Sunday, October 3, 2021


 What a bunch of

whining weenies some of you are!
Lordy!  Not enough wine-
No fire in the fireplace,
Can't see enough of the table,
Don't want to sit with the SQUARES...
I had to close my eyes when I typed
some of your names...
and YOU know who YOU are!

Anyway- here we go~
These were your choices....
Let's start with  
Table#1-Sweet Serenity
Nellie, Lynne, Judy/NorthOra,
bobbi, Theresa, Lisa, Sandie/Chatty,
Sharon, Jan L, Lorrie, Carla, Cindy/Cloches,
Ellie (my 'sis-by-marriage'), Nancy, Connie, 
Laura, 16 Blessings, Doris (made a HARD choice)
Mad Snapper-first time I EVER posted a table she liked but she is moving the pumpkins to make it perfect for Herself!
AND Terri-hovering between here and #7~
ALMOST left her out!!!!

TABLE #2 -Orange & More Orange
Cecilia (wear some bright outfits because she doesn't like no color-she's an artist, you know), Nonie-Wants a wine list, 
Pam S, MA, Dawn, Amy/Toody
Jack & Sherry-my sweet nomads
and HAPPY is happy to be here!

TABLE #3- Blue & Gold
Y'all are in for a treat.  There aren't many of you here but you have 
Sandi-wondering why the name tag says Henry, 
Ginny, Janie
Marybeth & Lisa K.

TABLE #4- Paper & Pears
There is a sweet simplicity here...
Jane K, Kim-here for the dishes, Melanie*,
and Ellen

TABLE #5- Dare To Be Square
Hi to Debra, Julie
Nonnie, Diane/LavenderDreams,
Denise-here because there are TWO glasses-
guess we know who the lush is at this table.
*Melanie was here but thought the table was
TOO FANCY and she would have to change her outfit so she moved to Table #4.

TABLE #6-Grapes?Where's The Wine?
Mevely, Jeanie, 
Babbling Brook-seated right next to Missy, 
Jan/Lowcarb, Jenn-Bringing BOXED wine-
(think what you will there:)
& Dewena-thinks we should have 
a progressive dinner!

TABLE #7-I'm In Love With Ivy
Right this way, ladies~
Shelia-Likes the traditional vibe, 
Linda/Life Journal, Rita, AnnMarie,
Kris, Penny/SimpleThings, 
Jane, Marilyn &
Bless-wanted to sit @#1 but there was no tablecloth-
So-she's here instead.
Seriously?! lol

And then we have 
ANN-Didn't like ANY of the tables
and Jan-Said to let her know when I
was ready to do a Chistmas table-Yes-ma'am
Just for you-Here's a little Christmas table
from my daughter's brunch table last year-
 Maybe Ann
can join you?

So-there you have it!
Size up your companions and move if you choose.
I don't  mean to offend anyone; it is all in good fun.

I HOPE I included everyone--
I think I dropped some names by mistake.
if I didn't catch your name-
let me know so I can add you to a table
and make fun of you, too.

Have a GREAT Sunday and
Y'all come back real soon!
your photo name


Chatty Crone said...

I had some good company!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Thanks for the shout out on the Ivy table. Happy to sit anywhere.
Happy Sunday Diana. xoxo

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Just 7 of us at Table #6, so there will be more for each of us, to eat/drink!!!!


🎃 😊 🍁 😊 🎃

Carol said...

Oh I would have so joined the ladies at table 4 as I love pears and all things about them.

Geneva said...

Missed out on the voting last week ... but loved seeing all the fun results this week. Good Job! Always FUN here! xoxo

Sally said...

I'm obviously very late to this party! However, I'm gonna tell you which one I really like (although they're all very nice)

If it were me I love Table one. However, with my rowdy kinfolks; (not mentioning names) that would not work! Oh, they're nice people but they would prefer like a 'hoedown' in the country walking around, telling tales (true or not), holding their plates. I 'm not sure if I was adopted. :)

I hope you're doing well, Diana. I haven't posted anything (just a few words today). Take care!


Sandi said...


Hi, Ginny, Janie, Marybeth, and Lisa! (Waving) Has anyone seen Henry?

MadSnapper said...


Jan said...

Oops! I missed picking a table this time, but it definitely would have been #2!

Dewena said...

Your daughter's table is lovely! I'd be glad to put in an early reservation for her next table!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love it when you scold people all in good fun, LOL!

Ann said...

Nope, don't care for that table either. Guess I will be sitting on that big ole' pumpkin out back.

Terri D said...

I think you missed me, but that was probably because I was running between table 1 and table 7!! These are always so fun! xo

jack69 said...

We get to meet Pam S Dawn and Happy. And was so glad to see MA.
Thanks we enjoy this.
Sherry & jack, hitting the road in a week or so.....
Hope all is going well there.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Pam S here, looking forward to making some new friends! I wonder what color I should wear that won't clash with the orange??? Maybe brown, or rust, or green? What are the rest of you wearing? Please don't wear orange! LOL. Thanks, Diana, for making this so much fun as always. Wish we could really do this.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Let's toast! Looks like fun at every table! Hugs...and pass the wine!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I think this is all hilarious!! It is good to see you get such enthusiastic participation. I'm now thinking that I may need to voice my opinions a bit better from now on!

Linda said...

You are so much fun!!! Love you bunches!!

Lorrie said...

This is always so much fun! Thanks, Diana!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

This is always a good time, no matter where I sit! Looking forward to the next one......

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Always fun and so very clever people!

Far Ago Farm said...

Hi Diana! Always so much fun - thanks for the giggle!

Cecilia said...

Lol, always great fun. And can I just say my table will be full of the colorful characters? (See what I did there? Colorful, get it?) lol. Thanks for letting us play along. Hope your week goes well. Love ya, Cecilia

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

It looks like some tables had more sitting at them than others. What fun to all get together each month at your fancy tables. I hope you have a nice week Diana.

Junkchiccottage said...

LOL such fun. At my table I have a lot of my sweet blogging friends so I am happy. Looking forward to Christmas tables. xoxo Kris

Nellie said...

Hi, Diana! I hope you are making a stop at all the tables! It would be great fun for you to join us!

Bless said...

Ha, ha, yes, seriously! :D Thank you for accommodating me at Table 7! :D

Theresa said...

I love my people at my table! Thanks for hosting, have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Carla from The River said...

HA HA .. Love it.. Thank you for hosting.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you, this was fun.
Already looking forward to the next one!

My good wishes.

All the best Jan

Preppy Empty Nester said...

You are too funny, Diana!!! Love your comments. I am still keeping your SIL in my prayers.xx

Buttercup said...

I'm late for October, but I'd be happy to sit at any of them. Know the company is great wherever I'd be. Take care!

Vintage Girl 901 said...

Ordinarily I'd pick 1 because I love neutrals but I really do like #7.

Katie Isabella said...

Well, *I* want #3 even if I wasn't here to choose it! I expected you to read my mind. Was my hair in the way or something?

Akasha said...

I say #4, my daughter says #1