long school yr... Over here they let them out May 30th.
    your kidos are the cutest...

  17. You just love to see her squirm, don't you? LOL! She's so funny.

  18. That's so cute! Warms my heart...


  19. LOL.... Sounds like Sweet Cheeks might be the one who doesn't get it!

  20. nothing wrong in pursuing an older (and taller) girl :)

  21. Absolutely adorable, Diana! Both are destined to be heart breakers! xo Nellie

  22. You know.. not much changes over the :-)

  23. Such a cute story! Sweet Cheeks & CM are just as cute as can be, even if he is only a boy (pause) friend.

    I'm noticing a change with Miss Sweet Cheeks. Her face is changing, she's looking a little more grown up. Not that you wanted to hear that, right?

  24. He seems to be taking this relationship a lot more serious than Sweet Cheeks!


  25. Her "little" boyfriend ... that's funny. She has no idea just how many crushes and "boyfreinds" she'll have throughout her school years, does she? ;)

  26. so cute.. I so remember those days with my daughter.

  27. Afternoon Diana, Oh, to be young again!! She is adorable!! Doesn't these things bring back crazy memories of your school days?? It does mine...I still remember the first boy that liked and had a crush on me.....looked like Opie from Mayberry...auburn hair and freckles (like me) His name was Jody Ulrey. Funny I should remember that!!! We too were in kindergarten...such a sweet post....Blessings~~~Roxie

  28. Diana, I love that. It's just too funny. Oh I can see you prodding that girl. LOL. Are you near lake Erie? I am still trying to guess the water front you'll be near. :):) Have fun , are you getting your Starbucks ??xoxo,Susie

  29. Kindergarten? You're in trouble.

  30. he's a real looker...they make an adorable couple even if he is a little shorter then Sweet Cheeks....a lot tall is that kid....or is Sweet Cheeks very big for her age?'s a wonderful picture...

  31. Diana,
    How sweet is this post. Loved this.

  32. Oh the sweet innocence! And I think she's gonna have a whole line of smitten hearts over the next few years!

  33. They grow up fast these days.

  34. She's already a heartbreaker! ;)

  35. too funny! and he looks in love! lol!
    shes a doll.
    have a great week

  36. Hope your having fun and collecting memories to last to enternity and beyond. I can only imagine a road trip with you...
    Your a hoot I would be having to stop every gas station to pee, as I would be cracking up the whole way. Are you sure your not my sister?
    Blessings, Roxy

  37. Awwwww!!!
    I told Hannah she can't have a boyfriend until she's 45!!

  38. Adorable! I so love their innocence!! ~~Angela

  39. I predict the boyfriends are going to be lined up as this one grows up. With a personality like hers, everyone is going to want to be her friend.

  40. I love it! You are soooooo bad!

  41. LOL! I'm still trying to figure out what is meant by "going out" and "dating" My daughter would tell me that she was going out with so-and-so and I'd say "but you don't GO anywhere" and she'd say "we're not dating, we're just going out" Huh what? It used to be a lot less complicated! Hugs, Leena


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