Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Bunch Of Random Nonsense

Now, I am NOT
saying you are 
DUMB or anything 
but if you popped in to
read this after reading
my title...well, I am 
just a TAD worried 
about you.
Random Nonsense #1
Only in Green Bay, WI
would you see a creche made
out of stolen signs...
(don't ask how I know that)
and NO this is NOT on
my property...nor do I know
who this belongs

Random Nonsense #2
What is behind this curtain?
Christmas storage-
I worked on it ALL DAY LONG
Now: Areas have been 
flip-flopped and I am 75% done.
Halloween & Spring
Random Stuff #3
What do you get when you
send someone 
(because they are the turkey whisperers)
a priceless
Okay- it wasn't priceless.
I paid $1.99-yes-you 
read that right- $1.99
before it ever hit the sales
floor-I saw it just inside the 
door and someone marked it
for me.
Anyway- what do you get
when you send it to 
Well, if you are lucky you
get THIS!
A handmade walnut 
made from wood cut from
their own property.
Can you see the live edge on it?
It feels like silk.
It also had some "tools"
I love the handles on these-
they look like antiques, don't they?
Okay-there were also several
Starbucks items in there
(she knows me well)
and a darling little night light..
and some candy...
(the naughty girl)

Random Thing  #4
You read about the 
And you have heard of a
That's MY favorite horse whisperer.
And sometimes...when I am 
feeling like I am talking to 
someone that is too 
stubborn to listen
(names not mentioned here
 to protect the guilty)
I have decided to heed the
advice that 
gave me the other day.
Wise advice, indeed,
don't you agree?
I laughed right out loud when 
I read it.

Hope you have a blessed
wonderful Sunday..
No more random nonsense today.
Come back tomorrow for
more of my
your photo name


  1. LOL guilty! I wanted to see your random nonsense so now you know what kind of person I am! :-)
    Looks like you took on a big job of organizing! I'm always up for that!
    Cool cutting board!

  2. lovely gifts and a wonderful sign!! I love it!

  3. I think you are the queen of random nonsense. I bow down to you, your majesty...

  4. These are the best kind of posts, silly woman! :-)

    I have my halloween stuff in organe with black lids too. Great minds think alike, don't ya know.

  5. you silly silly make me laugh every day. :))

  6. Ha! I need random nonsense on a Sunday morning, Diana! : ) Love that last "whisperer" bit. I'll have to remember that.

  7. That sign is priceless, Diana! I must say that you have WAYYYY more seasonal stuff than I do. Makes me feel like less of a hoarder. LOL Happy Sunday!!!

  8. Wow, I guess I am sad because I don't have a garage and have to corral all of my holiday stuff into one cabinet. It makes cleaning up easy but my house does not look very festive.

  9. Can you come help me in my basement rubbermaid jungle?

  10. Donna, I laughed too. I think I'll make some of those signs for the farmer's market this spring. Tete sure can find the sweetest things :):) You must have been working all day to get your things rearranged already..xoxox, Susie
    p.s. that horse

  11. You totally deserve those beautiful gifts -- love the stainless! I think it's so great that you have those wonderful spaces for storage, and you are doing a great job of getting them organized. This OCD organizing junkie would have a "field-day" playing here!

    Hope 2013 is off to a great start for you!

  12. Oh, you've gotten a lot done! I still have a big more today but I'm almost there, too! Love your gifts! What amazing wood and neat tools. The last whisperer quote is funny. I'll have to remember that! hahaha! Enjoy your day sweet lady. I hope you're taking the day off and relaxing! Hugs!

  13. You are such a hoot. You really were quite productive yesterday. I need to be productive today because we played so much outside on the outdoor ice rink! Love the handmade walnut cutting board. That silverware is quite charming too. Have a blessed Sunday!

  14. I love nonsense... but this did not appear to be so... other than I cannot tell what is on your curtain?... are those mosquitoes?... anyway, I LOVE your cutting board and knives!... what a beautiful gift!... and your holiday closet looks great... wishing you a beautiful Sunday... I am still in bed sick with this darn cold... today is day 14... now that's nonsense!... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. I'll take your random nonsense any day over serious stuff.

  16. Good Afternoon Diana, I loved your "nonsense" was full of fun. You are amazing, I cannot believe you cleared your room so quickly, you must have been exhausted by the end of the day. I loved your walnut chopping board and the cheese knives were beautiful, what a lovely gift. Here's to much more wonderful "nonsense".
    Best Wishes, Daphne

  17. Oh my goodness, I need your help to clean out my basement! Great job getting it done so quickly. If only I could get mine done in a day! Love the sign at the bottom...I was laughing out loud right along with you. Have a great Sunday!


  18. I guess it's time to quit trying to explain myself. Those stupid people just won't get it, now, will they?
    And now I see why you can do such beautiful decorating for every season. Just look at all that storage! WoW! I don't think I'd ever get it organized. Good luck to you with that project. I hope they guys around there are willing to help out with the heavy lifting.

  19. Love it! Love it all!!
    Great job, beautiful gift!
    Have a wonderful week!

  20. Well, I was here and read the whole does that speak for my mind????
    Love the cutting board!

  21. You think they would have at least painted over the advertizing!! I love all your organizing, I must get busy. Have a wonderful Random Sunday.

  22. Oh Diana thank you for the laugh!!!

  23. Ha! I laughed out loud at the sign too. Great post to go with my first cup of Sunday morning coffee. That bread board is great, by the way.

  24. Love, love this post, Diana. I love random posts - I've done more than a few in my day. That cutting board is gorgeous (so is the turkey painting) and good for you for organizing all your Christmas stuff!!!

    My favorite horse whisperer, too.


  25. Worry away, because I LOVE stopping by to read your random bits and pieces. You always leave me smiling. :)

  26. I read the whole post and didn't see anything out of the ordinary???
    I guess I'll have to read it again.
    Have a nice day.

  27. Hi Diana, I enjoyed your post today and I am glad you survive yesterday. I had to laugh at Tete's sign. I wonder what would happen if I hung that on my office door. Just a thought. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  28. I laughed out loud when I saw the sign too and I love Robert Redford!

  29. Ha, I laughed out loud too! Love your cutting board and utensils...NICE!
    Hope you have a GREAT Sunday,

  30. Wow Whee Wow-THAT is a huge project! It's so organized that it's a little creepy-LOL
    You done real real good.
    I love those garden tools also, so nice to work with such prettytools.

  31. I think you have the ability to make everything you do a fun project! Love that cutting board :)

  32. Great progress you've made on that storage area! Also, that is a beautiful handmade cutting board! Very wise advice on that sign!
    xo Nellie

  33. You are SO cute! I loved this post!


  34. Okay, are you super woman in disguise??? How did you already get 75% of that done. I didn't even get one bed completely cleared off today.I think I am definitely too easily distracted. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

  35. Glad you liked my chair upholstery job...I LOVE them!
    I got tickled at your pictures...especially the one of the nativity scene! :)
    Have a blessed week!

  36. That's right! You are not the jackass whisperer! I quit that'd better, too.
    Now Diana, you must be aware that a title about nonsense is going to appeal to most of us here!
    I stripped the bed and started the washing machine. I hope I have the energy to put the sheets in the dryer.
    You are Wonder Woman.
    xxx, T.

  37. I found it very entertaining for a slow Sunday afternoon reading.



  38. Diana, I am going to borrow the words of that sign to use at work...........we have a lot of uh not so smart people there. Especially in upper management *wink*

  39. fun post!! loved reading it! I loved that handmade cutting board! lucky you!!!

  40. I love your random nonsense, Diana. You are just too much fun. The cutting board is a jewell. Pat yourself on the back for sticking to the basement cleanup!

  41. I'd say that is a bunch of random awesomeness!!
    I want the cutting board. But really, it is too pretty to cut on. Right??
    I think you deserve a very long break after all that work on the Christmas stuff. Do you ever think that it wold be easier to just leave it up all year long?
    Me neither.

  42. I laughed out loud too! Story of my life!

  43. OH I would love to have an area just for holiday storage like that! Love the cutting board!

  44. Nice the cutting board..You had your hands full with all that STUFF and getting it organized..Good grief..Did you throw anything away?..Guess I know the answer to that..

  45. Oh, I love that whisperer saying. I have got to use that one. My favorite is when Bob asks me if I am talking to myself. I reply "Yes, sometimes that's the only intelligent conversation I have, all day".
    You have been working hard. Looking good down there. The cutting board is awesome. The turkey painting is "some".
    Love to you, ginger

  46. Oh Diana, you are hilarious....

    I think our basement is starting to look like that, much to my husbands concern.


  47. Well that sure is random, Diana! So funny about the creche. I have a feeling those people also stole their three wise men! Looks like you are making some headway in your basement, yeah! And Tete's advice is too funny, I'll have to remember that one!

  48. Diana, if you are the one posting stuff you call 'nonsense' then it's worth coming over to read!! Always entertaining :)

  49. Wow, girlie, I am
    awed and inspired
    by your organization!
    {And just a bit jealous,
    too!!!} Isn't it a great
    feeling to get that
    stuff organized? NOT
    what I'd call nonsense,
    at all : )

    Happy Sunday,
    xo Suzanne

  50. The stolen signs crack me up...John was in codes enforcement for the city and he was forever collecting illegal signs. He was never this "creative!" ha

  51. Love visiting your blog, because I leave rejuvenated! :)

  52. Oh my gosh - I loved this post!!! hahah That was an awesome turkey print, but WOW - the cutting board and knives, etc., holy cow - what a NICE (trade?) (thank you?)...

    Love your cardinal curtain - you have been very busy organizing! I've been tackling some stuff in the house, but have not had the courage to tackle the downstairs Christmas storage area!

    Have a beautiful week!!!!


  53. You got me thinking which in itself could be dangerous. I should take pictures just stuff, you know stuff you stack, and can't seem to find a place for.
    I have a lot of nonsense!
    WoW, I open the door and it was a little shocking. But so normal. All my stuff is in the barn. I tried to let all of it go, but my nature is to keep things. Being a crafter is bad news in my house. Storge that is handy is hard to find.
    I am so glad you laught at my Wal*mart story...Love and hugs, Mary

  54. Hi Diana, Great sign!! LOL Like the one my grandpa used to say, "findem dumb, leavem dumb"
    Hey your storage is really well organized. Great idea to use colored tubs.
    Love the cutting board and gorgeous knifes!!
    Going on to read more.
    Hugs, CM

  55. I love the stolen signs Nativity - what a hoot! Wow! That was a really nice gift you got in return for the turkey pic! Love the handles on the tools too! You did a great job organizing and flipping your storage area! I love the Jackass Whisperer - made me laugh out loud too! You're always so much fun! Hugs, Leena


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