Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Romantic Travel Trailer

Some of you know that we have been
working on an old GMC motor home
for a couple of years.
It is kind of a 
"work on it as we can" project.
It's MyHero's DREAM vehicle.

I have been DREAMING, too.
Here's what I dream of!
Pretty danged cute, huh?
It belongs to Amy @
Amy's Vintage Trailers

I love this one, too.
It belongs to Dottie @ My Vintage Travel Trailer
and so does this image

Yes, indeedy, that is what I dream about.
What is the reality I am dealing with?
 Oh, Yeah, Baby-
It ain't never gonna be 1976 again....
or is it?
Please put your sunglasses on before
viewing the next picture.
Polarized sunglasses would be good.
Remembrer Pantone's 2012 color of the year?
Do you?
What do you mean am I colorblind?
It's the same color-just a couple shades
brighter with neon overtones.
And, here you thought I wasn't
"with it"!
I know a hot fad when I see one!

I am sorry if I made y'all jealous-
but some days I just can't resist!
Pardon me while I go rake
my orange shag carpeting.
your photo name


  1. it's a flash back to my mom's living room 1976, diana~but, i still envy you--i'd love to have one!

  2. I was so envious of my childhood friend when her mom got orange shag carpet in their family room!!!

    Love those sweet images you shared.

  3. oh my gosh, I can't stop laughing, Garry doesn't get it, he thinks it looks great,

  4. Oooh I love those vintage travel trailers and want one sooo bad!... I know yours will be every bit as beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Diana, I love all those cute travel campers. You better get the paint and slipcovers out girl. Hero needs to get busy ..LOL. You'll have that all decorated before you know it...once the motor's in. Your hero may be thinking more along the lines of Man-Cave stuff. Then he may be the one dreaming....right? xoxo,Susie

  6. What a fun post. My eyes needed an early morning jolt. Those colors do bring the memories rushing back. I can't wait to see what you actually end up with. Keep on Truckin!

  7. I thought by now you would have at least thrown an afgan over it, and spray painted spots on the carpet. Koolaide works wonders for changing carpet color, in case you didn't know. Just put the grands out there with purple drinks for a day.

  8. BWUAHAHAHA - I nearly spit our my morning cuppa, girlfriend!

    Not laughing at your trailer, laughing at your raking your shag carpeting.

    I too adore those shabbilicious girlie ones - my daughter has been wanting to go halves for one for years so cute.....but thing is in time I bet your travel tin (as it were) will be made into something you both love.

    Hubs and I took a trip recently (10 states in 7 days) and actually discussed retirement and are considering that a travel trailor may be something we will invest in....he loves to drive and I love to sleep, haha.

    Have a fabo weekend.

  9. Mid century modern is the "IN" thing right now! some would love the tangerine and shag...I said,some? LOL

  10. Thanks for the laugh! I remember those colors well!!

  11. Orange is coming back! Just you wait and see. Once you have everything re-done and re-covered, the look you now have will be what's in style. But in style or not - you should do something with it. Whatever suits you. I like orange - but that trailer sort of reminds me of the Brady Bunch. Wasn't their house done in similar tones?

  12. My hubby and I are looking for a 1970ish camper....and I want to keep the orange! Maybe not all of it, but some of it!!

  13. Ha Ha Diana I remember raking shag carpet!!!!!!! If you come and park that in my backyard I will have it fixed up in no time. I just won't want to give it back!!!!!!Such potential there!!!! Woooo Hooooo.

  14. I had shag carpet in my bedroom at my parents house and wall paper with flowers and words like peace and love. With your trailer you can be the Magical Mystery Tour

  15. LOL!! I remember shag carpeting. Pink though instead of orange.

  16. Thanks for the flashback Diana! I do remember the orange, I had a sofa like that back in
    The other pictures are adorable, especially Dottie's.

  17. It will be super when it is done. Love the retro vibe. Hugs, Marty

  18. I remember when orange was the it thing!!!

  19. Oh my, I remember raking my shag carpet! But it was avocado green. It was my tablecloth, curtains and rug in front of my sink that was orange. Oh my, I love todays colours SO much more. I wish I had one if those campers to dream about, though, I am still hoping!

  20. Everything goes in cycles, another 50 years and your travel trailer will be all the rage, on the cover of Romantic Homes magazine.

  21. I would love to have one of these vintage trailers!!!! I imagine a small one in the yard as a kid's playhouse or as a potting shed! Yours is amazing!!! Just a few adjustments to make it match your dream trailer!

  22. Looks like you have your work cut out for you, Diana. Have fun!:-) xo Nellie

  23. Totally jealous!!! Add a splash of pink and avocado green in there and you have a 70s dream machine!

  24. Lime green, harvest gold, and burnt orange ~ how I remember those days! Shag carpet ~ don't you miss it?
    NOT! ~ Have fun on the road........Sarah

  25. Well it may not be romantic, but I think the orange is really fun!

  26. Oh, I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to find one of those and redo. Just for fun. I thought it would make an excellent place to do photos for my Etsy shop.

    Good luck. (I think I'd tone down the neon orange a bit)


  27. I cannot tell you how those '70s colors grate on my nerves. LOL I lived through the orange countertops, flocked avocado green and foil wallpaper, shag carpet, etc. YIKES. Please send us the After photos - quick! lol

  28. Oh I could totally see yellow floral and lots of white added. It could be very cute. All that retro is so in.

  29. Nana Diana, you need yourself one of them glamping trailers. Seriously. I bet you could shabby chicify it up in no time at all!

    LOL I was expecting Scooby Doo and Shaggy come strolling in eating large hamburgers!!!


  30. I have 2 orange velvet throw pillows that would match! We can't get rid of them...don't ask! lol Love your ideas! Hugs!

  31. And just when I threw out my carpet rake, you bring it all back....I say you got some work to do!!LOL


  32. Diana..I absolutely SWOONED when I saw those pictures! I owned a motorhome once..and never even thought..THOUGHT..of redoing it. After all, it was new.. :) I can't believe those little trailers..ADORABLE! the way, YOUR trailer has fantastic potential!! It could be a doll house. Yep it's going to take time..but OH how sweet it could be. So..are you going to one day make changes? Maybe after the little grands are all grown?
    The floor plan..just so cute.

  33. I know you are having fun with your "work in progress"! I would like to have one of those travel homes!!

  34. Oh, my that is seriously the seventies look. I had orange countertops in our first house.

  35. Diana, You've made my day!! I don't feel as bad now...I thought I had a lot to deal with fixin' up my canned ham! But ORANGE is the new color so really, your camper is very much in style! All you need to do now is go get one of those shag hair cuts, put a polyester sleeveless, above the knees dress on and take pics for us! Perfect! And if that doesn't work, Kris from JUNK CHIC COTTAGE will have that camper SHABBIED in no time! She gets her done! Blessings~~~Roxie

  36. just remember...what goes around comes around...wait a little longer and the orange shag carpet will be back in style :) ...I am also hoping you are wonrking on this while wearing a tie dye shirt

  37. I have a photo of my dining room back in the day when I had orange (?) curtains on the windows. What was I thinking??? Well, it was a good color back then, I guess. When I got married, it was Harvest Gold and Avocado Green all the way, baby! Haha!!

    I love the little camper photos in the soft colors. Would love to have one of those myself!

  38. I think if you keep it as is for a few more years, it will be right back in style!

  39. It is going to be AWESOME! I will be jealous! Once in awhile, I think I want a trailer! I'll just enjoy yours for now and gather ideas as you work on it!

  40. Orange is not my favourite colour but at least you wouldn't lose it.

  41. Wowzer!!! Glad you warned us to get the sunglasses out first, Diana! Romantic indeed, now please pass the Tums! Seriously though, you both need to wear 70's hair-do's to go along with your 1970's rv! Yes, you would look great in a shag, and your Hero would just have to get a mullet:)! Hey, I bet they make orange chandeliers! Now THAT would say "romance"!

  42. PS: Just think, you never would have to vacuum that lovely shag carpeting, 'cause everything would get lost in that deep pile!!

  43. Whoa Baby!!
    Why not, YOU can do it! You may need some help from someone who can think long term and is not potentially stunted.
    I must admit when I look at those sweet and cute vintage trailers I do covet them a wee bit. We did sell our camper this morning, and my Hubby looked so relieved.
    Blessings, Roxy xo

  44. Diana,
    I started laughing because there is a joke around our house about 1976. My husband tells my son stories about when he was growing up, and him and his friends crack up at all the stories, and they call it "Classic 76".

    There is so much you can do with your trailer. You are so creative and talented....go for it girl!


  45. How well I remember raking the shag carpet! I also remember dropping an earring and never finding it again! Love your project! I think it's coming back in style! :)

  46. Rake my orange shag carpet! LOL You are too funny. I think retro is back. You could go all, yellow and green mushrooms canisters, mugs, etc. Or owls! Could be cool?? I have to admit, the shabby caravans above would almost lure me into camping!! Awesome project!

  47. Diana, wow there is so much you can do with that. You go girl.... you'll have it in shape in no time.
    That has been my dream to have a little travel trailer - how fun!

  48. Diane,
    It's always wonderful when you visit. I look forward to your sweet comments.
    I LOVE this post!!! I love these vintage trailers!! I have been bugging my husband to get me one for almost a year. I look for them in the paper and on Craig's list. I've found a few.... but can't talk my husband into going with me to look at them. Ha! Ha! He doesn't "get it". I've tried to tell him that I don't want to drive around with it.... I want to park it in the backyard... and decorate it.
    Prayers for the little one in your last post.
    See you soon!

  49. I know you are going to make that motor home look amazing!!
    That is exactly what hubby and I plan to do in the future, hopefully not too distant. We started taking the kiddos camping this year in a big 3 room cabin tent but our next step is a motor home!!
    Have fun!!

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  51. I am loving your vision of it!

  52. Your post made me smile sweet lady! I totally love the orange rug, just too funny! Can't wait to see how terrific your motor home is going to look. I always wanted to have one to go all over the USA when I was a kid, but I guess dad never acquired one, lol..My friend, I am AMERICAN from Ecuadorian background, raised in Astoria-Queens, I live here since I got married in Las Vegas, Nevada with my sweet and wonderful Mr. Living, back in 1975, as than I was living in LA. My 2 daughters are also American and my grands are going to be, so they can go study in the US when they grow up like my kids. Lots of hugs,

  53. Hi Diane, love your pictures. I would love one, but hubby said in my dreams. I have a long history with the color Orange, but have made peace and now I love it.

  54. Too funny! I think you hit the nail on the head as to why I don't embrace loud colors. They remind me of the 70's (and I was a child). Everything was gold, green and orange or rust I believe. So many things about modern decor or "mod" remind me of that era too. Shag rugs? Oh yes. Grew up with gold shag carpeting that came with a plastic rake. You'd vacumm then rake it. Who ever invented that? And people bought it by the thousands!!! That would explain why I don't have shag carpet too. LOL! Good luck with your fixer upper camper. I'm sure you will have it looking good in no time. Just stay away from the color of the year please. I think they got the year mixed up though.

  55. We should be borrowing your traveling time machine on our route 66 trip!

  56. have mercy! Let us not relive the '70s again...what were we thinking???

  57. You made me laugh with the raking your shag Diana. I SO remember that!!! I dream of a romantic trailer someday too. Our camper is so blah, but my husband doesn't wan't me doing anything drastic in case he trades it in for a bigger one :) I think...well, get it done then cause I can't live with the ugly sofa covering :)
    sending hugs...

  58. What a wonderful trailer! Soon you will be going on one voyage after another!

  59. bonjour
    je vous ai découverte en passant sur le blog
    " rire avec les anges "
    c'est merveilleux de rêver
    et de partir vers des contrés
    bon dimanche
    edith(iris) France

  60. Oh I love to see old trailers come to life again!! Can't wait to see what you create!

  61. Oh how fun! I love to see older trailers redone and I can't wait to see yours. I love how you said, the reality is....LOL! Now I can totally see that bright orange couch looking totally gorgeous as "tangerine" now. Maybe you should think of citrus as a theme pick up a paint brush, add in a little lime, lemon coloring and go for it!

  62. Ohhh I love it...

    Well maybe not so much the colors...but still. LOL.


  63. Shag carpet will be back in style one of these days, mark my words. Probably once everyone who remembers it the first time around has gone on to greener pastures. You have a mid-century gem right there!

  64. Oh certainly have your work cut out for you!!! But wow, it will be amazeballs when you finish with it :) Have you seen Jayme's Squirrel? LOVE it. Got to stay in it once!

  65. Ya know? There are some things from the 70's that never should come back and others that never should have existed in the first place! LOL It's not in bad shape though, from what I can tell, just outdated! I bet you could grab your fabric stash and have it lookin all purty in no time! Fun project! Get on it, girl! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  66. Ya know? There are some things from the 70's that never should come back and others that never should have existed in the first place! LOL It's not in bad shape though, from what I can tell, just outdated! I bet you could grab your fabric stash and have it lookin all purty in no time! Fun project! Get on it, girl! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  67. Too funny. The 70's are here again whether we are ready for them or not. Pantone? Looks like burnt orange to me. Love that velvet too.

  68. I think it would be SO FUN to fix one up. I dream of having an Airstream someday. With a yard big enough to park it in so I could throw cocktail parties in it. :o)

  69. D- I'll be doing a post like this myself soon, we're shopping for one of these today! I am SO EXCITED!!! It's like I feel my spirit coming back a bit after losing my birds!

  70. Wow! This is absolutely awesome. I love this so much. I like the luxurious effect and the design and materials used as well in this travel trailer. This is indeed perfect for road adventures and camping treats for the family and loved ones. Two thumbs up for this. What a great adventure you have here Diana!


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