Monday, January 7, 2013

How To Sew A Horse- WHAT????

You remember yesterday
we talked about the 
Horse Whisperer?
ahhhh...Robert Redford.......
Well, You can't have him
because I saw him first!
 I seem to have a
Horse Theme
running through my head.

You know, not every little boy
will grow up to be a 
Robert Redford.
Some men might not have women
swooning at their feet
and doing their menial things
like sewing on buttons.
Knowing that~ I figure it is 
never to early to start teaching
little boys basic skills.
Here is a quick tutorial for you.

Let me tell you- getting a picture
of this kid is like trying to photograph
the wind- He runs when he sees the 
camera and 

No shirts and buttons for this boy.
He is sewing something else.
Something only a boy would sew!
Whatcha working on there, BigBoyE?
shhhhh...Nana...Be quiet......
Well,what are you sewing?
shhhhh....Nana....Don't look at me!
Okay...but can I see what 
you are sewing?
Well, aren't you just the cutest little
horse's butt sewer 
I have ever seen?
How's the sewing going?
Shhhhh....Nana.....I am NOT
sewing anymore-I am playing with
Yeah...and speaking of monkeys...
I say-
I think I see a 
MONKEY HOLDING a monkey box.
shhhhhhh....Nana...I'm not
talking to you! and MyHero have 
more in common than I thought.
He's not speaking to me either
but that involves an 
is a story for tomorrow.
Maybe we'll be talking by then...
or....maybe not...

ps- I don't think the little charmer
above will ever have to sew on
his own buttons!;>)
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  1. That's so cute Diana! I can just hear the conversation taking place. So very, very sweet. Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle!


  2. BigBoyE is certainly a charmer! So adorabale! Those are precious photos that you captured of him...thanks for sharing them.

  3. Diana, That is the cutest little boy. I miss having little boys around. My youngest g.son is 13 now. Can't wait to see you figure skating on the ice rink:):) xoxo,Susie

  4. I used to have those sewing things and didn't know they still made them. What sweet memories and he is so darn cute!

  5. He is too adorable for words!!!

  6. uh oh, have you got yourself in trouble again???? Big Boy E is such a sweet heart he has the most angelic face, very clever too!

  7. That boy has a very serious busy going on. He is getting so big. How many times did he shhhhh you? LOL- maybe a trip to Starbucks would get him talking more.

  8. Oh adorable ...I love those sewing cards! And I must agree..I don't think he will have to sew his own Is that a 'jack in the box' he is playing with?


  9. True, he may never sew on his own buttons, but it looks like he takes his job of sewing very seriously! I loved those little sewing cards when I was a kid. I didn't even know they still existed!

  10. That is just so sew cute! I think you're right though, he'll never have to sew for himself.

  11. This post made me laugh out loud. Big Boy E is so cute and I love your commentary!

  12. I just love your posts!!! Hugs, Penny

  13. What a cutie! Loved this post.

    Have a wonderful Monday.

    Karen has always had a HUGE cruch on RR!!!

  14. Awww... he's darling!

    Blessings... Polly
    p.s. Thanks so much for joining the Lovely Blogs collection.

  15. I didn't know they still made those sewing cards cards any more, Diana. What a cute little monkey boy:) And there you go again with Robert Redford, I think I saw him first!!

  16. He is a charmer and you are so right...he never will have to sew on his own buttons...your grandchildren are adorable! Thanks for the sweet smile always brighten my day my friend...what a blessing you are!

  17. He is not only cute but pretty funny. Were you asking too many questions, hah. He needed to concentrate didn't he.
    Oh I hopw the Capt. is speaking to you soon. Ice skating rink, not going so well, smile.
    Have a good week.

  18. Is that precious or WHAT? I can remember 'sewing cards' from my childhood. Thanks for sharing this adorable little boy and his horse with us!

  19. I love peeking at your grandkids! Sewing cards ... got to find some to give to my own grandkids.

  20. I think it's good for boys to know how to do it all! And sewing can be fun...well, maybe not as much fun as a monkey box! lol

  21. Oh, he's such a cutie... maybe a little Robert Redford in the making :)

  22. I agree; he will probably be building something with wires. It is good finger skills.

  23. Big Boy E is sooooo cute! Surely he will never have to worry with sewing on his own buttons.
    And you can have that Robert Redford. Why you would want him, I'll never know - but as far as I'm concerned he's all yours.

  24. Precious, absolutely precious! Aren't you the lucky one? xo Nellie

  25. I bet he could sew a button on better than I could! And that is no lie!

  26. He's a cutie..Hope the skating rink isn't causing too much of a problem :)

  27. He is just too cute. can't wait for tomorrow's post :)

  28. He is just too cute. I love that he is playing with something a bit "old-fashioned" as I remember sewing cards from when I was a child. Too many kids today (my grands) don't do anything that doesn't require batteries!

  29. A- DOR- A- Ble ! you are cracking me up. Can't wait to hear all about the ice rink incident !

  30. How cute! And yeah for teaching little boys to sew on their buttons. Send them to college with a little sewing kit too.

    I want to hear the rest of the story. Don't keep Robert all to yourself!

  31. Hi and Good Evening, I remember those sewing cards my daughters used to have them. What a great teaching tool. He is such a cutie and Robert Redford is not bad either. Blessings. Anna

  32. What a daughter loved those sewing cards when she was little. I had forgotten all about them. Can't wait to hear about the ice rink drama. :o)

  33. :) And why would he need to sew on buttons anyway? There will most likely always be a willing lady to do it for him!!

  34. He is an absolute delight... and all boys should know how to sew a button... while they are in college mom and nana might be far away!! :)

  35. Oh, Diana...What a darling little man. He is just the cutest and quite the seamstress!
    I'm so glad you shared.
    Thanks for your sweet comments...Still waiting for little one to make his appearance.
    Carolynn xxx

  36. I think it's a great idea for every little boy to learn how to sew. Back in my day there was such a thing called home economics in school which taught us life skills like sewing on buttons and hemming a pair of pants. Imagine that, learning something we can carry with us throughout life. I think it's time to get back to basics. Cute post.

  37. What a doll! I love that you are teaching him to sew. Just think how that will help him later in life.

    Cute post!


  38. I can't stop laughing! What a hoot!!! Your little fella is absolutely adorable, so sweet :)

    I'm still laughing...

  39. Oh my gosh, your grandchildren are just so precious...every single one of them! He is sewing! My goodness...and "not talking" to you! lol. What a joy. I hope your ice skating rink hasn't caused too much controversy! Diana, just let him flood the yard sweetie. A guy has to have a bit of winter fun.

  40. He is so cute! The things little ones say are so darn funny! I'm dying to hear about the ice rink.

  41. What a cutie! Ice rink not going so well, huh? Oops! Hope your guys will be talking to you soon! Hugs, Leena

  42. Hi Diana,
    I remember sewing those animals when I learned, I haven't seen them for ever....
    Well the little guy is darling, and a charmer. You seem to come from a family of charmers:-)

  43. So cleaver Diana and what a little charmer he is! That little horse is adorable and such a wonderful skill for a young man to learn. So funny.. my college age son was just asking me about sewing on a button the other day. I gave him a needle and thread and said .. go at it!

    Enjoy your day!


  44. Diana, what a little darling. He is certainly a charmer!!
    How do you get anything done with him around? I would just want to talk and play and delight in this sweet age.
    Can't wait to read about the ice rink!!
    XO CM

  45. Oh, he looks so sweet just sewing there, and not wanting to be disturbed because he's concentrating. I have missed a couple of posts of yours. I have had the worst flu bug ever - chills, feverish. I feel a bit better today. Had to comment on this post. Secret....I had an old boyfriend who looked just like Robert Redford hehehe.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  46. How perfectly sweet, cute and precious is this little guy... adorable.


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