Monday, March 15, 2021


Well, ByGod & Begorrah,

you finally made your choices.

What a fine bunch of 

Irishmen & Irishwomen you are!

There is at least ONE Scotswoman

who did not want to play with


but I will call her out later!

                 So, if ye are ready to see your table mates-

We are off to the races here~


Jan/LowCarb, Latane, JanE (bringing 2 sided tape to secure the ribbons that Diane/LavenderDreams is worried about), Missy, Judy, Bless(wants to take the ribbons-but the 2-sided tape will hold fast I hope), Michele, Sandie/ChattyCrone, Diane, Jeanie, Penny, Jack&Sherry(enroute to Florida) & Catherine! 

Edited to add:  AND- I missed Ginny & Jenny...sigh...always seem to do that somehow!


Deserae, Nancy(says she is NOT drinking--which makes one wonder if she has a love for the Guinness), Kim(celebrating her birthday with us-will need at least one cupcake from Table#6), Phyllis, Rita, Marilyn, Laurie/Heaven'sWalk, Lorrie, Linda/Life&Linda-(wants to bring a guest-the more the drunker they get-the merrier, I say), DebbieNolan, Leena(wonders if it's close to the bar-- I say check with Nancy!),Sugar-(Welcome back to blogland,my friend), Pam S, Laurie/SpruceTrees


Jan/Jan'sJourney, Bonnie, Dawn P, Ellen, LisaK, Ann(looking for a good time?WHAT?)


Janie-(add a cupcake for her), KatieIsabella (coming in a new dress-that should be entertaining-she's a cat!), LibertyBelle, Lea, CHERI, Karen (wonders about kissing with a face mask-See Ann at Table#3-she's looking for a good time), LiztheLush-(likes this table because her beer won't show when she spills it)-Seriously- I do NOT make these things up, folks! Carla-(wonders what's in the pitcher on Table 6-well, honey you COULD sit there and see, you know), Cecilia-(complaining about the high arrangement on Table#2-NO WHINING ALLOWED-It's a party!!!!), JulieH, Nonnie-(concerned about no food), Melanie, Mevely-(another Birthday Girl that needs a cupcake), BabblingBrook, MA, Gert, StartingOver/AcceptingChanges, 


Dewena, Louise-(definitely from Wisconsin-picked this table because it looks like a Green Bay Packers table), TerriD-(she won't be talking to anyone because she will be busy trying to figure out the napkins and how to fold them), Susan, CindyC, DonnaR


Woody-(wants corned beef and cabbage and as Irish as I am-he can have my share cuz I don't like it), John/John's Island (must be the guys' table-he will forego the real food for the cupcakes), Theresa, Cindy/ckrut, Rose, Happy, Kris(kicking her no-sugar habit for the day), Doris F, Nellie, Julie, Vee (also concerned about the food!) Jenn, Debra/SheWhoSeeks-(says she can be seduced by a cupcake-wonder if that is on her dating site profile?)

Oh- And the Scotswoman who declined to sit with the Irish???- yeah-it's

So-there ya have it. 

I know I picked on many of you-

I say----suck it up, buttercup-

that's what I do- just be glad you aren't

in my family-we are ALL that way!

Have a wonderful and Happy and Safe




your photo name


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hahahahaha, if I HAD a dating site profile, my vulnerability to cupcakes would NOT be on it! That's dangerous info!

Terri D said...

Love it and yes, I would be figuring out the fold!! xo

Susan Kane said...

I would go for #5.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Well I guess I will get to know some new people at my table because I don't see a soul that I know! It should be fun!! I know it will be fun, if you show up and entertain us! LOL. Thanks for the smiles!!!

bobbie said...

You are a cruel, cruel woman, Diana!!!
Love you ~

jp@A Green Ridge said...

You make the world a much brighter place regardless of the table setting!!

Ann said...

LOL, these are always a fun time

Kim said...

Always fun to see who's siting where and why! And thank you for my birthday cupcake! xo

Lorrie said...

It will be a fun get together. Not a hint of Irish in my blood, but I'm happy to play along! Thanks, Diana!


Beautiful tablescapes for the Irish Saint.
I had computer problems and so I've been late to everything.
I would have posted my St. Pat's earlier. Hope you visit pretty lady, as
I created it specially for you Irish friends.
Love, Fabby

jack69 said...

Always a fun visit. It will be fun to be with Chatty and the rest.
As always we love the comments and checking who is where. Sending the best of thoughts your way.
Sherry & jack

Jenny the Pirate said...

WOE and begorrah, the Pirate asked to be seated at Table One with all the ribbons, and was overlooked! Fair warnin' ... I'll be sittin' me bad pirate self down there anyway, and no promises that I'll behave ... xoxo

Junkchiccottage said...

Lots of fun. Happy New Week. xoxo

Ginny Hartzler said...

You missed my name, but that is fine. Seeing as you had 71 followers reply!! My, what a lot of work this was for you!! Juat the number of people, and having to keep track of all their choices, it makes my head spin!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

So fun, wish we really were able to have this big, Irish party! My Hubby is starting to complain about kissing with a facemask :) Sending hugs to the life of the party! xx Karen

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Lol! Sounds like it's going to be a wild night!

Cecilia said...

Hahaha, you can pick on me all you like...just don't forget me! And I'm sitting at 4 so I don't have to whine at table 2 about not seeing who's sitting across from me, lol.Bring on the Guinness but make mine a stout, please.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Fun, fun, fun!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Its going to be loads of fun! Glad to sy my friend Myra at the table.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

It's fun to see who we are sitting with Diane. Wishing you a happy St. Patrick's Day.

This N That said...

Thanks for making it all possible, Diana.It's always fun..xxoo

Janie Junebug said...

Thank you for adding my cupcake. I shall feast on it now.


Carla from The River said...

I will sneak on over to table six and pour a glass of that green stuff and sit back down at my Shamrocks and Gold table. ;-)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Diana,
I knew Debby and I am so sad to know she lost her battle with cancer. She was such a vibrant and wonderful person. I will really miss her. Her son was so dear and grand to her in the final months and days. Thank God for his sweet and beautiful heart and how he took such good care of his mom. He made sure all her dreams could happen in this past year. RIP sweet friend. You will be missed. xoxo Kris

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Diana, you make the world a better place. Thanks for giving us a chance to smile. Xoxo

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks for doing this post Diana ... such fun :)

All the best Jan